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How to install the HP laserjet m1132 all-in-one printer on windows 10. How to install the HP laserjet m1132 all-in-one printer without disc

Quite often errors occur when installing the driver for the above all-in-one printer, one of the most common:

Printer installation error. Perform the following steps after clicking the Close button. 1. Make sure the USB cable is disconnected from the printer. 2. Turn off the printer, then turn it on. 3. Connect the USB cable to the printer.

The following solutions are possible (applies to windows seven, xp, vista, x32, x64):

1) During installation, when the driver installation starts, ad infinitum, go to the device manager, there may be an exclamation mark in compatible usb devices, click on it, update the drivers.

After installing the usb device, the usb printer support will appear, and the drivers will stand up.

HP LaserJet Pro M1132 Printer Driver

Meet the Updated Driver for the HP LaserJet Pro M1132 all-in-one printer. Latest driver version supports all Windows operating systems.

Windows Driver Details

Driver name: HP LaserJet Pro M1132 all-in-one printer (all-in-one printer) Windows Driver Added: 2016-11-16 file name: LJM1130_M1210_all-in-one printer_Full_Solution.Exe [212 MB] Version: 5.0

Compatible with the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit) Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit) Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit) Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit) Microsoft Windows 8 ( 32-bit) Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit) Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit) Microsoft Windows Vista (64-bit) Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows XP

How to download and install the driver for all-in-one printer LaserJet M1132 all-in-one printer in Windows? Detailed instructions

Good day, dear readers.

It is difficult today to imagine life without a printer. And the work of any company even more so. At the same time, to increase productivity and improve working conditions in general, companies are installing multifunctional devices. Of course, such a choice is not without thoroughness. But the more functions the unit is capable of performing, the more complex its software is. So, for example, on the LaserJet M1132 all-in-one printer, the driver for Windows 10 must be installed separately, since in automatic mode it will most likely NOT be possible to enable all the features.

General information

In addition to printing, the unit also has additional functions: scanner, copier. Such equipment is rarely used at home. But within the office. perfect. True, for him it is necessary to install the appropriate software on each computer with which he will interact. There are several options for this.


Usually, with additional external devices, manufacturers supply a special disc in the kit, which contains all the necessary software for the correct operation of the unit. over, there are versions for different operating systems, be it Windows 7 or any other. Here you can find Not only drivers, but also full-fledged programs that allow you to change settings and interact with the device.

To do this, you need to insert a plastic disk into each computer that is connected to the printer. The autorun menu will appear, where you can select the options you want.


If, for some reason, portable memory is included in the kit, it is best to go to the official website. It is here in the corresponding menus that you can find the software and download it. The main thing before that is to specify the operating system. It doesn’t matter if it is Windows XP or Windows 8.1. usually there is for any version.

Although there may be situations when the manufacturer’s page simply has the necessary options. In this case, you can look for collateral on second resources. It is best to do this on proven ones. Otherwise, you can install a virus on your PC or laptop. Also, before downloading it is important Pay attention to the bitness of the operating system. it can be 32- and 64-bit.

Well, as you can see, despite the large number of functions, it is not that difficult to install such devices. There are special tools for this.

I hope you find a lot of new things for yourself. Subscribe and tell the second about the blog.

Download and install drivers for the HP LaserJet Pro M1132 all-in-one printer

Printers in the modern world are used for all sorts of purposes in enterprises, offices or even at home. To display text, just connect a computer and press the print button, however, when connecting for the first time, the computer does NOT recognize the printer, since the necessary drivers are available. The software can be easily installed by anyone, the process is simple and does not require much time. Let us analyze the ways to install drivers for the HP LaserJet M1132 all-in-one printer.

Find drivers for HP LaserJet M1132 all-in-one printer

The source of the driver download plays an important role. Doubtful sites and services are likely to have infected installation files or completely unsuitable software. We recommend downloading drivers for the HP LaserJet M1132 all-in-one printer only from official and secure sites, as well as using trusted programs for automatic updates. Let’s consider several installation methods: manually, as well as using the second software.

Downloading the driver from the official website

This method is the most common and does NOT take much time. Developers publish software on the official websites so that every device owner can download it. But let’s go directly to the site.

  • Go to the drivers section of the HP official website. Here in the field “Enter the name of the HP product” enter “HP LaserJet Pro M1132 all-in-one printer”. Select in the drop-down list “Series all-in-one printer HP LaserJet Pro M1132”.
  • On the page that opens, we find the item “Driver-Installation kit for device software”. Before downloading the file Make sure that the drivers are suitable for your operating system. You can change the driver version for other systems by clicking the “Change” button in the turquoise window above.
  • Next, click on the button “Download” case in the window under the inscription “Driver-Installation kit for device software”.

In addition, by clicking on the “Details” button, you can find out other useful information about the collateral. The tab contains a description of the driver itself, as well as notes about its latest updates and innovations. Often in new versions of software, developers fix bugs and add features, so it’s worth checking for updates at least occasionally.

  • After that, select the path to download the installation file. Remember it and click “Save” Then open it and follow the instructions.
  • Open the downloaded file and wait for the extraction to occur. It usually Takes NOT more than a minute. After that, a menu opens where we are offered to choose the device for which the software is downloaded. We select the first item: “multifunctional HP LaserJet Pro M1130 installation from USB”.
  • Press the button “Start installation”.
  • Next, an animated instruction will appear on the screen to prepare the printer for installation. To view the online instructions, press the view button and the video will start playing. After the end of the video, the work stages will automatically change on the screen. If you need to go back, press the corresponding “Back” button in the bottom panel of the player Carefully Follow all the steps.
  • If the rules are not followed, the driver instructions may NOT be installed or work incorrectly, so you should spend a little time performing all the steps from the manual. Make sure the USB cable is connected to the computer and the printer is powered and ready to use.
  • After playing all the steps of the manual, the button “Install printer software” will appear in the window. Click on it.
  • Next comes the launch of the installer. The new window contains a link to the license agreement. Navigate to it and read it carefully, and optionally SEE the list of recommended programs from HP. Then go back to the menu.
  • Choose an installation method. If you want to complete the installation of all software components, choose Easy Installation. If you need to view the agreement again or select items manually, select “Advanced Installation”.
  • A selection of printers appears in the window. Select the last item and move on.
  • Next, the download will take place and, if the cable is connected and the printer is working, then the installation will go without problems. Next, go through the test by printing a page and make sure the drivers are working.
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    If for some reason the machine does NOT respond to PC commands as expected, then re-check for drivers in Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / Devices and Printers and find the HP LaserJet Pro M1132 all-in-one printer in the list. If the device is missing, then reinstall the software.

    Installing the driver using the disc

    A software disc must be included with the printer. This media is Official, therefore it does not contain malicious files or pirated software, it is by no means recommended to install drivers from third-party sites and disks.

    • Insert the disc into the drive.
    • Open the drive go to the “My Computer” folder.
    • As with online installation, the driver comes with detailed Visual Instructions for preparing the printer for installation. Follow each step carefully and proceed to installation.
    • The installation file looks the same as at the office. Site, so, as in the first method, read the license agreement, privacy policy and select the download method.
    • Wait for full download and check the printer.

    Installing drivers using the program

    This method is universal Not only for all printers, but also for any other devices that need support. There are utilities for automatic installation and software updates. In this method, we will consider a solution using the free DriverPack Solution software.

    • Let’s go to the official website and click the button “Install all the necessary drivers.” The download starts automatically, but if such a process is prohibited, you can use the link offered on the page.
    • We open the utility. It expands to full screen, loading and preparing. After successful installation, the program offers automatic updates for all software. You can choose a full installation or go to “Expert Mode” in the lower right corner. There it is proposed to select devices to which to install drivers manually. In this case, select the LaserJet Pro M1132 all-in-one printer from the list and click “Install All”.
    • At the end of the installation, be sure to restart your PC and check the availability and functionality of the software.

    Installation by device ID

    There are thousands of different equipments that interact with a computer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a chip, a video card, a camera or a printer, but all of them require drivers. Naturally, a certain device, for example, as in this case, the printer will not be suitable for the first available software. When installing the software, the manufacturer and model of the equipment are taken into account, and of course, the connection method.

    To avoid confusion in the endless list of equipment of all models and intended, the manufacturers decided to give each a unique ID or “identifier”. ID is a term or several lines, which consist of numbers and Latin letters, it is these values ​​that will help us find the necessary driver. The LaserJet Pro M1132 all-in-one printer has the following ID:

    • Now let’s use the DevID service to find drivers.
    • We drive into the search bar the ID specified above.
  • The service itself determines the operating system of the computer from which the download is performed, but if necessary, it can be changed in the top panel. Select the operating system and click on the floppy disk icon, here’s the file.
  • The table contains all the information about the device, let’s move on below. Check the box next to “I’m not a robot”, and then click on the download link under the captcha.
  • Next, you need to open the installation file, connect the printer via USB and follow the instructions, after downloading, restart the PC and check the printer.

    Installation via control panel

    This method works well if the computer does not see the printer at all and refuses to install drivers. Everything is done simply and extraneous resources are NOT needed.

    • Go to the “Control Panel”.
    • We select the item “Small icons” in the value “View”. Further in the list we are looking for “Devices and Printers”.
    • In the window that opens, at the top there is an item “Printer Installation”, it is he who we need.
    • We select the first item. “Local printer”.
    • From the list, select the port to which the printer is connected (by default it is LPT1).
    • After a while, we select the manufacturer HP and the HP Professional LaserJet M1132 all-in-one printer. Move on.
    • Enter the name of the printer or leave it as default.
    • After installing the software, we will be asked to choose whether access will be given to the second users. If necessary, enter all the requested data, but in our case, access to the equipment is NOT set.
    • After successful installation, you are prompted to print a test page. Better to do this to make sure there are no problems with the printer.
    computer, m1132, printer

    The HP LaserJet Pro M1132 all-in-one printer is now displayed among other devices, which means the software has been installed successfully.

    If errors occur, please contact those. Support, and also check the functionality of the USB cable and the printer itself. Also, for questions about the article, please contact the comments. Do not forget to constantly update the software so that there will be NO errors in the future. Enjoy your use!

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    Find and install the driver for HP M1132 all-in-one printer

    Drivers ensure the correct operation of various devices. For example, if you choose the wrong printer, the print will be displayed either with a distorted font, or in the form of different hieroglyphs.

    Below, we will consider the features of finding and installing drivers for the HP LaserJet Pro M1132 Multifunction Printer.

    Installing Printer Software

    There are various ways to quickly find and install a driver for any device. Of course, it is best if you have an installation disc that comes with the printer. However, in the absence of it, you just need to have the Internet. Let’s look at the methods of installing the HP LaserJet Pro M1132 printer driver and software on a computer.

    Official site

    To use this method, you need to follow these steps:

      We open the official website of HP.

    In the “Search for all support information” field, write down the name of the driver (for example, “HP M1132 all-in-one printer”) and click on the search icon.

    On the opened page of the site, select the entry “Software and drivers” and then click on the entry “Go”.

    On the next page, in which the operating system installed on the PC is automatically scanned (in this example, Windows 10, 64-bit), the “Download” button appears.

    If the software and drivers need to be downloaded for someone else’s PC, which has a different operating system, then instead of clicking on the “Download” button, you need to select the “Change” entry.

    Then, in the window that opens, select the operating system (for example, Windows 7, 32-bit).

    After selecting the OS, click on the “Download” button and you will see a window for selecting the download folder and the default file name and, if you are satisfied with the offer, click on the “Save” button.

    If you need help downloading the driver, you can click on the entry “Read HP’s instructions for downloading” and you will see a window with Step-by-step instructions for downloading the driver.

    The driver download process can be seen, for example, for the Google Chrome browser, on the “downloaded files” page.

    At the end of the download, click on the button “Show in folder”.

    In the folder that opens, click on the downloaded file and proceed to install the driver on the PC.

  • Further actions are performed according to the instructions in the software installer and driver HP M1132 all-in-one printer.
  • Special programs for software installation

    The HP M1132 all-in-one printer driver can be installed using dedicated software programs. You can find a lot of them on the Internet. Among these, the most popular today is a free program for automatic installation and update of drivers DriverPack Solution.

      To do this, connect the HP LaserJet Pro M1132 printer to your computer, and wait until the OS detects it. If the printer is indicated as “Unidentified device”, then in this case, open the DriverPack website and click on the button “Install all necessary drivers”.

    This opens a window for downloading.

    The download will be done in a few seconds.

    Then we run the downloaded program.

    In the main window, you can select the item “Automatic configuration of your computer” or the button “Expert mode”. When you select the “Automatically configure your computer” option, you will be prompted to automatically install the missing software and drivers, including the HP M1132 all-in-one printer driver. To manually install only one printer driver, select the “Expert Mode” button and Install the HP M1132 all-in-one printer driver.

    Now you just need to wait for DriverPack Solution to perform the action you selected.

  • At the end of the installation process, a corresponding message will appear stating that the driver is installed.
  • This completes this driver installation method and the HP LaserJet Pro M1132 printer will work.

    Search by ID

    If the device connected to the PC is not recognized by the system, you can use this method. To do this, you need to find out the value of the printer ID with which the required driver will be installed. Hardware ID is a unique device identifier assigned by the manufacturer. The following will describe how to find the printer ID.

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      Open the “Device Manager”, find the term with the HP LaserJet Pro M1132 printer and, by right-clicking, open the “Properties”.

    Then in the window that opens, in the “Information” section, select “Equipment ID” and click on the entry.

    After that, in a new window, read the ID for the connected printer, the values ​​of which are as follows:

    We will search for a driver by ID using specialized Internet services. The most popular of these is currently considered the online service DevID. Open this service, insert one of the copies of the printer ID into the “Search” field and click the “Search” button.

    As a result, a window opens with a list of drivers for our printer. We find the operating system that suits us, bit depth, the required driver and click on the floppy image on the right side to download the driver.

    In the page that opens, enter the anti-captcha, set a checkmark in front of the entry “I’m not a robot.” Below is a link to download the driver.

    After clicking on the link, a window opens to download the file, where we click “Save”.

  • Now, the downloaded driver can be installed on the computer using the prompts of the installer.
  • Windows standard tools

    And finally, another way to install the driver is to manually connect the printer using standard Windows tools. The main advantage of this method is that there is no need to independently search for software and drivers on the network.

      To do this, open the “Control Panel”.

    Then the term “Devices and Printers”.

    In the pop-up window, click “Add printer”.

    The next action. click on the entry “The required printer is not in the list”.

    In the window that appears, designate the last term “Add local.”.

    Then install the printer connection port.

    The next step is to select the printer model and click on the “Next” button.

    In the pop-up window, enter the name of the printer or leave the name suggested by the program and click “Next”.

    In the next window, we define access to the printer, put an end to the selection, and again click on the entry “Next”.

    Now it remains to wait for the software installation and check the correctness of the selected driver, clicked on the “Print a test page” and then on the “Finish”.

    Please note that regardless of how you installed the software and driver for the HP LaserJet Pro M1132 Multifunction Printer, a test page will print correctly when installing the original HP M1132 all-in-one printer driver.

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    How to install the HP laserjet m1132 all-in-one printer on windows 10. HP LaserJet Pro M1132 all-in-one printer

    HP LaserJet Pro M1132

    Windows 2003/2008 / XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10. we recommend the full package

    Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10. online installation

    Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1. basic driver

    Size: 10 MB (x32) and 10 MB (x64)

    Driver Installation in Windows 10

    If after purchase a new HP printer does not work, then, obviously, its initial setup in the system has NOT been performed. It may seem difficult, but in fact, any user can handle it. You will need to install the driver software.

    First, follow the links at the beginning of the article to download drivers for the HP LaserJet Pro M1132 printer. After the download is complete, the distribution can be found in the download manager of your Internet browser. Extract the archive and there will be an exe file in the folder. launch it with a mouse click.

    In the menu that opens, select the “Install from USB” link to continue.

    To continue and start copying driver components, click on the link “Start installation”.

    We read the rules for installing printers from HP and click on the red triangle to get acquainted with the training video.

    On the printer, the moving parts can be fixed with adhesive tape. we remove it in those places that are shown in the video.

    Following the instructions on the screen, we start installing the software by clicking on the red triangle.

    To start copying new files to the PC hard drive, click on the link “Printer software installation”.

    In the list of proposed options, mark the option “Easy installation” and go to “Next”.

    We select the series of your device from the list. in our example, this is “HP LaserJet Pro M1130 all-in-one printer Series”.

    Connect the device with the cable from the kit as shown in the picture and wait for the program to automatically complete the configuration and installation.

    After that it is recommended to print a test page.

    HP LaserJet Pro M1132 driver

    Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

    Bit options: x32 / x64

    Driver size: 212 MB

    Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

    Bit options: x32 / x64

    Driver size: 10 MB (x32) and 11 MB (x64)

    Click to download (x32): HP LaserJet Pro M1132

    Click to download (x64): HP LaserJet Pro M1132

    How to install a driver in Windows 10

    The HP LaserJet Pro M1132 Multifunction Printer from a well-known American manufacturer is well suited Not only for office space, but also for home use. After purchasing the equipment, first of all, you will need to completely configure it in the operating system, which can be done using a special software utility. You can download and install the driver for this model using the links located above.

    After opening the newly downloaded file, the main window of the installation utility will appear in front of you, in which you need to select the USB installation method, as well as determine the device used. In our case, you should click on “HP LaserJet Pro M1130 Series”.

    Then click “Start Installation” and proceed to the next step.

    Welcome to the Animation Guide, which will accompany the entire installation process. In this window, you can get acquainted with the basic recommendations for installing equipment in a ventilated area.

    Here you will need to remove the orange tape from the printer and remove the plastic insulation.

    We open the toner slot, in which we also remove the protective pad, cartridge and shipping belts. Following the further guide and moving on.

    Remove the next orange tape on one of the edges of the new cartridge. Swing the toner gently for smoother distribution of inner powder.

    We install the toner in the required slot and lock the cover.

    We install a special paper container in the same way as shown on the slide.

    Connect the printer using the supplied power cable. We proceed to the direct installation of the software, following the additional recommendations on the display. In order to continue, click “Installing software.”

    Here you need to decide on the method of the installation process. We recommend choosing “Easy Installation”, which will allow you to configure the equipment as quickly and safely as possible. Click “Next”.

    In a new window, select the same item as shown in the screenshot below and click on the “Next” button.

    We reconnect the device to the computer with a special USB-type cable. We are waiting for the definition of the device.

    Congratulations! You did an excellent job of installing and configuring the hardware. You can safely use the printer.

    HP LaserJet M1132 (all-in-one printer) driver Windows 10 x64

    Without a driver, no device on your computer or laptop will function normally. It is with the help of this software that the connection between the operating system and the hardware of the PC is realized. In our today’s article, we will touch on just this topic. You will soon know how to download free driver for HP LaserJet M1132 (all-in-one printer) printer on Windows 10 x64. But before we start downloading, let’s take a look at some related points.


    What is a driver for and what is its role? Using a specific device as an example, we will consider the possibilities that this software gives us:

    • Thanks to the presence of the driver, we can set our printer as the default device.
    • In some cases, the amount of paint remaining starts to display, which is very important.
    • The included diagnostic utility allows you to check and promptly clean the printhead. Naturally, if it is an inkjet printer.
    • Latest driver delivers maximum print speed and efficiency.

    Consider another very important point, namely, the positive and negative aspects of installing drivers.

    Pros and cons

    It would seem that the installation of drivers cannot be regarded as something good or bad. However, the question should be approached a little more broadly.

    • If we use the extended version of the driver, we have a number of additional functions, without which it would be simply dangerous to use the printer.
    • A diagnostic utility is added that allows you to timely clean the printhead, and thus prevent it from drying out.
    • Along with the driver itself, a utility for printing photos is often included in the kit.
    • An attacker could gain access to your computer. In order to prevent this from happening, you should also constantly update the driver.
    • The disadvantages can be attributed only to some occupied space by the files of the diagnostic utility.

    How to install

    Now let’s move on to the most important thing. Let’s take a look at how to download and install the driver for HP LaserJet M1132 (all-in-one printer) on Windows 10 for free:

    • A little below there is a button by which we can download the software we need. It comes in a password-protected archive. In order to unpack it, use the code “1234”.
    • When the file is received, launch it by double-clicking on the object. The installation process will begin, the completion of which will need to wait.
    • We reboot our computer and check the driver’s performance.
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    In some cases, it is not necessary to reboot the PC. This is most likely a precautionary measure, but basically you can go straight to using the printing device.

    Also with the content of the training video.

    Download and activation

    Since the driver is free software, no additional steps need to be taken to activate it.

    Driver installation process for HP Laserjet M1132 printer

    Any device connected to a computer must necessarily come with a driver. special software with which this equipment begins to function. Today we will look at how to install drivers using the example of the HP LaserJet Pro M1132 printer.

    The HP LaserJet Pro M1132 is a popular all-in-one that has gained wide popularity among users for its instant black and white laser printing and the ability to act as three devices: printer, scanner and copier. Naturally, in order for this device to work on a computer running Windows, you must first install the drivers.

    Driver Installation for HP LaserJet Pro M1132

    • Follow the link at the end of the article to the HP website. The HP LaserJet Pro M1132 page appears on the screen. Near the item “Go directly to software and drivers” click on the button “Go”.

    At this point, the driver installation for the HP LaserJet Pro M1132 Multifunction Printer is complete and you are ready to use the printer. If you have any difficulties while installing the driver, write your questions in the comments.

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    We solve the printer on windows 10 in a minute. Printer does not work on windows 10 we solve in a minute

    Printer does not work on windows 10-01

    Hello everyone today, let’s talk about the situation when the printer does not work on windows 10. After upgrading to Windows 10, many users encountered problems with their printers and all-in-one printer, which either the system does not see, or they are not detected as a printer, or simply do not print as they did in the previous OS version, the funny thing is that with each new update, the number of old devices that this operating system supports is decreasing, so DO NOT be surprised if at some point your old device does not start.

    If your printer does not work properly in Windows 10, this manual contains one official and several additional methods that can help fix the problem. I will also provide additional information regarding support for printers of popular brands in Windows 10 (at the end of the article).

    Diagnose printer problems from Microsoft (Print Spooler Cleanup Diagnostic Tool)

    First of all, you can try the automatic solution of problems with the printer, Using the diagnostic utility in the Windows 10 control panel (Print Spooler Cleanup Diagnostic Tool), or downloaded it from the official Microsoft website (note that I do not know for sure if the result will differ, but how much could understand, both options are equivalent).

    To start from the control panel, go to it, then open the Troubleshoot item,

    Then in the Hardware and Sound section, select Printer Usage (another way is to go to devices and printers, and then, by clicking on Need a printer, if it is in the list, select Troubleshoot).

    You can also download the file from the official Microsoft website or here to run the printer troubleshooter.

    As a result, a diagnostic utility will be launched, which automatically checks for all typical problems that may interfere with the correct operation of your printer and, if such problems are found, will fix them.

    Among other things, it will check: the presence of drivers and driver errors, the operation of necessary services, problems with the connection to the printer and print queue. Despite the fact that it is impossible to guarantee a positive result here, I recommend trying this method in the first place.

    Adding a Printer in Windows 10

    If the automatic diagnostics does not work or the printer is NOT displayed at all in the list of devices, you can try to add it manually, and for old printers in Windows 10 there are additional detection options, if windows 10 blocks the installation of the printer write a comment I will help you deliver.

    Click on the notification icon and select “All options”

    Printer does not work on windows 10-01

    (Or you can press the Win I keys), then select “Devices”. “Printers and Scanners”.

    Printer does not work on windows 10-02

    Click the “Add a printer or scanner” button and wait: perhaps Windows 10 will detect the printer by itself and install drivers for it (it is desirable that the Internet is connected), perhaps not.

    Printer does not work on windows 10-03

    In the second case, click on the item The required printer is not in the list, which will appear under the search progress bar. You will be able to install the printer using other parameters: specify its address on the network, mark that your printer is already old (in this case, the system will search for it with the changed parameters), add a wireless printer.

    Printer does not work on windows 10-04

    It is possible that this method will work for your situation.

    Manually Installing Printer Drivers

    If so far nothing has helped, go to the official website of your printer manufacturer and find in the Support section available drivers for your printer. It’s good if they are for Windows 10. If there are none, you can try for 8 or even 7. Download them to your computer.

    Before starting the installation, I recommend that you go to the Control Panel. Devices and Printers and, if there is already a printer there (i.E. It is detected, but does not work), you will right-click on it and delete it from the system. And after that, run the driver installer.

    Windows 10 support information from printer manufacturers

    Below I have collected information about what popular printer manufacturers and all-in-one printer write in the operation of their devices in Windows 10.

    • HP (Hewlett-Packard). The company promises that most of its printers will work. The one that worked in Windows 7 and 8.1 will NOT require a driver update. In case of problems, you can download the driver for Windows 10 from the official website. Additionally, the HP website has instructions for solving problems with printers from this manufacturer in new operating systems:
    • Epson. promises support for printers and all-in-one printer in Windows The necessary drivers for the new system can be downloaded from the dedicated page
    • Canon. according to the manufacturer, most printers will support the new OS. Drivers can be downloaded from the official website by selecting the required printer model.
    • Panasonic. promises to release drivers for Windows 10 in the near future.
    • Xerox. write about the absence of problems with the operation of their printing devices in the new OS.

    To eradicate all problems that interfere with normal printing in your Windows 10, run Print-Spooler-Repair-Tool as administrator and press the “Repair” button, you will receive the result, in a minute, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the printer starts working as good as new.

    In addition, I also advise you to clear your spooler, with this script, so that the specified.

    If none of the above helped, I recommend using the Google search (and I recommend this particular search for this purpose) for a query consisting of the brand and model of your printer and “Windows 10”. It is very likely that your problem has already been discussed in some forums and a solution has been found. Do not be afraid to look at English-language sites: they come across the solution more often, and even automatic translation in the browser allows you to understand what is at stake.

    Using specialized utilities

    In Windows 10, the printer may NOT work for a number of reasons, another method to fix the situation is to use proprietary utilities from manufacturers, I will give an example from HP. It has the HP Print and Scan Doctor utility. You can download HP Print and Scan Doctor from the link below:

    Run the HP Print and Scan Doctor. The algorithm is very simple in it. In the first step, it looks for installed printers, and in the second, it fixes the reason why it does not work in your Windows 10.

    This is how the process of scanning the operating system for the presence of printers in it looks like.

    This is how it is easy to configure a windows 10 network printer and when windows 10 does not see the HP printer. I have an HP LaserJet 400 in my system, I choose it.

    After searching for problems, you are given a solution to your problem, why the printer does not work in windows 10. Next, we do what the HP Print and Scan Doctor diagnostic wizard says.

    At OKI, the utility is called brmainte and can be downloaded from the link:

    From Epson, EPSON Status Monitor Diagnostic Utilities

    Disable SNMP

    In some cases, when the printer is connected via Wi-Fi or a LAN network, SNMP network traffic from the printer may not pass from your computer, which is why it may be unavailable. The solution is to disable SNMP check.

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