Algorithm for Printing a Document on a Printer

It does NOT print to the printer, how to fix it. Doesn’t print to the printer, how to fix

Good afternoon! Dear readers and guests of the Pyatilistnik.Org blog, probably the most common problem in the daily life of a system administrator or an ordinary user is the situation that there is NOT a printer from a computer running Windows. Such situations are solved in different ways, and in this article I would like to analyze the most ordinary and effective methods that will help you in eliminating this problem and help teach the user to diagnose and solve it himself, without distracting you from more important work.

Why isn’t printing

There can be a lot of answers to this question, I will try to draw up a small checklist by which you can find what suits you.

Print all or part of an individual document
Print a range of pages
From the File menu, select Print. In the Pages box, specify the portion of the document that you want to print. When you select the Numbers option, you must also specify the page numbers and ranges you want to print.
Note. In addition, you can print a selection of the document. On the File menu, select Print, and then the Selection option.

Print only odd or even pages
From the File menu, select Print. In the Print list, select Odd Pages or Even Pages.

Printing specified pages and sections
It is possible to print specified pages, one or more sections (Section. Part of the document that has specified page formatting options. A new section is created when you need to change such parameters as line numbering, the number of columns or headers and footers.), As well as a range of pages from one or more sections.
From the File menu, select Print. In the Pages group, select the Numbers option. In the Numbers box, enter additional instructions for printing one of the following options. Several pages at random
Enter page numbers, Separating them with commas. If you need to enter a range of pages, concatenate the hyphen of the first and last page numbers of the range.
Example: To print pages 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8, enter 2.4-6.8
Range of pages within one section
Enter p page number s section number.
Example: To print pages 5 to 7 from section 3, enter p5s3-p7s3
whole section
Enter s section number.
Example: enter s3
Several sections in a breakdown
Enter the section numbers, Separating them with commas.
Example: enter s3, s5
Range of pages in several sections in a row
Enter the page range along with the section numbers by concatenating the first and last pages of the range.
Example: enter p2s2-p3s5

Printing a document in a different format
print draft
Draft mode does not print formatting and most of the graphics, which slow down the printing speed. Some printers DO NOT support this feature.
On the Tools menu, select Options, and then the Print tab. In the Mode group, select the Rough.

Printing document pages in reverse order
Document pages can be printed in reverse order, i.E. The last page will be printed first. DO NOT use this mode when printing envelopes.
On the Tools menu, select Options, and then the Print tab. In the Mode group, check the Reverse order.

Printing multiple pages on one sheet of paper
To see how multiple pages of a multipage document will fit together, you can print the entire document on a single sheet of paper. To do this, the pages are reduced to the appropriate size and grouped on one sheet.
From the File menu, select Print. In the Scale group, select the option you want from the Pages per sheet list box. For example, to print a four-page document on one sheet, select the 4 pages option.

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Print to file
Printing a document to a file makes it possible to print a document on any printer.
For example, if you need to print a document using professional printing equipment, then you can print the document to a file, and then print on a printer that provides high resolution.
Note. When printing to a file, you must first select a printer, such as PostScript, on which the file will ultimately be printed.
From the File menu, select Print. In the Name list, specify the printer on which you want to print the document. Select the Print to file check box, and then click OK. In the Print to File dialog box, in the File name box, enter a file name. When printing to a file, the breaks into terms, pagination are saved (Page break. The place where one page ends and another begins. In Microsoft Word, automatic pagination is performed (inserting “soft” page breaks), but you can independently break the text across pages by placing “forced” (hard) page breaks.) and data on the fonts used.

Printing multiple copies or multiple documents
Printing multiple copies
From the File menu, select Print. In the Number of Copies box, enter the number of copies you want.
Note. To print the first page of the next copy after the first copy of the document has finished printing, select the Collate check box. If you prefer to print all copies of the first page first, and then all copies of each of the following pages, clear this check box.

Printing multiple documents at the same time
Click the Open button on the toolbar. Open the folder containing the documents you want to print. Select documents to be printed. Click the Tools button and choose Print.

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How to print a speaker on an A4 printer on two sheets

If you need to print a document in A3 format, you do not need to buy a new and rather expensive plotter or wide-format device for this. It is enough to know how to print an A3 format or even a larger image on an A4 printer.

Most home and office printers are designed for standard A4 sheets only. This is usually enough for printing work papers, images or, for example, school essays. However, sometimes you want to print a large file. a poster or a drawing. Fortunately, the ability to use a printing technique to print one picture or document on multiple sheets provides many programs. that’s Word in AutoCAD.

Printer software

To print on a larger format than the printer allows, you can use its regular software. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Open an image saved in the correct format (JPEG, PNG). To do this, you can select any built-in utility. for example, the Windows photo viewer.
  • Go to the print menu and select the printer model, quality, type and size of paper (in this case. A4).
  • Open the printer properties and set a check mark opposite the “multipage” label on the multitasking tab.
  • Select poster print, specify its size and go to settings.
  • Set poster options. select which sheets that will NOT be printed, cut lines, alignment marks or overlap.

Set all the settings, you can go to print. The result will be an equally large image printed on standard size sheets. After careful gluing, A3 is obtained from it. Although, if frames are selected, the actual size will be 5-10 mm less on each side.

You can also find yourself from overlapping the image. then the dimensions of the print will be standard (297×410 mm). However, white stripes (borders) will remain at the edges, and there is only one way to glue the sheets together. with tape on the back of the paper.

If the settings of your printer differ from those described, you can use other methods of printing A3 on a device for A4, in which we describe below.

MS Excel

The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet editor can hardly be used to print a large image. But with its help, you can easily split documents into several parts. over, such a program is not only the easiest, but also almost the only way to print a table on an A3 poster on an A4 printer.

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The procedure is as follows:

  • Go to the page layout tab and select A4 size.
  • Make sure the screen is automatically split into separate pages. If necessary, you can adjust the borders and change the scale, reducing or stretching everything that needs to be printed. The letter will fit what is bounded by the dotted lines.
  • Go to “File”. “Print”.
  • Select single-sided printing and A4 sheets. Print document.

The ability to split a spreadsheet into parts for printing on sheets of different sizes works on any printer. The number of sheets and the size of the resulting document can be adjusted using the scale. It is advisable to make the text large enough to be readable.


The standard graphics program allows you to print images in various formats. The algorithm of actions is simple:

  • Open an image in a graphics editor.
  • Select the “File” menu and go to the “Print”. “Page setup”.
  • Set the required parameters: page scale. 150%, “Fit”. 1 on 2 pages. The orientation should be landscape, if we print a letter in the format 297x420mm, and vice versa. portrait, if the source should be 420x297mm.
  • Print image.

Changing the scale will allow you to get a picture without loss due to borders. But texts and other documents cannot be printed in this way. True, you can first take a screenshot of the image on the screen, and then send it to Paint. but the quality of the result will be low.

MS Word

Another way to print AU on an A4 printer is associated with the introduction of the Word office program. It allows you to work with both text and images. However, before printing, the picture must be inserted into the document.

  • Prepare a Word document. Insert an image or text into it.
  • Go to the menu “File”. “Print” and select the appropriate printing device.
  • Go to the printer properties, select the A3 print format, and instead of the “1 page per sheet” item, which is the default, set the division of a large format into several small ones. “2 pages per sheet”.

The method will not work in all printers, but only on those where you can select or manually set the A3 print format. But this option makes it possible to print not only images, but also texts. This may be necessary, for example, when creating a poster with inscriptions.

Adobe Reader PDF

If a document or image is saved with the PDF extension, a small instruction will help you figure out how to print the AZ format on a regular printer:

  • Open document in Adobe Reader and go to print menu.
  • Select a poster mode and adjust the mode so that the image fits over several letters.
  • Set portrait orientation.

Now it is enough to press the print button and wait until the electronic document is printed on two sheets. Likewise, large images of any size are printed.


If the user has an AutoCAD drawing program at his disposal, he can easily print sheets of almost any format. This feature has been added for printing primarily drawings, which rarely have A4 dimensions. And it is suitable for any printer, including those designed only for small sheets. The printing process is as follows:

  • The image on sheet A3 is divided into parts by viewports (invisible frames).
  • The resulting frames are expanded by 10 mm in each direction and shifted so that when printed, the pages can overlap. This will allow you to glue images on two or more sheets without losing detail at the edges.
  • The print section opens. First, the first part of the picture fits into the A4 sheet format, then the second (and all the rest, if a larger image is printed).

Before sending the image to the printer, make sure that the same scale is selected for all parts of the split image. This will avoid problems when connecting pages. Also, the alignment of scales can be simplified by making the same frames.

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Additional software

Understanding how to print the AZ format on a regular printer, you can use other programs:

  • Placard. Specially designed for poster printing. Supports over 30 graphic formats.
  • Easy Poster Printer. A utility with many settings to simplify printing. Allows you to send part of the picture to the printer.
  • Posteriza. Free software for printing and image processing (including adding text).
  • Foxit Reader. Free analogue of Adobe Reader, also allows you to print on multiple sheets of smaller format.
  • Libreoffice Calc. A program with which you can print spreadsheets on multiple sheets. An excellent analogue of Excel for users who do not have MS Office installed.

The choice of software for printing an A3 sheet on two A4 sheets depends on the type of document. In addition, it is desirable to take into account the cost of the software. If the utility is needed only for a one-time printout, it’s hardly worth buying. it’s easier to find free analogues.

How to print a document from a computer to a printer

The number of computer equipment is growing every year. Along with this, which is logical, the number of PC users is increasing, Who are just getting acquainted with many functions, which are quite often useful and important. Such as, for example, printing a document.

Printing a document from a computer to a printer

It would seem that printing a document is a fairly simple task. However, newbies are NOT familiar with this process. And NOT every experienced user can name more than one way to print files. That is why you need to figure out how it’s done.

Keyboard shortcut

To address this issue, the Windows operating system and the Microsoft Office software package will be selected. However, the described method will be relevant Not only for this set of software. it also works in other text editors, in browsers and programs for various purposes.

  • First you need to open the file, which you want to print.
  • After that, you must simultaneously press the key combination “CtrlP”. This action will bring up a window with settings for printing a file.

In the settings, it is important to check parameters such as the number of pages to print, page orientation and the connected printer. They can be changed in accordance with your own preferences.

The document will print as long as the printer requires. These characteristics cannot be changed.

Quick Access Toolbar

Memorizing a key combination is not always convenient, especially for people who type so rarely that such information simply does not stay in memory for more than a few minutes. In this case, use the quick access panel. Let’s consider Microsoft Office as an example, in other software the principle and procedure of actions will be the same or completely coincide.

algorithm, printing, document, printer

    First, click “File”, this will allow us to open a window where the user can save, create or print documents.

  • Immediately after that, you must perform all the actions regarding the print settings, which were described in the first method. After that, it remains to set the number of copies and click “Print”.
  • This method is quite convenient and does not require much time from the user, which is quite attractive in conditions when you need to quickly print a document.

    Context menu

    This method can be used only in cases where you are completely sure of the print settings and know exactly which printer is connected to the computer. It is important to know if this device is currently active.

    • Right-click on the file icon.
    • We select the item “Print”.

    Printing starts instantly. You can no longer set any settings. The document is transferred to physical media from the first to the last page.

    Thus, we have analyzed three ways of how to print a file from a computer to a printer. As it turned out, this is quite simple and even very fast.

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