Brother Printer Replace Toner What To Do

Brother DCP-7057R Toner Replacement Message

Brother DCP-7057R multifunction printers, like DCP-7057WR, have a toner counter installed by the manufacturer. From the moment you insert a new cartridge, the counter on it starts counting the printed pages. The counter has reached the end. the printer asks to replace the cartridge, although toner may still remain in it. If you used a cartridge refill, then you need to reset this counter. This is done in several ways:

  • Manually. suitable in any situation with both a starter and a regular cartridge (read below how to do this)
  • Configure the reset checkbox in the cartridge.

Configuring the reset flags in the cartridge

To configure the reset box, see the Refilling article for the Brother TN-2090 toner cartridge. Also watch the video at the end of this article. it shows only about the checkbox. nothing superfluous.

Resetting the counter manually

There are 2 ways:

  • Program;
  • Hardware.

Programmatic way

  • Including printer. After its initialization (when it “wakes up” and stops making noise) open the front cover.
  • Press the [Cancel] or [Back] or [Stop] button on the front panel.
  • Next [Start].
  • Then press the [Up] arrow and several times the [Down] arrow until two zeros [00] appear on the screen.
  • Next [OK] and close the front cover.

Hardware way

We turn on the printer, wait until it “wakes up and stretches” (stops making noise), then open the front cover.

On the left, detach the lever from the front cover and sink it into the body.

Pretend the front cover is closed.

You can pay 30-50% less for light, depending on what kind of electrical appliances you use.

Remove the cartridge from the printer.

Detach the cartridge from the drum cartridge (drum unit).

Next, insert the drum cartridge into the printer.

Use a minus screwdriver to press the front cover open sensor.

The all-in-one printer will now recognize that the front cover is closed.

Hold the checkbox. As the gears start spinning Release it and press again. Then press again and Release. Thus, it must be pressed 2 times at a speed of 2 presses in 4 seconds, i.E. 2 seconds each.

Be careful. Do not hurry.

Further, when the mechanism stops working, Release the case of the front cover closing sensor, we clamped it with a minus screwdriver.

On the left, slide out the lever, recessed in the case, and fix it to the front cover.

We take out the drum cartridge from the device and connect it to the toner cartridge. Insert the Assembled cartridge into the device.

Close the front cover gently, not abruptly.

How do I clear the toner change message for Brother printers and all-in-one printers? For all laser printers and all-in-one printer from Brother brand

This article is to self-reset the toner replacement message. The message might look like: Replace toner cartridge, Replace toner, Toner low, Replace toner cartridge.

Perhaps you have a Brother starter cartridge, which does not have a mechanism for resetting the cartridge counter, or after refilling the mechanism did NOT work. Also, the article can be useful because you can reset the message about the need to replace the toner cartridge, thereby printing the remaining toner in the cartridge to the end.

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Since there are several types of Brother cartridges, like the machines themselves, the ejection mechanism is different.

How to clear the Toner Replacement message for TN-2335 / TN-2375 cartridges

  • Open the front cover;
  • Press and hold the “Menu” button until the message “Reset TNR-STD A counter” appears on the screen;
  • Press the “OK” button;
  • Select “Reset” with the up arrow;
  • Press the Stop / Exit button and close the lid.

How to reset the message about replacing the toner cartridge TN-2235 / TN-2275 / TN-2290 / TN-2090 / TN-2080

  • Open the printer cover.
  • Press the “CLEAR” button on the printer (CLEAR / back arrow button).
  • Press the “Start” button (START / button, highlighted with a green stripe).
  • Press quickly or. (up and down arrow buttons).
  • Set on the screen 00 (two zeros) on the counter, Using the keys /. (up / down).
  • Press the “OK” button (between the up and down buttons).

How to clear the toner replacement message for TN-1075 / TN-1095 cartridges

  • We take out the cartridge. We leave only the drum cartridge in the device (where the drum is)
  • We put our hand through the paper tray and clamp the reset flag. It is on the left side of the drum cartridge in the rectangular hole (pictured)
  • Keeping the flag pressed down, close the lid.
  • As soon as the engine starts (characteristic buzzing), I release the flag and after 1.5. 2 seconds clamp it again. We hold until the engine stops.
  • See what the device writes on the scoreboard.
  • If “Replace Toner” lights up again, repeat the procedure.
  • If it is ready, Install the cartridge back and use.

How to clear the toner replacement message for TN-2075 / TN-2135 / TN-2175

Printer instruction:

  • Insert the cartridge into the printer and turn on with the cover open.
  • Push the lever flags

.3. When the sensor is pressed, press the second sensor. the sensor for closing the lid

After a few seconds, the printer will start scrolling the cartridge (you can hear it). As soon as this happens, depress the sensor flags, but do not touch the sensor cover.

Wait for the printer to be ready.

Press the cover sensor, close the cover.

Instructions for all-in-one printer:

1.Turn off the power, insert the cartridges, leave the cover open.

Detach lever 1 from the cover and insert it inside the all-in-one printer

Press sensor 2 and sensor 3 with a screwdriver Fig. 4 (2. new cartridge sensor, 3. lid closed sensor)

With 2 and 3 pressed, wait until the all-in-one printer starts spinning inside. At first you will hear a faint fan noise. And after a while. significantly more Strong noise of the scrolling mechanism.

1 second after the all-in-one printer started scrolling inside, release sensor 2, but not Press 3.

After the all-in-one printer stops spinning, release 3, attach lever 1 back and close the cover. All-in-one printer is ready to work.

How to clear the message about replacing the toner cartridge TN-2085

  • First, turn on the printer, then carefully open its front cover.
  • Turn off the printer with the cover open.
  • Now press the “GO” button and hold it while turning on the device.
  • Wait until all 3 indicators light up. in addition to “READY”.
  • If you have done everything correctly, you can release the “GO” button.
  • Press on “GO” and release it. repeat this twice.
  • Wait for a short pause, lasting about 1.5-2 seconds, then press and release the same button 5-6 times.
  • If the “Toner” light stops lighting, then congratulations. the toner counter has cleared and you can safely print.
  • In the end, all that remains is to close the front cover of the printer, turn it off and on. Be sure to print some test pages.

How to clear the message about replacing toner and drum unit for color 9020/3140/3170/9330

If an error occurs in the Brother 9020 printer, open the top cover, press and hold for about 2-3 seconds. In the list that opens, we make a choice of a cartridge or an imaging drum of the color you need.

For the Brother 3140 printer, to eliminate these errors, it will be correct to slightly open the top cover of the turned on printer and press the “Secure” and “Сancel” buttons at the same time. Having selected the color cartridge or imaging drum required for reset, press “OK” and “Up”.

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The correct procedure for resolving toner and imaging drum errors for the Brother 3170 Color Printer is to open the top cover and press the Secure and Cancel buttons on the printer at the same time. In the reset menu that appears on the display of the printing device, we select the cartridge of the color you need or the drum unit. Then press the “OK” and “Up” buttons.

brother, printer, replace, toner

To resolve auto goods errors related to replacing toner or drum unit in Brother 9330 multifunctional color printer. Do the following: Open the top cover, press and hold for about 2-3 seconds. Select the drum or cartridge of the desired color from the menu list.

Brother printer says “Replace toner” after refilling

Brother printers show the message “Change toner” immediately after refilling the cartridge for only one reason. the counter has not been reset. To do this, it is enough during the assembly process to charge the gear with the reset flag to the starting positions.

But if you have a complete cartridge, which was purchased with the printer, then you should reset the toner counter programmatically through the control panel of the machine.

Depending on the product line of Brother laser printers and cartridges, the steps to resolve this issue may vary. Read the instructions carefully.

Clear message about replacing toner Brother TN-1075

Learn more about the reset flag installed on TN-1075 cartridges. Search [here].

Software reset of the counter does not require disassembly of components.

Step. Remove the cartridge from the drum unit (imaging drum) and separate both parts.

Step. Put the drum unit back in without the cartridge.

Step. Put your hand through the paper feed tray to reach the reset lever. Click on it.

Step. Close the printer cover. Don’t release the button, turn on the device.

Step. As soon as the engine of the apparatus starts, release the lever for 1 second, and then press it again. When the printer finishes warming up, the counter will be reset.

Insert the cartridge and start printing.

Remove Brother TN-2335 / TN-2375 Toner Replacement Messages

Brother TN-2335 / TN-2375 zeroes using the standard procedure in the following ways:

  • Via reset flags [instruction];
  • By entering certain commands on the printer.

Step. Open the front cover of the printer and press the “Menu” button for a long time.

The screen will display the inscription “TNR-STD A”. reset to the starting capacity of the cartridge.

Switched the value with the Up / Down buttons. You can choose to zero to the standard capacity “TNR-STD B” (TN-2335) or increased. “TNR-STD HC” (TN-2375).

Step. Press the OK button immediately and then the Up arrow to confirm the toner counter reset.

Close the lid and exit the service menu by pressing the “Back” button once.

Clear message about replacing toner Brother TN-2090

Step. Turn on the printer and open the front cover.

Step. Press “Back / Clear”. “Start”. “Up” arrow. “Down” arrow.

When the display shows “00”. Feel free to press “OK” and Close the lid. Counter reset.

If you are refilling a TN-2090 cartridge with your own hands, then you can skip the soft reset. Just install the gear with the toner counter checkbox as shown in the screenshot.

Need to reset the “Change toner” message, but the instructions you need were NOT found? Write your printer model in the comments and get qualified help!

Brother printer says “replace toner”. problem solution

Quality toner is essential for excellent printing and smooth system performance. However, it also happens that the powder in the cartridge runs out, and it is expensive to buy a new part. Then you need to refill the brand toner again and start the work. Errors happen even after refilling the cartridge.

Replace Toner Error

Most Brother DCP-1510R and DCP-7055R printers come with a dedicated counter. He writes information in the number of pages printed. When a new cartridge is inserted, this counter resets the previous values ​​and starts counting over again. Therefore, when instead of changing the cartridge, changing the toner, the same error occurs, the Brother DCP-7057R printer says “Change toner”.

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This problem can be solved in two ways:

  • Configure counter reset manually or in a cartridge after refueling.
  • Replace with a new cartridge.

Manual configuration of counter parameters reset

There are two possible paths.

Programmatic way

  • Turn on the Brother DCP-7057R printer by pressing the button. At the moment of the mechanisms calming down, open the cover on the front.
  • To reset all Possible processes, use the “Cancel”, “Back” or “Stop” button.
  • Then restarts the process by pressing the “Start” button.
  • Then, using the “Up” / “Down” control buttons, bring the value that appears to the pair of zeros “00”.
  • Finishing the process by pressing the “Ok” button.
  • Returning the front cover to its original closed position.

Hardware way

  • Start Brother Printer, Press the Power Button.
  • Waiting until the engine stops completely.
  • Unlock the front cover.
  • On the left side, pulling the lever, detach it from the cover and insert it into the body. Thus, letting the printer know that the cover was NOT unlocked.
  • Remove cartridge.
  • Disconnect the cartridge from the photo drum.
  • Place the drum unit back in the printer.
  • Using an ordinary screwdriver, tighten the sensor to unlock the front cover. The lid is now closed for the system.
  • A special box must be clamped and squeezed out during the operation of the gears of the mechanism. Repeat up to two times within 4 seconds. It may be necessary to repeat the actions with the checkbox, since it does not always work the first time.
  • When the device goes into standby mode, you can squeeze the front cover sensor and return everything to its place. Fasten the photo drum to the cartridge and reattach the lever to the cover.

Example of a hard reset printer

The reset data after refueling can be viewed in the menu to make sure that the process is effective, when the device does not write “replace toner”, a test document should be printed.

Replace cartridge

Before starting work, make sure that only the cartridge without the photo drum is replaced. Step-by-step instructions will help you to correctly solve the problem if Brother DCP-1512R says “replace toner”.

  • Start the device with the power button.
  • Unscrew the front cover and leave in this position for another 15 minutes until it cools completely.
  • Remove the solid unit with the photo drum and cartridge. In order NOT to break anything, it is necessary to hold the equipment with one hand, at the moment when the other smoothly removes the photo drum, slightly lifting it at the same time.
  • To disconnect the two units, you must use the green lever.
  • Before starting the manipulation, it is recommended to place the photo-drum unit on a cleaned, horizontal, smooth surface, having previously spread a newspaper or ordinary sheets of paper.
  • When handling the cartridge, do not touch sensitive elements with bare hands.
  • Unpack a new cartridge. After holding it firmly in two hands, shake it from side to side, without turning it over. This is for even distribution of the powder inside the container.
  • Remove safety valve.
  • Fasten the new cartridge and photo drum together so that the docking sound of a secure installation is a click. After opening the protective packaging from the manufacturer, it is imperative to immediately use the cartridge for its intended purpose so that its resources are NOT reduced.
  • Clean the corona wire of the photo drum. Gently move the green slider from edge to edge several times.
  • Now replace the finished photo drum and cartridge unit to the workplace and lock the front cover.

After refueling and replacing, do not start up the Brother DCP-7057R printer with lightning speed, you must wait for the display to turn on with a notification about the operation of the printer.

Before proceeding to fix the error, you can additionally read the instructions that came with your Brother DCP-1512R. Usually manufacturers make accompanying documentation for the user to avoid misunderstanding.