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How to choose an all-in-one printer for your home or office. Productive all-in-one printer

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What is a good all-in-one printer for the home? Answering this question, you should divide the all-in-one printer into budget, high-speed, and devices for creativity. And at home, a fast machine with high capabilities in photo printing can be useful. Therefore, we recommend starting with the most affordable offers. Therefore, it is important to decide on the topic of the options that you will need, and which You can not use. In this case, how to choose an all-in-one printer for home, then pay attention to the multifunctional feature set.

Which is the best all-in-one printer for the office, you will answer by deciding on your requirements for the PU. It is often a standard set of printer, scanner and copier. These opportunities are quite enough to stop contacting special centers for printing and image processing. The user will be able to do everything independently. Also, choosing this class of Multifunction means that you will most likely get a four-color imaging scheme. This system has already earned trust due to the availability and the guarantee of the required level of print quality.

You don’t need to worry about low quality photo prints. After all, only a professional will be able to determine that the picture was made on an ordinary apparatus. Wi-Fi connectivity is also an important factor. This saves space quite well and increases the usability of the device several times. Another indicator of comfort that should not be discarded is the LCD display in the all-in-one printer for the office. This greatly simplifies the work, but you do not need to chase touch and large displays. this increases the price of the device.

A good all-in-one printer for your business

The broad capabilities of the device are an important advantage. Of course, the most important aspect in printing will always be the dynamic execution of tasks. The efficiency of the device in operation depends on this. Reliability is also a significant advantage that the Multifunctional should have. Therefore, it is necessary to choose solutions from reliable manufacturers. This also applies to the device itself for printing, and additional proposals for economical work. After all, it is extremely important to provide yourself with the best way to reduce costs for the maintenance of PU. Further, giving an answer to the question of which device to choose for the office, it is important to point out the capabilities of printers that use A3 printout. It will be beneficial for your business by avoiding expensive advertising services. Now you can create your own advertising materials and control the process from design to printing. The second option is the ability to receive a fax. Access to operations on images for all office workers is important. Therefore, it is imperative to have a wireless connection using Wi-Fi or network thanks to Ethernet. To the question of how to choose an all-in-one printer, one should be guided by the real efficiency of the device. It is important that each of the necessary options is enabled and brings high returns.

Photo printing on a universal all-in-one printer

With a large selection of printers, you can easily choose a worthy all-in-one printer for printing photos. These proposals are intended to reflect all the new advances in printing. Only proven ideas that are useful are used for their manufacture. Therefore, it is important to say which all-in-one printer to choose for the home is difficult, because each company can offer a truly innovative product that can demonstrate all the features of inkjet printing. CISS. This is the best option for connoisseurs of economical and professional work.

How to choose an all-in-one printer for home use? Rating

A multifunctional device is a device that combines a scanner, printer, fax and copier in one housing at the same time. Thanks to it, you can significantly save workspace and money, since you do NOT have to purchase all of these accessories separately. It is especially important to use the all-in-one printer at home if you have schoolchildren or students, as well as for arranging a small office. Given the huge assortment, many inexperienced users get lost and follow the lead of careless sellers who are trying to sell expensive or illiquid models. In order for you NOT to make a mistake when choosing and purchase a high-quality and functional unit, we will tell you in this article how to choose an all-in-one printer for home use. the rating of the best manufacturers will help you with this.

All-in-one printer advantage over conventional scanner and printer

If you are still thinking about purchasing an all-in-one printer, we bring to your attention a number of indisputable advantages of this unit:

  • Unlike scanner and printer, all-in-one printer Takes up much less space than two THESE devices at the same time. Therefore, you will greatly save free space at your desktop.
  • The all-in-one printer is immediately equipped with a printer, scanner and copier, thanks to which the process of working with documents is much easier and faster.
  • The cost price of an all-in-one printer is much lower than purchasing a copier, printer and scanner separately.
  • This device uses ink more economically during printing.
  • You can print a document not only with a computer. Most modern models are connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which allows you to print files from a smartphone or tablet.

The main criteria for choosing an all-in-one printer for home use

Before choosing this device, you should decide on the topic of functions and parameters that it should have.

Print type

The first thing you may encounter when choosing an all-in-one printer is the print type. Today, laser and inkjet devices are separated.

Laser devices

Such devices are used mainly in offices, as they have a fairly high print quality, especially black and white, while inexpensive to maintain.

The main advantages of the laser all-in-one printer include:

  • Economical paint consumption;
  • Such a device is filled with special coloring powder;
  • Low cost of refilling cartridges;
  • Long enough period of use.

The disadvantages of a laser device include:

  • Dimensions, since it takes up quite a lot of space;
  • The high cost of the device itself, its components and new cartridges;
  • Used mainly for black and white printing, which is not always convenient for home use.

These devices are designed to print on A4 paper. In addition, it is very important that its minimum density is not less than 90 g / m2. In case of non-compliance with this requirement, the print head will fail very quickly.

Inkjet all-in-one printer

Compared to laser, they are slightly inferior in print quality. Their main advantages are:

  • Small size;
  • High quality photo printing;
  • Low cost;
  • Ability to refill cartridges yourself.

The disadvantages include:

  • Slow print speed;
  • The need for constant use, otherwise, the ink in the cartridge may dry out and will have to be replaced with a new one;
  • In order for the paint supply to be uniform, it is also necessary to additionally install CISS;
  • If there are adjacent ink tanks in the device, after the ink in one of them runs out, the second will simply be unsuitable for further use.
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Which all-in-one printer to choose for home laser or inkjet?

Before making your choice in favor of this or that model, first you need to decide on the number of pages, what print quality they should have. Both laser and inkjet options are color-printed. However, higher quality color images are obtained on inkjet models of multifunctional devices.

Print resolution

When choosing an all-in-one printer, you should take into account the fact that high print resolution is required exclusively for printing photos.

  • For normal text, 300 dpi will suffice;
  • For graphics. 600 dpi;
  • For photos. 1200 dpi.

In this case, inkjet devices are much superior to laser ones according to this criterion.

Speed ​​and feature of the printing process

There are three types of printing in multifunctional devices:

  • Black and white or monochrome;
  • Copy speed;
  • Color mode.

This indicator is very conditional, and when choosing an all-in-one printer for home use, you should not rely on it. This is due to the fact that each page that is sent to print has its own characteristics, such as the number of characters, font version, and the presence of colors.

Connection interface

In most modern models, the main connection option is a USB cable. Older devices still have LPT and COM.

As for the more expensive options, they are already connected using infrared, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Working capacity

This parameter means the number of pages that this device prints in a month. Eg:

  • budget options print around 1000 pages.
  • As for expensive and professional models, they are capable of printing about 25-30 thousand pages per month.

Control Panel

Most modern models are equipped with a liquid crystal display, which displays all commands assigned to the device. Direct control takes place using the buttons, which are located near the screen.

Additional characteristics

When choosing the best all-in-one printer for home, pay special attention to additional options, since this does NOT only increase the functionality of the device, but also significantly increases its price position.

Most often multifunctional devices are equipped with the following additional options:

  • Bluetooth or infrared port;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Phone;
  • Fax;
  • Two-sided printing;
  • Tray;
  • Interface cables.

Rating of the best manufacturers

Today, there are many brands on the market of computer equipment manufacturers, among which there are indisputable leaders who have won the trust of modern consumers.

We present to your attention the five leaders among manufacturers of multifunctional devices for both home and professional use:

  • Epson. This trade mark produces both inkjet and laser models of multifunctional devices, which have a low price position, while their quality is at a fairly high level. In addition, Epson devices are characterized by their economy and high quality photo printing.
  • Brother. This is an American company that produces multifunctional devices with a fairly wide resolution and print speed, as well as high scan quality.
  • Hewlett Paccard or, as people often say, HP. This manufacturer has long been represented on the computer equipment market, which produces both laser and inkjet models of multifunctional devices. Modern all-in-one printer models of this brand are distinguished by their compactness and light weight, and due to the release of budget options, the popularity of Hewlett Paccard has increased significantly.
  • Samsung. It is a well-known South Korean manufacturer, which is constantly improving its products. For example, the latest models of all-in-one printer have fast printing speed and are equipped with economical toner. Basically, products of this brand have an average price position.
  • Canon. It is the main leader in the production and sale of multifunctional devices among the above brands. Canon all-in-one printers have high print quality and productivity, as well as the ability to remotely control from absolutely any gadget.

Where to buy an all-in-one printer?

Among the huge assortment of different models of multifunctional devices, even the most experienced user can get confused. Therefore, it is very important to initially determine the parameters and characteristics that you need for further operation. We hope that our article will help you with this, and you will be able to purchase exactly the model that you will use yourself with pleasure and without problems.

What is an all-in-one printer, what is it for

The need for an electronic device such as an all-in-one printer is determined by its functionality. The ability to perform certain operations, such as:

  • Scanning. translation of analog information into digital format;
  • Copying. creating a copy of a document in an analog format;
  • Function of the printer. output of digital information stored on the PC to a storage medium, which can be paper of various types and types, as well as other materials (fabric, polymers, etc.).

Advantages of devices of this type

When used at home, multifunctional devices have the following advantages in comparison with other devices in this group:

  • Compactness. if there are several functions in one device, a smaller area is required for its placement, compared to the situation when these are separately installed devices.
  • Ease of use. to perform several different operations specific to a particular model (printer, scanner), just one cable connecting the all-in-one printer with a PC.
  • Relatively low cost. SEPARATE devices that perform all-in-one printer operations are more expensive than the price of a single multifunction device.
  • The presence of additional functions inherent in Specific models significantly expands the functionality of the all-in-one printer (duplex printing, fax, wireless connection).

Disadvantages of multifunctional devices

The disadvantages inherent in the all-in-one printer include the following indicators:

  • If one of the functions (scan, copy or printer) fails, the user, send the all-in-one printer for repair, loses the ability to use all other uses of this machine.
  • Certain models may have slower printing or copying speeds compared to machines that perform only one of THESE operations.
  • When using the “copy” function, the cost of this operation is higher than when using machines specialized in this operation.

All-in-one printer types for home use

When choosing the best all-in-one printer for home, initially you need to understand the types of THESE devices, as well as determine their comparative parameters and characteristics, on the basis of which you can choose the most functional device that meets all the requirements for it.

Multifunctional devices, as already written above, have a printer function in their design, by which they are classified:

  • By type of printing. inkjet and laser;
  • By print color. black and white and color.

All-in-one printer with inkjet printer

Devices equipped with an inkjet printer is the cheapest all-in-one printer. The printer in such devices runs on liquid ink, which are refilled in special cartridges.

Work in devices of this type is carried out as follows: an image is formed in a special matrix, and ink from the cartridge is supplied to the print head. The head displays text or a photo on a given matrix, which transfers it to a solid medium.

The advantages of this type of apparatus are:

  • Low cost;
  • Good print quality;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Are the best when printing color photos.

The disadvantages are the following indicators:

  • With intensive use, frequent replacement of cartridges is required, which leads to an increase in the cost of operation and the cost of the resulting photos (images)
  • With long-term conservation, the ink in the cartridges may dry out, which will require replacement;
  • Print speed is lower than in laser analogs.

All-in-one printer with laser printer

All-in-one printer models equipped with a laser printer are more expensive machines with larger dimensions and weight than inkjet counterparts.

The image is applied by a laser printer in the following sequence:

  • Toner. powder (paint) applied to a solid carrier, is located in a specially designed cartridge in contact with the magnetic shaft of the device;
  • Drum. the main element of a laser printer, moves along the surface of the magnetic roller and an image is formed on it, for which its surface is polarized;
  • On a polarized surface, a positive or negative charge is given to it, the toner does NOT adhere, but is fixed only in places where there is no charge;
  • A rotating mirror is used to form the image, which “directs” the drum to the desired location;
  • The drum leaves toner on it when it comes in contact with hard media (paper);
  • After which the media is heat treated, the toner melts and the image adheres to the paper.

A special device “squeegee” removes UN-used toner from the drum surface before the start of heat treatment, which leads to its low consumption during use.

The advantages of an all-in-one printer with laser printers are:

  • High speed of printing;
  • Long life of one cartridge
  • Operational reliability;
  • Are the best when you need to print a large volume of images.
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The disadvantages of this type of device are:

  • High price;
  • Larger dimensions and weight than those of their inkjet counterparts;

All-in-one printer with color or black and white printer

Different models of all-in-one printer can be equipped with printers with the ability to print images in black and white or Color format.

A distinctive feature in this case will be the presence of one black or several color (plus to black) cartridges installed in the device.

Otherwise, the principle of operation, functionality and technical characteristics are the same.

View of the laser all-in-one printer when performing maintenance work

Main technical parameters of all-in-one printer

The main technical characteristics that determine the capabilities of a multifunctional device, regardless of its type, are the following parameters:

For a copier:

  • Speed of work execution;
  • The resolution of the resulting image;
  • The ability to scale.

For scanner

  • Type of installed sensor;
  • The resolution at which the operation is performed;
  • Optical density;
  • Color depth;
  • The speed of the operation;
  • Scanned object format.

For printer

  • Printing technology;
  • The size of the paper used and its weight;
  • The number of colors used;
  • The resolution of the resulting image;
  • The speed of the operation;
  • Resource of used cartridges;
  • Storage tray capacity.

Additional functions and chips that can be in the all-in-one printer

Some all-in-one printer models are equipped with additional functions, which greatly expands their demand and workability.

For devices intended for home use, these can be the following chips:

  • Availability of Wi-Fi. Allows you to create a local network without the presence of connecting wires, which is very important in an apartment or house.
  • Equipped with USB connector and memory card slot, allows you to use the all-in-one printer without connecting to a PC.
  • Large LCD screen makes it easy to use.

In addition, some models can have a telephone and fax, as well as perform duplex printing.

How to choose an all-in-one printer for home use

When choosing a multifunctional device that is supposed to be used at home, the selection criteria will be the following indicators:

  • Print speed, while the average is 20 sheets per minute, 30 or more is a high indicator;
  • Noisy work;
  • Print type. the size of the solid media used;
  • Scanner resolution;
  • Availability of interfaces for connecting to external storage media, local network or PC.

Popularity ranking of inkjet all-in-one printer for home by the Results of 2019

Canon Pixma G2400

The model is equipped with traditional equipment, consisting of 3 functions.

The model works with the introduction of pigment black ink and color. Dye-based

The device has a USB connector and supports OS. Windows and Mac OS.

Epson L655

This is a universal all-in-one printer, which has 4 functions to its credit, as an additional fax serves.

Convenient LCD panel and low power consumption. the distinguishing features of this model

The machine can print images and text on a variety of paper types and transparencies. The model is equipped with RJ-45, Wi-Fi and USB 2.0 interfaces.

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5575

Standard equipment. 3 functionalities.

The model has a function that allows you to send scanned documents by email

All-in-one printer is equipped with Wi-Fi and USB, internal memory is 128.0 MB.

Canon PIXMA MG6840

Standard functionality, consisting of 3 functions (scanner, copier and printer).

Model in transport position

The device is equipped with Wi-Fi and USB 2.0, and also supports various types of memory cards.

Canon MAXIFY MB2340

The model has the fourth functionality. printer, scanner, copier and fax. Printing type. inkjet color.

Canon MAXIFY MB2340 is a small, personal office at home

The device has interfaces: RJ-45, Wi-Fi and USB 2.0, and also supports AirPrint and Compact Flash.

Among the consumer all-in-one inkjet printer, the most popular among users in terms of price-performance ratio are the models shown in the following table:

Popularity ranking of laser all-in-one printer for home by the Results of 2019

Color laser all-in-one printers for the home are extremely rare, because they are quite expensive and it is more profitable to use inkjet devices at home, therefore, in the all-in-one printer rating for home use. They are NOT Featured.

Samsung Xpress M2070W

The model combines 3 devices. scanner, printer and copier. Black and white printing.

The model supports NFC technologies

The model has a function that allows you to send scanned files by e-mail. The device is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and also has Wi-Fi and USB ports.

Canon i-SENSYS MF3010

The machine prints images and text on a variety of paper types and transparencies.

User-friendly all-in-one printer

The device has a built-in memory of 64.0 MB and is equipped with a USB connector.

HP LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M125rnw

Printer, scanner, copier. available functions of this all-in-one printer. Memory capacity. 128.0 MB.

Information is displayed on the LCD panel

The model is equipped with interfaces. RJ-45, Wi-Fi and USB, and also supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Panasonic KX-MB2000 RU

The manufacturer positions the model as an all-in-one laser printer for the office.

The model is available in white and black body colors

Memory capacity 32.0 MB, interfaces. RJ-45 and USB 2.0, support Windows OS.

Brother DCP-1512R

The model differs in small overall dimensions, in comparison with analogues with identical technical characteristics.

Small size does NOT affect the functionality of the all-in-one printer

The device supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS and is equipped with a USB port.

Among the laser black and white all-in-one printer for home, in the segment of inexpensive devices, the following models are the most popular, summarized in the following table:

An overview of for an inexpensive and reliable all-in-one printer for home use

Which all-in-one printer to choose for the home is decided by each user purely individually, focusing on the selection criteria and personal preferences.

The following table shows the cost for the all-in-one printer model for home Considered above, when selling them via the Internet, as of 2019:

Item No. Model Printing technology Cost, rub.
1 Epson L655 inkjet, color 32000
2 Canon Pixma G2400 9500
3 HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5575 5500
4 Canon PIXMA MG6840 8000
five Canon MAXIFY MB2340 8500
6 Samsung Xpress M2070W laser, black and white 10000
7 Canon i-SENSYS MF3010 10000
eight HP LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M125rnw 10500
nine Panasonic KX-MB2000 RU 7000
ten Brother DCP-1512R 7500
  • Canon Pixma G2400.

Sannak, St. Petersburg: Advantages: Convenient, compact. The ink supply is visible. Folding paper tray Disadvantages: Expensive device itself.

  • Samsung Xpress M2070W.

Mavroniya, Moscow: It’s easy and simple with him. Pros: Wi-Fi, print speed, print quality, matte finish, ease of use

Disadvantages: I did not find any disadvantages.

  • Canon i-SENSYS MF3010.

Vetaa, Moscow Super printer and scanner for the office. Pluses: Excellent printer and scanner rolled into one. Disadvantages: not found.

Ranking of the best all-in-one printer for the home 2020

Long gone are the days when multifunctional devices that combine the functions of three printing devices at once. a printer, a copier and a scanner, were used exclusively by employees of offices and at the enterprise. Increasingly, the all-in-one printer is also purchased for home use.

Convert an e-book to a familiar paper look? Add photos taken with a digital camera to your family archive? Create a unique greeting card for the celebration? Modern multifunctional devices can easily cope with this and many other tasks. Since this type of equipment belongs to the category of increased technical complexity, and its are NOT the lowest, it is necessary to approach the issue of choosing an all-in-one printer with full responsibility.

How to choose an all-in-one printer for your home

There are several principles that should be followed when choosing multifunctional devices for the home. The main one is selection according to the principle of operation of the printing mechanism, depending on the intended functional use.

According to the principle of operation, all-in-one printer are inkjet and laser.

Inkjet all-in-one printer

The principle of printing is as follows: thin microjets of ink are applied to the letter through the smallest holes in the head. Application area, intensity and color scale are determined by an electronic microprocessor.


  • Low cost of the device;
  • Simple design facilitates maintenance and increases durability
  • High resolution printing ability (over 5000 dpi)
  • Clarity and saturation in color printing due to the use of up to 6 different colors;
  • Possibility of multiple refills of ink.


  • Relatively high cost per page;
  • Drying of ink during prolonged inactivity;
  • Fast ink consumption.

Based on the properties, inkjet all-in-one printer is mainly used when you need to print color forms and photographs. It is advisable to choose this type of all-in-one printer for printing black and white documents when their volume is small, no more than 5-10 pages.

Laser all-in-one printer

sophisticated instruments than inkjet prototypes. Their work is based on the ability of a laser beam to create a directed electromagnetic field. A thin layer of toner powder is applied to a letter magnetized in the required areas, which is deposited at a high temperature of up to 220 degrees.

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  • Very high print speed;
  • Low cost per print due to the economy of toner;
  • Excellent quality black and white documents.


  • High cost of all-in-one printer and accessories;
  • The need for frequent maintenance work due to the negative effect of high temperatures on the components of the continuous apparatus;
  • Generally low print resolution, which degrades complex images, especially color.

Multifunctional laser-type devices are perfect for those who need to print large volumes of black and white documents without complicated graphic elements. In most cases, these all-in-one printers are NOT at all suitable for creating photographs, because photo paper deteriorates from strong heat. Yes, and it is possible to achieve clear, saturated images only in the most advanced devices, Which, due to the excessively high price, are difficult to classify as “for home use”.

Additional selection criteria

When determining for yourself the most suitable brand of multifunctional device, you should carefully study the technical characteristics, set of functions and capabilities of each individual device. It is worth considering any, the smallest details, so that further work with the equipment is comfortable and does not cause a lot of trouble.

At a minimum, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Despite the fact that many models have a network interface, if you need to configure remote operation, be sure to check for this feature. The function of sending the scanned document to the selected e-mail may be convenient.
  • USB ports allow the use of removable flash drives when operating the all-in-one printer. Necessary Please note that some devices are incompatible with certain file systems of portable drives or software does NOT support them beyond any capacity.
  • All-in-one printer with built-in telephony functions have advanced features. They can be used to make calls, send faxes or even send messages to e-mail.
  • Correctly selected dimensions and colors of the device will allow you to harmoniously install it at home in accordance with the interior design.

Rating of the best all-in-one printer for home

Epson L3070

  • Device type: printer / scanner / copier
  • Technology: piezoelectric inkjet
  • Power consumption: 18.0 W
  • Display diagonal: 1.4 inches (3.56 cm)
  • Print speed:
  • B / w. 33 ppm
  • Color. 15 ppm
  • Noise level: 36 dB
  • Dimensions: 445x304x169 mm
  • Weight: 5.0kg
  • Warranty / Manufacturer: 1 year / Seiko Epson Corporation, Japan

Ricoh MP 2014D

A unique model used for printing on films and cards, various other interesting paper sizes. You can use it to print office documents, but only in a format no larger than A3, there is also no fax. Scanner speed is 20 ppm and print as well. The device received 256 MB of RAM and a copy resolution in the 600 × 600 dpi format.

Maximum format A3
availability of fax no
scanning speed 20 ppm
  • Frequency 600 MHz;
  • Compatibility with Windows, MacOS, Linux;
  • Manually enable duplex printing.

Samsung SL-M2070W

The compact design and manufacturability of this model along with a low price will allow you to fully enjoy the print quality and speed of the all-in-one printer. The device is compatible with the most popular operating systems, has the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and USB.

Feeding capacity 150 sheets
Control language (Supported) GDI
Operating systems (compatibility) MacOS, Windows Linux


  • The ability to print on different media (cards, envelopes, and so on);
  • Compatibility with many operating systems;
  • Wi-Fi USB connection;
  • The ability to send scanned files directly to the phone.

Brother MFC-1815R

A functional device perfect for a variety of home and work tasks. The device received a compact body, convenient mechanical buttons on the panel and, of course, a fax. The main advantages will be: high print speed, high-tech LCD panel for all-in-one printer control and compatibility with major operating systems.

Fax function there is
CPU frequency 200 MHz
connection interface USB
  • Availability of USB connection;
  • Low noise level during operation (51 dB)
  • Unique design;
  • Fax capability.

Brother DCP-1510R

Low noise level (only 51 dB during active work), a compact body and a weight of 7 kilograms are already positive points, but you will be surprised at the next use of this device from its printing and scanning speed. Compatibility with many operating systems and the USB interface allows communication with other data of your irreplaceable work friend.

Maximum format A4
Scanner Resolution 1200 x 600 dpi
auto feed 150 pages maximum

Price: 10999. 11199 rub.

  • A4 print format;
  • Low noise level during operation (51 dB)
  • 20 ppm.

Brother DCP-1602R

An excellent budget option for work or study, suitable for everyday needs and just in case at home, because an all-in-one printer is an irreplaceable thing. Regarding print speed, let’s call the number 12 not so much, but Considering the cost, it’s quite fair.

Weight 7.2 kilograms
LCD display Yes
interface USB

Approximate price: 9399. 10900 rubles.

  • Compatibility with Windows, MacOS, Linux;
  • Toner cartridge and imaging drum included;
  • Light weight (7.2 kilograms).

HP LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M28w

A budget model in a sir compact case with a convenient LCD panel that lends itself to easy setup. The device is now compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux. This all-in-one printer has sufficient print speed and optimal feed capacity for comfortable operation.

Scanner Resolution 1200 x 1200 dpi
LCD panel Yes
print speed 18 ppm
  • High print speed (18 ppm)
  • User-friendly LCD display with easy setup;
  • Wide scanner resolution (1200 x 1200 dpi)
  • Presence of a manual feed tray (up to 10 sheets).

Comparative table of the presented models

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the comparative characteristics of fans and then make a suitable choice for you.

Model Copy speed (pages / minute) RAM (MB) Feeding capacity (number of sheets) availability of fax
Ricoh MP 2014D 20 256 250
Brother MFC-L2720DWR thirty 64 250
Xerox WorkCentre 3215NI 28 256 250
HP LaserJet Pro M132nw 21 256 150
HP LaserJet Ultra M134a 22 128 150
Samsung SL-M2070W 20 128 150
Brother MFC-1815R 20 sixteen 150
Brother DCP-1510R 20 sixteen 150
Brother DCP-1602R 20 sixteen 150
HP LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M28w 18 32 150

Lists of the best

Consider a few additional fan positions:

  • Affordable price;
  • Laser;
  • Price-quality ratio.

We suggest going to the description of each category.

Affordable Price. Pantum M6550NW

This model at an adequate price is both a printer and a scanner, and is capable of printing sheets in A4 format up to 22 pieces per minute. Nice design in black color solution, rather compact body. Scanner resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi and is equipped with an automatic feed.

Laser. HP Color LaserJet Pro M181fw

Unique professional all-in-one printer that is a printer, scanner and optional fax. HP Laser is ready to print a whopping 14 A4 pages in a minute. The scanner resolution is already standard 1200 × 1200 dpi, and the auto-feed capacity is 35 sheets, and along with this, the device has received a distinctively high quality of a well-known brand and a price corresponding to the quality.


Value for money. Brother DCP-L2500DR

This multifunctional device includes a scanner, a printer and even now it is ready to print up to 26 sheets of A4 paper in one minute. Compact body and ample opportunities along with an adequate price allow us to call this model the best in terms of price and quality.


What to look for when choosing

I think that most of the readers of this article are asking a similar question, but due to the huge number of different tips on the Internet I can not decide exactly on the choice of the all-in-one printer model, now we will try to help.

Firstly, if you need a purchase for work (for example, in the office), and most likely it is, then carefully look at the “fax” item, since even in very expensive models it may simply not be there.

Secondly, many of the buyers need a printer, but the print speed may not satisfy everyone. We recommend over 10 pages per minute and before purchasing, please note the maximum print size. Yes, yes, at 21st, A4 is NOT everywhere possible.

The final aspect, which mainly affects the price of the device, the type of paper on which the multifunctional device will be able to print. After all, if you need to print on film and cards, then you should be ready to pay more for such opportunities. That’s all we have today.

Perhaps it is worth watching a short video on the topic of our today’s article.