Connect Printer to Android Phone to Print

Print text from Android device

There are several ways to print photos, SMS, documents, web pages and more. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Dropbox cloud storage

An alternative to standard cloud storage is Dropbox. works with many Android apps. The ability to print is built into it by default. In this case, you do not need to open files on a PC. You just need to select the necessary files and click on the “Print” button. In more detail, the instruction looks like this:

  • Install the Dropbox app on your PC and your smartphone.
  • Transfer documents to storage from your smartphone or PC.
  • You can access them from any PC connected to the printer. To do this, just log in with your username and password.
  • Select the documents you want to print.
  • Click on the “Print” button.
  • Now you just have to make sure that there is enough paper in the printer, as well as wait for the printing process.

This option is no more difficult than the others. You only need to have the Dropbox application on your PC and smartphone. The disadvantage of this option is that not every PC can find the utility needed to access the storage. But your files will be reliably protected, you will not be able to access them via the link.

An alternative way of transferring documents to a PC for printing is to send them by e-mail. Now all popular services have convenient mobile applications with which you can transfer the files you need.

Now you know how to set up printing from Android to a printer. Share this information with your friends, ask questions in the comments. Discussion is welcome, perhaps you know other programs that can print from a smartphone.

Let me show you how you can print photos or documents directly from your Android phone by sending the print to your printer. To do this, you will need to connect your Android to the printer via WI-FI or USB, which we will do.

This article is suitable for all brands that produce phones on Android 9/8/7/6: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

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Google Cloud Print

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Much more popular is the use of Google Cloud Print. In this case, you do not need a physical printing device to be on the same network with a smartphone, a working computer, a standard “Virtual Printer” application for Android on a smartphone and access to the Internet via a PC is enough.

This cloud service is now used by default on all modern smartphones. Its advantage is that you do not need to download printer drivers to your device. Before you start, set up your smartphone to sign in to your Google account. and also install the Google Chrome browser on your PC. In it, you will also need to log in under the same account as on your Android smartphone.

  • Open a browser on your PC and go to the menu. it can be found next to the address bar. Click on the icon of three dots lined up vertically.
  • From the context menu select “Settings”.
  • Scroll down the opened page to the line “Show advanced settings”.
  • Find the “Google Cloud Print” section and click the “Configure” button.
  • Click any of the available Add Printer buttons. If your device is independently connected to the network, then the top button will be available. A physical printer connected by a cable is added by a button from the bottom subsection.
  • Next, you will be taken to the printer settings page. You will need to place a marker next to the name of your device, you can also put an additional check mark next to the item “Automatically register connected printers”. This completes the registration of the printer.
  • Pick up your smartphone and launch the Cloud Print app. In most assemblies it is on by default, but if you do not have this utility on your smartphone, you need to download it from the Play Market.
  • Open any file and use the “Share” button to send it to print. Thus, you can print a photo from the “Gallery”, an office document or a browser page.
  • After you select “Print”, you will see its settings window. Select the required number of copies, size, orientation, number of pages. Start6 printing with a button similar to an airplane or the printer itself.

Many smartphone manufacturers install similar virtual services on their devices. For example, Samsung has an app similar to a virtual printer. The principle of its configuration is similar to the standard one, but in this version the manufacturer added an additional opportunity. to save documents in the cloud storage. The advantage is that the printer does not need to install such an Android program. You don’t need drivers.

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To avoid setting up a virtual printer, you can use another Google feature. the Drive app. It is essentially a cloud storage that can be accessed from the Chrome browser. Add files there, then open them with your PC and print. The advantage is that you can give access to the disk to another user and thereby transfer the document anywhere in the world without giving your account details. You can connect other users to the Photo service, for example, relatives. They will also be able to print images for their own use.

If you are just planning to create a document for subsequent printing, then it is best to do this in the “Documents”. They are a cloud application from Google. similar in functionality to Word. You just need to give another user a link so that he can print it. Access to storages “Photos”, “Documents” and “Disk” is also possible from a PC through your account. You can get them through Chrome. and then use the files as you see fit, including sending them to print or editing.

Connecting Android phone to printer using USB cable

Connecting an Android phone or tablet to a printer via USB is the easiest way to print. Modern office equipment already has built-in components for creating a connection between a mobile device and a printer, scanner.

To connect to older models, you need to use Android apps. Best of all. proprietary applications from the printer manufacturer. If the branded application does not support USB printing, then you can use the universal.

How to connect a printer via an Android phone using Wi-Fi

It is also possible to print from Android to Wi. Fi printer. To do this, you need to have a device at hand that can become a full member of the Wi. Fi network and receive print jobs directly from your smartphone. In this case, you must first configure your router so that both devices are on the same network:

  • Enable WPS mode on your router. Check if your device supports this technology.
  • Then go through your PC to the browser and enter the combination “” in the address bar. By default, the login and password are the word admin.
  • Open the “Security” tab in the router settings. Find the WPS Setup section and set the Enable value next to it.
  • Disable MAC address filtering.
  • In the network section, set the marker on the position Wi-Fi Protection Setup.

Now you just have to connect both devices to the network with an interval of no more than 2 minutes. Connecting a smartphone and a printer is possible only with the help of special programs that we mentioned above. Works best with Wi-Fi printing PrinterShare.

Some routers automatically configure WPS mode using a dedicated button located on the device.

Third Party Direct Printing Utilities

Some manufacturers have solved the problem of how to connect the printer to Android. They released applications that can make MFPs and printers work with a smartphone. Several useful direct printing applications are worth noting:

  • ePrint is an application released by HP. It allows you to connect your smartphone directly with almost the entire line of HP office equipment models.
  • Other manufacturers of office equipment have similar functionality with ePrint. Look for your printer brand and download the app you need: Konica Minolta. Canon Print. Brother Print. Lexmark Print. Epson iPrint. Xerox Print. The disadvantage of these utilities is that they are only suitable for one manufacturer of equipment, if you want to print a document outside your home or your office on another device, you will have to download a new Android application. A printer whose driver is missing on your smartphone will not be able to detect your mobile device.
  • PrinterOnPrint is a universal application that allows you to track down a connected printer. It automatically installs the correct drivers on your phone. This application is rated by users as highly as possible. It has a user-friendly interface and high functionality.
  • PrinterShare is released in two versions. free and paid. With this program you can find out if the printer is able to detect your phone. The disadvantage of this program is that it mainly sends documents for printing via Wi. Fi. Bluetooth or cloud storage. When connected directly, the utility will be useless.

All these utilities are distributed free of charge through the Play Market. To install them on a smartphone, you just need to select the one you need and click the “Install” button. Make sure there is enough free space on the internal storage.

Connecting your phone to a printer via Bluetooth

Some of the above Android applications allow you to connect between a smartphone and a printer via a Bluetooth connection.

This requires a Bluetooth interface supported by the printer.

Conditions for printing photos from your phone

The choice of printing method depends on what interfaces the printer has and what technologies it supports. The following options are possible:

  • Older printers with LPT or COM interfaces. Printing photos from a phone on such devices is possible through cloud services. A computer is required to connect the printer.
  • USB printers. They can be connected to the phone using a USB-OTG adapter, but this is not a universal method, since not all smartphones have the necessary drivers. Alternative. printing via cloud services.
  • Printers with support for Cloud Print technology. They allow you to use cloud printing without connecting to a computer.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled printers. Supports direct phone connection, printing requires dedicated app.
  • AirPrint-enabled hardware for printing files from Apple devices. No configuration or additional software required.
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You can also use the classic method. print pictures via a computer. We talked about how to transfer a photo from a phone to a hard drive of a PC or laptop. Once the files have been transferred, you can easily send them to print through an attached printer. You only need a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer.

Wi-Fi connection

To implement this method, the printer must have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter.

It is important to make sure you have it as it will not be on older models. There is no need to perform special actions here, you just need to use the functionality of the program and follow the instructions to connect


The situation is identical with the Bluetooth interface. If there is such a function, then we use it.

To connect a smartphone or tablet to a printer via USB, you need to use a special OTG cable (USB to microUSB adapter). The gadget used must have a Host port, which will allow it to be connected not only to a computer, but also to other devices. All the cords need to be connected, after which we connect the resulting cable to the gadget, configure it using the application and use.

Not all devices can be connected this way. Some models may simply not have drivers.

Correct connection of the printer to the Android gadget

There are several connection methods, which can be divided into the following groups:

  • Direct connection. Performed using a USB cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Connection through an intermediary. The printing process is controlled through a laptop or PC, and the gadget only gives instructions for printing. Google Cloud applied.

For an Android device, in all cases, you need special software, for example, Printer Share, since a printer cannot print without instructions. There are also print apps which we will look at below.

Google cloud

The most convenient option with which you can print files, while being anywhere in the world. We print by linking the gadget to a Google account. The same account should be used on the computer and the gadget.

Photo Features

Photos taken with a phone can be of reasonably good quality and often look good and stay clear even when printed on large sheets.

When choosing a photo that you want to transfer to paper, follow a few rules:

  • Zoom the photo on your phone as close as possible in order to make sure that there is no significant loss of quality (especially when you need a printout on a large format. A3 or A4);
  • In principle, it makes sense to print only those images that are obtained with a matrix resolution of less than 4 megapixels (3 megapixels in the event that we are talking about a very small format);
  • Be aware that, depending on the quality of the printer, there may be more or less loss of image quality when printing;
  • Especially the previous point concerns rather dark images, for example, taken outdoors in the dark, since on paper such a picture may be hardly distinguishable;
  • When taking photos of general plans and landscapes, a slight loss of clarity is possible, which may not be noticed when viewed on a phone, but will be visible on paper.

Do not expect to get the exact same image after printing as the one you see on your phone.

Much in this case depends on the quality of the printing device, the novelty of the cartridges, the printing method, etc.

For example, many budget printers or misconfigured devices can significantly distort the actual colors in the photo.

How to connect your phone to a printer via Wi-Fi

To print at any level, the device must have a connection function. If it is supported by a smartphone, then it is controlled from the gadget. For example, you can play documents from Android if you download and install applications using Wi-Fi:

There are limitations to the compatibility of devices with technologies. If the developments belong to a specific company to work with the program, you will have to create an account in the service in order to bind the printer to it. And if the devices are connected by one of the types of Wi-Fi Direct wireless communication, this method is turned on for work. Then, from any place where there is Internet, actions can be controlled, provided that the devices work in the same network.

There are limitations to adapters. it must be included in the package, if not, you can work with a lithium-ion battery. The printer with alkaline batteries, like with nickel-metal hydride batteries, cannot be connected to Wi-Fi.

How to connect a smartphone to a tablet

You can connect a smartphone to a tablet only via Wi-Fi, while you can only exchange data (files). This is done using special applications. Depending on the application, it will need to be installed either on both devices, or on the smartphone that downloads, or on the device from which the download will go. There are a lot of such applications, you can give several for example:

  • WI-FI File Explorer;
  • WI-FI File Transfer;
  • Kies air.

You can find out how to use this or that application on the site from which you download the program, or simply by following the prompts on the screen.

Is it possible to connect the printer to the phone

1.1. How to connect a printer to a smartphone via a USB cable

To connect the printer to your smartphone via USB, you need to download the Printer Share app. In addition, you will need a special USB OTG adapter, which on the one hand connects to a smartphone via microUSB, and on the other hand has a USB input for connecting any USB devices.

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After connecting the USB OTG cable and connecting the printer to it, you need to launch the Printer Share application and click the “select printer” button in the menu and select a USB printer. Next, you need to select your printer from the list provided. All connection is complete. Now, in the same program, it remains to select the desired file and press the “print” button.

0.1. Connecting to a smartphone keyboard

Since the smartphone practically does not differ from the tablet, except for the size and voice communication function, then the same accessories and devices can be connected to it as to the tablet. over, due to the fact that a smartphone is a means of voice communication, connecting a Bluetooth headset to it will make calls more convenient. But let’s take a closer look at what and how you can connect to a smartphone.

How to connect a keyboard to a smartphone

There are several ways to connect the keyboard to your smartphone:

  • Via USB OTG service, which not every smartphone supports. However, such support is available in any modern device running on the Android 4.x.x operating system.
  • Bluetooth connection.

In any case, connecting the keyboard to a smartphone does not require much knowledge and effort. If your device supports the USB OTG service, then you will need a special microUSB to USB adapter. Connect the adapter to the microUSB connector of your smartphone. On the other side of the adapter there will be a USB connector for connecting a keyboard or other USB devices. You don’t need to enter any settings.

To connect a keyboard via Bluetooth, you just need to make the peripheral device visible and turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. After that, in the Bluetooth settings on the smartphone, select the required device. A similar connection method is also the answer to the question of how to connect a mouse to a smartphone.

It is worth noting that if the mouse or keyboard uses a radio interface, then you cannot do without a USB OTG cable. To use the Russian language while working with the keyboard, you need to install the Russian Keyboard application on your smartphone. To switch the layout, you need to press the AltShift / Space or ShiftSpace keys.

Printing applications

There are many applications for the Android operating system. Consider the most famous and convenient ones that have a good reputation among users and a high rating:

Solution to the problem

And this problem is solved quite simply. The only negative point is that the printer must be Wi-Fi capable. It would seem that everything is simple, turn on Wi-Fi on your device, then on a printer and print as much as you like. But no, not all printers can see Android or iPhone, and not all devices can connect to the printer. To solve these problems, as well as for the most comfortable use, a number of programs have been developed. Accordingly, you can connect your phone to a printer via Wi-Fi.

Connecting a phone to a printer via Wi-Fi

There is a program called “Wireless Printer / Cloud Print”. A very functional program that allows you to connect to most printers. The program works very well with printers from HP, Canon and Kyocera. Below is a list of the features of the “Virtual Printer” program:

  • It is possible to print from all Android devices that support the program, on all printers that are connected to this service;
  • Printing of any documents and photo images in various resolutions, converting files, etc.

All the simple complexity of connecting the program consists in adding the necessary printers. Not all printers have access to the Internet, but many support printing from cloud storage. In this case, you need to link the printer to your Cloud Print account. The order of steps for connection is determined by the printer manufacturer. For example, a Canon printer can be easily connected via Google Chrome.

via Wi-Fi (Bluetooth) if the printer supports wireless technology

The most convenient printing option will be if you have a modern printer (supporting full Wi-Fi operation). You can even lie on the couch and chat with someone on Viber. with one click of your finger (without even getting up) send to print any of the photos you see in the chat! Isn’t it great?!

Setting up in this case is also quite simple: it all comes down to connecting the printer to your home Wi-Fi network (usually, this can be done using a small screen on the device (see screenshots below), or using the WPS buttons.which you need to press and on the router, and on the printer for auto-connection).

Connecting the Printer to a Wi-Fi Network (Wi-Fi Settings)

After that, also connect the phone to this Wi-Fi network (you can do it in the “Wireless networks” settings section (Actual for Android 8.0)).

Well, then just select a photo or document (for example, I opened a scan on Google Drive), click “Print” and among the found printers you will see your device: it remains to select it and wait for the device to hum

We print from the phone via Wi-Fi to the printer

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