Brother Dcp T510w Printer Does Not Print

Brother DCP-T510W InkBenefit Plus

Brother t510w excellent device, inkjet printing with water soluble ink. Very economical, easy to set up, small but informative display, Wi-Fi, smooth operation. All 4 photo printing colors, print quality, scanner quality, and speed are involved! Takes heavy paper into the manual feed tray one sheet at a time for photo printing! You can work from a smartphone via Wi-Fi!

It is heavy, sometimes picks up the paper loudly, large dimensions, the feed tray from the bottom of the closed type for plain paper, and it is not convenient to print from both sides! But this is all not critical!

I used different devices, HP, epson, but this device was taken for the first time, after disappointment with epson l3156, this monster does everything at 5. The drivers have all the necessary settings, you can very accurately configure for printing a photo and a scanner, the speed is the golden mean, many write slow this is not true! Saves ink, consumption rates. The Japanese did their best. I use paper dexp gloss and matt density 230 A4 and 1015 hawala like hot cakes! I’m surprised that such a quality can be achieved on such a device, the black depth and brightness are just excellent! I advise to buy!

Read about slow typing, Wi-Fi problems. I have NOT encountered anything similar. Wi-Fi works fine. The printer is only plugged into an outlet, you can place it anywhere. I can print from a computer, a laptop, or a phone. Someone complained that the Wi-Fi settings fly off if unplugged, and so here. Nothing like this. The main thing is to carefully read the instructions and how to adjust for yourself. In short, I’m happy.

I wonder who is printing and on what settings. Share your experience.

I chose between many models, settled on this for home use, the child liked everything, there is Wi-Fi, installation and configuration without problems. From poppy prints and scans.

Long time to type password from wifi with buttons,

In general, the flight is normal

price, capacious containers for ink, for a year of use, the first refueling did not end (we often print, pictures to school, to the garden).

Dull control, the rear photo paper tray does not always work immediately. The quality of printing is photos for 3, it can of course depend on photographic paper, I did NOT use luxury paper.

For everyday use as part of the educational process of children excellent.

Self-cleaning function.
Quality suitable for home use / study.

Wi-fi keeps falling off! I’m already worn out. With an enviable frequency, I reconfigure Wi-Fi, and the network settings are the same as Stitched (the printer sees the network, and the printer itself is NOT displayed in more than one device). At the same time, sometimes the printer starts working, sometimes it is available, sometimes it will work the next day. After updating the firmware, it worked for about a month without problems, then again everything returned to its former course. I am silent about the speed of printing.

Small size. Refilling with ink. Photo print quality is quite decent for household needs.

Flimsy construction. All trays, covers, guides must be handled with care. Master the art of feeding a sheet of paper from the rear tray.
Prints slowly in high quality.

Roller marks on glossy paper are only noticeable when you look carefully in reflected light under a lamp. If you do not know about their existence, then not noticeably.

There is Wi-Fi, I have it NOT connected to anything by wire at all. Prints even from a coma, even from phones.
Built-in CISS.

A bit of a confusing wifi connection. It was not possible to connect the East by automatic means. I had to forcibly register an IP for him and indicate this IP in all other devices.

After a month of use, it will be possible to congratulate you on your new printer. This one will break

broke down a month later.

broke down after a month of use error 50, enough for 220 bw pages (there is a print counter) I will try to return the money and then add comments while solving the problem.

A good all-in-one printer with CISS. Reliable equipment of this brand. In a budget of 15,000 I consider the best model on the market.
Paint included. Availability of Wi-Fi. It works very quietly. Easy to customize. The print quality is excellent.

There are problems with paper delight (photo) when there is 1 sheet in the tray.

Long chose an all-in-one printer with CISS in the price limit of 15000 I stopped at this model and I am very happy about it. The paint is poured in an elementary way, and you don’t get dirty. I connected via Wi-Fi without any problems using WPS. Quickly and easily catches a print signal from both a PC and a smartphone. Photo 10 × 15 prints perfectly both on matte paper and on glossy, without any color correction in the editor. I recommend buying. For home use all 5 points!


Without any problems, the only negative is the damage to the last letter in the paper tray,

Buy for 11,000 and satisfied

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If you print a photo and load paper through manual feed one sheet at a time, push it forward a little so that the printer catches it, but probably if you load paper into the tray, you can load many sheets at once. Have not tried yet.

Wi-Fi. I like to send to print directly from the phone, being in another room. Don’t dance dancing with a tambourine.

In the program for phones I found where to change the print size for a photo.

All perfectly.

Easy to set up, good printing

a little difficult to set up the network

The combination of price and quality is just super.
Wi-Fi connection.
Printer and scanner control from the keys on it, Russian menu

Photo scan quality is not very good.

brother, t510w, printer, does, print

all-in-one printer justifies itself 100%, could not connect to a computer via cable, but via Wi-Fi without any problems at all.
Until I figured out how to connect the bodies to it. Via Wi-Fi.
Take it, you will not regret it if you need a device for work and periodically print out home photos.

all-in-one printer as an all-in-one printer, quite compact, with bulging parts. The most important thing is CISS. The cover of the scanner is designed for thick books and documents. Price. Cheapness of printing. Reliability (unlike Canon and HP). Accepts paper up to 300 g / m2 (exactly 300K manual feed only). Display. WI-FI.

As anyone, but I have these shortcomings aside.
Yes, it is blue in color, black, text, but not always, depends on the settings and, for example, the pictures themselves.
1-sheet manual feed tray.
Removable main tray 150 sheets.

No need to wait for a miracle for such money.
I chose for a long time and judiciously, weighed all the pros and cons, chose this all-in-one printer.
I repeat once again, my disadvantages are violet, because its main advantages.
For home in general SUPER.
Who needs high-quality photos it is easier in a photo studio of the sun, because quality is only on expensive equipment.
And for text, the best option is a laser.
The choice is always yours!

Absolutely no benefit to comments.

The quality of the copies is bad., I had a cheap all-in-one printer Kanan, an old 6 years old, he printed it as an original document.
And this one for 13,000 rubles. And so disgusting prints color copies for a very long time, prints two minutes somewhere. Saturation of color and even black and white comments, muddy everything 🙁

I bought an all-in-one printer and was very disappointed, I’m going to change it.
I do not recommend buying!

No USB cable required for the first setup.
I just connected to the router via Wi-Fi and the driver installer quickly found the printer on the wireless network.
I expect miracles from the printer, it prints normally, in quality. DO NOT expect 100% similarity to the original picture, it will be a little paler at standard settings.
I have not tried photo printing. There is a need.
The ink came in the kit and it was enough for 100% refueling, and there were as many as 2 cans of black ink, it turns out not 100% for black and white printing, but all 200%, in the photo there is the extreme right bank of ink. Unused.

Lack of USB cable, you have to buy it separately, it was embarrassing, but not critical. If you have a Wi-Fi router or adapter, you don’t have to buy!

After the first refueling, the printer requires you to wait 10 minutes: while it is pumping, while it is being cleaned, etc.
I don’t think so. I will write off for the first launch.

refillable cartridges


Low price. Both all-in-one printer and ink.

Print quality is mediocre, very messy Wi-Fi connection.


DOES NOT meet the declared characteristics, specifically print and scan! No scan at all, lies in color. A copy Do not wait for either the monitor or the print from the scan glass! Prints its pictures from PC in color.

We were taken to the service center for 7 days. He stretched out time and gave it to us, with words. That these are factory settings. What is it household, etc. Etc. Household. Doesn’t mean bad and poor quality! As well as industrial. does not mean quality! Here is the difference in parameters. Simply, in quantity and speed of playback. Money down the drain.

FOR PHOTOS I buy ONLY PREPIUM photo paper (rc). He can do everything. Any paper weight is enough. Tactile and visually serious, pleasant, comfortable, not cheap plastic. The quality of the photo-picture is good, before that there was a favorite photo-god canon ip8740. No problems with ink, consumption is economical, original ink can be used. Scans to the computer normally!

FOR PHOTOS I buy ONLY PREPIUM photo paper (rc). Stripes of 20 pieces from the rollers are sooo deep over the entire surface on glossy Chinese photo paper 180-230g. With feeding from any tray. Copies of the scan directly to the letter do NOT match in shades, but you can live. It may NOT be picked up from the tray if there are a couple of sheets left (it was once). Photo print speed. Not for sale. (Set the print acceleration, it will be a little faster).

Why build a rear tray when you can’t use any glossy photo paper !? Chinese and KODAK photo paper 180-230g. Spoils. Everything is fine on any matte paper. Self-adhesive 115g. Everything is fine. Attached a photo of Chinese cheap paper 230g., After printing, a day has passed, if you do not turn on the light, then the stripes are not visible, but they should not be at all! FOR PHOTOS I buy ONLY PREPIUM photo paper (rc), SUPER GLOSS (not checked), SEMI-GLOSS, SATIN, SILK OF ANY density.

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The print quality just blows away!
ease of customization
Sounds (yes, they are) when printed at maximum quality.

Photo print speed (but it’s worth it!)

– Wi-Fi
– quiet

Not always visible when printing with Apple technology.

– Wi-fi is quite easy to configure, you just need to enter the network name and password and everything works.
– Macbook, iPhone, iPad often see the printer, then you just need to restart the printer (on / off button on the printer). It is a little annoying that this problem pops up after almost every print and you need to go to the printer and reboot. In turn, there is no such problem on Android and Windows 10.
– Printing a photo seems to be ok, I tried it on 220 density paper, both gloss and matte. Everything is fine, there are no stripes, very high detail in the photo. Animal hair and beach sand as in the photo on the phone, which, frankly surprised, expected the worst. The only thing is that the color of the photo is a bit dark (not to be confused with dull ones), that is, the photos are clear, but dark. Today I saw that the ink saving mode is set on the printer, perhaps because of this, or it is still necessary to Process the photo in the editor before printing.
– In general, it’s cool to print photos from your phone, take a picture and immediately send it to print, very cool.
– Text printing speed is normal, several sheets per minute. Tolerant for home.
– Photo printing speed is about 2 minutes at 10×15, don’t rush at home, so there are complaints.
– Scanned my passport (b / w). Usual quality as in the same banks, I did not see much difference.

Brother printer does not see cartridge. problem solution

When a Brother printer refuses to recognize the cartridge, there is most likely something wrong with the chip reading. Typically, the problem occurs in the following cases:

  • Contact problems causing the printer to “see” the chip.
  • Flaws in the plastic cartridge case.
  • Cartridge is out of ink.
  • Many second reasons for which. below.

If your Brother DOES NOT recognize the original cartridge

Check the ink level beforehand! In cases where a cartridge is guaranteed to be new and genuine, refer to the instructions or consult Brother Official Technical Support. Let’s point out only common mistakes:

  • The cartridge is installed incorrectly. Generally, genuine cartridges slide in easily and clicks.
  • DO NOT fully close the cartridge cover. But it is not worth making excessive efforts to avoid damage.
  • Out-of-order cartridge installed (Remove all ink tanks and install in the printer one at a time, while waiting for the device to signal each color)

If you bought a cartridge from authorized dealers, it is quite possible that this is a fake: An analog of a third-party manufacturer sold under the guise of an original, or a “remanufactured” cartridge (ie a used original, refilled by a third-party company). In both cases, the problem is most likely in the chip.

If your Brother DOES NOT recognize the BZK and CISS

Pre-check that you have installed and filled the slam-shut / CISS, according to the instructions.

The main reasons for PPK / CISS:

In Brother printers, an error with the definition of the SLA and CISS can occur when:

  • The chips are NOT compatible with the printer model.
  • Contact faults (the chip is skewed or filled with ink, the contacts in the printer are broken, etc.)
  • Incorrect procedure when moving or replacing cartridges.
  • Presence or absence of special additional parts on the refillable cartridge body (in the shut-off device for some Brother models, small strips are installed, photo feeder locks, which are sometimes needed for work, and sometimes, on the contrary, you need to remove them).

For more information on the problem of detecting cartridges in Brother printers, see the corresponding article. Ways to solve the problem are given.

If Brother Laser did NOT recognize the cartridge

Problems with recognizing cartridges in laser printers arise for similar reasons as in inkjet printers.

  • Toner has run out. Always check the toner cartridge level first.
  • Chip is NOT recognized.
  • Cartridge is not installed correctly.

Original and new cartridge

For laser printers, the problem of an undetectable cartridge is often solved quite simply: open the lid and insert the cartridge, then close the lid, leaving a small gap for your finger. With our finger inside the printer we grope for the cartridge and “squeeze” it. There is always a possibility that under the guise of a new cartridge you have been sold a compatible analogue or a “remanufactured” original. If you DO NOT use alternative consumables. buy cartridges from Brother authorized dealers.

The cartridge is original, but it has already been filled

Checking the toner level and the correct installation of the cartridge are relevant in this case. If the original cartridge has survived several refills, the elements in it could be damaged by which the printer recognizes the presence of the cartridge. Or the digital page yield counter has been triggered. In the first case, the replacement of the failed element is required, in the second. the flashing of the chip.

Compatible third party cartridge

If you are using compatible third-party cartridges, try installing the original cartridge. If the device does not see the original, there is a problem inside the printer (chip recognition fails, for example). Otherwise, the matter is most likely in the chip:

  • Out of order.
  • NOT compatible with printer firmware.
  • Installed unevenly.
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The printer is faint when the cartridge is full

Any owner of a printer or all-in-one printer has to solve various kinds of problems associated with both the hardware and software of the device over time. One fairly common problem is why the printer prints faintly when the cartridge is full. This problem is, perhaps, one of the most urgent among all models of laser printing devices. If your printer begins to print faintly, do not rush to the nearest service center, because you can solve this issue completely yourself. The main thing is to treat it with all seriousness and responsibility, because the sources of this problem can be very different.

In general, a light image is due to insufficient optical density of the laser device. This parameter depends on the charging voltage of the photo roll, the power of the laser flow, the “blackness” of the toner, its amount transferred to the drum and the amount transferred directly to the surface of the paper. Of all the listed values, the amount of dye transferred to the photo roll is of particular importance. the optical density of the print largely depends on this parameter.

The main problems and how to solve them

If you notice that your laser printer prints dimly, then first of all pay attention to the settings of this device. In this case, we are talking about a setting known as “Thrifty Printing”. The fact is that such a function helps to extend the operating life of the device cartridge, however, there is little sense from this, since this can adversely affect print quality. This function helps the device to properly distribute the colorant stock. But when less than half of the toner remains in the cartridge hopper, this setting starts to save it, as a result of which the device produces poor quality printing. In this case, printed documents may become fainter. Therefore, any owner of a laser printer can be advised to disable this function in advance, especially since it can save 40-70 additional pages at most.

If you are tired of a faint print, and even after the refueling has been completed, the printer does not print as it should, then this problem can be radically solved by replacing the sheath of the magnetic roller or the entire magnetic roller, as well as the metering blade. It is better to make such a replacement at the same time, due to which it will be possible to improve the print density parameter and the service life of the listed parts immediately by quite a decent amount. After that, the device should print as it did when it was first used. For the toner cartridge, try to refill it carefully and thoroughly. This will help you with an article on how to refill laser cartridges.

But if you cannot perform the simultaneous replacement of the elements described above for some reason, for example, for financial reasons, then you can resort to some other methods. It should be noted that the roughness of the surface of an element such as a magnetic roller can be reduced for reasons that lie in the wear of this part and filling the “pores” on its surface with a coloring matter. What to do in the first case? It is impossible to cope with shaft wear, because this process is irreversible. But the problem associated with its pollution can be completely solved, and independently. To eliminate the filling of “pores” with toner, it is necessary to clean the shaft using a strong solvent. After that, the printers should produce a sufficiently clear image.

To clean the “pores” of the magnetic roller, purchase such an affordable product as acetone. But at the same time, remember that you cannot use unnecessary effort, because thus, you can break the coating of the shaft and worsen its roughness. Also, do not forget that acetone is a toxic substance and, when using it, you must follow all precautions, including airing the room. I cleared all the “pores” clogged with toner, you need to print a test document. If you are completely satisfied with its quality, then the problem has been solved, otherwise you will have to contact the service center.

As practice shows, in order to solve the problem of faint printing after refueling the laser printer cartridge, it is advisable to also clean the dispensing blade. The fact is that during the operation of the device for printing on the edge of this part, over time, a strip is formed, consisting of a pressed-in toner. This strip pushes the metering blade away from the shaft, which negatively affects the friction force, which gradually decreases. That is why, in order to restore normal printing, you need to clean this part. To do this, you should use dry, lint-free wipes, which, if necessary, can be slightly moistened with distilled water, if during dry cleaning the build-up of the coloring matter has not gone away. If even a damp cloth could not remove them, then it is better to change the blade, or use acetone.

As you can see, the problem with the fading laser cartridge is solved quite simply. But if even after the performed manipulations the device prints faintly, then perhaps the reason is in the device itself, perhaps it is the disease of your printer. Then with materials for a specific model, by selecting it in the right drop-down menu.