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Fix crashing Settings in Android

In any case, in order to resolve the bug, you need to perform a series of cleanups and reset some services on the system. Choose from the list of tips that best suits you. To begin with, you need to take simple steps, such half measures.

Before all actions, I recommend checking the device for viruses, use the latest versions of antiviruses (Dr.Web, AVG, Kaspersky, ESET, etc.). Also use the system cleaning tool. cache and junk files. In new versions of the OS, there is a built-in option for cleaning, or you can download a special software. Master Cleaner, for example.

  • The Settings process is directly related to the work of almost all applications. If any services are stopped, it will crash. Run on the device “Settings”. “Applications”. the “All” tab. Scroll down. all stopped programs are displayed there by default, restart them all. Perhaps you will have a separate tab “Disabled”.
  • Go to the list of all applications and clear the data for two services. “Settings” and “Settings Wizard”. Additionally, look in the (All) list for the com.Android.settings process and also clear and stop it.

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Factory data reset in Samsung Galaxy

When installing a new application

The error message may appear after downloading the program from the Google Play Store or a third-party source. In the second case, the problem occurs more often. To eliminate the error, the application data is cleared. For this:

  • Opens a list of installed programs. Select the desired name.
  • In the context menu, press the “Clear” key. At the first stage, the cache is deleted, while the problem persists, all other data.
  • Reinstall the add-on. Remove programs downloaded from third-party sources.

Errors may occur when installing a new application.

When installing applications, it is recommended to use official services, for example, Play market, check software for malicious codes.

Is it worth doing something if access to the settings is saved

In this case, perform the following actions:

  • Go to the settings section by lowering the upper notification curtain or using the smartphone menu. Find the “Applications” item, click on it.
  • Open the “All” tab located at the top of the window.
  • Find the application that crashes when launching, open it. Press the “Stop” key.
  • Scroll down the page to find the “Clear Data” function. Delete cache.
  • Similar actions are carried out in relation to the programs “Google Services” and “Google Play”.

After completing the procedure, they try to run the program again to see if the error has disappeared.

What to do when an error occurs in certain cases

The problem may arise after installing a new program, updating the firmware, removing system components. Errors are related:

  • with the obsolescence of the operating system;
  • installing a low-quality application;
  • infecting the phone with viruses;
  • overflow of cache or internal memory.

When uninstalling preinstalled software

In this case, you can reset the settings. However, sometimes the error persists after this procedure. In this case, the device is flashed. You can also try changing the interface language. For this:

  • Start the settings section. Select the “Advanced” section.
  • Open the item “Language and input”. Opt for an English-language interface. Reboot the phone, after which the changes take effect.

An error has occurred in the Settings app. what to do

Many Chinese-made Android users often have various kinds of errors. One of the most common is “An error has occurred in the Settings application.” This failure is not entirely standard, since in some cases it can block access to the device settings menu. Let’s see how you can fix this problem.


Reasons for failure

Most often, the problem appears on smartphones and tablets, which still have outdated OS, frozen somewhere in versions 4.2.2, 4.4.2, 4.4.4. Versions 5.1 (and higher), 6.0 (and higher) are more stable in this regard. As such, there can be many reasons for a bug. Crookedly installed application contains broken files and crashes. A global bug in the firmware, due to which you will not be able to start system processes and programs (camera, battery, calendar, phone book, etc.). We should also talk about viral activity on Android and the presence of garbage (residual files) in it.

Error in the “Settings” app on Android

Depending on the device model and OS version, the message may differ. For example, on Samsung and Sony it displays the message “Settings application has stopped”, and Chinese models may display “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped”.

Hard reset (Samsung A500F Galaxy A5)

Hard reset. Samsung Galaxy A5 (A500F). Tutorial on WIPE Android Device. video

Hard reset: Samsung Galaxy A5. HOW TO CLEAN your phone using factory settings. video

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A5. erase all data. video

How to hard reset Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016). Template bypass / restore settings. video

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A50. Bypass screen protection. video

First way:

  • First turn off your phone with the power key
  • Now press and hold together: Volume up Home Power button. until you see the Samsung logo.
  • Then select “wipe data / restore factory settings” from the recovery mode menu. using volume buttons to navigate and home button to confirm.
  • Select “Yes. delete all user data ”. to confirm the whole operation.
  • After that select the option “reboot the system now”.
  • Well done! Hard reset has just been performed.

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How to restart Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) SM-A510F if it stuck with buttons

Reboot Availability: In Stock

Until a few years ago, almost all Android smartphones were equipped with collapsible cases. In the event of system failures, device owners could perform a quick reboot by removing the battery for a couple of seconds. Today it is impossible to solve such a radical problem. the design of the gadgets will not allow access to the battery. It will be easy to figure out how to restart your Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) SM-A510F phone if it freezes. the developers of the popular operating system have provided several ways.

  • errors in the work of the graphical shell or when updating the OS;
  • excessive filling of the internal memory of the device;
  • crashes when updating software or firmware;
  • sudden changes in ambient temperature;
  • mechanical damage.

In many situations, rebooting helps the smartphone to recover. If the freezes are permanent, then you will have to resort to more serious measures.

Supporting solutions

Things are much more serious when your favorite gadget does not fully respond to the power button. There is no universal recommendation for such a case. Representatives of manufacturers and service centers advise you to try one of the following ways to rescue a frozen phone:

  • Incoming call. you should ask someone to call the problem smartphone. If the display shows an incoming call, then you need to quickly call the restart menu by holding down the power button.
  • If the power button does not work, then wait until the gadget is discharged. A complete power outage in this case will interrupt the processes that caused the failures. You can check if the problem is solved by charging the phone a little and turning it on.
  • Some smartphones are equipped with the Reset service button, which activates an instant restart immediately after pressing. It is present, in particular, on some models from Sony and HTC, and is located next to the USB-connector (not to be confused with the hole for the microphone) or in the place for installing the SIM-card slot. It should be pressed gently using a thin needle or toothpick.
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If you manage to bring the device to its senses, it is recommended to manually check the list of recently installed software and remove the questionable one. It is also worth running a regular antivirus and following the recommendations of the operating system. In case of constant freezes, you can try restoring to factory settings or contacting a service center.

Full reset

So, we run over to the heavy artillery. If none of the above has worked, and the “Camera Failure” warning has not disappeared, then you need to perform a full reset of the device.

Note that all existing data in memory will be erased, so save it, for example, on a PC. If you do not understand how to do this, then check out the annotation on our website.

Found a bug? Select it and press CtrlEnter

What caused the failure

If, when launching the camera in a Samsung phone, the accessory says “camera failure”, then the likely reason is the accumulation of errors. It is worth realizing that the camera is both an application and a physical module that takes pictures specifically. If it breaks at the physical level, then there will be no error messages. the camera simply will not turn on or the application will start, but the screen will be dark. The only option in the event of a hardware breakdown is to correct the situation. to contact the service center.

The second reason the error occurs on Samsung Galaxy phones is an app crash. Unfortunately, the Android system on which the devices of the Korean manufacturer and almost all manufacturers work is not perfect. It accumulates data as it is used, which can cause a failure. How to correct the situation. to be fundamentally aware. it is completely realistic to do it without the help of others and you should not immediately turn to dubious masters.

Fixing “Warning: Camera Failure” error on Samsung Galaxy

Fortunately, we even have several methods that allow you to restore the phone’s camera to work. Let’s start with the most ordinary, and then, if the problem remains unresolved, we will move on to heavy artillery.

Using Safe Mode’s Abilities

Every Android gadget has a so-called safe mode that allows you to diagnose it. The device is loaded with a limited set of applications and if the problem is caused by some extraneous program, then in this mode the problem “Warning: camera failure” must disappear. Everything is extremely simple and you will be sure of this at the moment.

  • Turn off the device.
  • Press the power key and after the “Samsung” logo appears on the screen, press and hold the “Volume down” key until the phone or tablet starts up completely.

In almost all cases, such tools use the capabilities of the camera and it is constantly busy. As a result, it refuses to start. Next, you need to delete applications one by one in order to find the culprit.

What if the camera crashed on my Samsung phone? I indicate the options for fixing the problem

Good afternoon, dear and unchanging readers of my blog! Most modern devices have an electronic control unit, which is their “brain”. On the one hand, it makes the accessory smarter and expands its capabilities, but on the other hand, the device is the most vulnerable. This is especially true for mobile devices. phones, tablets. An error in the operation of the operating system can lead to various bad results. the camera or other unit will not work. Therefore, now I will answer why the camera fails on Samsung, what to do in this case.

Camera crash on Samsung Galaxy c3. Error “Warning: Camera Failure” on Samsung. Causes and What to Do

Clearing the cache globally through recovery

If the previous method was ineffective for you, and the camera crash error continues to appear, then try this method. It assumes global clearing of the cache partition for all applications installed in memory.

  • Turn off the phone, and then immediately hold down the keys “Volume up”, “Power” and “Home”.
  • Wait for the name of your device to appear on the screen and then release the buttons.
  • Using the keys to control the volume, highlight the line “Wipe cache partition”, and then press the power key.

Clearing the data of the camera application

The Camera application can crash, giving various errors. You can do a full factory reset of the device, but deleting the data of only the 1st application is much easier and faster.

  • Open options on your phone or tablet.
  • Go to the “Applications” section, where the installed programs and games are located, and then move to the “All” tab.
  • Find the “Camera” application in the list and press the “Clear data” button in the “Memory” submenu.
  • After that, you need to reboot and check if the error dared.
  • “Warning: Camera Failure” on Samsung Galaxy. What to do?

    Today we will talk about one problem that can sometimes arise for owners of Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy line (S4, S5, S6, S7, S7 Edge, etc.). This is an error “Camera Failed” or Camera Failed in the English version. It appears when you launch the Camera application. As a rule, this problem is easily solved.

    What to do? Consider a few of the most relevant options.

    Clearing gallery data

    Do the same for the Gallery application.

    Clearing cache data with Recovery

    On Samsung Galaxy, the recovery mode is launched in this way:

    • Turn off the device.
    • Press the volume up key, hold it and simultaneously press the power key of the device.
    • Release the power key as soon as the phone turns on, but do not release the volume up key.
    • Recovery Mode will load. Navigate it with the volume keys and power on / off the device.
    • Find the Wipe cache partition. Clear the cache using this item.
    • Reboot your smartphone by selecting Reboot system now.

    Reboot your smartphone

    The first thing you should do is reboot your device. Yes, at first glance, this idea can be called stupid, but practice suggests that it is this simple action that most often helps to solve software failures.

    Wipe data and clear the cache of the Camera app

    If the method indicated above did not help you, the next point is to clear the cache and data of the “Camera” application.

    To do this, go to the settings. Find Application Manager in Settings.

    Find the Camera app and open it.

    See the Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons? Click on them one by one to delete data.

    Starting the device in safe mode

    We have already covered how to start Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy in great detail in this article, so we will not repeat ourselves.

    Note that if your smartphone’s camera works in safe mode, it means that the matter is clearly in the third-party applications that you installed. In this case, boot your smartphone normally and start uninstalling the last installed applications until the camera works. This will tell you which application is causing the problem.

    Do a Hard Reset

    If all else fails, you can try doing a data reset. a rollback to factory settings. However, remember that this will delete all data, so first make a backup of the information that you need.

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    How to reset data, we told here.

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    Checking the date

    First of all, reboot the phone with removing the battery and SIM card, possibly a single failure. Next, check the correctness of the date and time settings in the device, try unchecking the autodetection box. Then check, maybe the failure will go away.

    Remove autodetection of time and time zone

    Reasons for stopping the application

    The error itself is very common, but there is no single source of the problem. In different cases, the reason may be firmware update curves, an operating system clogged with garbage, or a failure in the Phone application itself. Less often, failures occur due to virus programs, which are now in abundance. A separate case may be incorrect time and date settings, which conflict with the data of the mobile network.

    Cleaning and checking your smartphone

    • If the above doesn’t work, try cleaning your device. First, remove all unnecessary software. It happens that the Phone application conflicts with a certain program. Reinstall other third-party software. messengers, photo editors, media players, etc. Here we need to talk about the brute force method.
    • Be sure to check the device with a mobile antivirus. Now in the Play Market there are an abundance of them. Dr.Web Light, Kaspersky, ESET, AVG, 360 Security, Avast, etc. Use them to perform a deep scan.
    • Apply the tool to remove cache and residual files from Android. For example, Samsung has a Smart Manager option for this.

    Cleaning Samsung via Smart Manager

    Software Update

    Also check that your Android has all the latest system updates. To do this, open “Settings”. “About device”. “Software update”. Click “Update” to check if the firmware is up to date. It is advisable to check the box next to auto-update.

    Fixing an application crash

    Depending on the manufacturer’s company or firmware version, this error may be called differently. For example, in Lenovo, the process is faulty, and in models with Android 7.0, it says “The Phone app crashed” (BQ, Vertex, OUKITEL). In any case, the solutions for these problems are similar. Try to do all of the following point by point.

    The Phone app has stopped. what to do with a crash on Samsung?

    When you try to make a call, create a contact, or after the call ends, Android users write the error “The Phone application has been stopped.” This crash occurs most often on devices from Samsung (Galaxy, Note, A5, S5, S4, etc.). In the article we will try to cover all the points that will help fix this failure.

    Doing a data reset

    The next step will be the usual reset of information for the system programs of the same name. To do this, open “Settings”. “Application Manager”. “All” tab. There, look for all active “Phone” processes, open them and discard the cache, data and stop. After all the resets. restart your smartphone.

    Fixing Samsung Camera via Recovery Mode

    If the standard cleaning of the data failed to fix the camera failure, you can carry out a “global” cleaning through a special mode. Recovery. To run it on a Samsung phone, you need:

    • Turn off the device.
    • Simultaneously hold down the power button, Home and volume up.
    • After a few seconds, Recovery Mode is activated on the phone.
    • Using the sound adjustment button, select the Wipe Cache Partition item in the menu.
    • We clear the cache in all applications installed on the smartphone.
    • Reboot the phone through the Reboot System Now menu item.

    Removing a memory card from a smartphone

    Another quick and effective way to solve the problem with the camera on Samsung phones is to remove the memory card and insert it back.

    If the Camera application starts to launch without a memory card, it will most likely continue to work after you reinstall the SD card. However, take your time and check your storage device for read errors first. This can be done using the chkdsk utility utility (in Windows it is available initially):

    • We connect the memory card to the computer (via a card reader).
    • In the context menu of the disk, select the Service tab Check.
    • We are waiting for the end of the check (at this stage chkdsk will correct errors) and insert the memory card into the phone.
    • Checking the operation of the “Camera” application.

    See article on this topic: Here are some common errors that can cause your phone to not detect your memory card. This is what causes the camera to crash.

    Clearing the cache of faulty applications

    The cache stores data needed to run Android apps quickly. Often, it is the cache that is the culprit for all kinds of “glitches”.

    Clearing the data must be done in the Camera and Gallery applications. So, we follow all the points of the instructions:

    • Go to Phone Settings.
    • We find the item “Application Manager” (or “Applications”).
    • Select “Camera” and tap on the corresponding menu item.
    • Go to the “Memory” section,
    • We find the button “Clear data”, and just below. “Clear cache”, click on it.
    • Close the settings and check if the camera is working.

    To delete data in the Gallery, go back to the application manager, find the “Gallery” item in it and clear the data and cache in two clicks.

    Note. You need to delete unnecessary information and clear the cache on your phone not only when an error occurs in the Camera application, but also on a regular basis. This ensures the efficient operation of all programs and prevents possible crashes in the Android OS. To quickly delete cached files, we recommend the free CCleaner mobile app.

    Also read the google help for more details on clearing the cache.

    Android Camera Crash: How to Fix Problem on Samsung Phone

    Owners of different models of Samsung smartphones (S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S10, Mega 2) may face an unpleasant situation: the Camera application does not start. Instead of starting the camera, the Android user receives a notification that a crash has occurred.

    The service centers will tell you that you need to take the device for diagnostics in order to find out the cause of the failure. It could be a software glitch or a hardware failure.

    However, there are several methods you can use to find out the cause of camera problems and even fix them yourself. We will look at simple, but quite effective ways.

    Safe mode

    One of the features of all Android gadgets is the presence of a safe mode, which allows for the initial diagnostics of the device. Thus, you can find out why the camera on the phone does not work.

    You can enter Safe Mode on Samsung as follows:

    • Turn off the phone.
    • Turn on the smartphone, wait for the “Samsung” logo to appear on the screen.
    • Hold down the volume button (volume down) and hold until the Android OS starts completely.
    • If “Safe Mode” appears at the bottom of the screen, then you did everything right.

    The rationale behind Safe Mode on Samsung is that only a limited number of apps work. All third-party programs are blocked.

    Note. Read more about Safe Mode here.

    If the camera on the smartphone starts up in this mode, this indicates problematic third-party applications that, most likely, were installed recently. In this case, it is necessary

    • Start the phone in standard mode (exiting safe mode)
    • Delete new apps one at a time until the camera starts up again.

    [Instructions on how to uninstall unnecessary applications]

    If the camera still does not work in safe mode, proceed to the next chapter.

    Data reset

    Returning a smartphone to its factory settings is quite a drastic measure. Its main drawback is the consequences: the deletion of absolutely all personal data from the internal memory of the phone. However, Samsung “zeroing” can fix the camera problem.

    Be sure to back up important user files before performing a factory reset. For example, transfer all data to the cloud or to another device. The Titanium Backup app is great for creating a full Android backup.

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    There are two ways to reset data on Android:

    • Via Android system settings. To do this, go to the “General settings” “Restore and reset”. Among all the sub-items, we are looking for the inscription “Reset settings”.
    • Through Recovery. Option for advanced users who know how to handle this add-on. (Above we described in detail how you can do this). In the Recovery menu, select the Wipe All Data item and wait a few seconds for the system to delete all data. We reboot the phone and check the operation of the camera.

    Simplest: reboot your phone

    It would seem that this method cannot solve problems with the camera. However, experience shows that often a simple restart of the phone will normalize its operation. The method is simple and absolutely safe.

    To fix Samsung camera crashing through reboot:

    • Open the “Restart” item (to display the corresponding menu, hold down the Power button on the phone).
    • We are waiting for the phone to turn off and restart, displaying the Samsung logo.
    • Check if the camera is working by logging into the application and taking a test photo.

    Camera app is still unavailable

    Phones that fail with any of the above are likely to have more serious camera failure. To fix it, it is better to contact the Samsung service center where you live. Specialists will carry out a full diagnosis and. if necessary. replace parts.

    What to do if the camera crashes on your Samsung smartphone? I indicate the options for fixing the problem

    Good afternoon, dear and regular readers of my blog! Most modern devices have an electronic control unit, which is their “brain”. On the one hand, it makes the device smarter and expands its capabilities, but on the other hand, the device is more vulnerable. This is especially true for mobile gadgets. smartphones, tablets. An error in the operation of the operating system can lead to various negative results. the camera or other unit will not work. Therefore, today I will answer why the camera crashes on Samsung, what to do in this case.

    What caused the failure

    If, when launching the camera in a Samsung smartphone, the device says “camera failure”, then the likely reason is the accumulation of errors. It should be understood that the camera is both an application and a physical module that takes pictures directly. If it breaks physically, then there will be no error messages. the camera simply will not turn on or the application will start, but the screen will be black. The only option in the event of a hardware breakdown to correct the situation is to contact the service center.

    The second reason for the error to appear on Samsung Galaxy smartphones is an app crash. Unfortunately, the Android system on which the devices of the Korean manufacturer and many manufacturers are running is imperfect. As you use it, it accumulates data, this can cause a failure. How to fix the situation, read on. it is important to understand. it is quite possible to do it yourself and you should not immediately contact dubious masters.

    How to fix the crash

    Regardless of which Samsung smartphone you own, the old Grand Prime or the new Samsung S10 Duos, they are all not immune to failures.

    • The first thing I recommend in case of a crash is to restart your smartphone. Trivial advice is often the simplest solution to the problem.
    • If the reboot did not help, then the next tip on how to fix the failure is to delete the camera data. To do this, go to the phone settings and find there the item “memory” or “applications”, depending on the model. Next, you should open “installed applications” and select “clear data”. This often helps to restore camera functionality.
    • It is not uncommon for the camera to stop shooting due to third-party applications. Installing them causes a conflict and the standard camera program stops launching. In this situation, there are two options. you can try to remember at what point the warning window began to appear and remove the software that was installed immediately before that. But it’s much easier to enter Safe Mode. Only pre-installed applications work in it, and if the camera starts functioning normally, then the reason is in the installed software. we delete all unnecessary ones. To start the device in safe mode, turn it off, and when restarting after the “Samsung” message appears, press the volume down. A window with launch options will appear. select safe.
    • If the above steps did not help, then the reason for the inoperability of the front or main camera may lie in memory. There are two options here. by default, the smartphone saves photos and videos to the internal storage. If it is full, then the device will either refuse to shoot, or will start notifying about errors. In this case, the drive can be cleaned, all unnecessary photos and videos can be deleted or saved in the cloud storage. Another option, which is usually used by those whose smartphones initially do not differ in a huge ROM, is to save the result of filming to microSD. The setting is done directly in the camera application. At the same time, the memory card itself can be the answer to the question. why the program for photos and videos does not work. Firstly, the cameras of modern phone models are able to shoot video in high resolution up to UHD, and photos are stored in RAW. Both formats take up a large volume, and in order for the device to quickly save everything and the user does not have to wait long, you need a class 10 microSD. By putting in a slower memory, the owner of the device will face long retention or frequent errors. The second option why the camera does not work is a damaged drive. MicroSD cards have a certain number of write / rewrite cycles. There are a large number of them, after all, it’s not for nothing that manufacturers give a 5-year warranty on memory cards, but still breakage is possible. In this case, the drive will be read and will allow you to open files, but you will not be able to write to it, as a result, an error will appear. In this case, the memory should be checked on another device, try to format it and, if necessary, change to a new one.
    • If all the above steps did not help, then you should try installing a separate camera application. If everything works with him, then the reason is software, not hardware.
    • It will not be superfluous to update the operating system of the device and all its applications. sometimes it saves you from all sorts of errors, including those related to photo capabilities. Sometimes the nature of the malfunction is the opposite. errors appear due to an update. In this case, it is recommended to roll back to the previous state, and if the failure was caused en masse and they write about it on the forums, then you should wait a couple of days. the manufacturer promptly releases another update with fixes for the old bugs.
    • If replacing the card, updating components, cleaning the memory and cache did not help, then many would think to go to a service center. In general, the decision is correct, but first you should do one more thing. completely reset the DO smartphone to factory settings. To do this, you need to enter its settings and select “return to factory state”. In order not to lose all data, an image of the system is pre-made. you can use Google or Samsung directly. An important point. after resetting and re-configuring the device, you need to configure it like a new phone, and not immediately restore the data. This will allow you to understand where the problem lies. if there is a failure after the update, then it’s time to service.

    Thanks for attention! See you soon in other articles! Best regards, Rostislav Kuzmin.

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