Brother Hl 1110 Series Printer Does Not Print

Brother HL-1110R DOES NOT PRINT? Problem solving!

If the Brother HL-1110R printer does NOT print, then in order to quickly and successfully solve the problem, we will have to find the cause of the breakdown. This can be done using color indication.

Most of the faults are safely eliminated without much difficulty, with the exception of a service call, which is accompanied by synchronous blinking of two LEDs. In this case, you need to contact the specialized service centers.

But resorting to outside help is not always justified, especially when the printer stops printing due to a paper jam, the end of the cartridge or drum unit.

Paper problems: paper jam, wrong size, empty tray

The most common problems Not only with the Brother HL-1110R, but also with the vast majority of laser and inkjet printers are: paper jams, lack of support for a certain sheet size or empty tray.

Error symptom: double blinking of the indicator (!) Followed by a pause of 1 second.

A workaround for the malfunction lies on the surface:

  • You need to fix the paper;
  • Insert the required number of sheets into the tray;
  • Use compatible sizes. A4 or Letter.

Drum (drum cartridge) problems

When the drum reaches the end of its life, the printer informs about it and stops printing.

But the fact is that instead of the declared 10,000 prints, Brother drum cartridges are capable of working 1.5. 2 times more than the declared limit.

Error symptom: the indicator blinks three times (!), Followed by a pause of 1 second.

How to reset the drum counter on Brother HL-1110R? Follow the instructions:

  • Open the top cover of the printer, under which the cartridge is installed;
  • Press the power button four times;
  • Close the lid.

If the life of the drum cartridge actually begins to deplete, then the prints will gradually fade. The solution to the problem is to replace the part [Familiarize].

Toner cartridge problems

Complete cartridge Brother TN-1075 from the HL-1110R printer, the vast majority of users prefer to refill with toner, which is quite logical: who wants to spend 3500 rubles instead of 400 rubles for a printer?!

But there are also often enthusiasts who refuse services in favor of self-repairing cartridges. As a result, the printer refuses to recognize the filled consumables, informing the user about the lack of toner.

Error symptom: one-time blinking of the indicator (!) With an interval of 1.5 seconds.

Starter cartridge has toner counter cleared via printer, cartridges with a reset flag. method fixing the gear in its original position. A more detailed list of errors for the Brother HL-1110R printer can be found on the website manufacturer technical support.

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Brother HL-1110r printer features and functions

The Brother HL 1110r laser printer is the perfect choice for home use. If you do NOT plan on printing a ton of documentation and are looking for a device in the mid-range, then this model is ideal. Brother has been on the market for over a hundred years and does NOT cease to delight users with good devices with high performance, affordable price and stylish design.

The device can also be used in small offices to print documents from electronic media. Compact size printer Takes up little space.

A brief description of

The Brother HL 1110r is equipped with all the high quality parts you need. Thanks to its stylish design and easy operation, the model is in great demand among consumers. To make the device serve you as long as possible, it is equipped with a built-in voltage regulator, which will protect the printer from power surges.

The device is compatible with most operating systems used in PC.

The printer prints at a speed of twenty pages per minute, the first print comes out within ten seconds after the document starts to print. The printed image is of good quality with a resolution of 2,400,600 megapixels per inch. A paper tray that does not have a large capacity. only one hundred and fifty sheets. Brother’s HL 1110r cartridge also has “modest” parameters, it is enough to print one thousand pages, or even less.

The device works with ordinary paper, you can also use it to print an image on a glossy or matte surface, apply a picture to an envelope, postcard or label. The cartridge consists of two parts: Toner for Brother HL 1110r. TN 1075 and DR-1075 drum cartridge. Before refueling the device, it is necessary to clean both parts of the accumulated dirt.


The printer has several undeniable advantages:

How to install the driver

The Brother HL 1110r printer driver can be installed in five minutes. However, you should hurry up as the slightest mistake will cause the device to work incorrectly or even “refuse” to print the document.

Brother HL 1110r Printer

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If in doubt about your programming skills, Seek professional help, or clearly follow the instructions:

  • Disconnect the cord connecting the device with the computer;
  • Run the file with the driver, select the desired language, click “OK”;
  • A window will open with the terms of the license agreement, to continue the installation, click on the “Yes” button;
  • Next, you need to select the type of installation. In this window, unless you are an advanced user, it is better NOT to change anything;
  • Click “Next”, the driver installation process will start. The installation progress will be reflected in the window, no action is required from you, everything happens automatically;
  • Wait a few minutes and Connect the device to the PC, the “Connection” window will appear, read the quick instructions and click “Next”.

Wait some more time and you can start printing.

How to reset the counter

Resetting the counter is required if the printer, having printed a certain number of sheets, has stopped its work, having reached the limit set by the manufacturer. In this case, it is not enough to refill toner to solve the problem, as the Brother HL 1110r cartridge does not have reset flags.

Counter soft reset

To fix the problem, take the following steps:

  • Pull out the paper and open the cover;
  • Take out both parts of the cartridge (toner and drum)
  • Next from the drum cartridge Remove the toner. To do this, press the button located on the consumable;
  • Return the housing base (dram) to the printer
  • On the left inside the printer, you can see a button designed to reset the counter;
  • In order to press it, you will need to make a difficult maneuver, move your hand into the paper hole and hold down the button;
  • Close the cover;
  • Wait until the mechanism starts. After that, release the button for one second, then press it again and wait until the mechanism stops completely.

As you can see, resetting the counter will NOT take you much time and does not require any special skills. Perhaps the first try will NOT succeed, but the third time everything will go perfectly.

Users note that the compact and inexpensive Brother HL 1110r printer is several times superior to its competitors, thanks to high-quality printing and good speed of printing documents.

Brother hl 1110 series printer does not print: what to do, how to fix

If the Brother hl 1110 series printer does not print, then special color indications that indicate why the device is not working can often help diagnose and find the cause of the hardware failure. Most of the problems are solved as quickly as possible, on their own. The help of specialists is needed when two LED indicators flicker, in this case it is necessary to contact competent, qualified professionals.

First of all, check the main reasons why the device does not print. Follow the link to find the Detailed Recommendations. Only after completing them, proceed to the instructions below, where more individual problems of this particular model are described.

The reason is in the paper

The most common problem that causes printers to fail to print is paper jams, lack of paper in a special tray, or incorrect media size.

Important! The error can be determined by double blinking of the indicator.
The malfunction is eliminated as follows:

  • Paper straightens or fits correctly in the tray;
  • The sheets are replenished to the required quantity;
  • Correct formats are applied.

Often this is enough for the printer to work normally.

Image drum has reached the end of its life.

Printing stops when the manufacturer’s print limit is reached. On average, the design is rated for 10,000 sheets. The cause of the problem is indicated by triple blinking at a short interval.

The resource of Brother drum cartridges is much larger and the drum unit is capable of serving twice as long as the officially declared limit. To reset the counter and continue working, you need to open access to the cartridge and press the power button 4 times.
When the resource is completely depleted, the prints will become less vivid and will take on a paler print tone. In this case, the drum unit must be completely replaced.

Out of toner cartridge

It is not uncommon for Brother hl 1110 series users to reload toner to reduce maintenance costs. True, self-repair of cartridges can lead to a malfunction in the system, which ceases to recognize newly refilled consumables, giving an error indicating that there is not enough toner.

Important! You can find out about the cause of the malfunction by flashing once at intervals of several seconds.

Correction of the problem consists in the following actions: in the starting cartridge, zeroing is performed through the printer; on designs with a reset function in the form of flags, the gear is set to its original position.

How to extend printer life.

The laser printer of this model is optimal for home and office use. The device is capable of printing over 1000 pages per month at a speed of 20 ppm. Brother HL-1110R uses A4 paper and the equipment produces good image resolution that allows you to print photos.

The main advantages include:

  • Compact size;
  • Ergonomic shapes;
  • Versatile, classic design;
  • Optimal performance;
  • Acceptable price;
  • Ease of use.

The printer of this model is unpretentious to use and does not require regular expensive maintenance. Many faults are easily rectified without the participation of qualified technicians.

For the printer to last long and efficiently, you need:

  • Comply with the instructions for use;
  • Use original toner;
  • Choose the right paper;
  • Exclude foreign objects from entering the printer;
  • Carefully monitor the correct operation of the device, paying attention to the type of sound emitted, indicator signals;
  • Pause in work;
  • Control the health of the fans;
  • Periodically conducts prevention.
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It is also not recommended to install the printer on windowsills and in other places where there is a risk of constant exposure of the equipment to sunlight.

Brother hl 1110r printer: red light blinking and does NOT print 2 min read

Main Menu »Computers» Peripherals »Printers Brother hl 1110r: red light is blinking and NOT printing

Flashing options

The “behavior” of the indicator can be anything, and therefore signals about various problems and malfunctions. To get to a solution, you first need to identify the cause. Take a close look at exactly how the light on your printer is flashing. The options could be like this.

  • “Done” is on continuously and “Error” flickers evenly. The printer is reporting that the cartridge is low on toner. If you click on the “On.” seven times in a row, the device will continue to operate. But this will not be long. It will be blocked soon. Then take care of the refueling in advance.
  • Only “Error” blinks evenly. In such a situation, make sure the cartridge is inserted at all. Also try the “recipe” from the first point. press “On.” seven times. But if earlier you or someone else did this on this “consumable”, then manipulation will not help. Accurately resume printing device refill and reset toner.
  • Rapid blinking indicates that the drum unit or the cartridge itself is not installed correctly. Pull them out from the inside. Disassemble and Reassemble. Return to printer.
  • Flashes several times and goes out briefly. If this happens, reset the drum counter. DO NOT confuse with toner cartridge.
  • Only red flashes continuously. See the figure below for the frequency, there may be three reasons: the drum cartridge is empty or missing, the Coronator is dirty. Corona wire cleaning instructions are below.
  • Flashes twice and goes out per second. We check the paper in the printer. It is missing, not feeding, is stuck inside the machine. Straighten the sheets in the tray.
  • Blinks quickly 4 times in a row with a break of 1 second. The product cover is open or there is not enough memory to load a print file. In the first case, it is clear what needs to be done. In the second. cancel with a print job, split the required file into several and print in turn.
  • Simultaneous flashing of the red and green light is a serious error that requires the intervention of specialists from the service center.

Cartridge refilling

The Brother hl 1110r printer has a toner cartridge labeled “TN 1075”. To refill it, you will need a cross and straight screwdriver and a suitable toner. Nothing else from the tools. The refueling process itself comes down to three steps.

  • Parse.
  • Remaining powder replenishment.
  • Assembly.

All actions are described in more detail in the video below.

Reset toner

There are two ways to reset the cartridge. It all depends on the type of cartridge used.

  • The most common option with a “checkbox”. Perhaps you have done something similar before. For details on how to reset the Brother printer in this way, see the link in the section “How to manually reset the counter”.
  • This option is not suitable for “starter consumables”. Its essence lies in turning the gears into the required position. Note that this does not always work out. How this “cranked” read here.

Brother HL-1110R Printer Won’t Print? Elimination of errors!

My Brother HL-1110R printer gives an error when trying to start printing? In order to take concrete actions aimed at solving the auto goods problem, first of all, you need to establish the cause of the failure of your device.

In most situations, you can troubleshoot the HL-1110R yourself. And the light indicators located on the control panel will help with this.

However, do not call the master ahead of time. Since the most common printing errors Brother HL-1110R are:

  • Paper jam;
  • End of life of drum cartridge (photovale)
  • Problems with the TN-1075 cartridge, especially after refilling the cartridge (counter reset flag).

Brother HL-1110R is having paper problems

Often times, inattention can cause the Brother HL-1110R printer to fail to print. The first step is to make sure the paper feed tray is full.

An error can occur when a paper jam occurs. Instead of a printed page, users receive a chewed letter, which is difficult to remove from the device.

Incorrect paper size and weight can also cause printer malfunction.

Indicator meaning: LED (!) Lights up twice and goes out for 1 sec.

You can eliminate paper problems using:

  • Selecting the correct paper type to match the settings;
  • Load the required number of sheets into the tray;
  • Correcting paper position or clearing jams.

Drum cartridge DR-1075 end of life

When the printer signals the approaching end of the photo roll service, it stops printing.

Indicator meaning: LED “” lights up three times and goes out for 1 sec, the second LED “ပ” is constantly on.

You can fix the problem by resetting the photo counter on the Brother HL-1110R. The zeroing procedure is as follows:

  • Open the front cover of the printer.
  • Press the “Power on” button 4 times.
  • Close the lid tightly.

The Brother drum cartridge is rated by the manufacturer at 10,000 pages. In fact, it is used 1.5 times the stated limit.

However, if the print quality deteriorates sharply after refilling, the solution is to replace the part.

Problems with the TN-1075 cartridge

An error in TN-1075 compatible toner cartridge indicates either a new consumable must be installed or the toner remaining is low.

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Owners of laser office equipment, when carrying out repair and restoration work on their own, may encounter a problem when the toner in the cartridge is not detected. This means that in the process of refueling the procedure was violated [instructions].

Indicator value: LED “” lights up and pauses for 1.5 seconds.

When the ink cartridge does not have enough ink to print quality, refill should be done. Then reset the toner counter:

  • On the starter cartridge, zeroing is done using the menu of the Brother HL-1110R printer;
  • On a cartridge where there is a reset flag, by setting the gear to its original position [zeroing the TN-1075 counter].

You can familiarize yourself with other errors of the Brother HL-1110R printer on the official website of the manufacturer.

Need help recovering your Brother HL-1110R? Mostoner service center. free visit of the master within the Moscow Ring Road!

Driver Installation for Brother HL-1110R Printer

Any device requires software to work, directly in this article we will look at the options for installing a driver for Brother HL-1110R.

Installing the driver for Brother HL-1110R

There are several ways to install such a driver. You can choose the Most preferable for yourself, but first you need to get acquainted with them.

Official site

Native device support is a must for a manufacturer. That is why the first thing to look for a driver is on the official Internet resource.

  • Go to the Brother website.
  • We find the section “Support” in the header of the site. Hover the mouse cursor and select “Drivers and Manual” in the drop-down menu.

After that, we need to click on the “Search for device” section.

In the window that appears, enter the name of the model: “Brother HL-1110R” and click the “Search” button.

Before starting the download, you must select the operating system that is installed on your computer. The site, of course, does it on its own, but it’s better to make sure it’s correct. After that, click on the “Search” button.

Next, we are offered a choice of several software options. We select “Full package of drivers and software”.

At the bottom of the site, we will be provided with a license agreement for reading. Click on the button with a blue background and move on.

Only then will you be able to choose the installation method. Select “Standard” and click “Next”.

  • Next, the download and subsequent installation of the driver will begin. We are waiting for its completion and restart the computer.
  • This concludes the analysis of the method.

    Driver installation software

    To successfully install such software, it is not at all necessary to visit the official website, because there are programs that can automatically find the missing drivers and install them. If you are NOT familiar with such applications, we recommend that you read our article about the best representatives of this segment.

    The Driver Booster program is very popular, which has a huge online database of drivers, a clear and simple interface and is available for any user. It is quite easy to download printer drivers using it.

      After installing the program, a window with a license agreement appears in front of us. Click “Accept and Install”.

    Next, an automatic system scan for drivers begins. The procedure is mandatory, it is impossible to miss it, so we just wait.

    If there are problem areas on the computer with regard to the software of the devices, then the application will definitely tell you about it. However, we are only interested in the printer, so in the search box we enter: “Brother”.

    The device appears and the Update button appears. Click on it and wait for the completion of the work.

  • When the update is done, we receive a notification that the device is using the latest software.
  • brother, 1110, series, printer, does, print

    After that, it remains to restart the computer.

    Device ID

    Each device has its own unique identifier. If you want to find a driver in the shortest possible time, and not downloading utilities or programs, then you just need to know this number. For Brother HL-1110R printer it looks like this:

    But if you do not know how to use the driver search by hardware ID, we recommend that you read the article on our website.

    Windows standard tools

    For any device, it is important that drivers can be downloaded without installing unnecessary programs and visiting sites. Everything can be done using the standard tools of the Windows operating system. Let’s take a closer look.

      The first thing to do is go to the “Control Panel”. The most convenient way to do this is through the Start menu.

    After that we find “Devices and Printers”. Double click.

    At the top of the window that opens, we find “Printer Installation”. Push.

    Next, select “Add a local printer”.

    We leave the port that the system offers us, NOT changing anything at this stage.

    Now you need to select a printer. On the left we find “Brother”, and on the right side “Brother HL-1110 Series”. We select these two items and click “Next”.

  • After that, you only need to choose a name for the printer and continue the installation, after which you need to restart your computer.
  • This concludes the analysis of the method.

    All current methods of installing the driver for the Brother HL-1110R printer are disassembled. You just have to find the one you liked more and use it.

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