Canon Capt USB Device Does Not See Printer

Canon CAPT USB Device

A driver is essentially a link between the operating system, that is, software and hardware, that is, physical devices such as cards, printers, processors, etc. The operating system can contain basic drivers for the most essential devices. Mouse, keyboard, but everything else requires fresh drivers.

How to install the driver?

A) First, select the (My Computer) icon on the desktop and right-click on it, select (Properties) from the drop-down menu.

B) Now go to the (Hardware) tab and click on the (Device Manager) button.

C) Now you need to select the device for which the driver will be installed / updated. On the line with the device, you need to right-click and select (Properties) in the drop-down menu, or you can just double-click on it to go to the desired settings.

Canon Capt USB Device Does Not See Printer

D) Go to the (Driver) tab, select the (Update) button.

E) In the dialog box that appears, select the item (No, not this time) and go to (Next).

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F) There are two options at this stage. You can try to install drivers in automatic mode, then the OS itself will try to find drivers suitable for the device and install them, for this we select (Automatic installation (recommended)). If the attempt fails, then you need to go to the second item (Install from a specified location) and select (Next).

G) This menu item implies a choice between searching for a driver on removable media and the option to specify the folder with the driver yourself. Therefore, if there is a disc with drivers available, then you need to insert the disc in CD-rom and select the option (Search removable media (floppy disks, CDs.)) And go (Next).

If the driver is found and downloaded on the Internet yourself, then you need to manually specify the path to the folder in which the driver installation data are located as follows. Select the item (Include the next search location 🙂 and go to (Browse), now select the folder with the driver from the list and click on the (OK) button. Now we can safely go (Next), if everything is done correctly, the installation of the necessary driver will begin.

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