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15 best color printers

Feature in the rating

The color printer has become an excellent assistant for both students and office workers, allowing you not only to process text documents, but also work with pictures. Home printers are usually chosen for their price, their speed is low, and the service is very cheap. Office machines are faster, have larger dimensions, but sometimes they give out the best quality in comparison with “home” counterparts.

The main criteria for choosing a printer include:

  • Print type. For home use, inkjet printers are predominantly chosen, and for office laser.
  • Print speed. A good office printer typically prints 33 pages per minute.
  • Resolution. 600×600 for the treat is taken as the optimum. Higher quality is needed for detailed photos or maps.
  • Weight and dimensions. For home use, we recommend compact models with low power consumption. When used in the office It is better not to waste time on trifles and take an unpretentious printer with a large working resource.

Best color printers for the office

Often, employees at work have to print Not only text documents, but also various color graphics, diagrams for illustrating a presentation or commercial proposal, brochures for clients and much more. Therefore, today, color printers for offices are by no means a luxury, and even less so rare.

The most suitable for the office, despite the increasing distribution of the main competitor. an economical inkjet printer with CISS. are still considered laser and sometimes LED devices. After all, the printing speed of the best of them can be tens of pages per minute, the paper tray holds an impressive stack of sheets, and the mechanisms are designed for fairly heavy loads.

5 Canon PIXMA TS704

The Japanese managed to combine fast work, low noise level and good print quality in Canon PIXMA TS704. The official website will be extremely useful for the owners of this model, as they regularly post the latest drivers. Well compatible with the moody Ubuntu operating system. The box contains several extra sheets of photo paper for work.

4 Xerox Phaser 6020

Xerox Phaser. The most functional representative of office printers with a nice price. Although recommended for small business use, it is reliable enough to print 30,000 pages per month and supports Wi-Fi and AirPrint. Therefore, you can send a file for printing from almost any device in the office, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone. The device also earned its place in the rating with the best resolution of 2400 x 1200 pixels for its price, even surpassing the capabilities of many premium laser printers. At the same time, it weighs less than 11 kilograms and is compact enough for a serious color printer.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Xerox is ranked among the Most Highly Rated Office Devices. Buyers praise it for its functionality, versatility in interaction with computers and mobile devices, convenient utilities and decent print quality.

3 HP Color LaserJet Professional CP5225 (CE710A)

The top three would be incomplete without a professional mid-size office laser printer. The price that was slightly too high for its main characteristics prevented it from climbing higher. However, if a laser printer with support for A3 format is required for work, then LaserJet Professional, in comparison with analogues, can be called a very profitable acquisition. At the same time, it is designed for active use with printing up to 75 thousand sheets per month, is distinguished by good speed and capacious color cartridges with a resource of 7300 pages, which is many times more than that of many competitors.

When looking for a good color printer, the question of choosing between two fundamentally different competing technologies: inkjet and laser is especially acute. Each has both strengths and weaknesses, which can be found in the Comparison Chart:

Color printer type




Low noise level


Cost of printed page

Designed for heavy loads

2 HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553n

The HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553n laser printer should be classified as a high-end, high-performance printing device. However, it was the high price that did NOT allow this model to be awarded the title of the best, even despite the high quality of the received files and a large working resource.

The HP printer is geared towards mid-level office use, but won’t get lost in large workspaces. Its resource is measured by 80 thousand printed pages per month, which is more than enough for the needs of large companies. The maximum quality of the resulting images is 1200×1200 dpi. The print speed is also okay: the device can print up to 38 black and white or color pages per minute. The resource of color cartridges is designed for 5 thousand pages, and black. for 4 thousand. The printer is large and massive, but not devoid of creativity and corporate identity. Its weight is 27 kilograms.

1 HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M653dn

Recommended by experts for large company offices, this Solid Color Laser Printer performs best in Most Important Performance Parameters. A special pride that makes the LaserJet Enterprise stand out from all others is the literally lightning speed of color and text printing on 56 sheets per minute, which is simply not enough. At the same time, the laser printer pleases with a resolution of 1200 x 1200, good for an office device, a feed of up to 3200 sheets, an output tray for 500 sheets, support for the Internet and direct printing from various devices, a color LCD screen and even automatic two-sided printing, which is rarely found in laser models.

The huge resource of cartridges of the most productive printer of the American brand also speaks in favor of HP. Color toner is enough to print 10,500 sheets, and black for all 12,500. Therefore, this HP is a godsend for those who do not want to splurge on ink.

Best low-cost color printers: budget under 10,000 rubles.

Low cost models are a special category that is in high demand. Indeed, for home or even basic work needs, a cheap printer is often enough, and the lightest and most compact of them are useful even for travel.

Although the budget segment is represented only by basic inkjet devices, it is worth noting a good selection and variety. Some printers, despite their availability, are NOT inferior in functionality and quality of printed images to individual rating participants with an average price. over, among them there are models with a continuous ink supply system or CISS, which allows you to significantly save on consumables.

5 HP OfficeJet Pro 8210

One of the most inexpensive and functional, this color printer is suitable for both the home and small business office. Duplex mode, rare in the budget segment, is designed to speed up and simplify the work with double-sided documents. No less surprising and excellent performance. The OfficeJet Pro can easily print up to 34 color or black and white pages in just a minute. In this case, the first print appears after 9 seconds. Therefore, urgent printing will not be a problem, just like printing from a tablet or smartphone, including the AirPrint function. Of course, these beneficial properties have a positive effect on your HP rating.

4 Canon SELPHY CP1300

Unlike the previous participant in the rating, the Selphy printer only supports the A6 format, that is, it prints only on photo paper and labels. With a weight of less than 900 grams and dimensions comparable to the size of a small but thick book, the mini-printer will fit not only on any shelf, but also in a backpack or even a handbag. Therefore, the model is suitable both for home and for instant photo printing right on the go. A notable plus for amateur photographers will undoubtedly consider the built-in card reader, which allows you to view, edit and transfer fresh photos from an SD card to paper. In addition, the portable printer is battery operated and supports a range of wireless technologies.

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In addition to lightness and functionality, many users are attracted to the model by the excellent print quality for such a crumb and good speed. The printer is often praised for its pleasant ergonomics combined with a large color screen.

3 Canon PIXMA TS304

The novelty from the very beginning of 2018 is confidently among the top three due to the favorable ratio of parameters, high-quality assembly and the lowest cost. As the cheapest modern color printer, Canon will impress even the most sophisticated user with its rich functionality and printing accuracy. Even devices that are many times more expensive than Pixma will envy the 4800 x 1200 resolution. The print speed is average, but the inkjet printer supports borderless mode. At the same time, the device interacts with other equipment via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, gets along with accessories for iOS and Android.

The model is also energy efficient and consumes only 2 watts during standby and 10 watts during operation. Regarding consumables, the printer, alas, is not modest for centuries. The original cartridges required for its operation are designed for only 180 pages, costing no less than other Canon consumables. However, they can be replaced with cheap analogs.

2 Epson L312

In second place in the rating of the best inexpensive inkjet printers is the Epson L312. a solid device designed to work primarily at home. The main advantages of this printer are its complete set, long life of cartridges and excellent design, bordering on low weight.

Like its competitors, Epson is designed to print A4 documents, but bypasses everyone in terms of compactness. Its weight is only 2.8 kilograms. The use of paint during work is also striking. The link of the color cartridge is enough to print about 6.5 thousand standard pages. To expand the possibilities for printing and trouble-free refueling, the inkjet printer is equipped with a CISS. a system for additional ink supply from reservoirs prudently placed by manufacturers under the matching housing. The only drawback of the model is the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity. However, with such advantages, such a minus is simply invisible.

1 Canon PIXMA iP7240

The undisputed leader in this category is the Canon PIXMA iP7240 inkjet printer. This is a great model that attracts buyers with its original design, medium size and low cost. It is perfect for placement at home, and its impressive characteristics can answer for print quality and reliability.

First of all, it is worth noting the function of printing photos and automatic two-sided printing, which is an unconditional plus in the karma of this model. The maximum resolution for color printing is 9600×2400 dpi, which can also be considered a good indicator. In terms of color and image quality, a system of five cartridges is responsible. The standard CMYK scheme is complemented by another, pigment black. This fact does not in the least affect the already excellent monochrome printing, as it is intended solely for the photo printing function. The control interface is simple and straightforward, so there are no problems in working with this model.

Best color printers for the home

Almost any printer can be called personal. However, choosing a device for themselves, and not for the office, most users are more willing to pay attention not to the volume of paper feed, cartridge yield and print speed. Although these properties are important for the home, small inkjet devices with good printing, support for A4 and A6 formats, useful additional features and a more or less affordable price are often in demand.

printers, color

However, there are exceptions. In particular, those who have to print a lot often prefer NOT too expensive laser machines with capacious toner or find a compromise in printers with CISS, which often exceed the ink supply of inexpensive laser devices. Therefore, models for the home are very diverse and are represented by different types of devices.


Over the long history of the brand, Kyocera devices have proven themselves to be worthy of value for money and the Most Affordable Laser Printer continues this tradition. Despite the impressive dimensions and weight of 21 kilograms, this model for the home is purchased at least as often as for the office. It will no doubt come in handy when printing color documents, diagrams and even drawings. Indeed, for a laser device, this member of the rating received a very good resolution. Feeding 300 or more pages can be handy when printing a large project. Built-in card reader and wireless modules allow Kyocera to receive files without connecting to a computer.

4 Brother HL-3170CDW

The printer with LED printing, in many ways similar to laser, is often called the best because of its high speed and unpretentiousness. Designed for high volume, Brother is equipped with high capacity paper trays and prints at 22 sheets per minute. The resource of the cartridge of 1400 pages for color printing and 2500 for black and white exceeds even laser counterparts. over, unlike inkjet printers, the model is suitable for occasional printing. The ink in the cartridge dries up with rare use, which, combined with a good resource, makes it possible to rarely change consumables. The printer is also convenient for double-sided documents and supports a range of wireless technologies.

3 Canon PIXMA G1410

Surprisingly, the leading three best home printers include a budget and in every way profitable inkjet machine. Despite the lack of popular interfaces, the model is considered very technologically advanced and modern. Its main advantage is the perfectly implemented CISS technology, thanks to which there is no longer any need to choose between economy and print quality. Inks for CISS are cheaper than conventional cartridges, and their volume reaches 7000 sheets for color printing. At the same time, the resolution reaches 4800 x 1200 dots, which guarantees stunning accuracy of photos and documents.

Experts and hobbyists alike appreciate the color and detail of prints. Also, many consider the budget CISS to be profitable and quite nimble, in comparison with other inkjet printers. The weak points of the device are only modest functionality and the lack of a USB cable included.

2 Canon PIXMA iP110 with battery

Powerful, high quality and compact, this printer will hardly leave indifferent travelers and those who do not want to take up most of the living space with technology. With a weight of 2 kilograms and small dimensions, Canon does an excellent job of high resolution photos in both standard and large formats. In the images he printed, the number of dots per inch is 9600 by 2400 dpi, which is the best indicator not only in the category, but also in the rating. Speed ​​for an inkjet printer is also quite good. up to 9 black and white documents, or about 6 color documents per minute.

1 all-in-one printer HP Color LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M180n

High-quality color printing that slightly falls short of a photo printer. Parts are copied with a high level of detail. There is a quick setup for printing over the network. It connects equally well to current Windows 10 or the good old Windows 7. HP Smart Print software has an intuitive interface with a minimum of settings. Warm-up Print Takes about a minute.

Of the shortcomings, the same HP Smart is noted, which frankly dulls when you press some buttons. It can print 100 pages of plain text and another 100 color photos without replacing the cartridge, which is an undoubted plus. Despite the low capacity of the cartridges themselves, maintenance is cheap. Note that it is rather weak for the office. Appearance also raises some questions. According to buyers, the model would be more suitable black.

The best printers and all-in-one printer with CISS: an independent rating of top models

Updated April 03, 2020

Inkjet printers have a lot of advantages: they are inexpensive, compact and functional. One problem: you can’t get enough ink on them. To solve the problem with permanent replacement and refilling of cartridges, it is worth looking at printers and an all-in-one printer with a continuous ink supply system. How to choose them and which 5 printers and all-in-one printer with CISS are worthy of the title of the best, we will now tell you.

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Continuous ink printers and multifunctional devices: pros and cons

Anyone who uses an inkjet printer knows how big a challenge it can be to replace or refill cartridges. This is a dirty business, definitely requiring skill and generally extremely ungrateful. The so-called CISS solve this problem. The continuous ink supply system is used to constantly maintain the ink levels in the cartridges. CISS. It is a sealed system of containers with ink of different colors, which enter the printheads of the printer cartridges through flexible tubes.

This system has many obvious advantages. First and foremost, savings. New cartridges for color printers become old very quickly, and a set of original consumables often costs more than a new printer. What to do, capitalism’s wolfish grin. Therefore, by connecting CISS, you can extend the life of the cartridges tenfold, which means you can save a lot of money on printing. In addition, since the continuous flow system is sealed, ink consumption is also reduced, although this is not such a noticeable savings. In addition, when printing with CISS, the ink will never run out at the most unexpected moment, and there is no need to fiddle with a syringe for refilling. In general, CISS is convenient, economical and allows talking about the use of inkjet printers for commercial purposes, and not only in everyday life.

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to the CISS. For a long time, manufacturers of printers and all-in-one printers fought with all their might with the installation of CISS: chip-based cartridges, denials of warranty service and other dirty tricks. The first printer with a standard CISS system appeared recently. in 2011. Most of the manufacturers’ tricks, fortunately, today were declared illegal, but the sediment remained. For example, each CISS fits any printer. for some devices, use only proprietary systems. In addition, the quality of ink must be monitored even with CISS. low-quality or simply unsuitable ink can easily ditch the print head, turning savings into a headache. It is also necessary to install CISS carefully. so as not to fill everything around with ink. Therefore, it is best to immediately select a printer or an all-in-one printer with a built-in continuous ink supply system.

Such devices today are produced, probably, by every company that is engaged in the production of office equipment. The best models are traditionally produced by well-known companies: HP, Canon, Brother, Xerox, Epson. Nevertheless, in less popular young brands there are very interesting printers and an all-in-one printer with CISS: for example, a very worthy device from Pantum has got into our independent top-5. Let’s take a closer look at him and his competitors.

Top 5 printers and all-in-one printer with CISS

HP Smart Tank 515

Multifunctional device that combines the functionality of a printer, scanner and copier. Works with paper up to A4, the maximum print size is 216 x 356 mm at a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. 4 colors are used for printing. The speed of A4 color printing is 5 pages per minute. quite a decent result. A fairly powerful processor with a frequency of 1200 MHz and 256 MB of permanent memory is installed here, which, in combination with an LCD display, greatly facilitates interaction with the device. The all-in-one printer communicates with the outside world via Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth.. Which will pay off very quickly thanks to CISS and savings on new cartridges.

Canon PIXMA TR8540

A multifunctional device that combines the functions of not only a printer, scanner and copier, but also a fax is a very rare solution today, but in some cases it is absolutely irreplaceable. For less than 11,500 rubles, we are offered, in fact, an entire office in one device. The printer can be accessed via the web interface (it has Wi-Fi support and an RJ-45 connector), or you can even print directly from an SD card. The machine supports color printing with the introduction of 4 primary colors, a maximum print size of 216 × 356 mm and resolutions up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. Color printing speed reaches 10 images per minute. The ideal all-in-one printer for a small office.

Epson M100

This printer is a pure office device with a continuous ink supply system designed exclusively for black and white printing. Prints the device at up to 34 ppm at a resolution of 1440 by 720 dots per square inch. The maximum print size is 216 x 297 mm. For communication with the outside world, an Ethernet connector (RJ-45) and a USB port are used. Monochrome devices are quite rare among inkjet printers, but for the tasks of most offices, the functionality of this device is more than enough. over, taking into account the use of CISS, in terms of convenience and cost-effectiveness of printing, the Epson M100 outperforms many laser competitors.

Brother DCP-T310 InkBenefit Plus

Quite compact all-in-one inkjet printer designed for 4-color printing and equipped with a continuous ink supply system. For a price around 10,000 rubles, this device has very good technical characteristics. For example, the resolution for both color and black and white printing here is an impressive 1200×6000 dpi, which provides very clear and vivid photos. The speed of A4 color printing reaches 6 pages per minute (although, of course, you need to understand that we are talking about spherical pages in a vacuum, and in practice, printing will not be so fast). A relatively inexpensive way to cover the needs of a small office in office equipment at the expense of one device.

Pantum M6550NW

A truly versatile multifunctional device with an integrated automatic feed system and printer, scanner and copier functionality. Passport productivity of 20,000 pages per month allows this all-in-one printer to be classified as office equipment. its capabilities will be superfluous for the home. This laser device is intended exclusively for printing text: for this task, a resolution of 1200×1200 dpi is enough with a margin, but it is unlikely to print photos on it. There is Wi-Fi support and all the necessary network functionality. Considering the modest price. less than 8000 rubles. one of the most profitable devices for a small office.

Comparison table of the best printers and all-in-one printer with CISS


Main characteristics



Maximum print size. 216 x 356 mm at 4800 x 1200 dpi, 4 colors, 1200 MHz processor and 256 MB of permanent memory, LCD display, Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth.


There is support for Wi-Fi and RJ-45 connector, supports color printing with the introduction of 4 primary colors, printing a maximum size of 216 × 356 mm and resolutions up to 4800 x 1200 dpi.


Prints up to 34 ppm at 1440 x 720 dpi resolution, 216 x 297 mm maximum print size, Ethernet (RJ-45) and USB port.


The resolution of both color and black-and-white printing is 1200×6000 dpi, the speed of A4 color printing reaches 6 pages per minute.


Passport performance of 20,000 pages per month, resolution 1200×1200 dpi, Wi-Fi support and all the necessary network functionality.

Popular questions:

Is ink consumption in all-in-one printer and printers with CISS really less??
There is a certain saving, because ink remains in the replaced cartridges, which we throw away with them. Add to this the ink that spills during refilling, and you get a very decent value. And in devices with CISS everything goes into action, due to which, with active use, you can achieve serious savings. If you measure the savings in the price of cartridges, and not in the amount of ink spent, then the savings will be much more obvious. dozens of times.

A printer or all-in-one printer with a continuous ink supply system can save a lot of time and ink and as a result. Money. We hope our independent Top 5 printers and all-in-one printer helped you make the right choice.

Epson Stylus Photo 1500W printer with CISS and INKSYSTEM lightfast ink (C11CB53301). Epson Stylus Photo 1500W printer. High result guarantee!

Unlike similar photo printers of second manufacturers, this printing apparatus is notable for its affordable price, which does not affect the quality of its work. Working on piezoelectric technology, it forms small droplets of ink, 1.5 picoliter in volume. This provides the highest resolution for glossy or regular shots. 5760х1440 dpi. Wireless Wi-Fi interface is indispensable when printing from mobile devices. Pictbridge support allows you to print directly from digital cameras. We also recommend that you look at one of the most popular epson xp 330 models.

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By purchasing this high-tech unit with CISS, you become the proud owner of innovative new generation equipment.!

    Warranty service Discount system Support 24/7

Epson Stylus Photo 1500W printer with CISS and INKSYSTEM lightfast ink

Print resolution 5760×1440 dpi
B / W printing speed 15 ppm
Color Print Speed 15 ppm
Borderless printing there is
Minimum drop size 1.5 pl
media format CD / DVD, 13x18cm, B5, Executive, A3, A4, A6, 10x15cm, Legal, A3, A5, 9x13cm, Letter
Printing on Envelope, DVD / CD, photo paper
wired connection USB 2.0
Wireless connection Wi-Fi
driver language Russian
OS Mac OS 10.2.8 or later, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows XP x64, Windows Me
noise level 45 dBA
Power consumption 18 watts
operating voltage 220-240V
AC frequency 50-60 Hz
other functions Exif Print (Exif 2.2), Print Image Matching, PictBridge
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) 616 x 215 x 322 mm
the size Desktop
Weight 11.8 kg, 11.8 kg
Equipment printer, CISS, ink
USB cable not included
Original cartridges not included

Compare Epson Artisan 1430 vs Stylus Photo 1500W. Epson Stylus Photo 1500W printer with CISS and INKSYSTEM lightfast ink

We bought this miracle printer here. All-in-one printer fully met my expectations. Prints well, fast. And it practically does not make any noise, so I can afford to print even when the children are sleeping. Only one nuance appeared, the inkjet printer cartridge was forgotten, since it happened for the first time, I did not know what to do. But they gave the device to the service center and they quickly fixed everything for me. In general, I was also completely satisfied with the service.

Not cheap, of course, but very cool model. 6 colors and high resolution for incredibly lifelike prints! He copes with the A3 and A3 formats with a bang. I would like to have USB 3.0, but 2.0 is also normal. It’s a bit heavy, of course, but we are in the studio where we put it, there it is. It looks simple and neat. With CISS, too, everything is in order, it works stably. Thanks to consultants for good advice!

Warranty and return conditions

The warranty provided for the products of INKSYSTEM and ORIGINALAM.NET companies is in total 1 (one) year from the date of sale, excluding compatible cartridges. But the warranty period, as well as the maximum monthly load on office equipment, can vary, which is associated with the design and functional characteristics of a number of models. The exact warranty period and load indicator are printed on the coupon.

Free service

Throughout the warranty period, repair of printing devices (PU) is carried out free of charge on the following conditions:

The client provides documentation that confirms the purchase. Correct execution of the warranty card.

Compliance by the buyer with the operating rules specified in the accompanying documents:

The device has not been idle for more than 7 days;

The level of ink in refillable cartridges and donors of the continuous ink supply system is NOT below the permissible level;

In the process of operation, CISS containers located on the same plane with the print head or at the level, indications for a certain model of the device;

There are foreign substances and objects in the shut-off device or donors of the system, as well as in the mechanisms of equipment;

Office equipment (including CISS) was transported taking into account all transportation standards;

There are traces of unauthorized mechanical interference:

Dried paint or other substances on the CISS and / or PZK microchip;

Scratches and cracks on system components and cartridges, the case and parts (assemblies) of office equipment, as well as any other signs.

The warranty obligations remain valid if the equipment (product) has been used correctly, in compliance with all relevant regulations.

This warranty does not cover:

Optional features and any consumables including media and ink.

Preventive maintenance, cleaning of the mechanism and office equipment parts:

Reset of the level of used paint;

Replacement of the used absorber;

Discharge of used paint into a separate container and similar works.

The seller disclaims any warranty obligations if:

The product was not used for its intended purpose, which is indicated in the accompanying documents.

Exceeded the stated monthly print page limit.

The printing machine was operated with sublimation ink.

The rules and procedure for connection, use, storage and transportation indicated in the instructions or other accompanying documents have been violated:

The compartments of CISS donors are NOT closed with silicone plugs;

The head is NOT parked;

Tanks are located below / above the head, etc.

The product was transported (stored) at temperatures less than 10 ℃ or more than 40 ℃, as a result of which the ink froze / dried, respectively.

We used consumables and discs, the density (format) of which is not supported by the printer.

Head cleaned manually more than 1 time in 50 prints.

Free repairs are not performed if the device malfunction is caused by:

Upgraded firmware or software installations made by the user, third party service or other person.

Schematic or design changes in the device. External equipment and gadgets, the connection of which is not provided.

Accidents, natural disasters, other extraordinary circumstances.

Substances, liquids, objects, insects entering the apparatus.

Extreme high / low temperatures, humidity, rust, oxide.

Voltage drops in the electrical network.

Inconsistency of technical standards of power supply networks.

Imprudent (intentional or accidental) actions of the user or second parties.

Returning products: terms and conditions

There is all the documentation confirming the fact of the purchase.

The seller refunds the purchase price excluding the amount spent on its delivery. In accordance with applicable laws, refunds will not be made if:

The product is NON-Returnable (e.G. Ink and media).

Products are exchanged or returned on the basis of a personally signed application provided by the buyer. Refunds / exchanges are carried out within 10 days after the receipt of the application. In this case, an act or invoice is issued, where the following information is entered:

Full and correct name of the selling organization;

Surname, name and patronymic of the client;

Date of conclusion of the contract;

Amount to be returned.

The executed document is signed by both parties. the seller and the client, with the date of preparation.

We guarantee reliable, high-quality performance of our products. In unforeseen situations, we provide qualified customer support, provide specialized assistance and promptly solve any profile problems.

Color printers with CISS

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How to save on color printing

The purchase of printing equipment also significantly affects the office budget. The need for regular replacement of cartridges leads to temporary downtime of devices. The correct solution to THESE problems is a printer with a continuous ink supply system. The invaluable merit of the system is that it makes printing economical and allows you to work without interruptions to refill or replace cartridges.

The configuration of color printers with CISS includes:

Donors. containers for dye, the capacity of which has been increased several times;

A plume made of silicone with a large number of channels for supplying liquid dye;

Color cartridges located inside the printer itself.

How does the technology work? The operation of the NPC system is ensured by increased pressure. It is responsible for the uniform flow of ink from external donor tanks to internal cartridges and arises from a stable and gradual decrease in ink volume during printing.

In the merits and demerits

What are the characteristics of CISS that make them the ideal solution for modern offices?

The possibility of refueling without the participation of professionals. Filling ink tanks is a simple task that anyone can easily handle.

Reliable and sealed device. The system components are firmly connected to each other, so the risk of dye spills is minimized.

Saving financial resources. Reducing the cost of each print at times.

Small dimensions of the desktop part of the system. Ink donors take up very little desktop space.

The weak side of devices with CISS is the high price of the most powerful wide-format models used in large offices to solve a large number of tasks.