650n05408 Cartridge For Which Printer

HP CE285A ink cartridge compatible with printers. Short review

It’s no secret that Hewlett-Packard is one of the leaders in printing products. The products manufactured by this company are in great demand both by large companies and by small firms and even by home users. While the company exists on the market, it was able to win the trust of consumers through high-quality and reliable performance of printing devices. And along with the popularity of the devices themselves, there is automatically a great demand for consumables, that is, cartridges.

One of the most popular cartridges today is the HP LaserJet CE285A. Although all the printing devices that work on this cartridge have already been discontinued, but at one time they were sold so many that the demand for these cartridges is very high.

HP ce285a ink cartridge is compatible with printers:. And multifunctional devices:

All devices belong to the budget category and are NOT designed for large volumes of printing, but they cope with the average number of documents printed with dignity. Don’t look at how the company has made adjustments to its consumables to reduce toner usage, but still have a decent cartridge yield of 1,600 pages. This indicates that the amount of waste toner has decreased and most of it goes to the printing itself.

The weight of the cartridge is 750 grams, while the toner in it is initially 60-70 grams, which is much less than in previous models. The cartridge itself has become much smaller and outwardly it is immediately noticeable that the mining hopper has become very small.

HP ce285a ink cartridge is black in appearance, which consists of two components. This is one half containing the image drum, magnetic roller, toner compartment and the other half, consisting of a squeegee and a waste container. Both parts are connected together with pins and form a single whole.

Due to the fact that the cartridge breaks all records in popularity in the market, there are many analogues, which are produced by companies specializing in this field. Making a cartridge is NOT a difficult task for such manufacturers, since the consumables for their production are not so expensive and the chip that causes big problems is quite simple here and therefore does not particularly affect the cost of the cartridge.

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Check out the most popular compatible cartridges.

The first on the list is the cartridge from Hi-Black ce285a

These products are very popular, as they have long been present on the market for the production of compatible consumables. The cost of this cartridge is 9.79, which in translation into our currency is approximately 52 kopecks per copy. Quite an average indicator is available to most users. Cartridge testing has shown that printing is NOT different from using the original cartridge and the declared number of copies corresponds to reality.

The second cartridge, which has already won the respect of many consumers, is the NetProduct CE285A / Canon 725 cartridge. As the name implies, this cartridge is also compatible with Canon LBP 6000, 6020 and MF-3010 devices, which is very convenient in some cases.

Do not look at the fact that the cartridge is compatible Not only with HP office equipment, but also Canon, its cost is much lower and is only 7.21, which translated into the cost of one page per page is 33 kopecks, which is the lowest cost among all competitors. The peculiarity of the NetProduct company is the production of the most demanded cartridges at much lower prices. This allows us to gain popularity among customers and the demand for these cartridges has sharply increased recently.

All cartridges showed decent printing, documents look crisp, without any gray background and flashing whites. Office equipment perceives cartridges as original and prints the stated number of pages.

Also, for those who would like to save even more on consumables, there are many manufacturers that offer toner and consumables for self-restoring the cartridge.

The inkjet print cartridge is drying out. Printhead dries up.

How to deal with dry inkjet print cartridge Ink is drying out. The print head dries up. What to do? (ten)

The inkjet print cartridge is dry. What to do?

The inkjet printer is the optimal choice for home use. Firstly, it costs reasonable money, secondly, it allows color printing of acceptable quality, and thirdly, it has acceptable power consumption. The cost of printing one sheet on such printers varies from brand to brand and from manufacturer to manufacturer, but is several times higher than the cost of printing a sheet on a laser printer. But with a small number of printed pages, given the high cost of color laser printers, it is more economical to choose an inkjet printer.

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Drying cartridge

The main disadvantage of an inkjet printer is that the cartridge and printheads dry out with occasional use. Thank goodness manufacturers are now installing the printhead directly into the cartridge. So, if the head dries out, then the problem is solved by replacing the cartridge.

I have to print several times a year. With this frequency of use, you have to buy new cartridges (black and white and color) for each print. Which is very expensive.. Is 30 rubles / sheet. Which is monstrous.

After reaching out to suppliers, I got advice to print every two weeks 2.3 sheets in color to keep the cartridges in good condition. Thus, for 60 useful litas per year, I have to print 60 sheets to keep the cartridges working. Plus, it’s as troublesome as any regular job.

In fact, the advice did NOT help. Yes, the print head has stopped drying out. But the ink in the cartridge itself still dries up in a year. At least they become more viscous and print quality drops.

What to do?

But here’s the problem. I could not buy such a clip for a color cartridge at all, and the clip for a black and white one broke. I can’t buy replacements. Decided to just take out the cartridges when a long break in use is expected and seal the head and vent with adhesive tape.

The main thing. Choose the correct adhesive tape. It should adhere well, but not leave traces of glue on the cartridge. Plain tape does not work. I use high quality plumbing tape or duct tape. Before sticking pieces of tape on the cartridge, remove it from the printer, wipe the head with a cotton swab to remove any remaining ink (ink will prevent the tape from sticking), glue the tape to the head and to the air hole.

Remove the tape before printing. If any glue remains on the cartridge, wipe the cartridge with alcohol. Install the cartridge into the printer and print. Print one test page before starting work. Do not forget to preserve the cartridge after work.

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Xerox Phaser 3260 Express Cartridge Refill

We offer to quickly and efficiently refill cartridges for the Xerox Phaser 3260 printer in our service center or with the visit of the wizard to your office or home.

We refill the following toner cartridges for the Xerox Phaser 3260:

  • 106R02778 standard cartridge
  • 650N05408 starting (starting) cartridge from the factory delivery set
  • 106R02782 toner cartridges from double pack
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Xerox 650N05408 Low Capacity Starter Cartridge, Xerox 106R02778 Standard Cartridge, Xerox 106R02782 Double Pack Cartridges. All of these cartridges will be refilled to a standard capacity of 3,000 pages.

Attention! Refilled cartridges require your printer‘s firmware for optimal performance.

Unlocking the Printer

Blocking the operation of the Xerox Phaser 3260 printer occurs when the capacity of the chip installed on the cartridge is used up. The printer is blocking printing and requires installing a new cartridge.

To resume operation of the Xerox Phaser 3260 printer Do the following:

  • Flash the printer. After flashing, the printer will no longer be blocked when the toner in the cartridge runs out. Resetting the counter, stripping, replacing the chips is no longer required.
  • Install a new cartridge chip when refueling. Replacement of chips is required at each refueling of cartridges, if your device is not flashed.
  • Buy a new cartridge with a chip installed on it.

How much does it cost to refuel Xerox Phaser 3260


Your cartridges will be charged to the capacity of a standard cartridge of 3000 pages.


650n05408, cartridge, which, printer

If you have several cartridges for refueling, it will be beneficial for you to take advantage of the Refueling on the road for 100 rubles.

Xerox Phaser 3260 refill quality

Your Xerox Phaser 3260 printer uses a two separate cartridge system. The all-in-one printer has a toner cartridge and an imaging drum cartridge.

To refill, you only need to remove the toner cartridge. You DO NOT need to remove the drum cartridge. A worn drum unit and an overfilled waste toner box can result in black streaks and dirt on the image when printed documents.

First refill of Xerox Phaser 3260 cartridges delivers consistent print quality like a new cartridge.

Where to refuel Xerox Phaser 3260 in St. Petersburg. Can I refill the starter cartridge for Xerox Phaser 3260 650N05408

Upon purchase, the Xerox Phaser 3260 printer is equipped with a low-capacity starter (starting) cartridge Xerox 650N05408. The Xerox 650N05408 Starter Cartridge allows you to print up to 1000 sheets and then a chip installed on the cartridge blocks your printer. Xerox 650N05408 Ink Cartridge is shipped with new printers only. You cannot buy starter cartridges Xerox 650N05408 separately, they are not available for sale.

Refilling the Xerox 650N05408 cartridge is made in the same way as the standard Xerox 106R02778 cartridge. When refilled, your Xerox Phaser 3260 Starter Cartridge converts to a standard capacity of 3,000 pages.