Brother mfc l2700dnr printer writes replace toner

How to reset the toner counter for Brother HL-2130R / 2132R printers

Resetting the toner counter in the Brother HL-2130R / 2132R will restore the printer to work in cases when the low toner indicator is on or the printer even writes messages like “Change toner” or “Out of toner”, although ink is actually still there. This situation occurs even after the cartridge is fully refilled and inserted into the printer.

A chip is a kind of locking mechanism built-in by the manufacturer of the equipment so that the buyer does not make constant refueling, thereby not buying the original consumable material.

Hardware zeroing

  • Turn on the printer.
  • You are waiting for the preparatory process to be completed.
  • When the printer stops beeping, open the front panel door.
  • On the left side, feel with your fingers a small lever.
  • Detach the lever and carefully hide it inside the case.
  • Take out the cartridge, divide it into two parts: a drum unit and a tube of powder.
  • Put the part with the fotoval back into the printer.
  • Simulate the closing of the lid. To do this, use a flat screwdriver to clamp the sensor on the cover.
  • When the gears start to work, remove the screwdriver.
  • Press and release the cover close sensor several times, holding the screwdriver for 5 seconds each time.
  • Leave the sensor depressed for the last time.
  • When the printer has finished making noise, remove the screwdriver.
  • Take out the drum unit and attach it to the cartridge containing the toner.
  • Replace the assembled cartridge.
  • Reconnect the removed lever.
  • If you succeed in zeroing the cartridge, printing will resume.
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Soft reset

  • Start the printer and wait for the engine to stop humming.
  • If the “Toner” light is on or blinking, which notifies the user that there is no toner in the cartridge or there is little toner, open the door on the front panel.

If the zeroing was successful, the “Ready” / “Ready” LED first starts blinking, and after the device warms up, it should light up constantly.

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How to reset the drum unit

If the Drum light blinks to indicate the need to replace the drum unit, but printing is normal, you need to reset the drum counter.

How To Change Toner In a Laser Printer (Brother MFC L2700DW)

  • Turn on the device.
  • Open the lid.
  • Press the “Go” button and hold it for 4 s.
  • When all the LEDs light up, release the button.
  • Close the door, start printing.