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Refueling instructions for PG-46, CL-56 cartridges. General rules for refilling cartridges in Canon Pixma printers.

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I will try to say a few words about refueling cartridges PG-46, CL-56, which are currently used in printers such as: Canon Pixma E404, E464, E484. You can see in great detail the process of refilling similar cartridges in previous publications (one, two, three).

Cartridges PG-46 and CL-56 are modifications of cartridges PG-445, CL-446 and, in my opinion, have their own advantages over their predecessors.

Thus, the CL-56 cartridge has a capacity higher than the CL-446 due to the enlarged sponge, which holds the ink inside the cartridge. Although the cartridges are visually identical.

The PG-46 cartridge has a top cap already familiar to everyone, in contrast to the PG-445, which surprised everyone with its “lattice” and small capacity, with which, by the way, everything is in order in PG-46 and it holds more than 10 ml. Ink.

For comparison, the cartridges on the left are PG-46, case PG-445:

When to refill ink cartridges for Canon Pixma E404, E464, E484?

Cartridges for Canon Pixma printers need to actually be changed, not refilled, but we all know that economically It is not profitable, it is profitable to refill a cartridge.

Here, I hope, everything is clear. we refuel the cartridges when the cartridge began to strip during printing or stopped printing altogether, or when one of the colors disappeared, the image turned red or yellow or blue.

How to remove cartridges for refilling from Canon Pixma E404, E464, E484 printers?

Logically, to refill cartridges, they must be removed from the printer.

To do this, turn on the printer with the power button, wait until the power indicator stops blinking and lights up constantly. Next, we open the compartment for access to the cartridges and wait until the cartridges come out and stop in the center of the printer. With the index finger, press each cartridge down and take it out towards you.

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What ink to fill the Canon Pixma E404, E464, E484 printer?

Black cartridge in printers Canon Pixma E404, E464, E484 and other Canon Pixma printers operating on two cartridges, initially refills with pigment ink, which have the property of NOT being washed out by water if it gets on the printed document. Water-soluble ink does not have this property and will be blurry, but it is cheaper than pigment ink. Therefore, you decide with what ink you fill it yourself Based on your needs.

Color (tri-color) cartridge originally filled with water-soluble ink.

Which manufacturer’s ink to choose is also an individual question. It all depends on what ink is sold in your region or what color is right for you. In my opinion, because these are ordinary budget all-in-one printers for printing abstracts, then there should not be any special quibbles about their color rendition.

Personally from myself I can not single out any brand of ink. I refilled more than 4 inks from different manufacturers into these devices, and they all printed very decently.

Let’s move on to the process of refilling the PG-46 and CL-56 cartridges.

We put the removed cartridges on a prepared place (table, for example). We collect ink in 4 medical syringes with needles. In a syringe for black ink we collect 10 ml., In a syringe for a color cartridge we collect 4 ml of each color. Ink (cyan, yellow, and magenta).

If you remove the stickers from the cartridges, then under them we will find holes for air. It is because of them that we will fill the cartridges with ink, pre-increase them in diameter.

It is possible to enlarge the air holes with an awl or a drill with a diameter of 1-2 mm. This is necessary so that during refueling the air from the cartridge will exit precisely through these holes, otherwise it will follow the path of least resistance, i.E. Through the nozzles. this is wrong, because most of the refilled ink will flow back out of the cartridge.

See the photo below and Pay attention to the arrangement of flowers.

Knowing the location of the flowers, we take the syringe and insert it into the hole, there Feel the filler, something like a sponge, pierce it with a needle 0.5-1 cm and slowly inject ink.

If ink starts to flow from the fill port, stop filling. We take out the syringe needle from the cartridge and insert it back into the filling hole, only now so that the needle would enter the seal no more than 1 mm. Then, we pull out the excess ink from the cartridge, which is the seal floor. This procedure is necessary so that excess ink does not flow out of the cartridge nozzles, because the cartridge will print.

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After refueling, we check the nozzle print on the napkin, all 3 colors should be printed on it, in the case of a three-color cartridge. Prints Must be bold enough. This will indicate that the cartridge is dry and should print well.

This completes the refilling of the cartridges. We insert the cartridges back into the printer and try to print something, the print quality after refueling should pleasantly surprise you.

After refilling the cartridges, you may need to turn off the tracking of the ink level, for this we recommend reading the post dedicated to this topic: “Resetting the ink level Canon Pixma MP230, MP235, MG2440, MG2540, MG2940, E404, E464, E484. Printer absorber. Ink levels “.

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How to refill HP 46 ink cartridges for the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2020hc and HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2520hc printers

HP Refill Ink 46

RDM flushing fluid

HP 46 black and color inkjet cartridges are used in the HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2020hc and HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2520hc printers and have a very high page yield, and, accordingly, a very high volume of ink:

  • Up to 1,500 pages for black cartridge
  • 750 pages for color cartridge

At 5% filling of A4 letters with ink.

This type of printing device, in its price segment, is the optimal solution for purely home printing or use in a small office, in terms of commercial operation, but NOT large volumes.

It is possible to significantly extend the life of the cartridges with their timely refueling, the appropriate and suitable type of ink for this particular type of cartridges. Thus, you will get a tangible saving of your money and time.

Due to the increased resource of the HP 46 inkjet cartridges used in THESE printers and the possibility of further refilling, we present to your attention the instructions below for refilling the HP 46 inkjet cartridges.

Refilling instructions for HP cartridges 46

To refill the HP 46 inkjet cartridges, you will need:

  • Syringes with needles, volume 5-10 ml., Having a rubber plunger. 4 pcs.;
  • Thick paper napkins, preferably lint-free;
  • Stationery knife, with a new and sharp blade;
  • Universal RDM HP ink;
  • Thin latex gloves.
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Also, cartridges are available separately. HP 46 Black Cartridge code for up to 1,500 printed test pages is CZ637AE BFW.

HP 46 Color Cartridge code up to 750 pages. CZ638AE BFW.

Let’s consider step by step the process of refilling an inkjet cartridge, using the example of a color HP 46.

First of all, in order to refill an inkjet cartridge with ink, it is necessary to temporarily, carefully, for the further aesthetic appearance of the cartridge, remove the self-adhesive sticker from the cartridge, which covers the filling holes.

After refilling the inkjet cartridge, the self-adhesive label is stuck back in its original place.

Depleted and empty cartridges, Must be refilled immediately. To avoid thickening and drying, residues of original ink in the nozzle nozzles by the printheads of inkjet cartridges.

There are filling holes under the sticker, in good lighting it is easy to determine what color of ink needs to be poured into this hole.

If you are in doubt with the color definition, immerse a clean needle in the filling hole, especially when there is a high probability of mixing up the blue and red colors, using a colored needle you will be sure of exactly what color of ink to fill in this hole.

Direct refilling of a cartridge, in this case a color one, must be started with yellow ink, as the most vulnerable in terms of color mixing, if you overflow the ink in excess.

After the filling hopper with yellow ink is filled, you should take into account the fact that the foam adsorber should NOT shine from excess ink, which indicates an excessive amount of filled ink, which, in turn, must be removed with a syringe through a needle, back to the ink container.

A similar situation with red and blue ink colors, red ink is refilled after yellow ink, and blue ink, respectively, in the most extreme queue.

In practice, ink is better to grieve than to overflow; excess refill ink will NOT lead to anything good. If the cartridge has dried up partially or completely, with all the fact that the presence of the corresponding ink in the cartridge is obvious, you can restore your HP 46 cartridge using the RDM flushing fluid, boldly Using the information material of our website, for example, instructions for restoring HP inkjet cartridges 21 and HP 22.