Bluetooth on iPhone won’t turn on

How to reset all settings

When the iPhone is frozen, there are often wireless problems as well. To restore the functionality of the smartphone, restart the gadget. After restarting the iPhone, all applications will close, the damage will be repaired, and the RAM will be cleared.

If Bluetooth stops turning on, try disconnecting and reconnecting it. Restart the system completely on both the accessories and the gadget. In more complex cases, it is recommended to reset all mobile phone network settings.

  • in the “Settings” menu, select the “General” category
  • find the reset tab
  • click on the “Reset network settings” button

Updating wireless settings does not delete content, but back up your data just in case.

If, after the reset, you cannot connect to available wireless networks, disconnect from the unresponsive device. To do this, turn off synchronization in the network settings. After a few seconds, try to find the connection again.

In some cases, Bluetooth may not respond due to the transfer of files containing viruses. To remove all malicious applications and documents at once, restore the software.

bluetooth, iphone, turn
  • turn off the gadget
  • launch iTunes on PC
  • connect your smartphone to your personal computer
  • select a gadget in the program
  • click on the “Recover” tab
  • confirm action

You can restore software to iPhone not only via PC, but also via mobile Internet. The latest version of iOS is always available on the smartphone.

iPhone does not see Bluetooth devices

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Usually, the iPhone does not see the Bluetooth device due to the use of non-original wireless headsets or connection problems. Lack of access does not always indicate the presence of hardware problems, for the elimination of which you must contact a qualified technician. Before sending iPhone for repair, complete the network setup and check the availability of the connection.

If you cannot connect wireless headsets or activate Bluetooth due to wear or breakage of internal elements, then professional repair is required.

Why is the wireless connection not responding?

If the iPhone does not see a Bluetooth device, then the wireless network is not working properly. Most likely, Bluetooth stopped turning on for the following reasons:

  • the search for wireless networks is not functioning properly
  • the parameters are incorrectly set in the setup menu
  • mobile phone is frozen
  • defective headphones and other accessories
  • damaged bluetooth module

Pressing the button may also throw an error if the iPhone is overheated. Any temperature fluctuations will cause all applications to fail, so the wireless detection procedure may slow down.

Also, you will not be able to connect a headset or speakers if you use non-original accessories. Always select the devices that Apple recommends for your particular model.

Troubleshooting Hardware Problems

If, after a reboot, the wireless connections still do not work correctly, then the internal elements of the gadget are faulty. Damage to the modem, motherboard or antenna occurs due to mechanical damage or wear. In such cases, only qualified technicians will be able to find out exactly why Bluetooth cannot be connected.

Experienced craftsmen who specialize in the professional repair of Apple appliances are registered on the YouDo website. During the work, the Yuda performers use:

  • original parts
  • licensed software
  • modern tools recommended by the manufacturer

Experts guarantee that they will quickly determine why the iPhone does not see a Bluetooth device, and then accurately and efficiently eliminate the breakdown.

iPhone does not find Bluetooth. the reasons. Repair in St. Petersburg

In this article, I will consider the reasons why the iPhone does not find Bluetooth devices: headphones, a speaker, another phone, etc.

It should be borne in mind that the reasons for not pairing or not seeing devices may differ from the type of devices you want to connect. So, if these are original Apple products (Airpods, HomePod, Apple Watch), then there are both software failures and mechanical breakdowns in the iPhone. If you do not take original wireless headphones, a speaker, a “smart watch” or a fitness tracker, then there is a high probability of non-compatibility of Bluetooth standards and here you need to read the specification of the device for compatibility with Apple products, as well as the model of your iPhone.

The following solution to the problem often helps:

  • Restarting both the iPhone itself and the connected device.
  • Reset the previous pairing of devices if the connection was previously working and now not. Those. click “forget” the connection and connect again.
  • Non-Apple devices may have a limit on the number of simultaneously connected devices. Try turning off one or 2 to free up a “cell” for your iPhone.
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Next, we will consider the process of connecting Bluetooth devices to the iPhone, as well as how to “forget” the previous pairing and reset their settings.

Setting up Bluetooth on iPhone

Before buying any device, make sure it is generally compatible with your iPhone model: headphones that worked with the 4S may not pair with the 6 Plus. If there are no problems with compatibility, proceed with setting up the connection:

  • Activate Bluetooth on the device you want to connect to iPhone. Look in the instructions for how to do this. by pressing a special button, entering a password, etc.
  • Open iPhone settings and go to the “Bluetooth” section. Slide switch to active position.
bluetooth, iphone, turn

Scanning of the surrounding space will begin (the range of the technology is about 10 meters, it is better to place the devices nearby). If the device is not found, check that you have correctly turned on Bluetooth on it and search again.

Check the iPhone’s status bar to make sure the accessory is connected. If the Bluetooth icon is blue or white, then the device is connected and working correctly. If the icon is gray, the accessory could not be found.


If the device is not found by the iPhone, although you are sure that you have turned on Bluetooth correctly, then try the following troubleshooting methods:

  • Turn Bluetooth off and on again. First on the accessory, then on the iPhone.
  • If the device was connected correctly before, then you can first forget it and then re-establish the connection. Go to iPhone settings and go to the “Bluetooth” section. Find the accessory in the list of connected devices and click on the “i” button next to its name. Select “Forget”.
  • Try resetting network settings on iPhone (Settings. General. Reset. Reset Network Settings). The content will remain intact, but it is better to create a backup before resetting.
  • If the problem persists after resetting the network settings, try resetting the system to factory state. Go to the “Reset” section and select the reset mode for settings or settings and content. In the second case, all information will be deleted from the phone, including contacts and messages, so be sure to back up your data.

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    If none of the software-based troubleshooting methods help, and no Bluetooth device connects to the iPhone, then contact a service center for diagnostics. There may be physical damage to the Bluetooth module, which is eliminated by replacing the damaged components with workable parts.

    Bluetooth does not work. reset network settings

    Resetting your network to factory defaults is one of the safest ways to get rid of connectivity issues.

    In this way, you can give it a chance. Please note: this will clear all Wi-Fi passwords. So make sure you save them.

    Launch the application “Settings” → “General” → “Reset”.

    Now click on “Reset network settings”. Then enter your password and confirm.

    After restarting the iPhone, the problem will most likely go away. In case, reset all settings on your device. Yes, this is a radical step. But sometimes it’s worth trying.

    Launch Settings → Click “General” → “Reset”.

    Now click on reset all settings. Then enter your iPhone passcode and confirm.

    Don’t be discouraged if the problem continues to plague your iPhone. There is one more trick to try. update iOS on your device

    In most cases, a software update can fix your problem. Make sure your device is at least 50% charged and connected to Wi-Fi.

    Go to Settings app on your iOS device.> General.> Software Update.

    Now download and install the update.

    What to do if Bluetooth disappeared on iPhone running iOS 12

    Surprisingly, one of my friends who also faced this problem did not have to go far.

    He was able to get rid of this problem simply by resetting the settings. Are you facing the same problem? The following solutions may help you fix this problem!

    I have successfully used this trick many times. So, try to start using your phone from scratch.

    Open the application “Settings” → “Bluetooth” → slide the switch to the “OFF” position.

    IPhone X, 8/8 Plus: Press and release the volume up button, press and release the volume down button. Then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

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    On iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and hold the side and volume down buttons at the same time.

    On other iPhones and iPads: Press and hold the Home and On / Off buttons at the same time.

    After device reboot, turn on Bluetooth.

    The problem should be fixed. Check if there is any success. Yes. good! Bluetooth does not work. go ahead.

    Disconnect your iPhone from all devices and try connecting them again. Didn’t help, then try another way.

    proven solutions if Bluetooth on iPhone disappears and stops working

    Bluetooth is used to connect wirelessly to various devices. Thanks to this, we can use, for example, a wireless keyboard, speakerphone in our car or exchange data between devices.

    Most Bluetooth devices work like this. An exception is the iPhone, where its use is very limited.

    So what can we use this for? To connect a headset, car kit, stereo headset, or wireless keyboard.

    The most common problems are lack of communication with other devices via Bluetooth in iPhone 5s, iPhone 7, iPhone 6, in particular, pairing the phone with the audio system in the car.

    For many, Bluetooth hasn’t worked properly since then, haven’t updated their iPhone to iOS 12.

    Overall, I had to try several solutions when bluetooth doesn’t work. Who is interested in the description below.

    • Sometimes the Bluetooth icon just disappears. This can happen if you accidentally turned it off, but it is possible that the Bluetooth icon has disappeared due to mechanical damage to the module itself.

    Missing Bluetooth. Make iPhone forget a specific device

    Launch the “Settings” app → Tap on Bluetooth.

    Now click on the “i” button next to the connected device. Then click forget this device and confirm.

    Then restart your device. After reboot, turn on Bluetooth and try to connect to the accessory.

    The problem could be with your Bluetooth accessory too. Make sure it has enough power to work properly.

    If it has enough power and still can’t connect to iPhone, try restoring to factory defaults.

    If Bluetooth is missing and none of the above solutions helped

    If none of the above tricks made Bluetooth work, it would be wise to upgrade from iOS 12 to iOS 11 and wait for a fix from the manufacturer.

    I know that you may be a little unhappy with this statement, but then there is no better way to sit down and wait until Bluetooth appears.

    And I forgot about one more, the problem may lie in your iPhone, so it’s worth trying to connect the accessory to another iOS device.

    If your accessory is getting a connection, you may need to contact Apple Service. Success.

    Make sure the device to be connected is found and connected to Bluetooth iPhone

    Open the Settings app.

    FIX Wifi Or Bluetooth Not Working iPhone! (2020)

    Go to the Bluetooth section.

    After opening the Bluetooth menu, you will get a list of all devices to which you have previously connected using this technology. If the specific device you want to connect to doesn’t appear, make sure it’s set up for pairing. This will allow it to appear in the list.

    It is possible that the Bluetooth device to be connected is currently paired with another iPhone (or other device) in the vicinity. In this case, it is necessary to turn it off.

    Click on the name of the connected device to move it to the “My devices” section.

    Then click on the desired device so that its status changes from “Not connected” to “Connected”.

    Update your software to the latest iOS version

    Sometimes some technologies, including Bluetooth, will not work properly on your iPhone if the iOS version is out of date.

    Launch the Settings app.

    Go to the “General” section.

    The second item should be “Software Update”.

    Click on it to update the information. If a red circle appears or is already present, then the update is already pending installation.

    Click on it to update your device to the latest iOS version.

    Check if Bluetooth is enabled on iPhone

    The first step when having Bluetooth issues is to make sure your iPhone is transmitting the Bluetooth signal correctly.

    Make sure the switch next to Bluetooth is active and highlighted in green. If not, then click on this button so that it turns green.

    You can also turn on Bluetooth on iPhone in Control Center.

    Bluetooth not working on iPhone: devices not connecting, how to fix

    Bluetooth technology is one of the most wonderful and often used in our smartphone. With its help, the iPhone can connect to a TV, computer, car stereo. However, if Bluetooth does not work for some reason, it turns out to be useless. Here are some ways to troubleshoot your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection.

    Removing other devices from Bluetooth settings on iPhone

    Sometimes, when working with Bluetooth, there may be a problem with connecting too many devices. And it happens that the user cannot figure out the list of devices he needs, then he has to delete them.

    Open the Settings app.

    Go to the Bluetooth section.

    Tap the displayed Bluetooth device to disconnect it. If you are not going to use a specific device, click on the i button next to it and select “Forget this device”.

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    Turning on the adapter

    Depending on whether the phone or another computer is not discoverable, the Bluetooth activation algorithm will be different!

    For iPhone, you need to go to the settings and tap on the third item “Bluetooth”. In Android, lower the curtain or also open the settings and activate the module by tapping on the icon with its icon.

    On a laptop and a computer (when using an external adapter) with Windows 7, you need to call the “Task Manager” (hold down Win R and execute the command “devmgmt.msc”) and check if the hardware is active. If the icon is gray, it means that the device is unavailable. disabled. Right-click on the context menu and select “Activate”.

    On a laptop, a combination of Fn keys and one of a number of functional F1-F12 keys is intended for this. In Windows 10, you need to open the notification center by clicking on its icon in the tray and clicking on the icon with the interface icon.

    The second way is to launch the program for transferring files through the “Start” in the “Standard” folder.

    Another way. open “Options”, go to the “Devices” section and in the first tab, click “On.”.


    Let’s consider all the points in more detail, although without this it is clear what should be done in each of the situations:

    • turn on the wireless module on the device with which you want to establish a connection;
    • activate the detection function;
    • check the battery of the headset, because in smartphones and tablets there are no settings related to this wireless module at all.

    The laptop does not see the Bluetooth device: causes and solutions to the problem

    Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard for transferring digital information between equipment such as a PC and peripheral devices, a telephone, a printer at a distance of up to 10 m.Due to the differences between firmware, operating systems, interface versions and settings, situations often occur when Bluetooth on a computer or the phone does not see other devices.


    If there is no driver (Bluetooth is not in the list of available equipment), it must be installed, and if there is a yellow icon next to the module icon, it must be updated.

    In the first case, we find the required driver on the support site for our device and install it through the installer. In the second, we remove the old software along with the device, update the hardware configuration with the button of the same name on the Device Manager toolbar and wait for the driver to be automatically installed.

    If you are using an external USB adapter, you need to search for the firmware by the full name of the device. After installing the drivers, you need to activate the adapter.

    In new motherboards and laptops, the outdated BIOS has been replaced by its advanced counterpart called UEFI. In the settings of both BIOS and UEFI there is a function for deactivating wireless modules: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

    In older versions of the interface, most often, it is located in the “Advanced” section, and in newer versions. in the “System Configuration”. It all depends on the manufacturer of the motherboard or laptop and the firmware version. There is no universal recipe.

    Bluetooth connection

    Now let’s take a quick look at how to connect devices via Bluetooth using the example of a Windows 10 laptop and a smartphone:

    • We activate the adapters on both devices: on the mobile on top, in the blind, on the laptop through the “Parameters” section, the “Bluetooth and other devices” section.
    • On the PC, select the inscription “Add Bluetooth or other device” and click on the first item “Bluetooth”.
    • The search for devices starts. Find the device you need in the list.
    • A pairing request appears. Using the specified pin code, connect.

    If everything went well, the message “Your device is ready to use!” Will appear. Click “Finish” and you can work.

    Turn on detection

    Relevant only for operating systems of the Windows family. If a laptop or computer with Windows 7 does not see the device via Bluetooth, open the adapter options in the tray.

    In the tab of the same name, activate the only option in the “Discovery” section, and also allow other devices to connect to this computer. It is advisable to display a tray icon and activate an alert if there are connections.

    In the “Top Ten” everything is done in the same way, if the “Airplane” mode is not turned on.

    It would be advisable to check the activity of the service responsible for the operation of Bluetooth:

    • Find the “Bluetooth Support Service” or “Bluetooth Support Service” and check its status. If not started, activate it. With frequent use of the radio module, set “Autostart” in the service properties.
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