Canon printer color cartridge how to refill

To refill a Canon cartridge you need:

Remove the cartridge from the printer. To do this, first read the instructions to find out the features of your device, and then, following it:

  • Check the model name of your printer to understand how it works. To do this, inspect the device, and there you can find the name of the printer model next to the brand name. If it’s not listed there, look in the button bar. Also, the model name can be found on the barcode located on the back of the device. If this information is not visible, find it using your computer (in the “Device Manager”).
  • Check after the location of the buttons on the printer.
  • Open the printer cover.
  • When the containers automatically exit (all models have this function, but also, if necessary, it can be pulled out using special buttons), remove the desired cartridge from them. To do this, pull on the specially designated place (arcuate ledge) on it. To avoid drying out the print head, you need to wait until the containers with cartridges reach the right place by themselves.

Place the cartridge on a flat surface with the sticker facing up

Peel off the sticker. There you will see three small indentations (there is one in the black ink cartridge, three in the color ink cartridge). You need to make holes in them for paint to get in (expand these indentations). Through the holes that you make, we will inject paint with a syringe. You can make these holes with a drill or a hot needle. But be very careful not to push the drill or needle too deep, as this could damage the cartridge.

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Fill the syringe with the ink you want to fill

  • It is necessary to inject paint into specially designated places. Remember that the top hole on the color printer belongs to the red ink. The bottom left is blue and the bottom right is yellow. Black cartridge has one hole.
  • The needle of the syringe must be lowered into the hole by about two-thirds (in no case deeper, so as not to damage the cartridge).
  • When you see paint spilling a little through the holes, it means that the cartridge reservoir is already full.
  • To prevent the cartridge from being overfilled, you need to pump out the 0.5 ml paint without removing the syringe.
  • When you have filled all the paint tanks you need, carefully remove the syringe and place the sticker back. This should be done immediately after filling with paint to avoid drying out.

How to refill a Canon cartridge

The most important thing to remember about refilling Canon cartridges is that they need to be replaced as soon as the ink runs out. If you do not refill the cartridge right away, it will dry out quickly. At best, it will print much worse, at worst it will not print at all. Therefore, carefully monitor the readings about the ink supply using special programs on the computer.

Place the cartridge you have filled back into the printer

Be sure to check that the ink matches the brand of your printer. If they are incompatible, the cartridge may not print and you will have to completely flush the print head.

Make sure the cartridges are well seated in containers. This is one of the reasons the printer may not print. Therefore, wait for a characteristic click before printing.

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How to refill a Canon printer cartridge

Using a printer is a fixed cost. Paper, paint. these are the elements without which you cannot get the result. And if everything is quite simple with the first resource and a person does not have to spend a lot of money to acquire it, then with the second, things are a little different.

How to refill a Canon printer cartridge

It is the cost of an inkjet printer cartridge that has led to the need to find out how to refill it yourself. Buying paint is no more difficult than finding the right cartridge. That is why you should know all the subtleties of such work, so as not to harm the container or other components of the device.

  • First you need to prepare a work surface and the necessary tools. No special tools are needed. It is enough to find a table, put a newspaper on it in several layers, purchase a syringe with a thin needle, tape or duct tape, gloves and a sewing needle. This whole set will save you several thousand rubles, so do not worry about the fact that the list is quite large.
  • The next step is to peel off the sticker. It is best to do this as carefully as possible so that after the procedure there is an opportunity to return it to its place. If it breaks or the glue layer loses its former properties, then it’s okay, because there is scotch tape and electrical tape.
  • It should be noted right away that the black cartridge has only one such hole, since all the ink is in one container. The color alternative has several “holes”, so you need to clearly know what paint is in each of them, so as not to be confused during further refueling.
  • A 20-cc syringe with a fine needle is used for refueling. This is a very important parameter, since the hole in diameter should be slightly larger so that air can escape through it during refueling. If ink fits into a black cartridge, then 18 cubes of material are required. The colored ones are usually filled with 4. The volume of each flask is individual and it is better to clarify this in the instructions.
  • If there is a little more paint, then it is pumped back with the same syringe, and the spilled residues are wiped off with a napkin. There is nothing wrong with this, since this happens quite often due to the fact that there are ink residues in the cartridge.
  • Once the cartridge is refilled, it can be sealed. If the sticker is preserved, it is best to use it, but the duct tape will also be able to complete the task.
  • Next, put the cartridge on a napkin and wait 20-30 minutes for excess ink to flow out through the print head. This is a necessary step, since if it is not followed, the coloring matter will splatter the entire printer, which will affect its operation.
  • After installing the container in the printer, you can clean the DUZ and printheads. This is done programmatically, through special utilities.
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    This completes the instructions for refilling the Canon cartridge. The main thing to remember is that if you are not completely sure of your abilities, then it is best to leave the case to professionals. It will not be possible to save as much as possible on costs, but a significant part of the funds will still not leave the limits of your home budget.

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