After replacing toner, the printer writes replace toner

Reset Toner Counter for Brother Printers

The other day, relatives had a problem with the Brother MFC-1810R printer. After refilling the starter cartridge, the printer requires replacing the toner. To solve this problem, the printer needs to reset the toner counter. Since the TN-1075 cartridge is sold by Brother machines, the manual described here will work for DCP-1510R, DCP-1512R, HL-1110R, HL-1112R, MFC-1810R, MFC-1815R.

So, if your printer displays the “Change toner” error, then you need to do the following sequence of actions:

  • Remove the cartridge and paper from the printer.
  • Remove the toner from the housing. To do this, use the special lever on the cartridge.
  • Insert only the base of the housing into the printer. On the left you will see a button to reset the counter.
  • Put your hand through the paper tray, feel and hold the button with your finger.
  • Close the cover through which the cartridge is inserted.
  • Wait for the mechanism inside the printer to spin. As soon as it turns, release the counter reset button for 1-2 seconds (no more), then press it again until the mechanism inside the printer stops.
  • Then two options are possible:
  • If the printer clicked and gave an error “Replace toner”, then you could not catch the right moment in the previous step (step 6). Go back to step 1 and do all the steps again (I was able to correctly reset the toner counter only from the fourth time).
  • If you have done everything correctly, the printer will not peep, the printer display will not display the “Change toner” error. Now pull the cartridge base out of the printer, insert the toner, and then reinsert the assembled cartridge. The printer will now work until the next cartridge refill.

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Soft toner reset

Developers create additional maintenance functions for their equipment. Among them is a paint dumping tool. It runs only through the built-in display, so it is not suitable for all users. If you are that lucky owner of a device with a screen, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the all-in-one and wait for it to be ready to go. During the display of the inscription “Please wait” do not need to press anything.

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Next, open the side cover and click on the “Clean” button.

On the screen you will see a question about replacing the drum, to start the process click on “Start”.

Close the side cover if the corresponding message appears on the screen.

Now you can go to the menu, move around it using the arrows to get acquainted with the state of the counter at the moment. If the operation was successful, its value will be equal to 100%.

As you can see, zeroing paint through a software component is not difficult. However, not everyone has a built-in screen, and this method is not always effective. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the second option.

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Manual reset

The Brother cartridge has a reset sensor. It needs to be activated manually, then the update will be successful. To do this, you need to independently remove the components and perform the rest of the actions. The whole procedure looks like this:

  • Turn on the printer, but do not connect to the computer. Be sure to remove the paper if installed.
  • Open the top or side cover to access the cartridge. Do this action, taking into account the design features of your model.

Remove the cartridge from the equipment by pulling it toward you.

Disconnect the cartridge and drum unit. This process is intuitive, you just need to remove the latches.

Insert the drum part back into the device as it was previously installed.

The zero sensor will be located on the left side inside the printer. You need to put your hand through the paper feed tray and press this sensor with your finger.

Hold it and close the lid. Expect the start of the work of the apparatus mechanisms. Then release the sensor for a second and press again. Hold until the engine stops.

It remains only to mount the cartridge back into the drum part and you can start printing.

If, after a two-way reset, you still receive a notification that no toner is detected or ink has run out, we recommend that you check the cartridge. Refuel if necessary. You can do this at home, using the instructions attached to the device, or contact the service center for help.

We have covered two available methods to reset the toner counter on Brother printers and MFPs. It should be borne in mind that some models have a non-standard design and use cartridges of a different format. In this case, the best solution would be to use the services of service centers, since physical intervention in the components can provoke device malfunctions.

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The Brother DCP-7057R MFP, like the DCP-7057WR, has a toner counter. As soon as you insert a new cartridge, the counter is reset and the printed pages count down. The counter has reached the end. Brother DCP-7057R asks: replace the toner. If you refilled the cartridge yourself, you need to reset this counter. It can be done:

  • manually. suitable in any situation with both a starter and a regular cartridge (we will tell you how to do this in this article);
  • configure the reset checkbox in the cartridge.

How to configure the reset flag was described in the article about refilling the Brother TN-2090 cartridge. You can also watch the video at the end of this article. There is only about a flag without water.

Here we will figure out how to manually reset the counter in the Brother DCP-7057R MFP.

Hardware method

  • We turn on the MFP. We are waiting for the engine to stop working (the sound will become much quieter). Opening the front cover.
  • On the left, we disconnect the lever from the front cover and sink it into the case.
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Pretend the front cover is closed.

  • We take out the cartridge from the device.
  • Separating the Toner Cartridge from the Drum.
  • Insert the unit with the drum unit into the MFP.

Press the front cover open sensor with a straight screwdriver.

Brother will now know that the front cover is closed.

  • Clamp the checkbox. When the gears start spinning, release it and clamp it again. Then release and hold again. In total, you need to squeeze it 2 times within 4 seconds.

    We are waiting for the mechanics to stop working and release, on the right, the front cover closing sensor, which we clamped with a straight screwdriver.

On the left, we extend the lever, recessed in the case, and attach it to the front cover.

    We take out the drum unit from the MFP and connect it to the toner cartridge. We insert the assembled cartridge into the device.

How to reset the toner counter for your Brother printer

The instructions below will work best for most Brother printing machines as they are all similar in design and quite often include the TN-1075 cartridge. We’ll look at two ways. The first is suitable for users of MFPs and printers with a built-in screen, and the second is universal.

Programmatic way

On the front panel, press the [Cancel] or [Back] or [Stop] or [Clear] button.

Press the [Up] arrow and press the [Down] arrow several times until two zeros [00] appear on the screen.

Click [OK] and close the front cover.

Brother writes replace toner cartridge

Why does the printer write to replace the cartridge?

When a cartridge of a laser printer or mfp runs out of toner, the Smart machine issues a message like “replace toner”. replace toner. Or “replace cartridge” or similar message. depending on what model you have.

You replaced it, but the printer does not print after replacing the cartridge. What’s the matter? Most likely, you purchased not an original cartridge from the same manufacturer as your device, but a licensed, compatible cartridge, which is much cheaper. Or inserted a refilled cartridge into the printer, also in order to save money.

The reason why the printer does not recognize the cartridge after refilling. built-in chip

A trick of the manufacturer, ostensibly to tell the user that he has run out of toner. In fact, in order for the user to buy new expensive original cartridges, and not try to refill used ones or put Chinese counterfeits for original cartridges in the printer.

There is a way out, qualified technicians for repair and refueling of printers know about it. The technician can reprogram the chip, reset the page counter, or install a new chip, or reflash the printer. Such manipulations with electronics will help trick the printing device and make it work on your terms. with a refilled cartridge or with a compatible non-original cartridge. Here you need a very experienced master, unambiguously, with a programmer and practical skills.

Some models of ink cartridges “wake up” in a simpler way, such as covering a window on the side cover of the cartridge with a dark tape, through which light enters when the toner runs out and, when it hits the sensor, gives a signal that the cartridge is empty. Indeed, in practice, it happens that the toner in the cartridge for another couple of hundred pages, and the printer already reports that the dye runs out and blocks printing.

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There may be another reason why the printer does not see the cartridge. the chip is simply out of order, the wizard will replace it with a new one. Sometimes the fault is lack of contact, this is also fixable.

In any case, if you are not sure what is the reason why the printer does not recognize the cartridge, and you do not know exactly what action to take, it is better to call the service center right away. Intervention in the electronics and mechanics of the printing device without proper experience is fraught with the failure of your expensive printer. As a result, pay more for repairs.

Each model of printer or mfp from different manufacturers requires its own individual approach, there is no one recipe for all. Contact professionals, do not break your technique. In Kiev, specialists of the Snake Workshop identify and solve the problem best of all.

You just have to call. you will be immediately consulted, they will find out the cause of the malfunction, perhaps they will ask you to drop on Viber a photo of the error that the printer displays or sample pages of poor print. And after that, they will offer the optimal model for solving the problem: pick up the printer by an auto courier for service or send an engineer for diagnostics and repair to you.

For 11 years of work, we have accumulated vast experience in refueling, repairing, restoring hundreds of models of printing equipment. We also have professional equipment and many years of experience of our specialists. Therefore, we can safely say that we will refuel, restore or repair your equipment with the highest quality.!

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② Individual price offer, that is, a discount on an ongoing basis.

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