Color all-in-one printer Laser For Home Which

Choosing an all-in-one printer laser color for home

Today, advances in technology give us all kinds of devices that make our daily life better. Mixing several functions in one device has become quite popular. An example in this case would be a multifunctional device, better known as an all-in-one printer. Distinguish between inkjet or laser black and white all-in-one printer, but now basically everyone buys a laser color all-in-one printer for home. Of course, all-in-one printer is directly related to the category of “all-in-one”, but its characteristics should be considered separately, according to the functions of the printer and scanner.

So, if you are wondering which all-in-one printer to choose for home, then you should consider the following points.

For a printer, this is primarily the number of colors. If you are looking to purchase a color all-in-one printer for your home, then you should know the printing technology. It looks like this. The manufacturer either puts all the colors in one cartridge, or distributes them separately, each color in its own “compartment”. As you can imagine, the second approach is much more practical than the first. If in the first case, say, you run out of red, then you will have to change the entire cartridge, although there may still be more than half of the yellow. In the second case, you simply by purchasing a cartridge with the desired color, while saving a lot of money. The number of colors in an all-in-one printer also varies. The more of them, the correspondingly more shades will be transmitted during printing. So, it is better to choose with less than three cartridges.

The next important parameter will be the print resolution. Laser all-in-one printers can print at a maximum resolution of 1200 x 2400 dots per inch (dpi). Some manufacturers use software optimization to achieve higher resolution, but in practice this rarely gives a positive result. Therefore, when buying, specify exactly the hardware resolution, but not the software.

The print speed settings will only be important to you if you plan to print large volumes in a solid stream. As a rule, such a need does not arise at home. All devices print faster in black and white than in color. Copying speed is 20 ppm on average, equal to printing speed. And charging a cartridge for a black and white laser printer will cost you significantly less.

As you can see, choosing a color laser all-in-one printer for home is not easy. You can run into unscrupulous sellers, so you need to know all the pitfalls yourself. At least most of them. Do not forget that you need to save wisely and I do not regret giving more money for a decent quality. Things like the all-in-one printer are NOT purchased every year, so be careful when choosing.

All-in-one printer HP home color laser

HP MFPs are considered the most trusted helpers in the office and at home. Digital printing, scanning, copying, sending and receiving faxes. This is not a complete list of all-in-one printer from HP.

All the latest technical advances in office printing and consistently high requirements for product quality are embodied in the printing technology of the famous Hewlett-Packard.

Today you can purchase a wide range of HP hardware and supplies, without fear of counterfeiting.

Let’s list the most prominent representatives of the all-in-one printer Hewlett-Packard lineup:

  • HP Color LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M180n, its main features: HP Color LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M180n. A4 format, print speed 16 p./Min., Resolution 600 x 600 dpi, 150-sheet paper feed tray, USB 2.0 interface, Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX.
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro M181fw, its main features: Multifunction laser color HP Color LaserJet Pro M181fw. A4, 16ppm print speed, 600 x 600dpi resolution, 35-sheet ADF, 150-sheet paper feed tray, USB 2.0, Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX, 802.11 b / g / n. Functions printer, copier, scanner, fax.
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M280nw, its main features: HP Color LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M280nw. A4 format, print speed 21ppm, Resolution 600 x 600dpi, 50-sheet ADF, 250-sheet paper feed tray, USB 2.0 interface, built-in Fast Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-TX network port, wireless 802.11n.
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M281fdn, its main features: HP Color LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M281fdn. A4 size, print speed 21ppm., Resolution 600 x 600 dpi, 50 sheet ADF, duplex printing, 2 trays 250 1, USB 2.0 interface, Fast Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-TX. Functions printer, copier, scanner.
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M281fdw, its main features: HP Color LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M281fdw. A4 size, 21 ppm print speed, 600 x 600 dpi resolution, 35 sheet ADF, duplex printing, USB 2.0, built-in Fast Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-TX network port, 802.11n wireless. Functions printer, copier, scanner, fax. HP Color LaserJet Pro M377dw Multifunction Printer. A4 size, 24ppm print speed, 600 x 600dpi resolution, automatic duplex printing, 250-sheet paper feed tray, interface: Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0, built-in Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base- TX, built-in Wi-Fi module.
  • HP Color LaserJet M477fnw, its key features: HP Color LaserJet M477fnw Laser Multifunction Printer. A4, 600 x 600 dpi, 27 ppm print speed, 250-sheet paper feed tray, 50-sheet ADF, USB 2.0, Fast Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-TX, Wi-Fi Fi 802.11b / g / n. Functions printer, copier, scanner, fax.
  • HP Color LaserJet M477fdn, its key features: HP Color LaserJet M477fdn Laser Multifunction Printer. A4, 600 x 600 dpi, 27 ppm print speed, 250-sheet input tray, 50-sheet ADF, automatic duplex printing, USB 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-TX. Functions printer, copier, scanner, fax.

Rating laser color all-in-one printer

We have compiled a rating of the best laser all-in-one printer of 2019 in order to simplify the task for our readers, who decided to acquire new and economical equipment. There is also a minus in the laser. This is the quality of color printing. While they cannot compete with the inkjet.

So the list of the most popular color laser all-in-one printers at the beginning of 2019:

  • HP LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M28w
  • Xerox WorkCentre 3025BI
  • Samsung Xpress M2070W
  • Brother DCP-L2520DWR
  • HP Color LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M280nw
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Choosing a laser color all-in-one printer Canon

Canon i-Sensys MF729Cx. Optimal model for office and home

Canon’s 4-in-1 desktop all-in-one printer is capable of handling up to 40,000 pages per month. Its main difference from competitors. Additional functions that simplify printing from mobile gadgets “over the air”.

Canon printer resolution is low (1200×1200 dpi for color pages and 600×600 for black and white), but for documents that do not have complex graphics, this is sufficient. But for photos it is better to look towards the inkjets.

But a good 3.5-inch color touch screen, which provides access to all the functions of the Canon all-in-one laser printer, there is support for PIN codes for printing secure documents, the ability to print duplex with automatic paper feed, built-in NFC chip and Touch Print option allow the all-in-one printer to instantly interact with modern smartphones, the function of increasing the “sensitivity” of the scanner to 9600×9600 dpi, the device can send scanned documents to the cloud, by e-mail, save them to a USB drive or in a separate archive.

Canon imageRUNNER Advance C3520i. For those who need rich functionality

This all-in-one Canon printer works with A3 sizes and can not only copy, scan, print, but also sort the printed sheets, group them on demand, staple ready-made brochures or make stubs for them.

The device has its own 3 GB RAM and a very large hard drive up to 1000 GB, which can be easily removed so as not to leave important data in the car.

Advantages of the all-in-one printer Canon imageRUNNER Advance C3520i

Start of work It takes half a minute, and the exit from “sleep” occurs automatically when the motion sensor is triggered.

Good print speed. Color laser all-in-one printer in 60 seconds produces 15 ready-made A3 pages.

Automatic printing on both sides of the sheet. A similar document feeder can be installed on a Canon scanner.

Large, easy-to-use 10.1 ” touchscreen display.

Wireless connection to external devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC (however, the latter module is most likely an identifier).

Two USB 2.0 ports and one standard 3.0. You can print files directly from flash drives or save scans to them.

Copy documents with printing at resolutions up to 2400×600 ppi.

Ability to scan thick folios, magazines, etc.

The Canon all-in-one laser printer can hold over 2000 sheets of paper of various sizes.

There are fax modifications. Here it is only as an option, but it can memorize 30 thousand pages of messages.

Laser color all-in-one printer for photo printing

Consider several popular representatives of this class.

  • Samsung SL-C480. The most affordable all-in-one printer with photo printing. It supports all kinds of devices (smartphones, computers, tablets) via USB or LAN. The quality level of the product is average, the indicators refer to a level sufficient for home use. Resource color photo printing 1000 photos, 4 photos per minute. Works silently.
  • Ricohaficio MP C6502SP ─ A distinctive feature of this all-in-one printer. Productivity, printing at high 4800 dpi resolution and speed. This all-in-one laser printer fuses toner at a lower temperature, which reduces warm-up time and energy consumption.
  • Canon PIXMA PRO-100S. The most professional, uses 8 colors in printing, which guarantee smooth transitions and beautiful, natural shades. A modern thermoelectric head performs tasks very quickly. But all these advantages are crossed out by the final high cost of photographs.

How to choose an inexpensive printer-scanner-copier for your home

The development of digital technology has reached its peak, but people still need to print and scan important documents. There are many models of all-in-one printer on the market. versatile devices that combine the functions of printers, copiers and scanners. Today we will tell you how to choose a multifunctional device for home use.

How the all-in-one printer works

The abbreviation all-in-one printer stands for multifunctional device. Here are the usual peripheral printers, they differ in the presence of additional features such as scanning, copying and, in some cases, sending documents. The functions of different devices can be combined in one device or complement the basic printer through a modular system. Some advanced all-in-one printer models may have their own processor, memory, display, and offline printing. All-in-one printer, like conventional printers, allows reusable liquid ink cartridges by refilling.

Types of devices

To choose the right inexpensive printer-scanner-copier for your home, let’s look at their types. By the principle of printing, multifunctional devices are divided into three main types. laser, inkjet and thermal sublimation. They differ among themselves in the speed of material delivery, the quality of the output image and the cost of consumables. Let’s discuss each of the types in more detail.


The principle of operation of inkjet all-in-one printer is to form a dot image using a special matrix with liquid ink. With prolonged downtime, the dye hardens on the printhead nozzles and requires cleaning. However, most modern devices are equipped with an automatic cleaning function for dried paint. This consumes a huge amount of liquid ink. If the ink is very old and cannot be mechanically cleaned, the all-in-one printer will be returned to the repair shop.

Inkjet devices offer high image quality when compared to conventional dot matrix printers, and have a high output speed. Saturation and detail of the picture directly depends on the resolution and the number of colors used.

  • Quiet enough when compared to dot matrix printers.
  • Have a more affordable cost than laser and thermal sublimation materials.
  • Low for consumables if you buy cartridges with regular ink.
  • Provide the ideal range of tones in monochrome photographs.
  • Often do not support third party cartridges.
  • Low durability.
  • Nozzles constantly require cleaning.


To print an image in a laser all-in-one printer, toner is used. a special dye, which is attracted to the carrier due to oppositely charged elements. Then the paint is heat treated and solidifies in the pores of the paper. The laser image is highly resistant to mechanical and UV exposure. It will NOT wash out or fade. Print speed outperforms both inkjet and some dye sublimation models.

  • High resistance to external damage.
  • Print speed surpasses other types of printers.
  • The most economical considering the cost and consumption of dyes.
  • Many toxic substances are released during the printing process.
  • Noticeable energy consumption due to the presence of high-voltage elements.
  • Photo quality is lower than inkjet and dye sublimation models.
  • The high cost of the all-in-one printer.


These all-in-one printers use solid ink to apply the image. When exposed to high temperatures, the ink evaporates and is fixed in the pores of the paper. Sublimation models have the highest image quality. The picture is homogeneous, without banding or raster lines. The ink is not in the surface of the paper, but is soldered into the pores. This allows for maximum resistance to fading and water attack. Dye-sublimation all-in-one printers use rather expensive consumables due to the peculiarities of the technology. However, they are quite economical compared to inkjet printers.

  • All-in-one dye-sublimation printers are highly durable because the ink is located under the surface of the paper.
  • Print better quality than inkjet or laser models.
  • Economical paint consumption.
  • The high cost of the all-in-one printer and consumables for it.
  • Very slow output of photos and other images with many halftones.
  • High sensitivity of paints to ultraviolet radiation.
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How to Pick a Good Printer-Scan-Copier

Before purchasing an all-in-one printer, please check the specifications of the devices. These include: print speed, noise level, print format, scan, PC interfaces, etc. Let’s consider these parameters in more detail:

  • Print speed. The optimal indicator is considered to be from 20 sheets per minute. This is sufficient for both home and semi-production use. If you do not need to print a lot of documents, choose the all-in-one printer with a speed of up to 20 sheets per minute. It is cheaper and uses less electricity.
  • Loudness of work. For home use, it is better to purchase a device with a low noise level. It will not bother household members or neighbors.
  • Print format. The printer must necessarily support standard print formats. A3, A4, A5. This will allow you to print Not only standard documents and forms, but also photos, certificates, etc.
  • Scanning. Be sure to pay attention to the resolution of the scanner. For home use, 600-1200 dpi is enough. For professional scanning, it is better to take models from 2400 dpi. Inexpensive all-in-one printers tend to have lower resolutions.
  • Interfaces for connecting to a PC. Some printer-scanner-copiers are capable of connecting to a computer or phone using wireless networks. These models are quite expensive, but they greatly simplify the printing and scanning process. If the all-in-one printer only supports a wired connection, make sure the device has a standard USB output.

Also look out for additional features such as continuous ink supply, the ability to print with one cartridge missing, remote control, etc. The more functions, the higher the cost of the device.

color, all-in-one, printer, laser

Color printers for home. rating of the best models

Today, the printer can print almost anything, and can even project a clear color photo onto paper. The best color printer has a laser-like print and is great for home use. The rating according to the portal Mark.Guru describes the highest quality laser and multifunctional models.

Criterias of choice

There are several types of printers:

  • Inkjet. prints on a sheet with liquid ink. It is most commonly used for text documents and illustrations.
  • Laser, LED. develops a drawing by means of powder paints. Thanks to this technology, high-quality high-definition photos are obtained.
  • Dye-sublimation. prints pictures at home 10×15 cm.
  • Multifunctional device (all-in-one printer). can not only print, but also create text copies, scan images and photos.

To choose the best printer for your home, you need to know the main characteristics that are responsible for performance:

  • Information processing time. modern models have a different speed range, in particular, inkjet printers only gain momentum as they are used, but laser printers have a constant indicator.
  • Power consumption. shows how quickly the device processes information and how much power it uses.
  • Functionality. photo printing, scanning, type of paper, number of colors and cartridges.
  • Print resolution. allows you to understand how clearly and qualitatively the device prints photos and illustrations, namely, how many dots per inch when printing.


The list of the best includes 11 models. We offer to get acquainted with their features, advantages and disadvantages.

OKI C332dn

The C332dn device is presented in a line of LED type, which means that the printing is done in several stages: first, a negative drawing is created, then a 4-color ink is projected on paper, and only after that it is fixed. OKI produces printers that work efficiently.

  • Type of printing. LED 4-color;
  • Speed. 30 pages per minute;
  • Automatic two-sided printing function;
  • Printing on cards, labels, films, glossy and matte paper;
  • Cartridges. 4;
  • Support for wireless work, the ability to access the Internet;
  • Memory size. 1024 MB.
  • LCD display
  • Quality brand;
  • High speed and quality results;
  • Works with high density paper;
  • Support for any media.
  • No wi-fi.


for OKI C332dn:

OKI C511dn

The C511dn features the ProQ2400 level print technology. You can choose the format 1200×600 or 600×600 dpi. LED type color system simplifies and speeds up the work process. Printer power is average, but memory is minimal.

  • Type of printing. LED 4-color;
  • Speed. 30 pages per minute for black and white and 26 pages for color;
  • Two-side print;
  • Work with cards, labels, films, glossy and matte paper;
  • Cartridges. 4;
  • Internet access;
  • Memory size. 64 MB;
  • Power. 540 W;
  • The ability to print several formats to choose from;
  • Black and white and color photo;
  • Support for any platform at work;
  • Speed of information processing.
  • High noise level;
  • Heavy.


for OKI C511dn:

Brother HL-3170CDW

Brother is a multifunctional group headquartered in Japan. Her activity is the production of high-quality office and home appliances.

In addition, it is equipped with a secure connection to the Internet.

  • LED type of printing;
  • Speed. 22 pages per minute;
  • Two-side print;
  • Work with cards, labels, films, glossy and matte paper;
  • 4 cartridges
  • Quality. 600×600 dots per inch;
  • Internet access via a secure connection, wi-fi;
  • Memory size. 128 MB;
  • Power. 380 W.
  • The possibility of uninterrupted work;
  • Automatic switch to standby mode;
  • LCD display
  • Fast print processing.
  • Expensive cartridges;
  • Average quality of printed photos;
  • Inconvenient location of buttons on the panel;
  • High price.


for Brother HL-3170CDW:

Xerox Phaser 6010

Best compact printer for home, which is why it is included in this ranking. Has light weight, simplified design and standard features. Xerox produces both budget and expensive models, but the Phaser 6010 belongs to the first, which means it is available to everyone.

However, the product does NOT have a fast print speed.

  • LED printing;
  • Speed. 15 pages per minute;
  • Work with cards, films, glossy, matte paper;
  • 4 cartridges
  • Quality. 600×600 dots per inch;
  • Internet access via a secure connection, wi-fi;
  • Memory size. 128 MB;
  • Power. 180 W.
  • Build quality;
  • Light weight, compactness;
  • Warms up quickly;
  • Clearly prints text, photo.
  • Wasteful toner consumption;
  • Expensive cartridges;
  • Warranty expires after refilling the printer.
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for Xerox Phaser 6010:

OKI C301dn

One more representative of the OKI family entered the rating. These printers perform too well to skip a description. And this is what the manufacturer will offer for relatively little money: full-color electrographic printing, quick warm-up, the first print in 9 seconds, Auto Color Balance and Photo Enhance functionality via the driver.

And now about the technical characteristics:

  • LED type of printing;
  • Speed. 22 pages per minute;
  • Automatic two-sided printing function;
  • Work with cards, labels, films, glossy and matte paper;
  • Cartridges. 4;
  • Quality. 1200×600 dots per inch;
  • Internet access;
  • Memory size. 64 MB;
  • Power. 480 W.
  • Minimal noise background at work;
  • Silent standby mode;
  • High-quality print, both color and black and white photographs;
  • Convenient tray for arranging sheets;
  • Vivid colors, support for double-sided processing.
  • Impressive size;
  • Weight;
  • Small volume of cartridges;
  • Menu in english.


for OKI C301dn:

Canon i-SENSYS LBP7018C

A budget laser printer for home use. The output is high quality color and crisp images. It will NOT work to use it for printing photos at a professional level, but it is quite possible to transfer the brightness of the shades to paper.

  • Laser printing;
  • Speed. 16 pages per minute;
  • Automatic two-sided printing function;
  • Work with films, cards, glossy, matte paper and labels;
  • Cartridges. 4;
  • Quality. 600×2400 dots per inch;
  • Memory size. 16 MB;
  • Power. 868 W.
  • Nice design;
  • Small size;
  • Cartridges last for a long time;
  • Good print resolution;
  • Economical price.
  • Takes a long time to warm up;
  • Closed print protocol;
  • Incorrect profile in dwiver.


for Canon i-SENSYS LBP7018C:

Ricoh Aficio SP C240DN

Japanese brand Ricoh, which produces the best toolkit, as well as professional equipment for color printing. As a rule, the company does NOT produce budget devices, but if you try, you can find such printers. one of which is SP C240DN. Popular for its good value for money.

  • Laser color printing;
  • Speed. 16 pages per minute;
  • Automatic two-sided printing function;
  • Cartridges. 4;
  • Quality. 2400×600 dots per inch;
  • Memory size. 64 MB;
  • Power. 1300 W;
  • LCD display
  • Internet access.
  • Semi-gloss print picture;
  • Does NOT leave streaks on the sheet when printed;
  • Easy-to-use menu;
  • Automatic two-sided printing.
  • Large dimensions;
  • Heavy (27 kg)
  • Expensive gas station.


for Ricoh Aficio SP C240DN:

Canon i-SENSYS LBP7110Cw

Canon frequently uses non-standard pricing options.

The offer is not new, but considering the constant production of expensive equipment, it is very pleasant. Print speed is modest, but if there is no need to print author’s multivolume manuscripts, then the printer is best for home.

  • Laser 4-color printing;
  • Speed. 14 pages per minute;
  • Automatic two-sided printing function;
  • Quality. 600×600 dots per inch;
  • Memory size. 64 MB;
  • Power. 340 W;
  • Internet access, wi-fi.
  • Button for canceling the main operation;
  • Convenient paper tray;
  • Affordable price for chips and refueling.
  • It is necessary to adjust the color rendering;
  • Double-sided printing is inconvenient.


for Canon i-SENSYS LBP7110Cw:

Canon i-SENSYS LBP7010C

Ranked. Best Miniature Laser Printer.

But there is one significant drawback. it is a long print of color images: 4 sheets per minute.

  • Laser color printing;
  • Speed. 4 pages per minute (color), 16 pages per minute (black and white text)
  • Automatic two-sided printing mode;
  • Quality. 600×2400 dots per inch;
  • Memory size. 16 MB;
  • Power. 868 W.
  • Compactness;
  • Quick First-Print technology;
  • Simplified replacement of cartridges;
  • Energy saving features.
  • The colors are dominated by reddish shades:
  • The need for manual color correction;
  • Noise at work;


for Canon i-SENSYS LBP7010C:

OKI C310dn

The C310dn model from OKI has its advantages. very fast color printing, access to functions via the Internet and Wi-Fi, and also has double-sided printing, which is characteristic of the entire line. Well, and of course the LED type of printing.

  • LED (4 colors)
  • Speed. 22 pages per minute;
  • Two-side print;
  • Work with cards, films, labels, glossy and matte paper;
  • 4 cartridges
  • Quality. 1200×600 dots per inch;
  • Internet access, wi-fi, web interface;
  • Memory size. 64 MB;
  • Power. 480 W.
  • High-quality, soft color transfer;
  • Possibility of automatic calibration;
  • Excellent speed of work;
  • Glossy photo printing effect;
  • Support for any software.
  • Heavy weight;
  • Very expensive cartridges from the manufacturer (they need to be bought, not refilled).


for OKI C310dn:

Epson AcuLaser C1100

Closes the laser rating. Epson AcuLaser C1100.

It has an average speed of prints, but is based on two programs. Office Ready Essentials and Web2Page, which make it easy to use.

Key performance indicators:

  • Laser (4 colors)
  • Speed. 5 color pages 25 black and white pages per minute;
  • Work with cards, labels and matte paper;
  • Quality. 600×600 dots per inch;
  • Memory size. 256 MB.
  • Long service;
  • Long-term use of cartridges;
  • High quality picture.
  • Frequent need for repairs;
  • Large weight and dimensions.


for Epson AcuLaser C1100:

Multifunctional devices should NOT be ignored. The rating includes the 2 best representatives of this type.

Brother DCP-9020CDW

If brevity is the sister of talent, then the relative of quality is multifunctionality.

There is support for the new work and graphics applications Evernote, Flickr and Picasa. Of course, there is a wi-fi connection, direct access from a smartphone, tablet and an Internet connection. And by the way, the touch screen is very pleasant and easy to operate.

  • LED printing (4 colors)
  • Scanning, printing, copying;
  • Speed. 18 pages per minute;
  • Work with films, cards, labels, glossy and matte paper;
  • 4 cartridges
  • Two-side print;
  • Quality. 600×600 dots per inch;
  • Internet access, wi-fi and PostScript 3,
  • Memory size. 192 MB;
  • Power. 380 W.
  • Inexpensive tools;
  • Great opportunities in working with cloud services;
  • Simple operation, touch screen.
  • Average quality of photos;
  • No memory card slot.


for Brother DCP-9020CDW:

HP Color LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M277dw

The HP Color LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M277dw can handle printing documents, texts and photos not only at home but also in the office.

Plus it’s an incredibly compact all-in-one printer.

  • Laser printing (4 colors)
  • The ability to scan, print, copy;
  • Speed. 18 pages per minute;
  • Double-sided printing function;
  • Work with cards, labels, and paper;
  • 4 cartridges
  • Color touch display
  • Quality. 600×600 dots per inch;
  • Internet access, wi-fi;
  • Memory size. 256 MB.
  • Compactness;
  • Noiseless operation;
  • The ability to scan via wi-fi. To do this, you need to download the HP remote app;
  • Light weight.
  • There is a “preview” function;
  • Frequent duplex problems.


for HP Color LaserJet Pro all-in-one printer M277dw: