Can I refill the HP 650 ink cartridge


Take care in advance of purchasing suitable ink (the label must have the HP 122 entry), it is better not to buy universal ink. If the paint is packaged in bottles, you will have to run to the pharmacy for ordinary medical syringes.

Important: even a full cartridge can dry out if it has not been used for a long time. To prevent such a nuisance, print one or two pages every week.

It is necessary to prepare the workplace: remove all important papers and cover the table with newspaper. For refueling, take ink, four syringes, toilet paper or other soft paper, wear rubber gloves. The black cartridge can hold up to 10 ml of ink, the color one. a maximum of 3 ml. Fill the syringes very carefully so that there is no air or foam. It is more convenient to prepare all four at once. You can use one, but rinse it with distilled water and be sure to dry it before reuse.

Peel off the labels to expose the threading holes. The pictures below show where to fill the ink.

Please note that there are two types of color cartridge. So, before refueling, you need to determine which option is in your hands. There are several ways to find out. Press the printhead against the toilet paper: the middle print belongs to the ink poured into the upper chamber. You can just look into the filling hole. Or lower the tip of the needle there and see what color it turns.

Now you need to wipe the nozzles with flushing liquid or distilled water and you can start refueling.

refill, cartridge


For a color cartridge, the order is strict:

  • yellow;
  • red;
  • blue.

We lower the needle into the desired hole by 2-3 cm and inject ink. It is necessary to act slowly, ideally. 15 seconds per 1 ml. And watch closely when ink starts to appear in the fill port. Indeed, in a color cartridge, ink is not consumed in the same way and it is impossible to know how much is needed for a full refill. If you accidentally overflow, you can pull the syringe plunger back and take some paint back. We do the same with red and blue.

Refilling the black HP 122 cartridge has some features. The figure shows in red the place where the additional chamber is located, which also needs to be filled with ink. To do this, you will need to pierce the cleaning filter with a needle. It doesn’t sound very good, but this is the lesser of evils, otherwise, when refueling, the filter does not let ink through and air accumulates in the additional chamber. Which, in turn, leads to printing problems.

refill, cartridge

If you press too hard to pierce the filter and allow the needle to pierce deeper than shown, the print head could be damaged. This will not happen if you aim the syringe at a 45-degree angle.

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Refilling the HP 122 cartridge with your own hands

HP 122 cartridge is suitable for devices: HP Deskjet 1000/1050/2050 / 3050. You can extend the life of the cartridges: black HP 122 can hold up to eight refills, and color. about five.

Don’t miss a moment. The printhead nozzle plate heats up during operation and the ink cools it down. When refueling ends, there is not enough coolant and the nozzles quickly become clogged with overheated ink. Sometimes such a cartridge cannot be recovered in any way and can only be thrown away. White streaks appear or just the print is not clear. stop work and do not delay refueling.

The situation is quite likely: the ink is out, and you urgently need to print more than one page. And the workshop, where they can help, is located on the other side of the city. You can fix this problem yourself if you know exactly how to refill the HP 122 cartridge.

Returning cartridges to the printer

Refilling is finished, it remains to wipe the cartridge with soft paper and replace the stickers. Some experts recommend not removing the stickers when refueling, but simply piercing them and not sticking them over. This is motivated by the fact that a vacuum is created inside, which reduces the service life.

Wipe the contacts with alcohol or a regular eraser before installing the cartridges in the printer. Even if the paint did not get there, it will not hurt.

The video below will show how you can make a reinforced cartridge from a standard black HP 122 cartridge and refill it. The video is in Portuguese, but I hope everything will be clear.

A bit of theory

Before refueling an inkjet printer cartridge, it would be nice to know what exactly this type of device is. In its standard form, a cartridge of this type includes such components as a reservoir for ink, a special microcircuit and, in some models, a print head. The microcircuit is needed in order to control the head nozzles and take readings of the paint level meter.

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Inside the cartridge, as mentioned above, there are reservoirs. The black consumable has only one such reservoir, while the color consumable has three for inks such as magenta, cyan, and yellow. This design, as a rule, is typical for budget models. The fact is that more expensive devices of this type, which are primarily intended for printing photos, have 4-8 reservoirs.

It should also be added that inside each container of the cartridge there is an absorbing material, in other words, a sponge, which is needed in order to hold the ink and distribute it evenly. But in some models, for example, for an HP inkjet printer, so-called air bags can be used instead of such a sponge.

How to refill inkjet cartridges?

Sooner or later, office equipment owners are faced with the need to solve a problem related to how to refill an inkjet cartridge for a printer or mfp. Of course, you can purchase a new cartridge, but this will cost an order of magnitude more than filling the old one with ink, which can be purchased at any outlet specializing in the sale of office equipment and consumables for it. In addition, to solve this problem, you can use the services of specialists, but you can also save money by refueling the inkjet cartridge yourself at home.

In general, the cartridge is the main replacement unit in the printing device. It is filled with ink and equipped with a special mechanism designed to transfer ink to the paper surface. Nowadays, this type of printer is still quite popular, despite the widespread use in recent years of its laser “brother”.

Refilling the cartridge

Before refueling your inkjet printer, decide which ink works best. After all, the ink in a refilled cartridge of this type must be compatible with the printer in order for the device to work as it did when using original consumables.

It should be from Honor that it is better not to save on the purchase of ink, since cheap ink can negatively affect both the printing process and the cartridge itself. For this reason, it is better to make a choice in favor of original products, which, as a rule, are supplied by the manufacturer in one set with the cartridge, or use high-quality compatible ink.

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For refueling, in addition to ink, you should get a syringe, which must first be filled with the purchased products. Next, you need to find a hole on the cartridge, the diameter of which should just fit the thickness of the syringe needle and remove the sticker from it (you do not need to throw it away). Now you can start pouring, which should be done slowly enough. In this case, you should spread unnecessary newspapers under the refilled cartridge, otherwise the spilled paint will have to be removed for a long time from the surface contaminated with it. After completing the procedure, you need to put the sticker back in place, otherwise the paint may leak.

But the question may arise, how to refill a black cartridge if there is not a single such hole on its surface? This problem can be solved using a thin drill, which can be used to drill a small hole and perform the entire procedure described above. To refill a color inkjet cartridge, you also need to find the holes, remove the sticker, and then fill each container with the appropriate paint color. A separate syringe should be used for each reservoir.

It should also be added that for refueling, you can purchase a refueling set, the set of which consists of detailed step-by-step instructions, a syringe with branded ink for several times, gloves, absorbent lint-free wipes, refueling equipment (small tools) and a special clip-holder with a valve designed for pumping ink. A master professionally refueling office equipment, as a rule, uses a special filling station.

In general, as you can see, solving the problem of how to refuel inkjet printers yourself is not as difficult as it seems at first. The main thing in this business is a responsible and competent approach, as well as a sequence of actions. Pay attention to the print head, very often inkjet cartridges dry up and then you need to restore it before refueling.

As a result, a refilled printer cartridge can be used more than once, thus saving considerable money on the purchase of new products of this type. In general, inkjet cartridges are still in fairly high demand, but laser printers, which have become much more affordable in recent years, have begun to confidently crowd out them in the market.