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How Royal Service changes the glass on the iPhone 8 Plus?

Specialization of the Royal Service network of service centers is the resuscitation of Apple technology. Our craftsmen know exactly what needs to be done and in what sequence so that your gadget works like new again. We do not recommend re-gluing the glass on your smartphone yourself. The devices of the American corporation are designed in such a way that they can be disassembled and assembled with special tools.

iPhon 8 plus replacement touch glass

Replacing glass on the iPhone 8 Plus in our center is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Device diagnostics. An obligatory step that makes it possible to identify deep-seated faults.
  • Removing the Pentalobe screws. Due to the specific thread, an ordinary screwdriver does not fit them, therefore a special tool is used.
  • Opening the display module. With the help of powerful suction cups, the front panel is lifted from the body and moved to the side.
  • Detaching the brackets. Using fine tweezers, the technician gently disconnects the hardware cables.
  • Replacing a damaged part. The cracked glass is delicately peeled off the screen and replaced with a new one. Before giving the smartphone to the client, the masters check its serviceability and functionality.

Please note that specific equipment is used at all stages of work. This approach allows you to ensure high quality glass replacement and its efficiency.

IPhone 8 Plus Glass Replacement

The American company Apple released the first iPhone in 2007. Exactly 10 years later, the iPhone 8 Plus appeared on the market, which at the time of the premiere was the most technologically advanced consumer smartphone in the world. It features dual cameras with digital zoom, a Lightning port and a super powerful processor. The body of the device is covered with tempered glass panels that are resistant to scratches and abrasions. However, they are not able to protect the device from the consequences of falls.

Cracks and chips that appear on the front panel due to extreme loads often spoil the appearance of devices. To avoid injury from sharp debris and cause more serious damage, we recommend that you promptly repair the iPhone 8 Plus glass. Without integral protection, the screen becomes very vulnerable and can fail at any time. Replacing the display module will be several times more expensive than replacing the top cover, so don’t risk it.

Kiev is a dynamic city, so the speed of work is important. Specialists of the Royal Service are ready to change the glass on the iPhone 8 plus as soon as possible. At the same time, you will receive a guarantee for the part and services, and you will be able to become a member of the loyalty program.

Royal Service

The Royal Service service center stands out from other companies in Kiev, since we give a guarantee for protective glass, plastic frame, quality of gluing frame and glass, gluing of display and glass. Replacing the iPhone 8 Plus glass is formalized, an act of completion is drawn up. We are extremely honest with our clients and always fulfill our obligations.

If you need an urgent glass replacement for iPhone 8 plus, leave an email request. The manager will call you back at a convenient time and discuss all the details. From him you can get answers to your questions and find out the cost of work.

Screen features

A high-contrast TFT display with a proprietary oleophobic coating developed by the Cupertino-based company is used. With a diagonal of 4.7 inches, the matrix has a pixel density of 326 ppi and a resolution of 1334×750 pixels, which exceeds the corresponding parameters in the generally accepted HD standard. 1280×720.

Replacement of the sensor is required only in case of critical damage, in other cases it is enough to install the top layer. This material serves several purposes:

  • Prevents image degradation due to glare from sunlight.
  • Simplifies mobile phone care, prevents the appearance of fingerprints on the front.
  • The first to take impact when dropped on a hard surface, protects against damage.

IPhone 8 Glass Replacement

The displays used in the 8th generation iPhone are modular in design. Apple screens include matrices, screen protectors, backlights, front bezels, polarizing films, and OCA adhesives to secure all components in place. Disassembly of these units is done when you need to replace the glass of the iPhone 8 without the obligatory installation of a new touchscreen assembly.

The main conditions for the long service life of the replaced element are the use of high-quality original spare parts and the observance of technological standards during the installation of parts. Attempts to repair your smartphone yourself can lead to permanent damage or an increase in the cost of professional repair. In order not to risk expensive equipment, it is worth entrusting the replacement of the defective element to certified workers. To do this, contact our technical center.

Applying for iPhone repair

If you need to replace the original glass on the iPhone 8, send the number through the online form or call us. Apple Service Center staff can provide up-to-date pricing information and suggest an appropriate time to meet with an engineer at your facility.

Support specialists answer questions on Whatsapp. The technical center works from 9 am to 9 pm, replacement of the damaged surface in the device is possible any day. The average waiting time for masters is 40-60 minutes. Trips to the territory of the capital within the Moscow Ring Road are not charged, complex diagnostics is carried out free of charge.

How the iPhone protective glass is glued?

  • We thoroughly clean the screen surface from dirt, streaks and stains.
  • Trying on protection for the screen. We center it so that all the holes coincide clearly along the contour. Now, using the strips of tape that usually come in the kit, we fix the protection in the selected position, with one end we glue to the glass with the other to the back cover of the phone. The resulting smartphone protection design should look like a little book.
  • Now we degrease the surface of the screen. For this, a special napkin is included with the glass. Or you can use a window cleaner.
  • With the second cloth from the kit or a piece of microfiber, wipe the surface of the screen dry.
  • Additionally, we clean the display with a sticker, which is also included in the kit. She will take over all the remaining dust and lint.
  • Next, remove the sticky layer from the Protective Glass and gently, holding the edges, stick it on the display. Thanks to fixation on one side, the glass should lie flat, as it was planned.
  • Now you need to carefully smooth the surface so that all air bubbles come out with a napkin or bank card.

Replacing the display on an iPhone

The better 3D glass for iPhone versus regular protective?

Compared to traditional glass coverings, the new product is recognized as a more reliable means of preserving the phone. No wonder some users began to cover the body of the gadget with them on both sides. This option is especially suitable for those “Yabloko” who do not want to hide the ideal shape of their cool smartphone in a case. The main advantages of 3D glasses include:

  • Full coverage of the front panel. that is, it covers more than just the display surface;
  • flawlessly fits the size and shape of the device body;
  • reproduces forms as much as possible, both from the front side and the screen. After installation, it looks like glued;
  • elegant and thin to the touch, the material weighs 10 grams, which guarantees durability. Almost all models of such protection are characterized by a hardness index of 9H.

Sticking 3D glass requires skill, so it is very problematic for an ordinary user to cope with this matter. If you do not have special patience and skills, then entrust this work to a professional. The service department will definitely not allow curvature with bulging edges, as well as the appearance of typical air bubbles.

What is protective glass for??

Mobile phone screen protector is designed with clear glass that has been reinforced for better shock absorption.

Glass significantly surpasses film in terms of strength, protecting the smartphone even from deep scratches. In case of bumps and falls, there is a chance to do without repairing the device, because the display glass and the case are the first to suffer.

IPhone Glass Replacement

What are the types of protective glasses?

All safety glasses are made from the same material. However, they differ in their characteristics. In addition to the usual, manufacturers produce glasses with markings: 2.5D, 3D, 5D, 9D, 10D and so on.

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The iPhone uses 9D glass. They cover the entire display surface, provide reliable protection and a high hardness of 9H. Suitable for frameless models of recent years. It is important to select an accessory for a specific version. One of the key indicators is hardness. It characterizes the thickness of the protection and the resistance to scratches and abrasions. Hardness is determined by the index H (hardness), the larger the number next to the letter “H”, the higher the hardness.

What screen protection can’t cope with?

To dispel all prejudices, you need to understand what to expect and what screen protection does not cope with.

  • Protective glasses protect the smartphone screen from scratches and abrasions. This is especially true for those who keep the phone in a protective bumper.
  • Glass protects against frontal impacts. If the phone is dropped flat, the protected screen will survive. If it hits the butt, even the most expensive glass will not help.
  • No matter how high-quality and durable glass is, it lives up to the first “good” fall.

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Replacing the camera glass on iPhone 6,7,8, X (plus)

The durable sapphire crystal of the camera on Apple iPhones tends to break and scratch. After the iPhone falls on a hard surface, the case can save the case, but the bulging camera itself, or rather its lens, can crack due to its bulge 🙂

Until recently, services offered to change the case immediately. And rightly so, why bother And it just so happened that there are few original cases, and they are expensive. As a result, a large number of iPhones go “re-shod” in Chinese fake cases and back covers.

We offer a new service. replacing the camera glass on the iPhone.

  • iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE;
  • iPhone 6, 6 plus;
  • iPhone 6s, 6s plus;
  • iPhone 7, 7 plus;
  • iPhone 8, 8 plus;
  • iPhone 10 X;
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone XS;
  • iPhone XS Max;
  • iPhone 11;
  • iPhone 11 Pro;
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Some guys say they have found an iPhone replacement camera glass for a very cheap price. After they came back to us after the “handshakes”, with a broken camera.

change, glass, iphone

Trust your devices to professionals 🙂


Moscow, 8 Barklaya st., M. Bagrationovskaya, Gorbushka shopping center, old building, Pavilion 48-1 (2nd floor)

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Dima, the cost of replacing the camera glass on an iPhone 6 = 1000 r

Hello, how much will it cost to replace the glass on the iPhone 6 camera

Hello, how much will it cost to change the screen on the iPhone 7

Good day. There are different options. From 3200 rubles and above

Irina, the current cost of replacing displays on the iPhone is on this page.

How long will it take to set the screen

How long will it take to put a new screen

How long will it take to replace the rear camera glass on iPhone X and how much does it cost? Can you do everything in the presence of the client so as not to come to you twice?

Hello. Broke glass on iPhone x camera. Do you have glass for this iPhone model in stock? Thanks in advance.

Hello Victoria. It’s good that you asked. Glasses for the iPhone x, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus cameras have already appeared in our warehouse, we will soon add them to the list of refurbished iPhone models. You can come to us for repairs at a convenient time for you. Call us in advance and let us know when you plan to arrive.

How much does it cost to change the camera glass on the iPhone 7 Plus ?

From 1500 to 2200 rubles, depending on the quality.

how much does it cost to change the glass on the camera of the camera on iPhone 6s?

IPhone 8 Glass Replacement

Notice if the front of your iPhone 8 has scratches or scuffs that distort the image? This suggests that the moment has come when it is necessary to take the phone for repair, and the faster the better. Replacing glass on iPhone 8 is a procedure that requires the utmost care, accuracy and skill. In addition, one cannot do without specialized equipment and new spare parts, which must be of high quality and correspond to the device model. The masters of the Capital Electronics Center have everything to carry out a professional and prompt repair of iPhone 8 glasses, and the democratic price of our services allows everyone who has encountered such a breakdown to restore the phone without problems. Please note that the outer surface plays a protective role, and even if it is slightly damaged, there is a possibility of contamination of the internal elements, damage to the sensor and matrix, and this, in turn, leads to damage to the entire display. We will help prevent such a development of events (if the touchscreen is working) by replacing the deformed part with a new one. The technology for replacing the front glass of the iPhone 8 involves: determining the general condition of the gadget as part of the initial diagnosis; disassembling the phone; check for damage to the internal elements of the screen; fixation with a special adhesive composition of the new coating; assembly and re-diagnostics to ensure that the color rendition is normal, the sensor is not “buggy” and the device is ready for use.

Low for replacing glass on iPhone 8 and a lot of other advantages of cooperation with us

Over the years of successful activity as an official warranty workshop for Apple appliances, we have gained the image of a company that performs work competently, promptly and with a reasonable approach to pricing. Replacing the iPhone 8 glass and other repairs will be inexpensive for customers, and, in addition, we guarantee: round-the-clock receiving inquiries from customers online and by phone; check-out within 60 minutes 24 hours a day; a huge stock of original components and copies; experience and high level of qualifications of the craftsmen preliminary diagnostics and coordination of any repair services with clients.

Why iPhone 8 Protective Glasses Are So Necessary?

For a smartphone, having a high-quality screen protector is a kind of necessity. Protective films of this format have many operational advantages. They differ from similar films of previous generations in their protective capabilities. Now, every smartphone owner who intends to provide an appropriate level of protection for him must use protective glass without fail. It is manufactured using modern technologies, ideally matches the parameters of a particular smartphone model.

iPhone 8 Glass Only Replacement

Glasses of this type protect against scratches, various damages and other similar influences. This is incredibly important because the device is constantly exposed to a wide variety of influences. Even the most careful attitude to your smartphone cannot guarantee complete protection against possible problems. Therefore, the screen must be protected somehow, to protect it from defects and the like. There are many different situations in which the risks of damage to the screen are very significant. Minor scratches from keys and similar objects may appear there. Dropping or hitting something can harm your smartphone. Glass can effectively and easily avoid this.

Modern screen protectors for iPhone 8 are an accessory that is unique in all respects. It is characterized by maximum manufacturability and functionality. Simplicity of placement on the screen is one of the indisputable advantages. Sticking on the glass for protection is incredibly easy if you follow the simple instructions. over, using a screen with glass glued on it will feel exactly the same as using a screen without an appropriate protective coating. Also, the film does not distort the color in any way, does not reduce the brightness of the display and other important technical characteristics.

So, if you need Protective glasses and films for iPhone 8, then we went to the exact address.

The next generation of famous American smartphones is expected to be released soon. When the iPhone 8 arrives, it’s wise to consider purchasing high-quality protective accessories. This category should definitely include special protective glasses. They are an incredibly popular attribute that is heavily used by most smartphone users. This is due to its functionality and real protective capabilities. Ease of use is also considered an important advantage.

Reliable and functional film on iPhone 8. the right choice

Keeping your smartphone as secure as possible is an incredibly important step for any user. In a particular case, the film may turn out to be an uncontested choice for many reasons. The phone remains protected at the proper level. Such a solution for protection is considered optimal by almost everyone. This is due to the minimum thickness of the protective glass, but the maximum strength. It is very easy to use. Such glass can be stored for a very long time, because it has an unlimited operational life. Films can be glossy, matte. This allows you to choose the best option for specific conditions. Matte models are distinguished by the fact that no prints remain there during operation.

How to professionally replace only glass in an iPhone?

The blue area in the center of the photo is a separator that heats the display module to remove glass. Costs 20 thousand rubles.

The device is carefully and unhurriedly opened, the loops are sequentially disconnected. This is a very important stage that requires attention and accuracy. Excessive movement or incorrect parsing sequence can damage the electronics.

The old damaged glass is removed from the heated display module with a molybdenum thread, the glue is removed and, if the polarizing film is damaged, remove it and stick a new one.

This is also very important and requires care: abrupt movement can damage the display.

If you do not remove the glue completely, there will be irregularities and bubbles during the plywood. And the accurate removal of the polarizer requires a special device.

In the foreground is an autoclave and a vacuum press for high-quality gluing of displays with two compartments. The upper compartment is a vacuum press designed for gluing displays with glass. The lower one is an autoclave, used to remove residual bubbles under the press using excess pressure. Costs 90 thousand rubles.

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The new glass and display are sent under a press for a high-quality connection, and then into a pressure chamber so that no air bubbles remain.

Both steps are necessary, as if you use only one, bubbles and bumps will remain.

Fast and high-quality glass replacement requires new high-precision equipment and experienced craftsmen. not only those who know how to work on it, but also thoroughly know the structure of the iPhone.

It looks like the front glass with a touchscreen for the iPhone X.

By the way, replacing the glass on the iPhone X requires more care and attention when disconnecting the cables (you can damage the display) than working with the iPhone 6, 7 and 8.

The metal frames on the iPhone X need to be filed away (with plastic frames, this is not necessary). In service MacPlus this is done by a separate technician who is not distracted by other types of repairs, which allows you to change glass on the iPhone faster.

Why replacing only glass on an iPhone is so difficult?

Because the glass is literally fused with the display matrix.

From time immemorial, the iPhone screen module consists of three parts: glass, a touch panel and a matrix. the part on which the picture is displayed.

Until 2010, a thin layer of air remained between the glass with the touch panel and the matrix. Accordingly, replacing broken glass was relatively easy and inexpensive.

The iPhone display module is a one-piece replacement. You can’t just remove the glass.

Starting with the iPhone 4, Apple tightly connects all three parts of the display module to each other. There is no more air gap. This was done with good intentions: the image from the matrix is ​​now as if displayed directly on the surface of the glass, and dust does not get there.

But the repair of this part has become much more complicated since then. If the glass is damaged, it is better to replace the entire display module as a whole. Removing and replacing the glass is extremely problematic: it is firmly adhered to the matrix, which is incredibly easy to damage.

Glass for iPhone XS fits into the frame.

To properly replace glass on modern iPhones, you need:

▪ carefully remove the broken glass without damaging the matrix

▪ remove all glass “dust” from the matrix, frame and body depressions

▪ using special equipment to “stick” the new glass perfectly evenly, without air interlayers.

If the first two points can be dealt with in “handicraft” conditions, then it is almost impossible to repeat the last one at home. The equipment itself is also not easy to get: it costs serious money and requires skill.

This is why replacing glass on an iPhone is a relatively rare procedure that cannot be trusted by just anyone.

However, it still costs less than just replacing the entire display module. The main thing is to go to the SC, which has the necessary hardware and is well-versed in the matter.

How much does it cost to replace glass on an iPhone?

Once we checked with MacPlus, then the are given exclusively for them. To understand the difference, we give the for glass replacement and for the entire module as a whole.

iPhone 6: from 1500 rbl. glass or from 4000 rubles. whole module

iPhone 6 Plus: from 2000 rbl. glass or from 5000 rubles. whole module

iPhone 6s: from 2500 rbl. glass or from 5000 rubles. whole module

iPhone 6s Plus: from 2800 rbl. glass or from 6000 rubles. whole module

iPhone 7: from 3200 rbl. glass or from 6500 rubles. whole module

iPhone 7 Plus: from 3500 rbl. glass or from 8000 rubles. whole module

iPhone 8: from 4000 rbl. glass or from 11,000 rubles. whole module

iPhone 8 Plus: from 4500 rbl. glass or from 12,000 rubles. whole module

iPhone X: from 12000 rbl. glass or from 25,500 rubles. whole module

iPhone XS: from 14000 rbl. glass or from 28,000 rubles. whole module

iPhone XS Max: from 17000 rbl. glass or from 33,500 rubles. whole module

iPhone XR: from 9500 rbl. glass or from 21,000 rubles. whole module

It is clear that replacing the entire module will always be preferable to replacing the glass. But the difference in price is always in favor of “minor” repair of the module.

Compare: from 12,000 rubles. for replacing glass on the iPhone X against 25,500 rubles for the entire display module. It turns out a saving of about 10 thousand rubles.

How to replace glass on an iPhone and leave the display intact

Guess the most common question asked by owners of broken iPhones.

Right. Can i replace cracked glass on an iPhone while leaving the display intact? They say it’s cheaper.

And there can be two answers. At home. no, not in any case. This venture is doomed to complete failure.

In terms of good service, yes, you can. To understand what the complexities of the process are, we contacted the well-known Russian service MacPlus. specializing in post-warranty repair of Apple technology.

At the same time, we received from them pictures of the equipment on which this procedure is carried out.

P.S. What does the iPhone look like after glass replacement? There are disadvantages?

It was / is.

If the procedure is performed correctly, then the difference between such an iPhone and a device with a new module is invisible to the naked eye and when used in general.

In case of “handicraft” repair of the module, however, it will be much worse. Detachment of glass from the frame, the appearance of air bubbles, remnants of glass dust, violation of the tightness of the display, stains and light on the matrix from the uneven distribution of new glass. only some of the problems.

The result is a compromise. IPhone glass replacement is almost always significantly cheaper, but it cannot be done anywhere. Choose a service that uses professional equipment and vouches for the result.

It was / is.

By the way, the glass replacement has an interesting plus regarding iPhone models with Face ID. iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR. You will continue to have True Tone and Face ID. In case of replacement of the entire module, no such guarantees.

The presence of original parts in iFix allows you to quickly replace the screen on the iPhone 8 Plus, the average repair time is 30-40 minutes and includes a display program to preserve the native True Tone function. We also offer restoration of sealed adhesive, which prevents moisture and dust from getting inside the case. The adhesive is applied between the display and the case and also affects the fit of the display. eliminates backlash.

Glass replacement

IFix specialists promptly and competently carry out iPhone 8 Plus repairs: replacing glass on iPhone takes an important place among our services. For the urgent restoration of a smartphone in each department of the SC there are experienced engineers, locations are equipped with professional tools, high-quality consumables, separators, pressure chambers, laminators and dust-free workplaces.

Display repair. glass replacement is carried out using the factory technology for OCA film and allows you to preserve the original matrix (LCD), color rendition, sensor response and Touch ID. This type of service is accompanied by a 6 month warranty.

It is difficult to hear during a conversation It often happens that the audibility of the upper speaker decreases and the device is not comfortable to use. This is solved by replacing the speaker grid with a new one.

In rare cases, damage or wear of the earpiece is possible, which is located under the grid and occupies 1-2% of customer calls in the iFix SC.

Despite the manufacturer’s declared resistance to moisture penetration, this happens only in theory. In practice, the likelihood of the device being flooded is very high, since the tightness of the iPhone is not constant and loses its water resistance property over time. Apple does not cover heated devices, and iPhone 8 Plus repairs after water are at the expense of the user. To test fate or not, you decide.

Why contact iFix?

We perform iPhone restoration with high quality and in a short time, accurately and professionally restoring all the elements, are open to any question and are happy to help you. In Kiev, we have more than 10 branches located in convenient locations and equipped to eliminate any Apple breakdowns. We are always in touch. We work without breaks and days off.

What happened to my iPhone 8?

Any technique is sensitive to shock, moisture, dust. iPhone is no exception. The most common problems are with the screen, battery, sensor.

Replacing the glass in the iРhone 8 is done when there is external damage, but the screen is working properly. When the phone does not respond correctly, the image is pixelated. need a replacement display.

What happens if the sensor “dulls”, does not respond to pressing, and executes spontaneous commands? Most likely, the reason is in the Touch controller. Mechanical damage and moisture negatively affect its operation.

Having trouble with your camera? Is the image blurry or focusing is not working? IPhone 8 diagnostics will help to establish the exact breakdown.

Home button stuck and unresponsive? There are problems with the Touch-ID function.

The phone started to discharge quickly, takes a long time to charge and turns off when the battery volume is more than 20-30%? I need to replace the battery with the iPhone 8. If the phone does not work without a network, does not recognize the charger, or heats up while charging. faulty power controller.

Has the speaker or sound stopped working correctly? Most likely, this is the result of dust accumulation in the phone case.

IPhone 8 Repair

Service name Price, UAH Time
Diagnostics External examination of the device, determination of possible causes of malfunction. Is free 10 min.
Glass replacement (original LCD is preserved) Chipped and cracked glass, display and touchscreen work. 850 UAH. 1 hour
Rear glass replacement Chips, scratches and cracks on the rear glass cover. 750 UAH. 2 hours
Display replacement (original) Color stripes appear, touchscreen does not work. 1800 UAH. 15 minutes.
Display replacement (high quality copy) Colored stripes appear, the touchscreen does not work. 900 UAH. 15 minutes.
Full diagnostics Internal inspection of the device, identification of possible causes of malfunction using special equipment.
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In rare cases, it can take up to several days, for example, after a short circuit on the board or after moisture has entered

The price depends on the degree of damage to the device by moisture.

The price depends on the complexity of the work in each specific case.

Frequent breakdowns of iPhone 8 and features of their repair

IPhone 8 repair

With the help of diagnostics, our specialists will establish the reasons for the incorrect operation of your phone and take measures to correct the breakdown.

In case of glass replacement, we will clean the iPhone from the remnants of the old one and, following the factory technologies, glue the new one. You can replace the display in our service center with an original one from a donor phone or a high quality copy.

If the sensor is malfunctioning. you need to change the Touch-controller microcircuit to a working one. Incorrect operation of the Home button can be corrected by replacing the cable from the button itself to the processor.

In the case when problems with the battery have arisen through the power controller, it is necessary to desolder the power controller chip on the system board.

Defective speaker and sound operation can be solved by cleaning. If the problem persists. need to replace the loop.

International repair cost

An expensive iPhone 8 repair concerns not only a complete replacement of the display, but also interfering with the operation of any other components of the phone. As you know, at the official points of sale of Apple technology around the world, you can carry a broken gadget for registration of service. You can also find out the current for repairs there.

In the US, iPhone 8 glass repairs will cost 169. The iPhone 8 will have to pay 399 to replace the rear glass. The cost does not decrease, even if there is only a small crack on your case. As you can see, upgrading a completely broken smartphone equates to the cost of a new phone, so many do not see the point in repairing.

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone 8 and how to save money on repairs?

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus differ from previous models not only in technical characteristics, but also in the design of the case. Now its surface is completely made of glass. This makes the phone not only stylish in appearance, but also is the main cause of breakdowns. After the first fall, the gadget may break. Replacing the iPhone 8 glass will cost more than other models of smartphones from Apple.

Situation in Russia

There are practically no official repair points in Russia. They can only be found in St. Petersburg and other major cities. No Комментарии и мнения владельцев are given on replacement prices. Most users prefer to contact private service companies.

Full replacement of the iPhone 8 case in the Russian Federation is possible for 28,000. 35,000 rubles, depending on the company and the characteristics of the breakdown. If we talk about a simple glass replacement on the iPhone 8, the here are not so exorbitant. from 6,000 to 8,000 rubles.

Private companies donate completely broken smartphones to Apple and provide new phones as replacements. Also, many sell surviving parts and components. All non-working devices that Apple receives are then sent to the corporation’s factories in China. There they undergo a complete renovation and go on sale again, but marked as Refurbished.

Why so expensive?

While standard screen replacement isn’t cheap, repairing one display is less expensive than buying a new smartphone. But there are difficulties with the back cover. According to the MCLabs testing center, it is physically impossible to change the external panel in the eight.

This data is also in the official Apple manual in the “Breakdowns” section. The iPhone 8’s rear glass is not replaced. Instead, you pay 399 and participate in a device replacement / repair program. A new gadget is issued throughout the month. It is important to note that this service only applies to models with a still valid warranty (1 year after purchase).

If you have drowned your smartphone, it is also not recoverable. You can try to solve the problem yourself or with the help of third-party service centers. You can try to disassemble the iPhone, dry all the parts and put it back together.

How to save?

The best way to save money on repairs is to take care of the safety of your smartphone in advance. It is recommended to install special protective glasses on the front and rear panels immediately after purchase. It is also recommended to use flip-flops or bumpers. When dropped, they have a shock-absorbing effect and do not allow the gadget to be severely damaged.

If the back glass of iPhone 8 is already broken, you have two options: take the phone to a service center or replace the display yourself.

Buying a part on your own will allow you to be sure of its quality, but no one is responsible for the materials used in private companies.

Changing glass on an iPhone at home is easy. It is important to have a set of necessary tools, a new display module and a detailed photo-instruction in front of your eyes. If you know at least a little about the hardware structure of your phone and do not have the opportunity to replace your smartphone under warranty, it makes sense to repair everything yourself.

To do this, you need a basic set of tools, which includes:

  • Suction cup for detaching the screen;
  • Plastic spudger. It disconnects the cables from the motherboard;
  • Tweezers;
  • Regular Phillips screwdriver;
  • 6-8 mediators;
  • Screwdriver

If the screen is broken, there is always the danger of glass fragments damaging other important parts of the phone. To avoid this, pre-seal the broken area with tape, without touching the ends of the smartphone.

Instructions for replacing glass on iPhone 8:

  • Be sure to turn off the gadget and remove the SIM card;
  • Remove the two screws near the charging port. This requires a Pentalobe screwdriver;
  • Next, you need to place the suction cup on the bottom of the display and pull off the screen. Pry each edge of the smartphone (except the right one) with the help of picks;
  • Open the phone as shown in the picture
  • The last stage of repair remains. disconnecting the old display and installing a new one. Take a regular screwdriver and unscrew the motherboard cover;
  • Using a spudger, you need to disconnect the cables that secure the display. Then take a new screen and install it following the instructions in reverse order.

The causes of cracks

It’s not that hard to smash an iPhone. And there are several reasons that most often lead to cracks on the display. They should, of course, be avoided:

  • the phone has fallen face down on a hard surface;
  • iPhone cracked from hard objects next to which it was in the bag;
  • a heavy object was accidentally placed on the device;
  • glass can crack if it gets into the teeth of a pet;
  • often microcracks arise from a sharp change in temperature.

The list can be replenished for a long time, but the main reason, as a rule, is the careless handling of the owner’s smartphone. The only answer to the question of what to do if the glass is broken is to change it. If after the impact on the disconnected gadget there are no black spots, the crack does not distort the picture, the sensor works flawlessly, then it is enough to change only the glass part. If there are signs of serious damage, it is better to replace the entire display module, especially for most iPhone models it comes assembled.

Is it possible to replace the glass yourself

You can find many instructions on the Internet on how to change or restore a cracked iPhone yourself. However, simple and easy repair processes look only on the monitor screen.

In reality, replacing the display and glass is a very complicated and time-consuming procedure, which requires:

  • special working conditions, perfect cleanliness in the room;
  • special tools and equipment;
  • sufficient experience, skill and specialized knowledge of smartphone design.

If you do the replacement yourself, you can make the case unusable, bring in the smallest dust particles, which will lead to negative consequences. There is no need to aggravate the situation, it is better to immediately send the smartphone with the broken glass to the service center.

Cracked glass on iPhone: what to do?

Owners of Apple gadgets most often contact service centers with a question whether it is possible to change the glass on the iPhone. The latest generation of Apple smartphones is rightfully considered the benchmark in terms of design. But, in addition to beauty, we have a rather slippery and not the most convenient case for holding in the hand, and after a fall or hit, sometimes chips appear on the display, the touch control stops working. Even if the touchscreen functionality is preserved, you should not use a phone with cracked glass.

If the glass on the iPhone is cracked, first of all, you should protect your hands, as you can cut yourself on the broken display. On a phone unprotected with special glass, it is recommended to seal the cracks with transparent tape. This will prevent moisture from entering the device, otherwise the repair can be even more expensive than just replacing the glass. If water does get into the cracks, the gadget must be turned off immediately and taken to a service for professional drying and restoration.

Why turning to professionals is better?

The correct answer to the question of what to do if the glass is cracked. go to professional craftsmen as soon as possible! Certified specialists will accurately diagnose the problem, professionally replace components, restore damaged elements, and eliminate malfunctions. Original high quality spare parts will be installed on the smartphone. All work is carried out in ideal sterility conditions, excluding the ingress of foreign particles into the phone.