Connect Printer To Phone Via HP Wi-Fi

How to quickly set up a Wi-Fi connection with an HP LaserJet P1102w. Installing HP software

Insert the installation disc into your computer’s optical drive. If you do not have a CD with drivers or if it can start, download the necessary software from the HP website, in the “Support” section. To do this, enter your printer model in the search term on the left side of the screen. Click on the “Find my product” button and select your operating system on the next page. After downloading the file, run it as administrator.

Click the “Install” button on the startup screen of the utility. At the next step, select the program operation mode:

  • Easy installation. the terms of use are accepted automatically, files are copied with the default settings.
  • Advanced installation. provides an opportunity to read the license agreement and change the default settings.

Select your printer model from the list in the next window. To connect HP P1102w, click the first term. “P1100w Series”, then click “Next”. Specify the type of connection from the proposed options:

  • Setting up printing via a wireless network;
  • Setting up printing via USB;
  • Connecting to Add Wi-Fi Printer.

Use the first option if you have not previously configured the HP LaserJet P1102w. The application will copy the drivers needed to connect to your computer. Next, plug the printer into a power outlet and press the power button on the left front side of the device. Connect the USB cable from the printer to your computer and wait for the P1102w to be found.

Connecting HP P1102w

Be sure to remove the paper insert under the top cover of the printer before starting work. Remove the foam seal that secures the cartridge. It is located inside the LaserJet body. Then remove the orange protective strips on the cartridge and reinsert it into the printer. Make sure the pins on the P1102w cartridge are firmly connected to the pins on the printer.

The inputs for connecting the electrical cable and USB are located on the rear panel of the device, on the right side. Insert the cords, open the front flap tray and load paper. The maximum number of sheets depends on their density. When using 60 grams per square meter paper, the tray can hold up to 150 sheets.

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Setting up and installing a wireless connection for the HP LaserJet P1102w printer

The HP P1102w Laser Printer does NOT have a touch screen or more controls. Therefore, for the initial configuration of Wi-Fi settings, you must connect the device to your computer using a USB cable. In the future, the LaserJet will work in wireless mode, a subsequent USB connection is NOT required.

Wi-Fi setup

Select the method for detecting the wireless network: automatic search or manual input. It is recommended to mark the second item to indicate the network and data for connecting to it yourself. The P1102w printer will search for Wi-Fi hotspots available for connection via the built-in radio.

Information on the found networks will be indicated in a table that includes the SSID (Wi-Fi name), encryption mode, signal strength and the ability to quickly connect via WPS. To connect to a hidden network, check the “Enter your Network Name (SSID) manually” setting and enter the Wi-Fi name in the text box.

To connect the LaserJet to a publicly named network, select it from the table. In the right drop-down list, specify the Authentication method used. If WEP or WPA / WPA2 encryption is selected in the network settings, enter the Wi-Fi password, consisting of 8-63 characters. You can clarify it in the control panel of the router.

The HP LaserJet P1102w will blink a blue LED while searching and configuring the network. When the connection is successfully established, the indicator will turn on continuously. The installer will prompt you to disconnect the USB cable. Perform this action, then check the “Print test page” checkbox and click “Next”. LaserJet printer will print a test page over Wi-Fi.

You can then print files using HP ePrint. The LaserJet P1102w supports local area network connections (using Wireless Direct technology). You can also print documents through the web interface, from any computer with Internet access. In both cases, the HP P1102w works autonomously, without the need to leave the computer always on.

Wi-Fi connection

Wireless technology has eliminated the need to keep cables close at hand. If your printer has a Wi-Fi module, you can connect using the Wi-Fi Direct option and the mobile printing app.

Connect Printer To Phone Via HP Wi-Fi

For this you need:

  • Enable Wi-Fi Direct (or “Wi-Fi Direct”) on both devices;
  • Wait for the mobile device to detect the printer
  • Send a request to connect to a printer from an Android device;
  • Wait for connection;
  • Send a document for printing through a file manager or a special program.
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But this method has some disadvantages. Firstly, this technology is not supported by everyone in the model, and secondly, even if there is a working connection, equipment conflicts are possible.


The utility is designed for gadgets running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry. It offers direct wireless or USB connectivity, discovers printers automatically, supports multiple file formats, is easy to configure, and works with multiple cloud services. However, there are limitations for the free version.

Via Dropbox

Another popular cloud storage that lets you print files from your phone is Dropbox. To use it, you need:

  • Create an account;
  • Install the application on your smartphone;
  • Copy the necessary documents from your PC to the cloud;
  • Allow file sharing to be printed;
  • Press the “Print” button.


The utility is available in two versions. for Android and Apple. It provides for connection via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and allows printing images, emails, documents, web pages, SMS, contacts. The program works with Google Cloud Print, but there is a limitation for the free version. remote printing only 20 pages. While the paid version allows you to print in unlimited quantities, use the devices anywhere in the world through its own PrinterShare service. Lack of utility. does not support all printer models.

Apple Gadgets Printing

IPad and iPhone users do not have to think about which wire to connect a mobile device to a printer, because Apple focuses on wireless connections. If the printing device supports AirPrint, then you can send files from your iPhone / iPad to it via Wi-Fi. In this case, the gadget running iOS and the printer must be on the same wireless network.

The other way is NOT related to AirPrint implementation. You need to do the following:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your Apple device and printing equipment;
  • Find in the list of available Wi-Fi networks the option whose name coincides with the printer model;
  • Launches a printing program from the manufacturer of office equipment on a mobile device (it is better to install it in advance)
  • Select a printing device;
  • Customize document parameters;
  • Print file.
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Via Google Cloud Print

The printing device must have a network connection option to register with Google Cloud Print.

First, the printer is registered in the service via a laptop or stationary PC. For this you need:

  • Create a Google account;
  • Launches the Google Chrome browser (install if absent)
  • Enter “Menu / Settings / Show Advanced Settings”;
  • Click “Add Printer” in the “Google Cloud Print” section;
  • Wait for the pop-up confirmation message to appear;
  • Press the “Add Printer” button on the messages to confirm the registration of the device, but remember that the device must be installed and turned on in advance.

After that, you need to install the Cloud Print application on your mobile device. To print a selected file from your phone to a printer, you must log in from your smartphone to the same Google account where the printer is registered, click on the icon of the printing device to select the file and define the desired printer. Then you should adjust the print parameters (size, resolution, orientation, number of copies) and click on the image of the paper plane. This will put the file in the cloud and be printed. Thanks to this method, you can print documents of any type from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access, but, of course, the device should not be turned off.

Connecting via WPS

The signal of the Wi-Fi module can be intercepted by an intruder. To prevent this from happening, gadgets are connected to the printer directly, and through a router (router) according to the WPS standard (Wi-Fi Protection Setup, or Wi-Fi Protected Setup). For security, you must use a strong password. How to configure the network is described in the documentation for the router.

Printing from a memory card

You can do without a computer, cable and Wi-Fi module if the printer supports printing photos from memory cards.

In this case, you can view pictures on the small display of the printer to select frames and set up printing. using the buttons on the control panel. The method is only suitable for printing images.

Best Printing Apps

Consider the most popular and convenient programs that allow you to print information from a mobile device.