Canon Ts5040 Printer Does Not Print

DOES NOT print black in a Canon printer

Users often encounter one strange problem when a Canon printer, after a long period of work, no longer prints in black, although recently everything worked fine. In many of them, panic begins immediately. In fact, it is not necessary to panic ahead of time until we have figured out the reason.

It is believed that almost every user with a printer can face such problems. But, why can something like this happen? What should I do if my Canon printer does NOT print black? Let’s try to figure it out together and understand what needs to be done in a similar situation.

Why Canon printer does NOT print in black?

Quite often we can come across such an option when our problem is related to the fact that the Canon print head is damaged. During such a malfunction, even a new cartridge is also NOT able to correct the situation. It is not very easy to give a diagnosis during such a problem. What should I do when my Canon printer stops printing in black? Perhaps the time has come to take our favorite printer to a specialist, to a service center. We recommend informing specialists in detail about those suspicions that we have about the fact that head malfunctions are possible. They will consider this, and if it turns out that everything is so, you have a choice of several ways to develop this event.

The first option involves replacing a broken element. The second option involves purchasing a new printer. Do NOT panic ahead of time. Damage to printheads is a fairly common problem. And it’s not a fact that your printer has stopped printing in black for this reason. If for a start you want to exclude simpler reasons, then postpone the visit to the service center for a while.

Why Canon Black Cartridge Does Not Print?

Another prerequisite for which the printer may stop printing in black is clogging. If suddenly the Canon printer stops printing in black, and you do not know what to do, but take the device to the service center for comments, then you can try to check what happened yourself. Try to print a test document. Suppose you failed to complete this action, although the settings indicate that there is still black ink in the printer. Try using a printer-specific flush solution.
You need to drop this solution onto the print head and wait a little. When cleaning is done, try again. If this works, you will no longer have to puzzle over the question of why the device does not print in black. The problem was found and fixed. But what if flushing the printheads doesn’t work? You can try to find the reason for this behavior elsewhere. Let’s try to figure out what else such a phenomenon can be connected with.

Canon black cartridge prints poorly

The most commonplace reason a printer can stop printing in black is when the printer just runs out of ink. The computer may NOT inform the user about this problem. In this case, the Canon printer stops printing in black. What to do in this case? This, incidentally, applies not only to the models listed above, but also to all other printing equipment. If the device runs out of ink, you will have to install a new ink cartridge in the device or refill the old one.
You can perform this procedure both independently and at a service center. Also, some models of printers require direct refilling of the cartridge using ink and a syringe. This procedure is most often carried out at home. After the cartridge is refilled, shake it slightly and check. If the printer still won’t print in black, the problem was not with the ink. If after refueling the problem has disappeared, then in the future you need to carefully monitor the remaining amount of ink.

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In some cases, printers may refuse to print on the grounds that the ink in them was “improperly infused. This can be associated with a host of problems. Quite often, the cause of the problem is a poorly performed refueling. What is this about? You may have had a bad seal on the cartridge or not fully inserted it into the equipment. Make sure the cartridge is in place.
This is usually indicated by a slight click. If the ink was poured into the equipment already inserted, then you will have to take the adhesive tape and stick it tightly on the “injection site.” This can correct the problem. After completing the above procedures, you should try again to check the functionality of the equipment. Perhaps, for some time now, problems with printing documents will no longer bother you. However, this does not always happen.

Why does the product not print in color if there is ink

If, after installing the color cartridge, the device did not start printing, you need to perform simple manipulations with the equipment, after which the work will resume. Black is usually consumed faster than others, but this does NOT mean that color is the problem. There can be a lot of reasons why black prints and other comments. Most often they are very commonplace. colors are consumed to a lesser extent.

The black color changes with the usual movement of the hands, but when setting the colors, the correct position of the cartridges is violated. The surfaces of the compartment where the black changes regularly can be wiped, smooth, and refilling the ink easier. In any case, if a color printer prints in black, you need to fix it somehow. The reasons for this behavior of technology may be more serious.

Continuous ink supply system

serious reasons can cause color or black and white printing to stop. There is a risk that replacing the cartridge at this point is a coincidence, and nothing more. In fact, the help of a specialist is needed. But before you sound the alarm, panic, contact the service center, you should do everything that depends on the user, is in his competence. Sometimes the reasons why equipment is idle are very simple. Easy to fix everything.

The plugs are NOT closed

Since the ink has been changed, there is a risk that it was placed unevenly, and therefore the device does not print with color ink, although the opposite was expected from it. This risk always exists. It is necessary to devote a few minutes to changing the paint. It is haste that becomes a prerequisite for why a color printer prints only a fraction of the colors after recharging the cartridges. There is no time to read the instructions, manufacturer’s recommendations, inspect the compartment, all elements of the continuous ink supply system.

Correctly closed plugs in large compartments

So, if after replacing a color cartridge, the device does not print with color ink, there is a chance that the new one is not installed correctly. We need to check everything again. Perhaps large and small plugs are in the wrong position. This prevents the technique from getting to work. Details are fragile. Close them carefully, as shown in the photo. After that, ink will start flowing into the writing head.

If the CISS is supplemented with the chip zeroing lever, it must also be handled carefully. Sometimes filters are installed in the compartment instead of a small plug. They prevent small debris from entering the mechanism, clog up over time. These filters must be changed in a timely manner, otherwise the paint will stop flowing. Their condition also needs to be checked.

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It also happens that the printing process is disrupted simply due to the fact that they forgot to remove the orange stripes from the cartridges. This is true if the HP printer does not print in color. The photo shows which stripes are in question. They must be removed before installation. Otherwise, air exchange will be disrupted and the seal will be blocked. They cover the ventilation hole. This is a way to protect against drying out. Sometimes it is worth cleaning the holes with a regular pin. After this procedure, the technician prints better.

Incorrect cartridge position

The position of the cartridge is standard in Canon, HP, and Epson. The tray looks almost the same, it may differ, of course, due to different dimensions, materials from which the equipment is made. But the principle is the same by different manufacturers. So, if the position of the new cartridge is out of order, it is easy to determine. If the reservoir is in a slightly raised position, there is a risk of ink leakage into the mechanism, and the color printer will automatically block user commands. And only after aligning the position, the technician prints. When the reservoir is below the desired level, ink simply stops flowing from the cartridge into the writing head, the device prints only a part of the colors.

Level position of cartridges

It is possible that the ink level has exceeded the required mark during refilling. This may also be the reason. In this situation, pump the small compartment: use a syringe to gently push air into it. After that, the small compartment is closed, the large compartment is left open, the cartridges are put in place, I control the position, check the seal again.

The writing head is clogged

Over time, ink can clog the nozzles with the printheads. The likelihood of this increases if a color printer has been used for a long time, and it works with water-soluble ink. Both the Canon printer and the HP printer will refuse to print. You will need to clean the printhead of the printer.

Cleaning the printheads

It is recommended that you print at least once a week with a printer that uses Water Soluble Ink, or check the system with the appropriate driver. If pigment inks are used, it is advisable to print on the printer twice a week at least. In this case, both the Canon color printer and the HP color printer will last longer without pauses and stops, but sooner or later there may still be a need to clean the print head and its nozzles. So it is best to do preventive cleaning regularly. Your printer will always print much better with proper care.

Air in cartridge plumes

The continuous ink system will wear out over time. One problem is air seals. Many printers of different brands fail due to this. A sure sign of a problem is that printing is possible only if the ink level is above the maximum mark. But even this trick helps only for a short time. Soon, the air seals finally fail.

Removing air from the loop

Air enters the plume of the cartridges and during normal operation. in a small amount. For preventive maintenance, you need to open the list of printer parameters from time to time, carry out cleaning.

Black prints and other comments

Does it matter which color is NOT printed: all colors, or just the one that was changed, or only black, or one of those colors that remained in place? A color printer is a sophisticated, clever technique that, with the help of color, stopping the supply, can report the specifics of a breakdown.

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The product does not print

Check1 Make sure the printer is on.

If not, make sure the printer is securely connected and press the ON button. To turn it on.

The ON lamp flashes while the printer is initializing. Wait for the ON indicator to stop flashing and turn on.


Large amounts of data, such as photographs or graphics, take longer to prepare for printing. The ON lamp blinks while the computer is processing and sending data to the printer. Wait for printing to start.

Check2 Make sure the printer is properly connected to the computer.

When using a USB cable Make sure it is securely connected like a printer. And to the computer. If the USB cable is securely connected, check the following.

If you are using a repeater (such as a USB hub), disconnect it, connect the printer directly to your computer, and then try printing again. If the printer starts printing, there is a problem with the repeater. Contact your repeater supplier.

It is also possible that the USB cable is defective. Replace USB cable and print again.

canon, ts5040, printer, does, print

When using the printer over a LAN Make sure the printer is properly configured for the network.


IJ Network Device Setup Utility allows you to diagnose and fix the network status. Download from web page.

Check3 Make sure the paper settings match the information set for the rear tray or cassette.

If the paper settings do NOT match the information set for the rear tray or cassette. The touch screen displays an error message. Follow the instructions on the touch screen to fix the problem.


You can choose to display a message about possible printing errors.

To change the message appearance settings for printing or copying using the printer control panel. Follow these steps:

To change the message display settings while printing using the printer driver

Check4 When printing from a computer, remove jammed jobs in the print queue.

Check5 Make sure the paper output tray is in the normal printing position.

When not using the multipurpose tray, pull out the front paper output tray until it stops and select OK on the touch screen.

Check 6 is your printer driver selected when printing ?

The product will not print correctly if using a driver for a second printer.

Make sure “Canon XXX series” (where “XXX” is the printer name) is selected in the print dialog.


If your computer has multiple printers. Select Set as Default Printer for the selected printer. To make it the default printer.

Make sure the printer name is selected in the Printer section of the print dialog.


If your computer has multiple printers. Select Set as Default Printer in System Preferences Printers and Scanners for the selected printer. To make it the default printer.

Check7 Are you trying to print a large data file? (Windows)

For large files, printing starts with a long delay.

If the product does not start printing after a certain period of time, select On. (On) for Prevention of Print Data Loss.

See Tab Description Page for details.


If you select On. (On) for Prevention of Print Data Loss. Print quality may be reduced.

Select Off after printing. (Off) for Prevention of Print Data Loss.

Check8 If printing from a computer, restart the computer.

Restart your computer and try to print again.