Connect Printer Via Cable To Android

How to connect the Internet to a laptop by phone?

You can use your smartphone as source of the Internet when there is no second provider at hand. Let’s consider three options for using a smartphone as a modem. No need to go to a cafe for the Internet.

Wi-Fi connection. The smartphone must have a stable Internet connection and a traffic package for the tariff. Your laptop has a wireless network card. And the smartphone has a mode for switching the phone to “modem mode”.

On the smartphone, you need to make settings in such a way that it can not only perceive, but also distribute the Internet. Each phone model has its own visual features of the settings, but the essence is the same. In Wi-Fi settings, this option is often hidden in “advanced settings”.

We need to switch the phone to the Internet distribution mode, the source of which will be the mobile operator who issued the SIM card. And then configure access to this point from second devices, in our case a laptop.

Since the phone has a relatively small range and I do not plan to use the Internet for a long time, I am in the mood to access it without a password (open network). I will leave the network name as it is.

And I will not invent a password. However, you can come up with a password if you plan to use this Internet regularly. And I chose “Net” on the “Protection” settings:

If, nevertheless, there is a password, and you want to connect users to a new access point (no more than six), then in the settings there is an emulator of the “WPS” button (as on a regular router) so that the user does not need to enter a password on his device:

Connect your laptop to the Internet. Our network has appeared in the list of networks, and its status is “open”:

Now we just click on this connection, and you are on the Internet. Its real speed depends on the coverage area of ​​the cellular operator.

The next option in which you can use your mobile phone as a modem is connecting via the Blue Tooth channel. Perhaps this is the trickiest way to use your phone as a modem.

The bluetooth adapter must be activated on the laptop (not available in all models). After connecting it to the computer in the “second bluetooth parameters”.

You need to allow By detecting the laptop to the second devices (that is, your smartphone):

For a stable connection, place your smartphone no further than 1-2 m from the laptop. We activate the “bluetooth modem” mode on the phone. In the laptop through the “control panel” we are looking for our device and pairing between them. First, on the phone (clicked on the bluetooth icon and Search), we make sure that the laptop appears in the list of devices.

And for pairing, we come up with any code of numbers, for example 1234.

Then on the laptop we enter the same code.

Then you need to turn on the appeared “network card” bluetooth and try to connect. If there are no conflicts between the phone and adapter drivers, the system will detect a new network and connect to it:

Connect the Internet to your laptop via a USB cable

The previous methods are good, but if you are on the road, wireless connections are an additional power consumption. Laptop and smartphone batteries are running low. The most economical way to use a smartphone as a modem is via a USB cable, which is used to charge the phone.You must first connect your smartphone via a USB cable, and then only turn on the USB modem option:

The more modern the smartphone model, the easier everything will go. If all is well, then the computer will immediately react without any additional settings:

All you need is a working USB cable that fits well in the socket. The option is good because the smartphone is charging, less energy is consumed. My cable connection speed is pretty good:

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How to connect internet to laptop via Android phone mobile hotspot or cable?

All good to fast-wolker.Ru! A laptop is a portable device for work, which is indispensable for business trips, trips. If you work moving from point A to point B, at a remote work, on a train or in the evening on a long business trip, then of course you need the Internet.

In today’s article I will tell you in SIMple ways to go online, which is always at hand. And you will always be “in touch” at the right time.

How to connect the Internet to a laptop via a 3g-4g modem?

You can use a 3g / 4g modem for communication with a separate SIM card. If possible, take universal modems, which are suitable for any cellular operator and you can then insert any SIM there. They are more expensive. With good coverage, the quality and speed of the Internet is decent, SIM cards for them can be bought on the road according to the situation.

Take a modem for the future 4g / LTE, Hi-link category. This means that there is no need to install a special program on the laptop. it is already inside the modem. It updates itself, which means that its firmware will always be up to date.

When using the modem for the first time, the laptop may not start automatic start (I have this function disabled by antivirus). Through the explorer, manually start the startup file as administrator:

After the first launch, shortcuts may appear on the desktop. This is normal. Is the connection established? Then be sure to update the firmware

If the connection is successful, the modem’s diode should glow solid blue, green, or red (depending on which network it “saw”). If the diode blinks, it means a problem.

These methods have helped me out more than once. I had to use both a modem and a smartphone on business trips. according to the situation. There is experience in flashing Some models of 4g modems for all operators. it also helped out. Good luck!

What is needed?

  • MHL adapter.

How to connect Android phone to TV via HDMI?

High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is an interface that transmits both high definition and quality audio. What does it mean? This means that you can, for example, display an image from a laptop on a TV. In this case, on the TV screen you will see everything that happens on the laptop screen. Of course, this is only possible if your TV, like your laptop, supports HDMI technology. Is it possible to connect a smartphone to a TV using HDMI? You can, but there are some nuances.

What to do?

You are probably perfectly familiar with the first three devices, but few people know what an MHL adapter is. Let’s analyze in more detail.

In order to connect a smartphone and a TV with an HDMI cable, the TV must have an HDMI port, and the smartphone must have a microHDMI port, and an appropriate cable is also required. The problem is that only a small number of smartphones have a microHDMI port. manufacturers SIMply do not see the point in installing it, because it makes the device more expensive, and it takes up extra space in the case. Here is this port on a smartphone, it looks like a MicroUSB port, but they are SIMilar only externally (for example. BlackBerry Z10):

If your smartphone has microHDMI port comments, you probably think that it is impossible to connect it to a TV. Fortunately, this is not the case. Some time ago, Mobile High-Definition Link technology, or MHL for short, appeared. MHL is an interface standard that combines the functionality of HDMI and MicroUSB. In other words, with the help of this excellent technology, you can connect your smartphone to a TV using HDMI technology using a special adapter. There is also an MHL cable. The difference is that the adapter is powered by external power, while the cable does not require additional power.

The MHL adapter looks like this:

It also houses an additional microUSB port for receiving power.

So, in order to connect a smartphone to a TV using HDMI technology, you need to connect an MHL adapter to a smartphone. Then a regular HDMI cable is connected to the adapter. The second side of the HDMI cable connects to the TV. on its back or side wall you can find a port or ports for connection.

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Have you connected? Wonderful. Now it all depends on the TV model. There are models where, when you connect the cable to the HDMI port, the picture from the device you just connected is automatically turned on. If this does not happen, pick up the TV remote control, press the Source button and select the HDMI section.

After that, you will see a picture from your smartphone. Everything that is shown on its display, you will see on the TV screen. You can watch a movie or even play games. Very comfortably!

Just remember that in some cases it is worth completely disabling the screen off function on the smartphone or setting the maximum Possible time, otherwise its display will turn off when idle.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in connecting comments, but you need to stock up on an MHL adapter in advance. Of course, only if your smartphone does not have a separate microHDMI port.

via Wi-Fi (Bluetooth) if the printer supports wireless technology

The most convenient printing option will be if you have a modern printer (which supports full Wi-Fi operation). You can even lie on the couch and chat with someone on Viber. With one click of your finger (don’t even get up) send to print any of the photos you see in the chat! Isn’t it great?!

Setting up in this case is also quite SIMple: it all comes down to connecting the printer to your home Wi-Fi network (usually, this can be done using a small screen on the device (see screenshots below), or using the WPS buttons. on the router, and on the printer for auto-connection).

Connecting the Printer to a Wi-Fi Network (Wi-Fi Settings)

After that, the phone also Connect to this Wi-Fi network (you can do it in the “Wireless networks” settings section (Actual for Android 8.0)).

Well, then just select a photo or document (for example, I opened a scan on Google Drive), click “Print” and among the found printers you will see your device: it remains to select it and wait for the device buzzing.

We print from the phone via Wi-Fi to the printer

  • INSTALLATION Excellent software to start creating your owns (all steps follow!). Even a beginner will do!
  • Computer Accelerator A program for cleaning Windows from garbage (speeds up the system, removes garbage, optimizes the registry).

How to connect a printer to a smartphone

First of all, it should be noted that modern technologies allow you to connect printers not only directly to the device via a USB cable, but also wirelessly, as well as via the Internet using Special applications and services. Of course, in the case of wireless communication, the printer must have a Wi-Fi adapter, and to connect to communication via the Internet, the printer must be connected to a global network. Each method has its own advantages. In order to understand which method is better, you should consider all the available methods.

How to connect the camera to a smartphone

Modern smartphones allow connecting WEB-cameras to them to solve some tasks. Of course, the smartphone also has its own camera, and of pretty good quality. over, as a rule, the camera on a smartphone is of much higher quality than a WEB camera. However, in some cases, such a connection allows you to solve certain problems.

So, as with the keyboard, to connect a webcam to a smartphone, you will need a well-known adapter called USB OTG. In addition, you need a camera control application that can be downloaded from the Internet. Next, connect the camera to the USB OTG adapter, the adapter itself to the smartphone. After that, launch the corresponding application and follow the prompts on the screen.

via cloud drives

Perhaps one of the SIMplest and fastest options (if you DO NOT do this very often) is to use some kind of cloud drive (now there are a lot of them: Yandex drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).

The whole process boils down to downloading the required file (document) from the phone to the Cloud Disk, and then on the computer (to which the printer is connected) open it and print.

1) Select the required files (photos, documents, etc.) on the phone and press the “Share” button, then specify Yandex disk (see example below).

2) Next, after selecting a folder on the Yandex disk, you need to click on the download button. Wait until the end of the operation.

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Upload file to disk

3) Let’s go to the computer. Installed the Yandex Disk application on your PC, an icon will appear in the tray for quick access to it. We open it.

An icon for quick access to the disk appeared in the system tray

4) In appearance, it resembles an explorer: it remains only to select the folder where you downloaded the files from your phone, open them and print them. In principle, nothing more complicated.

Yandex disk program on Windows: how it looks

1) Cloud storage: what, how, why? How to connect Cloud Drive to Windows, Android. Safe storage of files in the cloud, available anytime, anywhere.

2) Yandex Disk: how to use it, upload and download files, photos. How to set up auto-create a copy of my documents.


And this problem is solved quite SIMply. The only negative point is that the printer must be Wi-Fi capable. It would seem that everything is SIMple, turn on Wi-Fi on your device, then on the printer and Print as much as you like. But no, not all printers can see Android or iPhone and NOT all devices can connect to the printer. To solve these problems, as well as for the most comfortable use, a number of programs have been developed. Accordingly, you can connect your phone to a printer via Wi-Fi.

Connecting phone to printer via Wi-Fi

There is a program called “Wireless Printer / Cloud Print”. A very functional program that allows you to connect to most printers. The program has worked very well with printers from HP, Canon and Kyocera. The following applications are a list of the capabilities of the “Virtual Printer” program:

  • Possible printout from all Android devices that support the program on all printers that are connected to this service;
  • Printing of any documents and photo images in various resolutions, Converting files, etc.

All the SIMple complexity of connecting the program consists in adding the necessary printers. But not all printers have access to the Internet, but many support printing from cloud storage. In this case, you need to link the printer to your Cloud Print account. The order of steps for connection is determined by the printer manufacturer. For example, a Canon printer can be easily connected via Google Chrome.

Printer, keyboard, mouse, headset, router, modem

A smartphone is a unique mobile device that is primarily used for voice communication between subscribers, but at the same time it combines the functions of a tablet PC. In other words, a smartphone is a whole computer in your. which provides users with a lot of possibilities. In this regard, many users have a question what can be connected to a smartphone to improve usability, as well as to expand capabilities?

Printing applications

There are many applications for the Android operating system. Consider the most famous and convenient, which have a good reputation in users and a high rating:


The situation is identical with the Bluetooth interface. If there is such a function, then we use it.

To connect a smartphone or tablet to a printer via USB, you need to use a special OTG cable (USB. microUSB adapter). The gadget used must have a Host port, which will allow it to be connected Not only to a computer, but also to other devices. All the cords need to be connected, after which the resulting cable is connected to the gadget, we carry out the configuration using the application and use.

Not all devices can be connected this way. Some models may SIMply not have drivers.

Correct connection of the printer to the Android gadget

There are several ways to connect, which can be divided into the following groups:

  • Direct connection. Performed using a USB cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Connection through an intermediary. The printing process is controlled through a laptop or PC, and the gadget only gives instructions for printing. Google Cloud applied.
Connect Printer Via Cable To Android

For an Android device, in all cases, special software is needed, for example, Printer Share, since the printer cannot print without the specified one. There are also print apps which we will look at below.