Change glass on iPhone 7 plus

The vagaries of iPhone repair

In principle, Apple’s basic policy is focused on the fact that it is better to replace, rather than repair in the field, a damaged gadget.

Anyone who addresses the problem of a broken screen will first of all be offered the opportunity to replace the broken iPhone with a new one. with an additional charge. Instead of a broken one, you get a factory tested gadget that meets high quality standards, with a full cycle of a one-year warranty.

iPhone 7 Plus Screen Replacement done in 6 minutes

Please note that in the event of any intervention (not by authorized center employees). during the warranty period, you automatically lose the ability to replace the iPhone with a new one (with a surcharge). This is the main condition of this program.

Therefore, even a broken smartphone should not be opened. He will then be sent to the manufacturer. to perform professional repairs and complete restoration of all settings, in accordance with the standards of the enterprise.

What do you get when you contact a third-party service center? In the best case. a couple of months. for a second call for free, with an unpredictable result. And all this for about the same money as when exchanging with a surcharge, plus you can forget about the manufacturer’s warranty.

In general, replacing the broken glass of the screen is a very scrupulous business. Often, service centers offer to change the entire screen module at once. And with the right “donors”, you know, it’s still stressful. smartphones are new. A large number of original spare parts (or their counterfeit equivalents) should appear only by the end of January-February 2017. And they will cost 20-30 thousand rubles.

But how then to be? Do not pay almost half the cost of a gadget to replace the display. And besides, it is not known how successful the replacement procedure will be. Nobody guarantees you the same high performance as the working original.

iphone 7 plus glass replacement

And again, damage to damage is different. If the “seven” has a crack on the display, just temporarily close it by sticking any protective film, it will protect against further depressurization and simultaneously strengthen weak points.

In cases where the screen is cracked in many places after a fall, but continues to work, the touch “Home” responds adequately to commands. it makes sense to try to replace only the glass. We recommend not to postpone the trip to the workshop, as microscopic debris can damage the matrix. And then you will have to change it, and this will definitely cost a pretty penny.

The main problem here is that it is very difficult to remove the glass and reattach it, avoiding the appearance of uneven adhesion of it to the screen. Even professionals don’t always get it right. In this regard, we strongly recommend not to engage in amateur performances, but to contact verified offices.

Also, to carry out such work, you will need special glue and a whole list of additional devices and materials, which are not advisable to purchase for a one-time procedure. So you shouldn’t experiment, like “it will work, it will not work” on such an expensive device as the iPhone.

And it’s better not to save money, and replace the entire display module in the assembly. You can easily cope with this procedure yourself. That’s just for now, the problem is to find a spare part as close as possible to the original. If you are lucky enough to get a new display module, you can try to dismantle the old one, and reassemble the smartphone as a Lego. How to do it. see further.

IPhone 7 glass replacement at home

Despite the fact that the new Apple flagships, starting in 2016, have become dust and water resistant, this did not save them from other mechanical damage. Shattered display glass tops the top 10.
As an evil, the weighty iPhone with acceleration falls exactly on the fragile display, and not on the durable metal “back”. No matter how strong and hardened the glass is, it cannot tolerate close contact with asphalt (concrete). And a line of frustrated users goes to the workshops, whose devices have lost in the battle of technology against Earth’s gravity.

change, glass, iphone

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Algorithm for self-replacement screen iPhone 7

If this does not scare you, and, most importantly, you managed to find a suitable donor (or a new spare part), you can try to install it yourself. There is nothing extra-complicated about it.

The sealed iPhone 7 is slightly more difficult to disassemble than its predecessors. his joints are glued with a special insulating compound. To facilitate the process, we recommend that you warm them up a little with a hair dryer to soften the glue joints. Next, you need to unscrew the two bolts near the only lightning port with a special star screwdriver.

Walk around the perimeter of the joint under the top of the screen with any suitable object (a plastic spatula, for example), starting at the area near the port. This will allow you to peel off and detach the side latches, then gently pry up and slowly begin to detach the top of the screen from the case. Do not make sudden movements. this can damage the latches and thin connecting cables that power the display.

We draw your attention to the fact that new iPhones open like a book. Therefore, when disconnecting, you need to move from the port. and along the left edge (on the side opposite to the camera window).

Now our task is to unscrew many bolts on the strips that protect the loops. We remove them in the places marked with arrows and unfasten the trains with a spatula. To avoid a short circuit, it is imperative to de-energize the system by disconnecting the loop coming from the battery! Then detach the cable leading to the camera and speaker.
After that, you can completely remove the top of the screen. Now it’s time to mount a new replacement module. in the photo it is on the left. We need to transfer the camera, the top speaker and the “Home” button from the native device to it.

Carefully remove the tape securing the connecting wires and the bright protective film from it, then remove the speaker and camera module from the home part of the screen (on the right in the photo). To do this, unscrew the screws marked in the photo below, and, pushing the camera cable away, take out the ear speaker, then carefully disconnect the rest of the camera cables and pull it out. Here’s what should happen. Now it’s time to dismantle the home button “Home” from the broken display module. Again, we unscrew the screws at the marked points, disconnect the cables and take out our unique button (it will fall out by itself. in the direction opposite to you). The cover plate can be removed from the broken display. Unscrew the screws again at the points indicated in the photo. Unfasten the connecting cables and remove the cover. Now you need to rearrange “Home” on the new display module. Turn it over and reinsert the Home button, pushing the factory protective film off the screen. Connect the cables to it and reassemble all the parts in the reverse order. We remind the sequence of installing the camera module and speaker. First, the camera is inserted into the opening, then the speaker (with the golden side up), and then the contacts are connected. Finally, rearrange the metal protective strip, connect the screen cable. Do not forget to screw in all the screws! In fact, this is not an easy task. after all, they are all different sizes. In order not to lose and not get confused, it is better to lay them out on a sheet of paper, along the way making notes where they are from.

Do not use too much force when screwing them back in, as excessive pressure will apply pressure and may damage the board components or the screen itself.

That’s it, our screen unit is assembled and ready for final installation. After inserting the side latches into the grooves, fasten the cables back, the last will be the power cable. At this stage, you need to check the functionality of the installed module. Press the power button and check that the start-up proceeds normally. Examine the screen for dead pixels or blackouts. Check whether the Home button responds correctly to pressing the button, whether the application lists are scrolling in the menu, whether the camera starts, test the sound. If everything is fine, turn off the device and continue assembling. We fasten the protective pads to the points where the cables are connected. first the ones above the power supply, then the ones near the camera, then put the halves of the smartphone together, starting to snap them. Control the pressure, you should not press hard. It remains to screw in two pentalobe screws and be done. It is clear that after the procedure, your device will lose its tightness. But with a strong desire, it can be restored, many centers already offer such services.

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Glass replacement cost

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From Maxim Gorky Square, leave the ring in front of Rostelecom and move towards Gazprom. You need the first multi-storey red brick house at the beginning of the square.

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You can leave your car in the free parking lot at the Respublika shopping center from Litvinova; against the shopping center “Respublika” next to McDonalds; near TSUM; at the intersection of st. Litvinov and arrival at the metro bridge.

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You need to walk 60 meters towards Fantastic and come to house 195.

It is necessary to turn to the business one either before Fantastic or after, almost immediately (119 meters) there will be a turn to the left and the road along the houses. Pass the large office of Sberbank and see our sign.

Free parking around the office.

Select the required service. Our experts will give a free, fast and technically competent consultation on your question

  • Make sure the price includes the cost of work and spare parts.
  • Make sure parts and technicians are certified.
  • Make sure to offer an official warranty from the legal entity. persons and are responsible for the device (work under a contract from an individual entrepreneur or LLC).
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Copying and using information in any form is prohibited and prosecuted in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Original parts are not original parts. Screen glass replacement is screen replacement (Original class) with a discount for the matrix. The cost of replacing glass separately may differ.

Replacing the microphone and charging connector on the iphone 7 plus flex cable

At the bottom of the smartphone are the lightning connector and the main microphone, which are located at the bottom of the smartphone, so this cable is called the bottom one. Damage to the case in the area of ​​the home button most often entails damage to the microphone or the iphone 7 plus charging connector. Many problems arise after falling or getting liquid on the lower plume. You can always prevent the first falls, many interesting accessories are available for sale in our offices. covers, bumpers. If, nevertheless, you did not have time to protect the device and the bottom cable is out of order, the Apple service center will replace the charging connector with microphone assembly on the iphone 7 plus.

Iphone 7 plus speaker replacement

Music speaker, let’s start with it. There are more holes in the lower part of the case, that is, on the left and right sides, due to the lack of a headset jack. The sound is now richer, louder. this is the second plus in the new model. The music speaker goes in a plastic block and it is difficult to damage it, only by water or as a result of a shock. Many teenagers who have such a phone use it as a speaker and over time the speaker will certainly not play as we would like. a quiet sound and sometimes with a hoarseness. In case of such breakdowns, the service installs the lower speaker of the iPhone 7 plus and checks whether the defect has been eliminated or not, according to the result, the client is notified.

Hearing or among the common people, the upper speaker of the iphone 7 plus can be pre-tested independently, if the problem manifests itself periodically or only with the use of a mobile network, then the case can be much more complicated, in all other cases the problem is eliminated by changing the upper speaker.

IPhone 7 Plus Button Replacement

There are not so many buttons for 7 plus, they have a standard arrangement. the volume buttons on the left, silent mode and the power button on the right. We will not surprise you if we inform you that all these elements are on the same cable and after the breakage of any of the buttons, the replacement of the iphone 7 plus top cable follows. One of the most time-consuming types of work, which involves a complete disassembly of the device, except for the lower elements. Replacing the iPhone 7 Plus button takes about 1.5-2 hours. An urgent replacement is also made, but here you have to pay extra, the manager will announce the cost of the extra payment.

Restore / update iOS version on iphone 7 plus

The novelty comes with version 10 of iOS, within a month after the start of sales, software patches are usually released that eliminate some of the shortcomings. We recommend that you accept the first 1-2 updates, then, when the firmware version of the iphone 7 plus is more stable, you don’t have to strive for the latest software. The phone will never fail if you regularly synchronize data with your computer, clean memory and cache 7 plus. The presence of a large amount of information on a smartphone affects its performance, so the speed of your smartphone depends directly on you. Upgrading the iOS version on iPhone 7 plus, update period from 1 hour, software repairs are subject to a limited warranty.