Canon mg2545s printer how to refill the cartridge

Instructions on how to refill a Canon printer cartridge

On the modern market, you can find a wide variety of printer models. This allows everyone to choose the option that will meet their requirements and financial capabilities. As practice shows, one of the most popular are Canon printers. laser and inkjet. And this is not surprising. These devices are notable for their low cost and high-quality work. They are reliable and durable.

Black paint

Refilling a cartridge for a Canon printer depends on which model of the device it is for, since their equipment is different. But there are a number of operations that are the same for everyone.

The first thing to start with is to determine which cartridge has run out of ink, since Canon usually provides two of them: for black and for color printing. In addition, you will need to purchase the necessary ink. over, their color should correspond to that used in the device.

Now you can start with the main steps. First, the cartridge must be removed from the printer. After that, stick the tape in the place where the nozzle is. It is located at the bottom. There is a sticker at the top that will need to be torn off. Take a syringe and draw ink from a tube into it. A sufficient amount is 10 milliliters. The needle must be inserted at the top of the part. There is a special hole for this.

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The whole procedure should be carried out as carefully and slowly as possible. Otherwise, you will not only get dirty with ink, but also damage the part, and it will be unusable for further use. After the syringe is completely free of ink, you must carefully remove the needle and stick the sticker on the cartridge that was previously removed. Also, do not forget to remove the tape from the nozzle. After that, the cartridge can be installed and checked for quality. As practice shows, it is high and will not yield to new consumables.

Colored paint

Since there is another cartridge in the printer, which is provided for color printing, over time, it may stop printing. If this happens, then you just need to refuel it. The principle of operation is similar to that described above. The main difference is that you need to enter not one paint color, but several. In such a part, several corresponding holes are provided for this. Each is responsible for a container with a specific color. Before injecting paint, it is important to define them. If the procedure is not performed correctly, and the colors get confused, then the cartridge will become unusable.

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Defining colors is easy. This will help a thin object, it must be inserted into the hole. For example, a match, a toothpick, etc. When you take it out, you will see what color is in the container. After that, the injection of paints is performed with a syringe with a needle.

Only now it is necessary to collect no more than 5 ml of ink. After all the containers are filled, it is necessary to glue the top of the part and free the nozzle from the tape. The cartridge is ready to use and can be installed in the printer.

How a printer cartridge works

The principle of operation of such units is based on the use of ink that is in the cartridge. They allow you to print the desired image on paper. After completing a certain amount of work, the ink in the cartridge runs out. As a result, the device can no longer function fully. We can say more: it will not fulfill its main purpose. to print text.

Do not be upset, it is easy to fix the situation. It is enough to install a new cartridge. Despite the low cost of the device, the price of consumables is quite high. For some users, this becomes a real problem. Of course, you can use non-original parts or cheap paints. True, this option will affect the quality of the device. Will cause it to fail quickly.

Refilling a cartridge for a Canon printer is an alternative solution for this situation. You can do this work with the help of specialists or with your own hands. over, both options will be cheaper than purchasing a new consumable.

How to refuel a Canon Pixma printer

The Canon Pixma printer is the laser version of the device. Its printing principle is based on the use of powder. This is the main feature and difference of the device from an inkjet printer. It especially manifests itself in the case when it is necessary to refill the cartridge.

This process is as follows. First you need to open the cork. It is located on the side cover of the device. Fixed with several screws, so they must be unscrewed. Toner flows through this plug. This completes the refueling.

But in some models, this plug is not provided, which greatly complicates the process of refueling, since the device must be completely disassembled in order to get to the slot through which you can pour the toner. Therefore, it is better to foresee such a situation when buying and ask if there is a traffic jam. It will greatly simplify the further use of the printer.

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It is not difficult to refill a Canon printer cartridge yourself. It doesn’t matter which device model is MP230, MP250, Pixma or another. You can watch them in the video below. Even if the cartridge is arranged a little differently, the principle of action is the same for everyone.

How to reset a Canon cartridge after refilling (disabling ink level control in Canon printers)

The level of ink in all inkjet cartridges is monitored by software, i.e., for example, a cartridge is designed for 220 pages and as it prints, it consumes this resource. As soon as it becomes equal to zero, the printer will begin to report information about the end of ink in the cartridge and the need to replace it.

Those. the printer does not know the actual (actual) filling of ink cartridges. there is no sensor that controls the actual amount of ink in the cartridges. This can explain the most frequent user question after refueling: ‘I refilled a cartridge, and the printer shows that it is empty’.

Canon’s policy is more liberal with respect to other printer manufacturers and allows this feature to be disabled, i.e. disabling this function is possible only on Canon printers / MFPs and even then not always.

If you also have such a question and after refilling the cartridge and installing it in the printer, the device still shows that the filled cartridge is empty and further operation of the printer is blocked and / or a message appears on the computer screen that the cartridge has run out (Fig. 1) and it is necessary its replacement, it is necessary to perform the procedure for disabling the ink tracking level control function on the printer.

For PG-37/40/510/512/440 / 440XL, CL-38/41/511/513/441 / 441XL cartridges

For PGI-5Bk / 520Bk / 425Bk / 525Bk / 450Bk, CLI-8/521/426/526/451 ink tanks

Wait until one cartridge is out of ink and a warning message appears on the printer / MFP display, prompting you to continue or stop printing. In this window, click “OK”, or click on the Stop / Reset button (the button looks like a red / orange triangle in a circle). Printing resumes. After one of the ink cartridges is completely out of ink, a message will reappear on the printer screen prompting you to replace the ink cartridge. If you have a multifunctional device / printer with a built-in cartridge, press the Stop / Reset button (usually a button with a triangle drawn in a circle) and hold it for 30 seconds. Thus, you disable tracking the ink level in the cartridge.

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Disable ink control on a printer with separate ink tanks by answering the questions that appear on the computer screen. When prompted on the screen, press the Stop / Reset button if you have a multifunction device, or the Resume / Cancel button if you have a printer, and hold it for 10 seconds. Disable ink quantity control for each ink tank separately. This will not block printing or affect print quality.

Sometimes, instead of a simple message, the computer may issue instructions detailing the steps to eliminate the problem. For example, “Press on the printer and do not release the“ Stop / Reset ”button for at least 5 seconds, or“ Stop / Reset ”means that after holding the button for 5 seconds, a shutdown will occur, which will allow you to continue printing with the cartridge already refilled. It should be remembered that this action should be performed for each refilled cartridge.

Disable the Ink Monitor feature on the computer to which it is connected. To do this, go to the “Control Panel”, select the “Printers” option. Next, open the context menu on the printer icon, select the “Properties” command. Then go to the Maintenance tab, select the Printer Status Information option, click the Options button. Uncheck “Display warning automatically”.

  • Disabling ink level control is the same on all Canon printers and MFPs, both on the basis of cartridges (PG-37/40/510/512/440 / 440XL, CL-38/41/511/513/441 / 441XL) and on ink tank base (PGI-5Bk / 520Bk / 425Bk / 525Bk, CLI-8/521/426/526);
  • This feature is only available with Canon printers and MFPs. This method is not applicable to printers from other manufacturers (HP, Lexmark, Epson, etc.);
  • For ink tank printers, the operation of disabling control must be performed for each color separately;
  • Disabling ink level control is performed on the cartridge (not on the printer), i.e. when replacing the cartridge with a new ink level will start to be monitored automatically. You do not need to turn on the ink level.

The ink level warning system will now be permanently disabled. It is necessary to check the ink level visually (i.e. open the printer cover). Printing a large number of pages without ink can damage the print head.

Published: November 7, 2013.
Last modified: November 8, 2013.

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