Change glass on iPad 4

Replacing glass on iPad

Choose your view of the iPad model from the views above and find out how much it costs to replace the iPad glass. If you do not know the exact model of your iPad, read this article, and you will precisely determine the model and cost of replacing the iPad glass.

All for replacing iPad glass are indicated taking into account the cost of a good, original touchscreen and the work of our masters.

IPad repair glass replacement

We will do a very high quality iPad repair for glass replacement! The sensor of your iPad will work as before, the new glass will delight you with its appearance.

Identifying your iPad model

Look at the back cover of your device and find the model number that starts with the letter “A”. Then choose one of our sections above on this page that matches your iPad model. So you can accurately determine the type of model of your iPad and, accordingly, find out exactly how much it costs to replace the glass on the iPad.

IPad glass replacement. IPad Touchscreen Replacement

IPad mini glass replacement

The for repairs are indicated taking into account the cost of spare parts and the work of the master.

Customer repair

It takes 20 minutes to repair the sensor or change the glass at the InApple service center. All the necessary components are available in our warehouse in sufficient quantity, and thanks to the solid experience of the specialists working here and the rich material base, the replacement of the touchscreen is carried out so quickly. However, any other repair InApple carries out in a short time (no more than 3 days).

IPad Glass Replacement

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90 days repair warranty Free device diagnostics Repair price will not change

A network of services near the metro Repair at the client in 25 minutes 100% high quality, new parts

The need to repair the sensor arises quite often. high-tech Apple tablets are quite fragile, so their screen can be damaged not only by dropping or crushing the device, but even by inaccurate pressing on it. InApple is an official service center that repairs Apple tablets of any model. How much it costs to repair a touch glass and eliminate associated damage, an InApple specialist will be able to say after a comprehensive diagnosis that will be carried out in your presence. Repair also does not take much time: all the necessary components and tools for their installation are available.

Free diagnostics

The cost of replacing the iPad touch glass in our service center includes free diagnostics: software and hardware examination of the device for hidden internal damages. Often, the touch screen does not respond to pressing due to the fact that the cable has come off or there are problems with the firmware, which means that cheaper repairs will be required. It also happens the other way around: replacing the glass alone does not solve the problem. Thus, the installation of glass is advisable only after identifying all breakdowns in the device.

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iPad 4 Screen Repair Replacement Directions

Official guarantee for all work

IPad repair: changing the protective glass of the iPad, installing a new speaker, microphone, battery, cables, etc is carried out after a comprehensive diagnosis. Regardless of what kind of repair you are interested in, we give a full guarantee for the device. Thus, if during the warranty period you need to replace the sensor or repair the glass and the breakdown is not related to flooding or mechanical damage, InApple will provide you with services free of charge upon presentation of a warranty card.

IPad Repair Cost

Important! The price of repair already includes the cost of spare parts and the cost of work.

IPad Glass Replacement

Broken or cracked glass on iPad. the problem that the service centers have to solve most often. The product line of Apple tablets is distinguished by its unconditional quality, but after bumps, drops and other unwanted contacts with the screen, the iPad glass has to be replaced on the gadget. With such a difficult procedure, the masters in our service center will quite easily and quickly cope.

  • We’ve been fixing Apple for 5 years. thousands of satisfied customers
  • Repair with you. We manage to do 72% of repairs in 35 minutes
  • Free diagnostics
  • Original spare parts
  • Guarantee for all works

Replacing glass on an iPad in our service

First, the wizard diagnoses the device. Often, when the tablet falls, in addition to the glass, the case of the iPad is damaged. It also needs to be changed, about which our master will immediately notify the owner of the device. And he will provide such a service if he agrees. Learn more about the benefits of replacing the iPad case in our workshop.

To change the glass on the iPad, the serviceman uses a screwdriver to unscrew the bolts holding the screen to the back of the case, and releases the screen and touchscreen cables that connect these elements to the motherboard. The old display module with the non-working glass is removed, and the new one is installed. Now it remains to assemble the disassembled tablet in reverse order and test the operation of the screen.

Self-repair: possible risks

Many users believe that it is enough to read the information on the Internet about the breakdown procedure to properly replace the iPad glass. In fact, such a self-confident position is far from reality. Knowledge alone is not enough to successfully solve such a complex problem. Experience is also needed. Only practical skills will allow you to keep all the parts intact and successfully assemble and disassemble the device.

Otherwise, there is a risk of accidentally damaging the loops, which will then need to be changed. Therefore, be careful, and even better. contact people who do this professionally.

Replacing the iPad glass. procedure and subtleties

  • oneWe diagnose the device brought by you or our courier free of charge.
  • 2We make repairs and also give a guarantee for newly installed parts. On average, repairs take 20-30 minutes.
  • 3Get a working device yourself or call our courier.

iPad 4 Digitizer Replacement Video

The generations of tablets are changing, and the assembly principles that the manufacturer implements for better gadgets work change with them.

New devices work in a completely different way: functions are controlled with the direct participation of glass. A special layer of material is applied to it, which, when touched, provokes the execution of actions by the tablet.

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Therefore, if the glass of the tablet is broken, then the entire display module is replaced on the iPad along with the touchscreen.

Avoid unscrupulous craftsmen

There is a category of people who do not hesitate to make money on human failure. They often open services and offer services at low prices, promising only quality work. Inexperienced and gullible people fall into this trap. As a result, cheap non-original parts can be used during repairs, which will eventually lead to equipment breakdown.

Components that are absolutely not suitable for a particular model are also often used by pseudo-masters. All this leads to the fact that the cost of repeated repairs already from reliable craftsmen increases significantly. Or the gadget stops working altogether, and it is not possible to fix anything in it. Therefore, in order to replace glass on an iPad, you need to be extremely careful when choosing a service.

Below in the photo you can see several examples of installed glasses:

How to change the iPad 4 display yourself?

In principle, replacing the display on the iPad 4 is possible without any special knowledge. The first thing to do is purchase a new touch glass. You will need a hairdryer, a utility knife, a Philips 0 screwdriver with a blade, tweezers and 3M VHB double-sided tape. Everything is ready to go. In order.

It is important to understand that replacing the display on the iPad 4 on your own is not an easy task and requires, if not golden hands, then at least silver.

Damaged glass must be removed. We heat the glass around the perimeter with a hairdryer, and then, using a blade, separate it from the case. The glass is glued with glue, which peels off when exposed to heat. This should be done very carefully, the depth of insertion of the blade should be minimal, so as not to damage the “insides” of the iPad. Be especially careful when working near the home button. When the glass comes off, you need to open it like a book cover to the left.

Now you need to disconnect the LCD screen from the motherboard. Do not leave fingerprints on the LCD screen, they are difficult to remove later. To access the connector, unscrew the 4 screws on the sides of the screen, then separate the screen, opening it like a book cover to the left. When the latter is folded down, disconnect it from the motherboard. Now you can remove the damaged glass, for this you need to snap off the two latches.

Separate the camera and the home button. The button is attached to the bracket. Remember how these parts are positioned on the glass. They are glued with the same glue, so you can separate them with a hair dryer and a blade, acting by analogy.

Official iPad 4 Screen / Digitizer Replacement Video & Instructions.

Using double-sided tape, glue the camera and home button to the new glass.

Everything is now ready for assembly. It happens in the reverse order. First connect the connector of the new glass and fix it with the clamps, then install the LCD screen and connect its connector. The screen is in place and now needs to be secured with the mounting bolts on the sides.

It remains to deal with the glass fastening with double-sided tape. The first thing to do is to cut pieces of 3M VHB tape that fit the perimeter of the glass. Before gluing a new glass, you need to make sure that the gadget works as it should, so you need to attach the glass and check everything. Be sure to also make sure you haven’t left fingerprints on the screen or the inside of the glass. There will be debris and dust inside the iPad. The entire structure can be wiped with a dry microfiber, as well as use a can of compressed air.

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Moving on to finalizing the iPad 4 display replacement. You have placed double-sided tape around the perimeter of the glass additive. Next, peel off the protective layer of adhesive tape and carefully place the glass on top.

How to change glass on iPad: fast and reliable

Broken glass on a tablet screen is a common problem. Many users are interested in how to change the glass on the iPad, and whether it is worth contacting a professional especially for this.

In fact, if you have the appropriate skills and experience, replacing the display glass along with the touchscreen (which are a single structure, since they are connected) will take no more than an hour or two, or even half an hour.

Why glass replacement is needed

Most often, owners of iPad tablets turn to repair shops because they need to replace the touchscreen. In most cases, this happens after falls, mechanical damage, and so on.

Despite the fact that the glass on the “apple” tablet is very durable, it is still not able to protect it 100%. Even if small chips or scratches appear on the surface of the touch screen, it may partially lose sensitivity, and therefore it will be necessary to replace the glass one way or another.

So, if the iPad does not respond to our touches in any way, reacts partially to them, or does not process requests correctly, the glass may be damaged.

Is it worth it to engage in amateur performances, or is it better to consult a specialist??

Glass replacement steps

Let’s start with the fact that not everyone can cope with this procedure. Suffice it to say that even a master is capable of inadvertently damaging any train.

In this regard, it is recommended to contact proven service centers to qualified and experienced specialists.

The fact is that such repair bureaus often provide a guarantee for the work they have done, which means that you don’t have to worry about your iPad.

Their specialists are faced with replacing glass and touchscreens every day, and therefore this is a familiar procedure for them. All elements of the “apple” tablet are so tightly fitted to each other that the master must have a sufficiently high qualification, as well as be extremely attentive.

Self-activity in this matter is unacceptable, since it can lead to extremely unpleasant consequences, and as a result, the owner of the iPad will have to overpay for repairs.

  • During the repair process, the master heats up the glass of the device around the entire perimeter using a soldering hair dryer.
  • After that, he peels it off and gently lifts.
  • Then he unscrews the bolts, carefully removes the cable and removes the screen.
  • The next step is to carefully peel off the touchscreen and remove the glass. Following this, the surface is cleaned from glue residues.
  • The “Home” button is removed and installed on a new touchscreen.
  • It remains to reassemble everything by gluing a new glass, and check the tablet’s performance.