Android process acore lenovo error occurred

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Resetting the device to factory settings

During this time, you must first back up not only contacts, but also all valuable data stored in the internal memory.

Click “Backup & Reset” in Android Settings. Select “Factory data reset” and “Reset device” to confirm to erase all Android data, Then you can do as the screen prompts Android factory setting.

Step 2. Recover Android data with a previous backup

Restart your Android and complete the startup process. Then you need to recover Android data and reinstall all Android apps using Google Play Store. As a result, the Android.process.acore popup has stopped, the error can be completely fixed.

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Why does the “Android.Process.Acore stopped” error appear??

Before fixing Android.process.acore error, you should know better what causes it. This way you can avoid similar problems like Android.process.acore stop stop and others. Following are the typical reasons why Android.process.acore stopped unexpectedly.

  • OS or firmware is not installed correctly.
  • Failed to install ROM
  • Incompatible with Android OS version
  • Android data or updates corrupted
  • Recovering apps with a Titanium backup on your Android
  • Not enough storage space
  • Virus attack
  • System crashes

Check if your Android phone or tablet has the above cases. Then you can move on to the next paragraphs to get Android.process.acore has stopped fixing methods unexpectedly.

Update Android OS

If you haven’t updated the Android OS for a long time, you may have got the error “Android.process.acore” due to incompatibility of applications.

Step 1. Access software updates on Android

Select “About phone (device)” in Android settings. Click the Software Info button to check if an Android update is available.

Install the update on your Android phone or tablet immediately.

Clear cache and data of all contact apps

Make sure you back up all your contacts beforehand.

Step 1. Clear Contacts app on your Android

First turn off “Sync” in the Android dropdown menu. Open the Settings app on your Android. Go to Application Manager and click the Contacts app. Select “Force Stop” and confirm your action. Scroll down to select the Clear Data and Clear Cache options.

Step 2. Free contact storage app

Later, return to Application Manager and click on “Contact Store”. Select “Force Stop” and then click “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” to free up storage space.

Step 3. Restart to fix Android.process.acore has stopped the problem

Finally, restart your Android device to erase the cache and data of all contacts in the app. over, you can use Android Data Recovery to recover your contacts data.

Disable sync for. and then delete and restore all contacts

If you don’t back up your contacts on Android, you will lose all your contacts after fixing the Android.process.acore error.

Step 1. Exit sync settings to

Find Android settings and select “Accounts”. Find your “” icon and click it. Uncheck the box in front of the “Sync contacts” option to disable syncing with

Step 2. Delete and restore all contacts on Android

Delete all contacts by clearing the cache and data of the Contacts and Contact Store apps. You can open the “Application Manager” in Android settings. Finally, you need to restart your Android device and then restore your contacts data without data loss.

How to fix Android Process Acore error?

Many people have proven to be able to fix Android.process.acore errors with these solutions. So you can take action with the following guides when you see the pop-up message “Sorry, the Android.process.acore process has stopped.”.

Easy ways to fix Android.Process.Acore has stopped

You are not the only one facing the Android.process.acore error. This is a fairly common Android problem that occurs every few seconds when you try to call or delete a contact. For example, there is nothing you can do but get this annoying message over and over again due to the Android.process.acore LG G2 issue. Luckily, this article has organized common and helpful solutions so that you can fix the Android.process.acore stopped error easily.

  • Why the “Android.Process.Acore has stopped” error occurs?
  • Android backup before fixing Android.Process.Acore error
  • How to fix Android Process Acore error?

Android backup before fixing Android.Process.Acore error

It is a good habit to back up your Android data regularly, especially when you need to fix Android system errors. Apeaksoft Android Data Recovery can help you to selectively back up data from Android to your computer. Even if your Android has a system crash, forgot password, failed rooting, flashed ROM and other scripts, you can still easily recover deleted or lost data on Mac or PC. To prevent data loss after fixing Android.process.acore, you better back up your data with Android Data Recovery here.

  • Back up deleted or existing data from Android to PC or Mac to keep forever.
  • Recover Android files from many common scenarios selectively.
  • Support data recovery from Android internal memory, SD card and SIM card.
  • Compatible with almost all Android phones and tablets, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, etc.

Step 1.Connect Android to Android Data Recovery

Download and install Android Data Recovery for free on your Windows or Mac computer. Launch it and connect to your Android device via USB cable.

Step 2. Get the privilege to scan your Android

Follow the onscreen instructions to enable USB debugging on your Android phone or tablet. Otherwise, you need to click the “Retry” button to try again.

After Android Data Recovery fully detects your Android, you can select specific file types to output. There are contacts, messages, call logs, WhatsApp, gallery, video, audio and others. So just mark the items you want to back up. Then click Next to extract only the selected file types.

Step 4. Back up Android data to PC

You can see all available file types displayed in categories. Select one file type and then view the details in the right pane. Check in front of the Android data you want to back up and then click the “Restore” button in the lower right corner. Set destination folder and confirm to back up data from Android to your computer without data loss.

Once you’ve backed up your important Android files, you don’t need to worry about its security. Now it’s time to fix Android.process.acore has stopped.

What is Android Process Acore

The appearance of such a record on the display raises the question of the owner of the smartphone, what is happening with the device. The occurrence of such an error is possible against the background of a system failure with contacts or an application that allows you to synchronize phone book data.

Android Process Аcore is a common mistake

For your information! On the territory of Russia, Android devices go on sale equipped with Google services, thanks to which the user has the opportunity to synchronize contacts with the account. This allows you to transfer personal data in a short period of time.

Third-party applications can also cause the operating system to crash. In this situation, you will need to clear the data and cache, which will make it possible to restore the normal working process of the smartphone.

Clear data of problematic application

When you start or use one of the applications, the system issues an error that spreads to the entire OS. In this case, the source of the problem is obvious. What to do in this case? To restore normal operation of the operating system, you will need to clear the data of the problem program.

  • Among the various installed software, you should find the “Settings” section and go to the page that contains information about the applications. By clicking on the “Storage” section, the user must select the items “Clear cache” and “Clear storage”.
  • To confirm the actions, you need to tap on the “Ok” button, which will appear in the pop-up window.
  • After that, experts recommend going back a step and clicking on the “Stop” button. Quite often, at this stage, the operating system leaves the settings. In this case, you will need to re-launch them and open the list of applications.
  • Now you should call the “Menu”. For this purpose, it is necessary to click on the three dots located in the upper area of ​​the display on the right side.
  • The display will show the item “Show system processes”. You need to tap this item.
  • Having found the “Settings Wizard” section, you will need to click on it and clear the cache, which can be found in the “Storage” folder.
  • The program will now stop running. For this purpose, it is worth using a special button, which is located on the page with the description of the software.
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Note! You can also look for an item called com.Android.settings in the list of apps. By clicking on this section, you must perform the steps described above.

Clean your phone from viruses

Any mobile device with advanced rights is susceptible to attack by a malicious application that can block a system file. Against this background, the user gets an Android Process Аcore notification on the display. In order to eliminate this problem, you will need:

  • Go to Play Market.
  • Find and download any of the antivirus utilities. It’s important to give preference to apps from trusted developers.
  • Scan internal memory and SD card.
  • Remove dangerous files and software.

Reboot phone

Any Android is endowed with the ability to reboot the device by pressing and holding the power button. To this end, the user must press and hold for 10 seconds. the button responsible for turning on the device and blocking it. It is advisable to use this method when an error occurred while working in the Recovery custom menu.

Restarting your phone in some cases can fix the problem

Reflash smartphone

Flashing your smartphone should be used only when no other methods help to cope with the problem. Fastboot utility is a universal tool that is used to flash android.

Note! This utility is part of the SDK Platform Tools. Its use is possible on almost any device.

Before proceeding with the firmware, it is worth getting access to the system kernel. Manufacturers often resort to locking the system parameter, which makes it possible to avoid changing system files on their own. Most often, devices like HTC, Lenovo, ZTE, Nexus and Sony have such limitations.

Bootloader will need to be unlocked. To this end, the user needs to read the detailed instructions for configuring and managing the command line. Before proceeding with the flashing, it is important to connect the smartphone debugging via USB (engineering settings).

Step-by-step guide to installing ZIP firmware using Fastboot utility:

  • The archive with the image is moved to the ADB folder.
  • The mobile device is put into fastboot mode.
  • Fastbooflash zip is written on the command line. The name of the file should be the name of the firmware of the mobile device.
  • After the installation is complete, the smartphone reboots.

Re-flashing the device should be done only after other options for restoring the system have not helped

What does it mean “an error has occurred in the Android process acore application

Login to the required application becomes unavailable. The system forcibly exits and automatically redirects the user to the main menu. Due to the lack of required options, the device becomes useless.

Fixing the error by resetting the settings on installed applications

The performed manipulations will allow the OS application to work normally. The disadvantage of this method is the loss of contacts. When you reset the settings, only the entries saved in the internal memory of the device will remain.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

In order not to lose important contacts, it is recommended to first transfer the files to the SD card.

Causes of Android process acore error

If Android process acore error occurs, how to fix? Initially, you should understand the causes of the occurrence. Operating system crash appears in any version of Android and does not depend on the device manufacturer.

The reasons for bugs include:

  • Deleted system files that were accidentally removed by the owner, or by the system due to its incorrect operation.
  • Incorrect operation of the selected program.
  • Program conflict. This means that a recently installed application downloaded from a third-party source conflicts with the system file. The bug occurs when loading utilities with similar functionality.

Returning the device to factory settings

If the above methods did not lead to the solution of the problems, then it is recommended to roll back to the original settings.

Before directly performing the procedure, you need to make a back up of images, videos and other necessary files that can be downloaded back. To reset, open the “Memory” section and click “Reset settings”.

Editing system files

The solution is designed for users who understand the operation of “operating systems”.

  • after starting the file manager, you need to visit the address: system / csc /.
  • from the opened files you should find a suitable one, its name is xml.
  • a new window will display the information contained in the file. Find True from the text provided, type instead
  • reboot the device.

If the required location does not exist, then this method will not solve the problem.

Android Process Acore: what it is, what is the error and how to fix it

The Android process acore error causes the system application to fail. The problem leads to the fact that the smartphone responds to operations more slowly and its functionality is sharply reduced. Consider the causes of the failure.

Fixing the error by resetting the settings on installed applications

If you don’t know what exactly caused the malfunction of your mobile device, it is best to start with simple measures and gradually work towards more complex ones. Therefore, the first action to be taken is to view installed applications and clear data on the problematic program.

Let’s consider the most common case when the message “An unexpected stop of the Android process acore system process occurred” is knocked out when working with the “Contacts” utility:

  • Through the settings of your smartphone (tablet), enter the “Applications” section.
  • Find the Contacts app. If there are several of them, leave only one (system), and delete the rest. You shouldn’t worry that you will inadvertently erase the built-in application, since there is no “Delete” button in the system software settings.
  • If no duplicate programs are found, call the properties of the “Applications” tab by clicking on the corresponding button in the upper corner of the screen and select “Show system processes”.
  • Open the “Contact Store” utility and alternately click “Clear cache” and “Erase data”.

After completing these steps, the Contacts program should function normally. However, all data from the phone book will be deleted. Only the entries saved on the SIM card will remain. To prevent the complete erasure of numbers, you need to make a backup of contacts before cleaning:

  • From the desktop, go to the “Contacts” application and open its settings.
  • Selecting the “Import / Export” function.
  • Create a file with a backup of the phone book on the internal or external memory of Android.

If an Android process acore error occurs in the calendar or Hangouts, the first thing to do is to open its settings and see if this service is enabled. If it is disabled, click “Enable” and restart your device.

Such a failure can also affect the operation of the Wi-Fi module. In this case, you need to consistently remove all applications that use the wireless network. These can be Skype, Share Link, SuperBeam, etc. After erasing each program, you need to see if the malfunction has disappeared.

Fixing the “Android process acore” error

Android OS, like any other software, is subject to various crashes. They can slow down the performance of a mobile device and limit its functionality. One of these problems is the Android process acore error, which leads to the inability to fully work with one or another system application. Let’s consider what can cause a toast notification like “Android process acore, an error has occurred” and how to fix such a failure without contacting the service center.

How to troubleshoot Android process acore error

The main sources of this malfunction are:

  • Forced stop of the system application, without which Android cannot work normally;
  • Installation of several programs with the same or similar functionality;
  • Accidental or deliberate erasure of a system file on a device with unlocked root rights;
  • Exposure to malware.

Most often, the “Android process acore has stopped” error occurs when working with the Contacts, Hangouts, and Camera applications. However, there are cases when such a failure occurs when accessing the Wi-Fi module, Google maps, GPS navigator and other system programs.

There are several ways to get rid of the Android process acore error:

  • Dumping data on a non-working application;
  • Removing installed software;
  • By manually modifying the others.xml file;
  • By cleaning the gadget from malware;
  • Using drastic measures (factory reset or flashing).

Before fixing the Android process acore error, you need to understand the reason for its occurrence. To do this, you should remember after what actions it arose. For example, if the device began to malfunction after downloading some software, it is highly likely that it was he who caused the problem.

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Troubleshoot the crash by modifying the others.xml file

In Android OS, there is a file that allows you to activate the hidden capabilities of a mobile device. This document is called others.xml and is located on the system partition in the system / csc / directory. The information recorded in it can expand the functionality of certain system applications, which sometimes negatively affects their performance.

To access the Android system partition, you will need Superuser rights. They can be obtained using the Kingo Root program:

  • Install this utility on a PC.
  • We connect the problematic gadget via a USB cable.
  • On the smartphone, open the “For Developers” section and activate USB debugging by ticking the appropriate place.
  • Launch Kingo Root and click “Root”.

Once root access is unlocked, you can start modifying the others.xml file. This requires:

[FIXED] Unfortunately The Process Android.Process.Acore Has Stopped Error

  • Download a file manager on the device that can work with Superuser rights (for example, Root Explorer).
  • Use it to make a copy of the others.xml file. This will allow, if necessary, to restore the document to its original state.
  • Open source file.
  • Find the line containing the name of the problematic program. For example, in the case of a built-in camera, the line should contain the word Camera.
  • Change True to False, save document and restart Android.

Cleaning the device from viruses

If you have root rights on your phone or tablet, some viruses can block access to integrated applications and delete system files. And this can lead not only to the pop-up of the message “Android process acore, a system error has occurred“, but also to cause a complete failure of the OS, as a result of which it will need to be reinstalled or Hard Reset.

To check if the cause of the failure is the influence of malware, you will need to scan the external and internal memory of the device with an antivirus program. It is recommended to use Dr. Web or Kaspersky IS, as they are most effective.

To scan a mobile device for viruses, you must:

    Install an antivirus program from the Play Market or another site.

If third-party software was installed

If there is a program for optimizing wireless communication and an error appears, you should perform the following actions:

  • In the section with applications, enable the category of running, and in the list, disable each program in turn, while checking the work.
  • After stopping the right one, it is recommended to go to contacts and make new.
  • If the error persists, you will need to clear the cache.

What is Android process acore

Android process acore is an operating system system error that indicates a malfunctioning lenovo manufacturer. This happens in situations where the user gains administrator rights, and after that, an accidental damage to the system folder or file is carried out. If a certain program is deleted at the root of the system, which is important for the proper functioning of the technique, then a problem appears throughout Android. This is the most common reason at the moment.

A similar message can still appear in cases when the application was accidentally stopped and cannot work in standard mode. In this case, it is not possible to synchronize important programs with the same capabilities. For example, if a user installs several calendars and similar utilities, then most likely there will be a conflict and damage to Android.

How to fix Android process acore error

When a message appears on the smartphone about stopping the Android process acore. an error has occurred in the Android system. In this case, there are several options for solving the problem. The article presents possible options on how to fix the Android process acore error for a beginner or an experienced user. The problem itself causes a failure of the functioning of system programs, after which the smartphone begins to slow down, its performance and capabilities deteriorate sharply.

Factory reset

If the described tips do not give the desired effect, then you need to return the operating system to factory settings.

Before starting, be sure to back up your personal data in order to restore it to your smartphone after the reset. To perform the action, you just need to go to the settings in memory and click on the reset button.

Error correction methods

To eliminate a bug under the guise of Android process acore, which occurs in the application, you will need to use one of the following options:

  • Restart application data that refuses to work correctly.
  • Remove installed program.
  • Make changes to filename with xml ending.
  • Remove unwanted or malware from your smartphone.
  • Reset your Android smartphone to factory settings.

The first step before performing one of the methods is to determine the exact reasons. To do this, it is recommended to think about and remember at what moment the error appeared, what actions affected the operation of the smartphone.

The main reasons for the error

Before fixing the Android process acore bug, you need to understand the possible factors that influenced the appearance of the message. The malfunction of the Android system appears regardless of the version, as well as the brand of the smartphone. Possible causes of the error include:

  • Deleting system files or folders, if you accidentally work in the root directory.
  • Deleting files by the system itself due to incorrect operation, firmware and similar factors.
  • Malfunctioning of a specific program.
  • The appearance of a conflict between different system programs. In this case, we are talking about a system utility and an application of similar functionality, but with installation from third-party sources.

In some cases, the user sees a message that “an error has occurred in the Android process acore application.” Such a bug often accompanies users of Samsung smartphones when the owner tries to enter the operating system program. In this case, the main process stops and a message of this kind appears. Among the possible utilities it should be noted:

  • contacts;
  • camera;
  • the calendar;
  • mail client.

After that, it becomes impossible to log in and use the utility. Android will automatically complete the process and send the user to the main menu of the smartphone. As a result, the mobile phone becomes useless for further work.

Performing an app preferences reset

To carry out this operation, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  • On your smartphone, go to the settings menu and go to the directory with applications, then activate the item “Show processes”.
  • Activate the “Contact store”, after which you need to click on delete data and clear the cache.

The performed procedure makes it possible to completely clear the history and other information for utilities and programs that function in standard mode. The main disadvantage of the method is that the user will lose all contacts. When you perform a factory reset, only entries on removable media are saved. To save the contacts you need, you must move them to the memory card in advance.

If many programs have been installed, and it is impossible to determine after which one the failures began, then you should go to the settings menu, then go into the programs and turn on the working ones. A new window will show all the utilities that are currently active. You will need to take turns to stop applications that are not considered service, for example, social. networks or messengers.

After that, you can go to the section with contacts and check for an error.

Eliminate the error by changing the characteristics of the others document. Xml

This method is recommended for users who understand the features of a smartphone, its operating system and know how to work with internal sections. To eliminate the failure, you need:

  • Activate the file manager and go to system / csc / in it.
  • In the list, find a file that will have the xml extension.
  • Click on the document, after which a menu will open with complete information about the data in the file. Find True from all the text, erase the inscription and write FALSE.
  • The smartphone will be restarted automatically during the actions.

If the described section does not exist, it means that it will be impossible to solve the removal of the error in the described way and you will need to move on to other options.

Causes of problems

An error associated with incorrect software operation can be found on devices of any manufacturer, regardless of the version of Android OS installed.

  • accidental or deliberate deletion of important files and folders;
  • failure in system programs;
  • installation of the same type of software with similar functions, executable files begin to conflict with each other;
  • penetration of viruses.

Most often, users complain about difficulties when working with the Hangouts messenger, Calendar, Contacts, but the Android process acore error is also typical for the WI-Fi module, Camera, Google maps, Navigator, and other applications.

  • reset data in a non-working program;
  • remove it;
  • make changes to the others.xml file;
  • clean the device from malware;
  • roll back settings to factory settings or reflash your smartphone.

Virus removal

Devices with extended rights (root access) are vulnerable to malware attacks that block specific system files. As a result, the user sees a window with the notification “Android process acore has stopped unexpectedly”.

  • download an anti-virus utility from a reliable developer in the Play Market;
  • scan internal memory and SD card;
  • remove dangerous objects.

How to fix Android process acore error

The popular Android OS, installed on billions of devices around the world, is not immune to system failures. Owners of gadgets are faced with errors that reduce performance and limit the functionality of various applications. If the message “Android process acore” appears on the screen, do not panic: the user just needs to follow the instructions to get the smartphone working.

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How to troubleshoot Calendar, Hangouts, and WI-Fi issues

You can fix crashes for calendar storage and Hangouts by doing the following:

  • select “Settings”, then “Applications”;
  • check the status of the program;
  • change it: terminate the running application and vice versa;
  • reboot the device.
  • determine which programs access the Internet via Wi-Fi;
  • delete them one at a time, checking if the problem is resolved.

Restoring the functionality of “Contacts

If you get the error “unfortunately the process Android process acore has stopped” when trying to edit or add new contacts, you should:

  • go to settings;
  • select the section “Applications”, subsection “All”;
  • click on “Contact store”;
  • run the “Erase data” option.

The user will clear all information, but the device will start working stably. In order not to lose important phone numbers, it is advisable to set up synchronization with Google contacts.

Uninstalling Google Service Updates.

The next way is to remove updates for Google services, which for some reason could be installed incorrectly. It’s easy to do. you just need to follow the path Application Settings and Notifications. Show all applications. There you need to find Google Play Services, click on them, then select the three dots in the upper right corner, and then Uninstall Updates.

Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped. solution of Lenovo vibe.

This operation will roll back Google services to the original version, on which everything worked without errors. Please note that the path to the desired point may differ depending on which smartphone model you have (Lenovo, Samsung, Huawei, Honor) and Android version.

Installing updates

The first thing to do if your smartphone displays an Android Process Acore error is to check the version of the operating system. You must have the latest Android version available for your model.

To do this, go to Settings System System update Search for updates. The device will check the version of the operating system and, if you missed the latest updates, it will offer to install them.

This method will also help if, for some reason, the necessary system files for the correct operation of the software are missing on the phone. they will be automatically loaded with the installation of the update. Quite often the Acore error occurs due to the fact that you accidentally deleted something in the root folders of Android.

How to Fix Android Process Acore Application Error

There may be several reasons for the error, but one of the methods will certainly be effective in your situation.

Reinstalling the app

Another option is to uninstall and try to reinstall the program that started showing Android Acore app error. Sometimes it can be caused by conflicts between programs with similar functionality. For example, if you have two weather apps installed, two antiviruses, or two launchers. Therefore, manual cleaning of installed programs may be required until it becomes clear which software is in conflict with each other.

Clearing cache and application data

The next way. Open the All applications tab in the settings and select the program from the list that causes the error to open. Next, you need to select the Storage and Cache item, and then delete this data by clicking the appropriate buttons. This action will delete all data associated with the application. Including those related to accounts, so you will have to log in again. Also, temporary files are deleted, which can often be the cause of the problem. If you do not know how to fix the error with the Acore process, be sure to try this method.

Android Process Acore Application Error: How To Fix

Users of older Android smartphones often encounter Android Process Acore error when trying to open an application. In this article, we will provide a number of tips to help you solve this problem.

Factory reset

A radical way. If you can’t find the cause of the error, and you don’t know how to fix it, reset your phone to factory settings. Please note that this is an extreme step that will lead to the loss of all data in the smartphone’s memory. Therefore, we recommend that you take care of saving important files. transfer them to the cloud, upload them to a USB flash drive, etc. After formatting, all settings and data from the phone memory will be lost, and you cannot restore them.

To restore the gadget to factory settings, go to Settings System Factory data reset Delete all data. It is highly likely that this method will lead to a successful result, but we do not recommend starting with it right away. there are too many inconveniences with restoring information and re-configuring the device.

Now you know what to do if an Android Process Acore error occurs in the application. Did you meet her and how did you defeat her? If we missed a working version that helped you. write it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Clearing the application data “Contacts

In addition to the contacts synchronization module, there is the Contacts application, where all contacts are stored. Now you need to delete its data and cache.

  • We go to the system settings of the phone and in the menu with applications we find “Contacts”.
  • Tap on it and in the “Memory” submenu delete the data, as well as the cache.
  • Restart your gadget and see if the error is gone.
  • Again, if nothing has changed, then move on.

    Delete the Google Play app cache

    • In the phone settings, or more precisely, in the applications section, find “Google Play”.
    • Delete data and restart your smartphone.

    Delete the system cache in recovery

    This solution does not require any technical knowledge, and all that is required of you is to perform a few simple steps:

    • Turn off your smartphone completely, and when the screen turns off, wait a few seconds.
    • Press and hold simultaneously “Volume up”, “Power” and “Home”, if this button is there.
    • Wait for the Android device to start in recovery mode.
    • Highlight the “Wipe Cache Partition” item using the “Volume Down” button.
    • To clear the cache, press “Volume Up” once.
    • Now confirm the actions by selecting “Yes” with the volume keys.
    • The process will take a few seconds, and as soon as you receive a success message, select “Reboot system now” on the main recovery screen.
    • The phone will restart and you will have to wait a bit. It usually takes about 10-20 minutes.

    Use your gadget and make sure that the “Android process acore” error is gone. Otherwise one more solution needs to be tried.

    What to do if an “Android process acore” error occurs. instruction

    As we all know, there is no operating system that is free from problems. Android has many flaws that also plague Samsung Galaxy smartphone users. We were repeatedly asked for help to solve the “Android process acore” error, therefore, in order not to answer everyone, we have prepared a large guide with detailed instructions.

    There are not one or not two solutions, but as many as 7. The thing is that there are a huge number of models of gadgets from different manufacturers, which differ in Android modifications and user interface. affordable models suffer from lack of software optimization, so problems are more common there.

    Clearing the cache and data of the contact sync app

    Since in most cases, clearing the cache and application data that are responsible for storing and synchronizing contacts helps to solve the problem, you should start with them first.

    You do not need to install system maintenance utilities for this. Not only that, many of them could negatively affect the operation of the software, so remove them now. Now do the following:

    • Find the phone settings app icon, go to the Applications menu.
    • In the “All” tab among the system programs, find a module called “Contact Synchronization”. Depending on the version of Android, it may have a different name, but there will be no fundamental differences.
    • When you tap on it and open the “Memory” submenu, you will see several buttons that allow you to delete data and clear the cache. First, try just clearing the cache data. If the above error continues to appear, then it is still necessary to delete the data. Tap on the corresponding button, but keep in mind that all contacts will be deleted.

    Did not help? If after restarting the gadget the problem persists, then try another solution.

    Why the Android process acore error occurs and how to fix it?

    Most often, the error occurs due to system failures with contacts, namely applications, thanks to which you can synchronize them. Every Android phone that is officially sold in Russia comes with Google services, which includes a tool for syncing contacts with a Google account. Thanks to it, you can quickly transfer your data.

    Operating system malfunctions can also cause third-party applications. For example, in the process of solving this problem, you may have to delete the data and cache of the social network messenger There is no point in delaying, let’s start looking for a solution for your smartphone model.

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