Change glass on iPad mini 2

How to replace broken glass in iPad Mini?

Let’s say together Apple thanks for leaving the iPad 2 on sale, which means that the material of last year is relevant to this day. We do not stop there, we repair iPhones and iPads of all generations. With this article, it was the turn to repair the Apple iPad Mini. Prepared detailed material on how to replace broken glass in iPad Mini.

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An iPad Mini with a GSM module came to us for repair, which fell on the hospital tiled floor in the lower right corner. The protective touch glass crumbled into dust, the protective film saved the glass from falling out. The angle hit is deformed by a few millimeters.

iPad Mini should be disassembled from the top edge. Warm up the edge of the case with a hairdryer at a temperature not exceeding 160 degrees Celsius. Do not watch the video instructions on YouTube, many of whom have seen make mistakes. For example, heat your iPad with 220-degree air. At this temperature, the Home button melts in the iPad Mini, and the display crystals may die, this will appear in the future as a yellow spot on the screen.

Use a scalpel to cut through the heated layer of double-sided tape that is used to attach the protective touch glass to the iPad case. Advice, before removing the broken glass, stick a protective film or film from a new wheelbarrow on it, this will save the glass from spilling into parts during disassembly.

When removing the protective glass, gently help with the pick. The most difficult place is the lower right corner, there are two cables, a display and a sensor. Note that when analyzing, I did not mention the Wi-Fi or GPS antennas, Apple changed the design of the tablet, which with each new generation is easier and easier to disassemble.

Flip the touch glass off the case, then remove the two foam cushions from the screws on the right side. Magnets are placed on them, which are glued to the touch glass.

iPad Air 2 Only Glass Remove

Next, unscrew the 4 screws that secure the iPad Mini display. When disassembling the Apple iPad Mini, only Phillips screwdrivers of different sizes are used.

The display is glued along the side edges. Peel off gently, tearing off the adhesive layer with a guitar pick or a plastic knife.

There is a shielding plate under the display. It is attached to the case with 10 screws. The unscrewed plate should be removed from the right side, there is a fixing side on the left side. If you confuse the sides, you can bend the plate.

The next item to be removed is a metal plate that protects the ribbon and power connectors. It is secured with three screws.

Under the protective plate, there are two connectors of the cables, unhook them with a gentle movement of the tweezers. Broken touchscreen and display can be set aside.

Then we made sure that when the iPad Mini was dropped hard, only the touch glass was damaged, not the motherboard. The cables of the display and the new touchscreen were connected to the connectors and the iPad was turned on. The main thing is to pass the multitouch test, to check that the touch glass bus passes several signals at once. In our case, the result was positive. Turn off iPad and disconnect cables again.

With the case in the lower right corner, I had to work a little, cut off a few millimeters of jammed aluminum. Otherwise, the new protective glass would not fit snugly against the iPad Mini.

The broken display acts as a donor. Remove the protective black films and glue the open contacts on the new glass. The task is to close all the contacts so as not to massage the sensor onto the body. At the same stage, you need to remove the films covering the adhesive layer on the new touch glass.

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Place a protective touch glass and display at the bottom edge, fix the connectors of the cables and cover with a metal plate.

The next step is to return the display screen to its place, start attaching in the reverse order, on the left side.

Lower the display into place, glue two pads under the display, and fix it with adhesive tape on top. After that, screw the display with 4 screws.

Go back to the broken glass of the iPad Mini again. On the right side you find two magnets, heat it up with a hairdryer and take off. On the right side of the Apple iPad, put the foam cushions on the two screws securing the display, and magnets on them. Pillows are required so that there is no contact between the body and the capacitive glass sensor. Magnets follow the shape of the case, the position will not be confused.

Use a soft brush and blower to remove dust from the display. Remove the protective film from the inside of the touch glass and stick it in place. In the lower right corner, you can add a drop of super glue, since there are “springy” loops, you cannot allow the touch glass to peel off.

Turn on iPad mini and check the full functionality of the new sensor.

Replacing glass on an iPad. stages

Before repairing the iPad, the technician must carefully remove the old protective glass, which is not easy if it is cracked and has many fragments. Very often, service centers do not have the proper equipment, as a result, with unskilled dismantling, the Wi-Fi antenna loop is damaged. However, these components can be damaged even if dropped.

After removing the fragments, the old adhesive tape is removed and the correct operation of all elements attached under the protective glass of the display, camera, microphone and other elements is checked.

When dropped, a corner often bends or the plastic frame around the glass cracks. The master can change both the frame and straighten the corner of the body. It is very important to check the geometry of the case before applying a new touchscreen, because if the case is deformed, there will be gaps around the perimeter of the contact area with the touchscreen. Of course, with strong falls, deformation can be unrecoverable and a compromise is sought here. either change the case or put up with possible gaps between the glass and the case.

The cost of replacing glass on an iPad includes not only the cost of glass, but also the cost of consumables such as branded tape, sealing with special glue. I would like to note that with this kind of breakdown of the gadget, fingers can be cut by sharp fragments of the screen, you need to contact the service center as soon as possible. It is also possible that the internal components are broken by fragments of the screen, the WI-FI antenna is torn off, and the internal display screen is scratched.

In 90%, when the tablet falls, it is the touch glass that suffers, and the display remains working. After completing the work, the master checks the performance of the entire surface again.

IPad Glass Replacement

Is your iPad screen cracked or shattered into small pieces? This usually happens due to pressure on the screen or dropping the tablet. Consider replacement options and differences.

If the image on the screen remains as before, and you can see that the outer glass is cracked, then the iPad glass needs to be replaced, the display does not need to be changed!

If the display itself breaks down, the image must disappear or only part of it is visible. Every month we repair dozens of Apple tablets of different versions and have a lot of experience in this.

  • You can make sure of the quality of the glass even before the repair by looking at the installation on other tablets;
  • We use gluing technology as at the Apple factory;
  • In case of damage to the case, we will restore the corners and geometry so that the new part is exactly in the frame.
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iPad Mini 2 Touch Screen Replacement

IPad Touchscreen Replacement

The glass device in the iPad is actually a thin protective outer glass glued together and a very thin touchscreen glass, which has a touch effect, from which there is a ribbon cable for connecting to the motherboard. The total thickness of the glass structure does not exceed 1 mm. It is impossible and unnecessary to separate it, because in any case they go together. Therefore, replacing the iPad touchscreen will give you an updated glass of your device. In most cases, we also change the Home button along with the glass. no extra charge.

IPad Air and iPad Pro glass replacement

In modern iPad models, the glass and display are glued together and represent a single module. Initially, the factory only provides for the replacement of the entire module. We can offer the option of both replacement and glass separately. The work requires special equipment with a vacuum chamber, a separator to separate the glass from the display and an experienced craftsman.

Replacing the iPad 2, 3, 4, New, Air, Pro, Mini glass should be performed using specialized equipment. heating separator, hairdryer, tools.

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    Replacement in the salon

    The safest way to replace damaged glass on an iPad mini or other Apple tablet model is to contact a service center. But here another question arises: how much does the work of specialists cost?

    On average, replacing a touchscreen will cost 2500-3000 rubles. If there is some kind of promotion, then you can save money, but in any case, in a good salon you should count on at least 2,000 rubles. The execution time depends on the workload of the wizards, but you will definitely have to wait a couple of hours.

    After contacting the salon, a specialist will examine the tablet. At this stage, the technician must confirm that the glass needs replacement. If it is broken, then no questions arise, but there may be other problems. for example, incorrect operation on touches or stripes on a damaged display. If not only the glass is damaged, then the repair cost will be much higher.

    Removing damaged glass

    If you heat the tablet to a temperature of 90 degrees, then the glass will separate faster and without unnecessary effort. It is possible to remove the glass without heating, but then the likelihood of damage to other components increases. After heating, pry the touchscreen with a thin screwdriver and push the plastic film into the gap formed. Wear safety glasses to prevent glass fragments from getting into your eyes. Start separating the glass from the top left corner of the tablet, as there are button loops on the right side.

    Make sure that the film is visible from the inside of the touchscreen. so you can be sure that the adhesive layer is damaged. When peeling glass, pay attention to several dangerous places:

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    iPad mini 2 screen replacement A1489 A1490 A1432 A1454

    • Slightly to the left of the lower right corner. here is the Wi-Fi antenna in the form of a film, which is glued to the touchscreen. Make sure that the film or knife goes between the antenna and the touchscreen. There is a lead-in cable between the antenna and the case, so if you pull it, the Wi-Fi will stop working.
    • The area just below the upper right corner. here is the loop of the power and volume control buttons. Pass the tape effortlessly so as not to damage the train. If the film does not go, see what is in the way, or go from the other side.
    • The upper part of the touchscreen. here are glued 3G and GPS antennas in the form of films. Keep track of them and don’t make extra effort.

    After separating the glass from the case, it is necessary to disconnect the touchscreen cable. Unscrew the matrix screws, lift the connectors and disconnect the ribbon cable. Done. damaged glass removed.

    Self-service replacement of broken iPad glass

    How to change the glass on the iPad yourself to save a little on calling the service center? In principle, this operation can actually be performed on our own, but this will require special equipment and some skills in repairing equipment. Failure to do so could damage components that were not originally damaged.

    Self repair

    If you do not want to pay extra money, then you will have to figure out how to change broken glass on iPad yourself. To complete this operation, you will need the following tools:

    • New original glass.
    • Heating technology.
    • New adhesive tape.
    • Solvent.
    • A thin knife or plastic wrap (usually used in packaging equipment, a hard plastic bottle will do as well).
    • Small screwdrivers.
    • Protective glasses.

    Do not use kitchen knives, as their blades are not thin enough. chances are high that you will damage other components and plumes.

    In addition, the temperature must be monitored when heating. You can heat the device with a hair dryer, but it will be difficult to achieve the optimal temperature. 90 degrees.

    Installing a new touchscreen

    Before installing a new touchscreen, peel off the remnants of the old tape on the case. Remove dirt with a cotton swab and solvent. Degrease the surface to which the new tape will adhere with the same solvent. Stick on double-sided tape. In the place where the train passes, use 3 mm tape, in other places. 8 mm. Do not leave gaps between strips of tape to prevent dust from accumulating between them. Don’t forget to cut out the light sensor.

    To check if the touchscreen is working properly, connect the ribbon cable. Turn on the tablet and make sure the entire screen is responsive to touch. If everything works fine, re-paste the Home button from the old touchscreen to the new touchscreen. Check the operation of the button and proceed to gluing the glass. But first, do not forget to screw the matrix to the body.

    When laying the glass, make sure that the cable lies in a special recess. If you leave the cable under the touchscreen, then a gap will appear over time.

    • Remove the protective film from the touchscreen and adhesive tape (leave the protective tape on the side of the ribbon only).
    • Glue the touchscreen, aligning it to the corners.
    • Check again that the ribbon cable is installed correctly. Remove the protective film and glue the glass.
    • Wipe the touchscreen with a cloth, lightly pressing.

    For a tighter adhesion, warm up the screen again. Turn on the tablet, make sure the touchscreen is working. Conduct a visual inspection: there should be no large gaps between the case and the touchscreen.

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