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Maybe the idea makes us squirm. We anticipate dystopias like the Korova Milk Bar in Clockwork Orange or soma in A Brave New World.

But: the drugs already exist. We’re already taking them.

By creating rituals that bring drug intake into the open, we’ll either erase our discomfort or force it into discussion. Both outcomes are positive.

The elaborate preparation of a Japanese tea ceremony.

The sacred gestures around cigarette smoking: tamping the pack, flipping the lucky, flicking the ash.

Religious gatherings for the intake of ayahuasca, nu-nu, etc.

If these drug rituals were reduced to popping pills, we would be mortified.

New drugs still have the sterilized stink of the laboratory on them. Viagra is the little blue pill. Mood-changers from adderall to zoloft come in capsules.

The pharmaceutical industry has no interest in humane product design.

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