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7 reasons why there is no sound when watching video on a computer

In today’s article, we will look at 7 main reasons why there is no sound when watching a video on a computer (including over the Internet), or it is distorted when watching a video and tell you what to do in each case. Thanks to our step-by-step instructions, you can easily and quickly fix the situation.

There are many reasons why there is no sound when watching a video on a computer. If such a problem occurs, you are required to establish the cause of the malfunction, and then decide whether you can fix it yourself. Most often this problem is solved “in two clicks”, but sometimes the help of a specialist may be required. You will learn how to correctly find the source of the breakdown and eliminate it from this article.

Your computer is infected with a virus

There are a huge number of computer viruses now, and among them there are those that in one way or another can affect the sound of your PC. It is possible to understand that a computer is infected with a virus by various additional “symptoms”, such as a general system freeze, the appearance of new applications, processes or advertisements, etc. But, of course, the most reliable way is to use antivirus.

Everyone knows how to use it. But it should be remembered that removing the virus does not mean solving the problem. It is quite possible that you still have to fix the damage that the virus managed to inflict during the time it was in the system.

Breakdown of speakers

Breakdown of speakers is the last possible reason why there is no sound when watching a video on a computer. To check them, you can connect your speakers to another device, or vice versa, connect other speakers to your PC.

Also, do not forget about the possible breakdown of the port through which you connect the speakers.

Most often, such problems are subject to repair, but still it is worthwhile to morally tune in to the possible purchase of new equipment.

File or video player problem

The problem may be in the file itself or in the player you are using to play it. It is quite easy to check this, run another file or download a new player. If the sound appeared, then the problem is solved, if not, we go further.

You have a missing or outdated driver on your computer

You can find out how to understand that you do not have the necessary audio drivers on your PC from the previous instructions. You should also pay attention to them in the event that your sound stutters when watching a video online. Usually this behavior of the PC indicates that your drivers are too outdated.

What to do in such a situation? Of course, download new drivers. If your computer or speakers came with a CD with drivers at the time of purchase, then you can take them from there. To do this, do the following:

  • Insert the disc into the drive.
  • Go to “My Computer”.
  • Right-click on the free space on the screen and in the menu that appears, select “Properties”.
  • Now in the window that opens, on the left panel, select “Device Manager”.
  • Then find your sound device in the list (pay special attention to the items marked with an exclamation mark), right-click on it and select “Update driver”.
  • Select the option “Searches for drivers on this computer”.
  • Click on the “Browse” button, specify the path to the disk and click “Next”.

After that, you just have to wait a little while the system finds and installs the drivers.

If you do not have the necessary disk or the necessary drivers are not on it, then you can find them on the Internet. All you need to do is enter the model of your laptop, find a suitable driver in the list provided and download it. After that, you will need to run the downloaded file and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

BIOS setup issues

The lack of sound during PC operation can also be related to the BIOS settings. To check and, if necessary, correct this problem, do the following:

  • Reboot your PC.
  • During boot, press the “F1”, “F2” and “Del” keys (these are standard keys for starting the BIOS, but you may have others).
  • When you get into the BIOS, try to find an item in the name of which the word “Integrated” or “Audio”.
  • Further, if this turns out to be a section, then you need to enter it, find your device and set the “Enabled” or “Auto” settings opposite it; if this is an item opposite which there is a toggle option, we do the same with it.
  • At the end, press “F10” to save the work done.

The instructions presented above are rather inaccurate, as there are many different versions of Windows, for each of which there will be a separate instruction. If you wish, you can look at your BIOS version, usually it is indicated at the top of the screen, and then try to find personal instructions for it on the Internet.

If something does not work out for you, leave this option for last, since the likelihood that you have knocked something down there without going into the BIOS is extremely small.

You have no codecs

The lack of required codecs is also a very common reason for the lack of sound when watching videos. In this case, the sound is heard when the system starts up, but when watching a video, the sound is distorted or absent at all.

In case you are suddenly unaware, a codec is a program that allows you to perform transformations of certain data or signals. In a sense, the codec allows you to play sound when watching some video formats. If your PC does not have a codec suitable for the extension of your video files, then there will be no sound in them either.

In such a situation, K-LiteCodecPack will help you. This is an assembly of all codecs necessary for an ordinary user. Downloading an assembly is much more convenient than searching for them separately.

Why is there no sound in the browser

Regardless of which browser you use, be it Google Chrom, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Yandex Browser, the reasons for the breakdown will be the same. Perhaps, there were some unfavorable changes in the files of the browser, which led to its breakdown. Also, the reason for the lack of sound can be an outdated Adibe Flash Player or drivers responsible for sound playback, the presence of malicious third-party programs on the computer and outdated BIOS settings.

BIOS settings

There are times when for some reason the sound card is disconnected from the rest of the system. You can enable it through the BIOS settings by going to the Advanced section and setting the Enable value in the High Definition Audio item.

audio, missing, iphone, watching, video

Browser Refresh

It is possible that the developers made a mistake in the version of the browser you are using, and because of it the sound was lost. Most likely, they quickly noticed this and released an update that fixes the problem.

How to turn on sound when watching a video

When trying to play any video located on the hard drive of the PC or on any Internet site, the user may encounter no sound when playing the video file. There can be many reasons for the occurrence of such dysfunction, starting with a banal “human factor” when the user simply “forgot” to turn on the sound, and ending with a number of hardware malfunctions in the computer. In this article I will tell you why there is no sound during video playback, and how to fix it.

We figure out why there is no sound when playing a video, and how to fix it

Solution to the problem

First of all, let’s try out simpler, but no less effective ways to solve the problem.

  • Play any video or music through your browser. This is necessary in order for the sound volume settings to be displayed in the mixer.

Move the browser-related slider up

If this does not help, then we try the following methods.

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How to update sound card drivers

If none of the options described above helped you understand why there is no sound when watching a video on a computer, then it may be time to contact a specialist. As a last resort, you can try reinstalling Windows, but it is far from the fact that this will help, but you will lose some of your files with one hundred percent probability.

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Like any program, after some time of use, the browser may start to display various errors, stop performing the tasks required of it and work incorrectly. One of the problems that can arise is that the sound does not work. If this happened in your case, then you should not immediately change the web surfer or go into deep computer settings, the solution to this problem lies on the surface and does not require deep knowledge.

What you need to fix the device

If you only feel vibration during a call, check the set volume level. The reason that you hear a poor audio signal when talking or listening to music may be due to clogging of the channels with dirt or dust particles.

In order to repair a device that has fallen or stopped playing a sound signal for another reason, you will need the following tools:

  • a set of screwdrivers with special tips for working with small screw heads and other connecting parts
  • mediators
  • suction cups
  • scrapers

The main thing that is necessary when servicing an iPhone, the sound on which does not turn on or changes abruptly, is the availability of a special tool and experience in repairing electronic devices. In the case when the sound works in the headphones, but not without them, check the settings. This sign may indicate that the device is constantly used in the headset-on mode. Changes can be made via the smart keyboard in the corresponding section of the menu.

Faults requiring special training

If the device is in a locked state, and the beep appears intermittently, it is necessary to check the integrity of the speaker, which is not working normally. The indicated sign may appear when playing games, watching videos.

This part of the device is damaged by the following influences:

  • blow
  • fall
  • strong continuous vibration, which leads to the destruction of contacts

If the device falls or you get wet, the microcircuit responsible for sound reproduction may fail. If it breaks down, the ringtone melody can sharply change its amplitude. This malfunction affects both operating devices and blocked ones.

Causes of malfunctions and ways to solve them

If you are faced with a problem when suddenly or after a short period of time the sound signal disappeared, you can solve it on your own. Even with a bad or intermittent sound, you should not hope that everything will go away by itself, but it is better to deal with the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it.

A typical list of reasons leading to the sound mutes on iPhone when calling or watching a video, listening to music, include:

  • reset of the set settings
  • speaker damage
  • audio channel pollution

If you wet or drop your mobile device, the hardware may be damaged. There will be no audio signal when mute is on. In this case, you can navigate by vibration. No ringtone sound will be heard in a completely discharged or disconnected device.

What problems can you fix on your own

The reasons for the malfunction, which led to the absence or deterioration of sound, may be hidden in the iPhone applications. If the ringtone beep is partially or completely lost, check the integrity of the buttons, iPhone settings. In the event of a normal system failure, you can restore the usual operability and functionality of the device that stopped working in a few minutes. To do this, you need to update the settings via the smart keyboard.

  • ingress of moisture under the body of the device
  • broken headphones or jack
  • faulty buttons
  • system crashes that led to the fact that sometimes or constantly mutes the sound while watching videos, playing games, working in applications

If the headset connector is broken, it should be replaced. In case of oxidation of microcircuits, it is necessary to clean the metal contacts.

Regardless of the performance of iPhones, the following simple rules will protect you from problems associated with the lack of sound in your headphones:

  • use only trusted programs to update the software
  • avoid impacts and wear special covers to protect the devices from damage
  • do not use the device in dusty or humid environments

If you are not sure that you will professionally check your mobile device and identify the main reason why the sound appears or is suddenly interrupted, contact specialists for help.

Sound doesn’t work on iPhone

And get the best deals from trusted masters.

  • Compare and choose the best conditions
  • Feedback from interested professionals only
  • Don’t waste time communicating with intermediaries

How to deal with a loss of sound on iPhone? The solution to the problem depends on what caused the problem. It is not uncommon for the iPhone to have no sound when making a call, when playing music after an update, or due to a violation of the integrity of parts. The reasons that the sound disappears and appears may be associated with problems in the device settings, mechanical damage to the speaker.

Before proceeding with the repair of the device, the following details should be determined:

  • how does the malfunction manifest itself
  • a possible reason that there is no sound or the speaker sometimes turns off
  • how the device behaved before it broke

How to fix no SOUND video or mic audio problem for iphone screen recorded videos-PROBLEM SOLVED!

You can fix the problem when the sound on the iPhone is missing yourself. In simple cases, complex diagnostics are not required to identify the reason why no sound is played during a conversation or when watching a video. Most of the faults are hidden inside the device itself, so it is enough to carefully disassemble the device and carefully inspect the condition of the components. If the sealed contacts of the microcircuit or other damage are not visible anywhere, contact the masters for help.

Professional help: benefits from cooperation

If you do not have time to deal with the maintenance of a mobile device, order the services of iPhone repair specialists. Qualified technicians restoring mobile devices will quickly determine the reason why the sound signal turns on or disappears, and you have not found a breakdown anywhere.

Benefits of working with professionals:

  • fast and high-quality diagnostics of devices on which the sound signal has partially or completely disappeared
  • use of original spare parts
  • compliance with the technology of repair work

Wizards will find out why the dynamic head turns off when called, how to fix a device that has been dropped or wet. If iPhone has lost sound, order YouDo artist services to fix the breakage cheaply.

No sound on YouTube. Where did he go and what to do?

Sooner or later, many users face such a problem that for some reason there is no sound when watching a video on YouTube. It seems to have been before, but then I went into the browser as always, turned on the video, and the sound disappeared What to do is not clear.

We will look at the main reasons for the lack of sound and show you how to fix the problem. In 99% of cases, one of the proposed methods will certainly help you!

The problem might be in the browser

Often, problems with playing video in a browser may be due to incorrect operation of Adobe Flash Player. First, let’s check if it’s installed at all. Go to this page of the website, click the “Check Now” button there, and you will immediately see the result:

Even if the flash player is installed, reinstall it again. Download links and related instructions are on the same page.

What if there is still no sound on YouTube? We still have a couple of effective options in stock, with the help of which many users were able to solve this problem.

Other helpful tips (user choice):

We look at the audio driver settings

If your audio card works with Realtek HD drivers (and there are many motherboards), then another reason why there is no sound on YouTube may be driver settings. To go to them, go to “Control Panel”. “Hardware and Sound”. “Realtek HD Manager”.

If you are using a 5.1 audio system, then under the “Additional speakers” label, uncheck the “Central” box. If this does not help, go to the “Stereo” mode.

Checking the sound in the system

First, let’s check the audio settings on the system. Sometimes these settings spontaneously get lost, as a result of which the sound will disappear not only in YouTube, but even when listening to audio files in any player.

Right click on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of your screen and select the “open volume mixer” option:

Make sure that each of the sliders is up and that the speaker icons below them are not crossed out in red. This is especially true for the browser volume slider:

Play any video. If you see a green equalizer bar jumping up and down under the slider, but there is still no sound, then most likely there is a malfunction either in the audio card or in the speakers. Check whether the speaker plug has fallen out of the connector, whether they are plugged into the network, whether the wire has come off where, etc. Well, if you don’t see the green bar, go to the next step.

Editing the registry

This method helped many, especially often for some reason those who use Internet Explorer to watch videos on YouTube.

Attention! Before making changes to the registry, back it up!

  • Run Registry Editor (WinR)
  • Type regedit in the box and press Enter
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrenTVersion \ Drivers32
  • Find the wavemapper parameter. Its value should be msacm32.drv
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If there is no such parameter, you need to create it. For this:

  • In the right panel (with a list of parameters), right-click and select “New”. “String parameter”
  • Name it wavemapper
  • Double click on it and in the window that opens, write msacm32.drv as the value
  • Close Registry Editor

How to check and how to create a wavemapper parameter. clearly in this

Well, if this did not help, it is too early to despair!

  • Open Notepad and copy the code below (from the word Windows to the end).
  • Save the file and name it missing.reg (missing– name, reg- extension).
  • Double click on the missing.reg file icon to modify the registry or import it as follows:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrenTVersion \ Drivers32]
“Midimapper” = “midimap.dll”
“Msacm.imaadpcm” = “imaadp32.acm”
“Msacm.msadpcm” = “msadp32.acm”
“Msacm.msg711” = “msg711.acm”
“Msacm.msgsm610” = “msgsm32.acm”
“Msacm.trspch” = “tssoft32.acm”
“Vidc.cvid” = “iccvid.dll”
“VIDC.I420 ″ =” i420vfw.dll ”
“Vidc.iv31 ″ =” ir32_32.dll ”
“Vidc.iv32 ″ =” ir32_32.dll ”
“Vidc.iv41 ″ =” ”
“VIDC.IYUV” = “iyuv_32.dll”
“Vidc.mrle” = “msrle32.dll”
“Vidc.msvc” = “msvidc32.dll”
“VIDC.YVYU” = “msyuv.dll”
“Wavemapper” = “msacm32.drv”
“Msacm.msg723” = “msg723.acm”
“Vidc.M263 ″ =” msh263.drv ”
“Vidc.M261 ″ =” msh261.drv ”
“Msacm.msaudio1” = “msaud32.acm”
“Msacm.sl_anet” = “sl_anet.acm”
“Msacm.iac2” = “C: \\ Windows \\ system32 \\”
“Vidc.iv50 ″ =” ir50_32.dll ”
“Wave” = “wdmaud.drv”
“Midi” = “wdmaud.drv”
“Mixer” = “wdmaud.drv”
“VIDC.WMV3 ″ =” wmv9vcm.dll ”
“VIDC.VP40 ″ =” vp4vfw.dll ”
“Msacm.voxacm160” = “vct3216.acm”
“MSVideo” = “vfwwdm32.dll”
“MSVideo8 ″ =” VfWWDM32.dll ”
“Wave1 ″ =” wdmaud.drv ”
“Midi1 ″ =” wdmaud.drv ”
“Mixer1” = “wdmaud.drv”
“Aux” = “wdmaud.drv”
“Vidc.VP70 ″ =” vp7vfw.dll ”
“Vidc.X264 ″ =” x264vfw.dll ”
“VIDC.FPS1 ″ =” frapsvid.dll ”
“Vidc.VP60 ″ =” vp6vfw.dll ”
“Vidc.VP61 ″ =” vp6vfw.dll ”
“Vidc.VP62 ″ =” vp6vfw.dll ”
“Vidc.DIVX” = “DivX.dll”
“VIDC.UYVY” = “msyuv.dll”
“VIDC.YUY2 ″ =” msyuv.dll ”
“VIDC.YVU9 ″ =” tsbyuv.dll ”
“VIDC.YV12 ″ =” yv12vfw.dll ”
“Wave2 ″ =” wdmaud.drv ”
“Midi2 ″ =” wdmaud.drv ”
“Mixer2” = “wdmaud.drv”
“Aux1” = “wdmaud.drv”
“Wave3 ″ =” wdmaud.drv ”
“Midi3 ″ =” wdmaud.drv ”
“Mixer3” = “wdmaud.drv”
“Aux2” = “wdmaud.drv”
“VIDC.MSUD” = “msulvc05.dll”
“Wave4 ″ =” wdmaud.drv ”
“Midi4 ″ =” wdmaud.drv ”
“Mixer4” = “wdmaud.drv”
“Aux3” = “wdmaud.drv”

Checking the YouTube player settings

Let’s now check if the sound in the YouTube player is turned on at all. The fact is that quite often users accidentally press the volume button next to the “Pause / Play” button 🙂

If there is a cross on the volume button, then the sound is muted. Click on not again or manually move the slider next to it to the right and start watching the video.

If the sound is still not heard, the matter becomes more difficult, but there are still options for solving the problem.!

Disable YouTube HTML5 Player Plugin

You can try disabling html5, because hardware video acceleration does not work in it, but acceleration is active in Flash Player. This will help the extension (plugin) for Google Chrome called “Disable YouTube HTML5 Player”. Video instruction:

If it helps. great! If not, the plugin can be uninstalled at any time.

Features of settings for browsers

If everything is connected, but there is still no sound on the Internet, try the following steps.

  • Updating the Adobe Flash Player plugin. required on the official website.
  • If the sound disappears in Google Chrome, enter chrome: // plugins in the address bar. At the top right, click Details. Find the item pepflashplayer.dll and disable it with a special button. Disabling this library often helps resolve audio issues in this browser.
  • If there is no sound in Mozilla Firefox, check the last installed extensions. By disabling extensions one at a time and checking the sound, you can find the culprit. Then go to Firefox settings (menu item “Settings”, tab “Privacy”). If the history settings are in the “will use your history storage settings” mode, then see if the site you are visiting is in the list of exclusions.

Sound drivers

If the simple tricks listed above did not help, it’s time to solve the problem globally. Often, sound does not work on the Internet due to problems with software. drivers that are responsible for audio.

To reinstall the drivers for audio devices, you need to download the latest driver from the website of your sound card manufacturer and start installing it. Another way of action is possible:

  • Go to “My Computer” and right-click on the white field from the list that appears, select the last item. “Properties”.
  • On the control panel (left), select “Device Manager”.
  • The next step is “Sound, video, audio devices”.

Next, you need to open the “Driver” tab and select “Update” (in Windows 7). In other operating systems, there may be an entry “Update hardware configuration”.

If you are worried that something will go wrong after reinstalling, create a restore point on the system. To do this, follow the route “Control Panel”, “System”, “System Protection”, “Create. “. You just need to give a name to the point, and the date and time will be set automatically.

In most cases, reinstalling the drivers will solve all your audio problems. Remember to restart your computer after installation. For more details on the driver update process, see

Why is there no sound on the Internet? What to do?

When the sound does not work in the browser, it becomes impossible to watch videos, listen to audio recordings, fully communicate via Skype. Sometimes this nuisance. complete silence on the Internet. happens completely unexpectedly and the sound disappears completely. But more often only some programs become “mute”, or the sound remains, but audibility becomes poor. What steps to take and what to do if there is no sound on the Internet?

If there is sound, but it does not work

When watching a video on the Internet, the sound is often interrupted due to the low speed. If you have a high-speed connection, the speed can drop for several reasons.

  • Incorrect modem or router settings.
  • Poor quality equipment.
  • Launching too many browser tabs.
  • Using a wireless (wi-fi) connection that is not password protected.
  • The computer “got sick”, caught a virus, a Trojan.
  • Overflowed browser cache.
  • Switched on microwave devices (microwave oven), radio also reduce the speed of the Internet.
  • Problems with the provider when he repairs or reinstalls equipment.

There may be another reason for a bad, hoarse, choppy sound. You may have accidentally made changes to your audio settings. Review all speaker settings in the tray (you need to open the “Options” tab). Interference is generated if there is a check mark on the “microphone” position (even in cases where the microphone is not actually connected to the computer). Effects may also be accidentally turned on (trumpet, organ hall, etc.).

Change settings and turn on sound

It may happen that the sound on Android has gone missing after restarting it. In this situation, it will need to be added in the smartphone settings. This task can be dealt with by following the following algorithm:

  • Click on the gear icon on the desktop.
  • Click on the line “Sound and vibration”.
  • Three stripes will appear in front of the user, which can be adjusted. Typically, this is the volume of music and media, calls and alarms. You need to unscrew the suggested values ​​to the maximum and make sure that the problem is fixed.

What to do if there is no ring sound on Android

In some circumstances, the phone loses sound from incoming calls. In most cases, this is due to the fact that the subscriber trying to call is included in the emergency. To fix this problem, the user will need to use a simple algorithm:

  • Open your gadget settings.
  • Click on the “Applications” tab.
  • Find the “Phone” program in the list and tap on it.
  • Launch system application settings by clicking on the three-dot icon at the top of the display.
  • Click on the section “Blocked calls”.
  • Deactivate the desired number by moving the slider to the inactive position.

Blacklisted numbers on Android smartphones

iPhone SE: No Sound or Audio On Games or Videos? Try These Steps First!

Broken loop

A loop in a smartphone is a device that connects the central board of the device with its remote elements. We are talking about speakers, camera, keyboard, connectors, etc. If there is no sound during an incoming call on Android, this may indicate a broken cable.

The loop may fail under the following circumstances:

  • the smartphone has been subjected to serious mechanical stress. This can happen when the gadget falls;
  • water has entered the phone;
  • severe overheating of the device.

Note! With slight damage to the loop, a floating effect will be observed on the smartphone. This is especially noticeable on phones Alcatel, ASUS, as well as Samsung.

Missing sound on Android phone. what to do

Sound drops out on some phones with Android operating system. over, sound effects can disappear completely or partially. This circumstance has several reasons for its occurrence. How to enable sound on Android will be discussed in this article.

Rollback firmware

The unofficial version of the firmware may not work correctly, so it needs to be replaced. To do this, the user will need to contact specialists in order to avoid trouble.

The main signs of no sound on Android

A smartphone user on OS Android will be able to understand about the absence of sound on his device due to the following circumstances:

  • the volume cannot be adjusted. When you press the button responsible for increasing and decreasing the sound on the phone, nothing happens. This means that the gadget has stopped responding to user actions aimed at changing the volume;
  • the device is completely silent. That is, the user cannot hear the sound when watching videos on the Internet, making calls, sending messages, appearing notifications, etc.;
  • the mobile phone spontaneously reduces the sound to a minimum. This happens when the user increases the volume on the device by pressing the corresponding button, but the sound is immediately reduced;
  • inability to turn off the “Silent” mode.

Volume control in phone settings on OS Android

Note! When the above signs appear, you should first identify the cause of their occurrence, and then take measures to eliminate them.

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Reboot your smartphone

This process helps resolve a one-time operating system crash. It is performed by pressing the external button of the gadget.

Checking the headphone mode

On OS Android, there are several modes for the operation of an external headset. Selecting one or the other changes the sound quality. Therefore, if the headphones connected to the smartphone do not function, then the user needs to check their mode of operation according to the following scheme:

  • Go to the “Sound and vibration” tab according to the algorithm specified above.
  • At the end of the list, click on the “Headphones” parameter.
  • Make sure that the phone is allowed to access the headset connection and select the desired mode of its operation.

Enabling an external headset for a smartphone in its settings

Important! Some skins have a built-in sound enhancement function. There is a similar one on Xiaomi, Lenovo, Samsung, and also Sony.

The sound on the gadget is turned on

It is best to first check if the sound is turned on on the phone itself. It’s corny, but effective.

  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Find the item “Sound”.
  • Go to the “Volume” category.
  • Move all sliders to the extreme right position.

Remove extensions and add-ons for the browser

The correct playback of sound on YouTube can be affected by the installed in the Chrome browser or any other extension. It is worth removing all unnecessary ones to fix the problem.

  • Open the browser menu.
  • Go to the “Additional Tools” section.
  • Select “Extensions”.
  • On the page with their list, click “Delete” or “Disable” in front of each.

No sound on YouTube. Where did he go and what to do?

First of all, we will consider a way to troubleshoot problems on a computer, since it is from this platform that videos on video hosting are most often viewed. By the way, it is on PC that most of the reasons for the disappearance of audio are, so the issue of fixing it is quite relevant.

Editing the registry

If you have tried all the above methods, but the audio still did not appear on YouTube, then it makes sense to edit the computer’s registry.

  • Open the Run window. To do this, press WinR.
  • Enter the command “regedit” in the text box and click “OK”.
  • In the window that appears, go to the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrenTVersion \ Drivers32.
  • On the right side of the window, find and double click on the “wavemapper” file.
  • In the window that appears, enter the value “msacm32.drv” (without quotes).
  • Click “OK”.

After that, it is recommended that you restart your computer for all changes to take effect.

Updating or reinstalling the application

It is possible that the failures occurred not in the phone, but in the YouTube application itself. In this case, it makes sense to reinstall it.

After installation, open YouTube and try to play the video again, most likely this will help in solving the problem.

Checking the sound in the system and audio driver settings

First of all, as soon as the sound disappears, you need to check the audio driver settings. It is possible that the parameters responsible for the playback are out of order.

  • Click on the speaker icon on the taskbar.
  • In the menu, select “Volume Mixer”.
  • Check the location of the sliders in front of the item “Speakers”, browser and Adobe Flash Player.

If the bar is lowered to the bottom, then raise it to the optimal height, thereby increasing the playback volume.

Disable YouTube HTML5 Player Plugin

It is possible that an HTML5 plugin is affecting the sound performance. It can be disabled using the special extension Disable YouTube HTML5 Player.

  • Go to the plugin download page.
  • Click Install.
  • Confirm your actions.
  • Activate the plugin on the top bar.

If the sound appeared, then this was the problem. Otherwise remove the extension and go to the next method.

YouTube player settings

Often, the user accidentally touches the volume mute button in the player itself on YouTube. To fix this, just run the following instruction

  • Play any video on video hosting.
  • In the lower left side, click on the speaker icon.

If the reason was this, then the sound should appear. Otherwise, go to the next method.

Messages in Viber come without sound

The smartphone has become an integral part of the life of a modern person. A small “box” contains great opportunities, a significant proportion of which are in instant messengers. Even putting the phone in a or purse, we know that a message has come or a call has arrived. this is prompted by notifications.

Sometimes sound assistants disappear without a trace. Today we will figure out how to proceed in the event that messages in Viber arrive without sound.

Reasons for the disappearance of the notification sound

To understand why notifications are not received in Viber, it is necessary to consider a number of factors: the state of the speaker, notification settings, updates and the health of the smartphone: whether it is an iPhone, Huawei or Samsung, the operating system sometimes crashes.

The most obvious problem with disappearing alerts remains the activated silent mode or vibration mode.

Before you start checking the settings, swipe down from the main menu of your phone. The icons will appear, we need the one that represents the bell. Is it not crossed out? So, we check other parameters.

First, you need to review the notification settings. It is possible that the silence is set in them.

Android owners need to follow the instructions:

  • Open Viber, go to the “Settings” menu.
  • We select the section “Notifications”. There we are interested in several points: we pay attention to the inscription “Sound of outgoing messages”, we check that there is a check mark next to it.
  • Next, let’s look at the “System Sounds”. If there is no jackdaw opposite, then we put and see two sub-items: “Ringtone” and “Notification signal”. Click on the second option.
  • A list of sounds has opened in front of you. Here you can view and select your favorite background sound.

On iPhone

The algorithm of actions for Iphone is similar to the previous one:

  • Open the vibe, go to “Settings”.
  • Select the item “Notifications” and put a checkmark in front of all items.

On the computer

In a situation where there is no sound in the desktop version of the vibe, the front of action will be larger.

First, check: the sound disappeared only in the application? You may not have connected speakers or headphones.

If everything is in order with the headset, open the vibe program:

  • In the top panel of the application, click on “Tools”.
  • Click on the section “Notification settings”.
  • A number of options will open in front of you, select “Play sounds for”, put a checkbox next to the inscription “Grouped messages and all calls”.

The sound has not returned? Trying to check the mixer.

  • Moving on to the lower right side of the screen. On the inscription “Start” there is a speaker icon, click on it.
  • The volume control window opens. We select the vibe in it, see where the slider is. If from below, drag it up.

It may happen that the sound will return for a while, and then disappear again. This means that the settings of your device get lost when you turn off and restart your PC or laptop. Just run the algorithm again.

What to do if there is no ringing sound

If you can survive problems with notifications about incoming SMS, then things are more serious with calls, especially if they call on the vibe for work.

The interlocutor may not fully hear you, or may be included in the conversation in fits and starts. Such “glitches” cause a lot of inconvenience.

You can fix the problem of the absence of a normal ringtone in the following ways:

  • We are trying to reboot the device. If it doesn’t help, go to the next point.
  • Set the phone volume (in Galaxy and on the iPhone, the buttons on the side panel of the smartphone).

In the case when the sound disappears during a conversation, the trouble may lie in the system interruptions. You can try to update the version of the application (best of all on the official website of the messenger). This option is necessary when the sound disappears during video communication. After updating, video calls in most cases start working again in “audible” mode.

Well, the worst end, we are trying to reinstall the vibe.

If the sound failed while watching a video, while the volume settings of the phone are in order, pay attention to the “sound” situation with the device as a whole. Try to run any video outside the application. If everything is fine, update the vibe version. If not, try updating the system itself (from the website of your device manufacturer or forums and groups with it).

If all else fails

Unfortunately, this is also possible. In this case, the smartphone must be shown to the “doctor”. that is, take the device for repair and check the health of the speakers.

If everything is fine with your “friend”, it will be superfluous to write a message to the technical support of the vibeer (click on “” in the lower right part of the display, scroll the list to the end, click on “Description and support”. Three icons will open (social networks). with the help of which you can contact the specialists. We choose a convenient option).

In the message, it is necessary to indicate which version of the program you are using, what device you have and describe in detail the steps taken to eliminate the problem.

If the sound of only incoming messages disappeared on Viber, we scroll through the settings of the program itself. In 90% of cases, the above algorithms solve the problem, but if your Android refuses to obey, you need to write in support or carry it for repair.