Connect Samsung Smart via Wi-Fi

What you need to do to set up Smart TV over Wi-Fi?

  • Turn on the TV, press the “Settings” button on the TV remote control.

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  • In the TV menu, go to the Network tab and select Network Connection.
  • Next, the possibility of a wired or wireless connection is displayed. Press the button “Configure connection”.
  • Select the desired wireless network from the list. Attention! If there is a need to set your own parameters when connecting, then you must select the “Manual settings” item. For example, this will be needed to connect to a network with a hidden SSID, when using a static IP address, or connect using WPS technology and other possible options.
  • Next, you need to specify a password to connect the TV to a Wi-Fi access point.
  • On the next window, you will see the connection status. The network is connected, the signal is stable. Click the Finish button.
  • If you are prompted to enter IP and DNS, then select “receive automatically”. You can use the functions of Smart TV technology! If Smart TV mode is activated, then at the top you will see an icon, Internet connection.

After you have successfully connected to the network via Wi-Fi, you will need to go to the “Menu” again and select the “Smart Hub” function in the “Support” tab. She is able to open access to many information resources on the Internet. With its help you can watch videos on YouTube or visit other Internet pages.

Smart TV over Wi-Fi

What progress has reached. now, in order to watch videos on YouTube or search for the necessary information on the Internet, you do not need to run for a laptop or grab a smartphone. Anything you want can be done through the TV. The only prerequisite is the presence of the Smart TV function. Electronic stores offer a fairly wide selection of TVs from different manufacturers with the Smart TV function, which, by the way, are not cheap.

What you need to know before setting up your Smart TV?

Your dream has come true and you have taken out that very Samsung Smart TV from the box. We determined its place, put it there and now it’s time to start setting up. What you need to know and be able to in order to seamlessly use the Smart TV function?

Let’s start in order and analyze the order of TV settings via Wi-Fi. Of course, there is an option to connect the TV directly through a wire, but this is not a very convenient option.

Additional cable, wire knots. all these are troubles and inconveniences that are unlikely to please. There will be opponents and connections via Wi-Fi, because many believe that such a connection is not capable of providing an uninterrupted connection to the Internet. But this is not true. The interruption of communication and the lack of its stability is exclusively a problem of the router. If the processor of the router is strong enough and the Internet provider provides fast Internet, then there will be no problems. Otherwise, either change your router or your Internet service provider.

Before proceeding with the Smart TV settings, you need to clarify a few points, namely:

  • Does your Samsung Smart TV come with a built-in Wi-Fi adapter? If yes. this is great, if not. then it must be purchased. If you buy an adapter, be sure to pay attention to the fact that it is individual for each Smart TV model.
  • Is the router configured and working properly? But, if the router is not new and your smartphone or tablet already has an Internet connection, then you can skip this item, because all the necessary settings have already been made. Otherwise, setting up a router for Internet access will require specialist intervention.

What to do if Smart TV connection fails?

It often happens that everything seems to be done correctly and the sequence is followed, and the Samsung Smart TV stubbornly refuses to connect to the network via Wi-Fi.

In this case, you need to understand the reason for this behavior and eliminate it. Among the most common are incorrect router settings. Check connectivity on other devices in your home. phones, laptops, tablets. If they also do not see the network, then of course move towards fixing the problem in the router. If the Samsung Smart TV refuses to connect, then your next action will be to fix the error in setting up Smart TV.

The most common mistake when setting up Smart TV is the incorrectly selected Wi-Fi network. In this case, return to “Menu”. “Network Settings” and choose your router more carefully. The second error may be the incorrectly entered Wi-Fi password. In this case, follow the same path to the menu, and enter its correct version in the password field.

Another error can be either a software glitch or an error in the TV itself. In this case, you will need to update the firmware. Also, sometimes in case of an unsuccessful attempt to connect to the network via Wi-Fi, an elementary reboot of the TV or router can help. Just turn off the devices for a few minutes and then resume work.

It happens that the Samsung Smart TV cannot see the router because the distance between them is too large. If, for example, more than one wall separates the TV and router, the connection may be interrupted. In this case, you need to place them closer, thus improving the quality of the connection.

No special skills or abilities are required to set up Smart TV. Everything is very simple and accessible. Carefully follow each step of the instructions step by step and, as a result, enjoy the unlimited possibilities of your Samsung Smart TV.

Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you failed to configure the connection. We will help!

Setting up Smart TV on Samsung TV via Wi-Fi

The first thing to do after purchasing your TV is to install it in its permanent location. After that, you need to choose in what way the connection to the Internet will occur. There are such ways to connect to the network:

  • connecting with a cable through a router;
  • wireless connection via Wi-Fi using the adapter built into the Samsung TV;
  • using a Wi-Fi router that connects to the TV via the USB port.

How to set up Smart TV on Samsung TV over Wi-Fi?

Samsung TVs are in great demand. over, the Smart TV function makes it possible to use television more widely. But not all users independently configure this function on their device. With this article, you will be able to set up Smart TV on Samsung TV over Wi-Fi.

What to do if the TV does not connect to the Wi-Fi router

If all the actions are completed and the password that ensures the security of the connection is entered correctly, but there is no connection to the network, then you need to repeat all the connection actions and make changes.

The reason may be hidden in the failure of the DHCP server, which provides access to the home Internet. In this case, you can re-configure your Samsung Smart TV to wi-fi using the panel on the router. In this case, the DHCP server is disabled, and all the necessary data is entered manually.

Connecting to Wi-Fi without DHCP

Manual configuration of Samsung Smart TV WI-FI is carried out with the introduction of data corresponding to the router’s gateway address, for example, During the settings, the following is entered:

  • IP address.
  • Subnet number.
  • Gateway address.
  • DNS server data.

After carrying out such manipulations, the connection to the Internet is established and the TV will be able to quickly access the network of its provider.

After that, problems with the DHCP session should be eliminated, it is necessary for the high-quality functioning of the rest of the gadgets that are in the house and are connected to the Internet. To do this, indicate the IP address of each device, including the TV in the adapter by MAC address.

Thanks to such actions, there will be no conflict situation in the operation of gadgets and all devices will work flawlessly from the same router.

Wi-Fi connection steps

The TV automatically connects to the Internet the first time it is connected to the network after purchase. If the device is not connected to a cable connection, the system will search for available Wi-Fi on its own. Reconnect Samsung as follows:

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    By clicking on the “Network” button, you go to the parameters, where you need to select the “Network Settings” button. All actions are performed using the remote control by pressing “Settings”.

  • The screen will go dark to indicate that the device is ready for use. The start button is pressed.
  • The TV will offer two options for connecting to the Internet: cable and wireless. Wi-Fi connection is selected and setup continues.
  • The device will search for available Wi-Fi networks for 15 seconds, then the word “SSID” will appear on the screen, which will be the definition of the found router.
  • If you have several wireless networks, you need to find your own and connect it to the TV by entering the password in the window that opens. If there is no password, the device will automatically connect to the Internet.
  • After the TV is connected to Wi-Fi, you need to make additional settings, namely through the menu, find the “Support” option, and press the “Smart Hub” button. This will open access to the content ready for viewing.

    What you need to connect a laptop to TV via Wi-Fi

    Many people ask the question: how to connect a laptop to a TV via WI-FI? The main condition for the possibility of such a connection is the presence in the TV itself of Smart TV technology and a Wi-Fi module with support for Wi-Fi Direct and DLNA functions. The first allows you to connect a laptop to a TV directly, without using a home network and a router. However, not all TVs (especially older models) can be connected to laptops in this way. The second technology. DLNA, makes it possible to go from the TV itself to the network storage (for example, a folder on the hard drive of a PC connected to a home network) and start playing multimedia content from it. viewing a photo or video. You can also launch a media server from the laptop itself with broadcast to the TV.

    The difference between these two connection methods is quite significant and below we will tell you what is the difference and how to organize such connections and how to connect a laptop to a TV via WI-FI.

    How to connect a laptop to a TV via Wi-Fi

    Connecting a laptop to a TV via Wi-Fi wirelessly is a cherished dream of all online movie theater lovers and gamers. We will tell you how to do it quickly and without complicated settings.

    Oddly enough, but not many people know that you can connect a laptop to a TV without wires in just a couple of mouse clicks. This will allow you to sit on the couch and broadcast your vacation photos or video to the big screen. You can also play your favorite games using not a small laptop display, but display the picture on a device with a huge diagonal. However, in the latter case, it is worth considering that the picture will be broadcast to the TV with a slight delay. When watching movies and photos, you will not notice this. Below we will give step-by-step instructions on how to connect a laptop to a TV via WI-FI.

    Connecting to a TV via Wi-Fi Direct

    This feature works well on modern TVs from the 5th generation, where manufacturers have already implemented unified wireless direct drivers. This is the so-called. connecting a second wireless monitor, where the TV acts as an external display device for everything that happens on the screen of your mobile device, such as a laptop or smartphone.

    In the first case, you need to have Windows 7, 8 or 10. A home network is not required with this connection, and authentication and connection is carried out through a connection request on the TV screen itself.

    Such a connection is convenient because you can see on the big screen everything that is done on the screen of your PC or laptop, including working in the browser, viewing photos or videos, as well as the process of playing. The only drawback here is a slight delay in displaying content on TV and slightly fewer colors than on a PC display.

    How to set up wifi in Samsung Smart TV

    How to connect a laptop to a TV via WI-FI? Making a Wi-Fi Direct connection is pretty straightforward. To do this, turn on your TV and laptop. Wi-Fi adapters must be activated on both devices.

    Now on your Windows 10 laptop go to Start | Parameters | System | Display ”and on the right side under“ Multiple displays ”click on“ Connect to a wireless display ”. A vertical shutter with the “connect” menu and a list of detected devices will appear on the right side. In our case, this is Samsung 6 series (49). Click on the selected model, then on the TV itself, agree to the connection request. It should be noted that the connection may not happen on the first or even on the second attempt, since the computer needs time to transmit the TV signal encryption keys. But after the TV is connected to the laptop via WI-FI, you can broadcast the video even from another room.

    In order to disable the transmission of the wireless video signal to the TV, click on “Connect to wireless display” again and click on the “Disconnect” button in the right curtain of the menu.

    Connecting to a TV via DLNA

    This type of connection is that on a computer or laptop that is part of the home network, access is organized to certain folders where you place multimedia files. photos and videos. Only your TV can play them with its built-in player. A prerequisite for this is that the TV supports DLNA technology. a set of standards that allow devices connected to a home network to transmit and receive over various media content.

    This can be done both from an Android smartphone and tablet, as well as from a TV (playback functions only). The question also arises of how to synchronize a laptop with a TV via WI-FI. In general, everything happens automatically.

    The main task is to organize a shared folder on a laptop. To do this, you need to make it available to other devices on your home network, and also assign permanent IP addresses in the router for gadgets connected to the network. This is necessary so that the TV does not have to scan the network every time in search of this folder.

    To do this, on the laptop’s hard drive, create a shared folder named in English, for example, MediaTV. Go to the “Access” tab in its properties. Then click “Advanced settings”, put a check mark next to the phrase “Open public access” and confirm the action by clicking “OK”.

    If your TV with Smart TV is an old model and its system does not allow you to connect to devices on Windows OS, namely, the TV simply does not see the shared folder with files, there is another option to organize the broadcast of media content on its screen. But first you need to make sure that your TV is visible on your home network.

    To do this, click on the “Network” icon in the Explorer on the left. After that, the devices available on the network will be displayed in the right pane. Now select a video file in MP4 format in any folder, right-click on it and select “Transfer to device” in the context menu, in our case to Samsung.

    This will launch the Windows media server, which will display a list of files transferred to the TV. Don’t miss the request on the TV itself to play a file from an external source.

    Connecting using Wi-Fi adapters

    If you failed to connect the laptop to the TV via Wi-Fi, but this method remains more preferable for you, as compared with the HDMI connection, you can try to connect the laptop to the TV using an intermediary. a TV set-top box on Android or a Wi-Fi dongle. for example Google Chromecast. In this case, you just need to connect to the Wi-Fi network organized by this adapter and broadcast the signal to it.

    However, such an extravagant solution will be justified if cable connection is almost impossible, such as for a video projector suspended from the ceiling. It is much cheaper and more reliable to use an HDMI connection and connect the laptop to the TV through the appropriate cable.

    Android prefix

    The only and easiest way to connect an old TV without a built-in Wi-Fi module to the Internet is to install a set-top box on the Android platform. The software base of such set-top boxes is no different from that installed on smartphones or tablets. Therefore, it is ideal for devices without Smart and Wi-Fi support. The Android operating system provides the ability to install any applications.

    A special advantage of the Android set-top box is the ability to connect in 3 convenient ways:

    • HDMI cable;
    • AV cable;
    • adapter adapter HDMI.

    Image quality also depends on the connection method you choose. The picture quality will be better with an HDMI cable than with tulips. They are suitable for older TVs.

    Setting up the set-top box is very simple. It must be connected to both the TV and the router. This can be done either with a cable or via a Wi-Fi connection. In the first case, it is enough to simply insert the cable into the desired socket of the router. In the second, you must enter the installed security key. Then you can proceed to the settings (install applications, change the language, etc.).

    Important! There are a lot of set-top boxes operating on the Android platform on the modern market. In order to choose the most suitable option, you should carefully study the reviews of popular models. Some providers also provide set-top boxes with such capabilities along with their services.

    MHL cable for phone or tablet

    You can also connect a smartphone or tablet to the TV. This may be necessary in order to broadcast photos or videos on a large screen, and the output device does not support Wi-Fi or it does not exist for some reason. A cable connection is also suitable in cases where the Internet signal is very weak and does not allow you to display a picture in high quality.

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    In order to connect a tablet or phone to a TV via a cable, you need to use compatible gadgets for this. For general setup you need:

    • phone or other device with MHL support;
    • HDMI cable and power;
    • MHL adapter;
    • TV with HDMI connector.

    Important! The connection process is very simple. And thanks to the charging port, your mobile device will not run out of power while watching.

    Wi-Fi adapter

    An important connection requirement is the ability of a home router to distribute a wireless Internet connection. However, most modern routers have such a function.

    Important! Speaking about whether it is possible to connect a Wi-Fi adapter to a TV without Smart TV, experts unequivocally give a negative answer. This is due to the fact that you do not need to connect to the network in such models at all. They don’t have apps to watch videos or visit websites.

    Connecting TV to PC or laptop

    Connecting a TV to a personal computer or laptop is also very easy. This method allows you to broadcast on the TV screen everything that happens on the computer monitor. You can not only watch movies and TV shows, but also use a large computer screen as a desktop.

    In order to make a connection in this way, you will also need an HDMI cable and a suitable connector for it on the TV. Additional settings are not required on it, only on the computer. You just need to connect 2 devices to each other, select the desired input in the settings and enjoy watching.

    It is very easy to connect your laptop or PC to your TV. This requires only an HDMI cable

    How to connect an old TV without a built-in Wi-Fi adapter to the Internet via a Wi-Fi router

    Not all TVs have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. But this does not mean that you cannot connect them to a stationary router. To understand how to make Wi-Fi on a TV if it is not there, you need to carefully study several working methods.

    MiraScreen adapter

    The MiraScreen adapter can solve several problems:

    How to connect a TV without WI-FI to the Internet via WI-FI

    Televisions at one time became a real discovery for people. They allowed watching films and programs without going to cinemas. However, much later, when the Internet firmly entered the life of a person, their popularity decreased significantly. After all, everything you need could be viewed on the screen of your laptop, tablet or smartphone. But technology does not stand still, and manufacturers such as Dexp or LG have created TVs with an Internet connection. It was then that they began to experience their next wave of popularity.

    When the Internet came into people’s lives, the use of TVs faded into the background.

    Internet connection for Samsung TVs with Wi-Fi module

    For such a connection, you must have a Wi-Fi network at home, which you organized using a Wi-Fi router. Connect the incoming Internet cable to the router, and the router already distributes the Internet at your home via a wireless Wi-Fi network. The router is configured through the computer according to the instructions. In the TV menu, go to the “network” section and select “wireless networks”. Your home network should be displayed there with the name you assigned for the router’s network. If you protected the network with a password, then enter the password.

    Usually a router or router is configured to automatically distribute IP addresses, but if this is not the case, then in the settings you prescribe a specific address for your Samsung TV, and in the TV itself, in the network settings, you also specify this IP address. For automatic distribution of addresses, both in the router and on the TV, you need to specify this in the settings.

    If your router has an additional “WPS” button, and the TV also has such an item in the settings, then you can automatically configure the connection. To do this, on the TV, select the item “WPS (PSK)”, and on the router, press the “WPS” button for 15 seconds, and then the connection setup will occur automatically. If you have both a Samsung TV and a Samsung router, the setting can be done using the “One Foot Connection” function. To do this, on the TV, enter this menu item, and the setup will take place automatically.

    Wired connection

    If your TV has an Ethernet (LAN) connector, you can use a cable to connect it to the network. But if you connect the cable entering the apartment to the TV, then other devices will be without the Internet. You can use a router to split the incoming internet signal. It may not even support the wireless communication protocol. Further in the menu, find the item “network” and make settings according to the instructions that come with the Samsung TV. Be sure to select the “cable” item in the settings. The router is configured separately through a computer according to the instructions for the router. If you directly used the Internet cable included in the apartment to connect the TV receiver, then you also need to register all the network settings on the TV.

    Useful Tips

    What will help the owner of Samsung Smart TV when connecting the gadget to a Wi-Fi router? If the wireless Wi-Fi response is weak, diagnostics should be performed using the instructions of the inSSider program, switching to a freer network channel. If Samsung does not have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, you should purchase an external wireless device and connect to the web using it. It is important to select a USB Wi-Fi router model compatible with the TV model you purchased.

    How to connect samsung smart tv to wifi direct |samsung smart tv wont connect to wifi

    Checking the connection

    After properly connecting to a stable Wi-Fi network, a remote connection will be established.

    Internet access will be provided by the built-in Smart TV web browser. If the access key is entered correctly, and the wireless connection to the router or router has not been established, then you need to return to the settings and change them.

    The reason for this situation may be problems in the operation of the DHCP scenario for home network access, as indicated by the corresponding TV message.

    Samsung Smart TV: How to Connect to Internet WiFi (Wireless or Wired)

    You can reconnect a Samsung TV via a remote wi-fi connection through the administrative panel of your wi-fi router by disabling the DHCP server protocol and changing the “IP Settings” to Smart Samsung to the “Enter manually” option. Enter the network connection parameters according to the settings of your router in manual mode.

    Connecting Samsung Smart TV to a Wi-Fi router

    Consider the connection process on a TV that runs on the new Smart TV Tizen OS system. You need to open the Smart TV menu. To do this, on the remote control, press the button with the house icon. You may have a different remote control. It does not matter.

    Hover the cursor over the “Settings” item, go to “Network” from above and select “Network Settings”.

    Or open the “Settings” and go to the “General”. “Network”. “Open network settings”.

    Next, you need to select the type of network. Since we want to connect the Samsung TV to the router via Wi-Fi, we select “Wireless”.

    After searching, the TV will display a list of Wi-Fi networks available for connection. Choosing your wireless network. In the screenshot below, my network is called “iPhone” (I was distributing the Internet from my phone).

    Enter the password for the Wi-Fi network and click on the “Finish” button. If you want to see the password that you enter, check the box next to “Show password”.

    If the connection was successful, then a message should appear that the TV is connected to the Internet.

    Now you can go back to the Smart TV menu and use your internet connection in different applications. For example, browsing websites through a browser. On Samsung TV, it is called “Internet”. Or watch YouTube on TV through a separate app.

    You can also set up playback of movies from a computer, laptop, or mobile devices via DLNA. The main thing is that the TV and the other device are connected to the same network. I am leaving a link to the instructions for setting up a DLNA server in Windows 10. You can also display photos and videos on a TV from an iPhone or iPad. From Android devices, you can also configure the broadcast of media content via DLAN.

    Connecting a Samsung TV with an old Smart TV system is similar. In the settings you need to go to the “Network” section and start the network setup. Select the wireless network type. Then select your network from the list of available networks and enter the password.

    If your TV does not have a wireless network, then most likely your TV does not have built-in Wi-Fi. Or you need a proprietary USB adapter. But in this case, it is easier to connect by cable.

    How to connect your Samsung TV to Wi-Fi

    The ever-growing line of Smart TV applications developed by Samsung is only suitable for smart TV models. However, only Samsung went the farthest and adapted more than 300 applications, and then there are more and more of them.

    It will be useful for the reader to master the ability to connect Samsung Smart TV to the Internet via a WI-FI router. The manufacturer’s instructions for many seem more than confusing, and the article on how to connect Wi-Fi on Samsung will simplify the setup process and save you time. Indeed, owners of TVs with Smart TVs who connect their devices to the network via WI-FI will have more advantages than after connecting via a local network. Our step-by-step instructions will help you master the process of setting up Samsung to the Internet via WI-FI.

    The advantage of connecting Smart TV to Samsung via a WI-FI router will be getting rid of household wires underfoot. And a sufficient speed of the Internet connection will relieve you of discomfort during playback, that is, it will protect the online broadcast on Smart Samsung from freezing and any interruptions.

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    Possible problems with connecting Samsung TV to Wi-Fi

    I think it will not be superfluous to consider the most popular problems and solutions that may arise in the process of connecting the TV to the Internet via a wireless network.

    I will be glad to answer your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. If you have any questions. write. Don’t forget to share article information. Perhaps I missed something, or I was wrong somewhere. Always ready to correct or supplement the article.

    Video Tutorial: Connect Samsung Smart TV to the Internet Using Wi-Fi

    One cannot but agree that a modern Samsung Smart TV connected to the Internet gives a person access to any resources of the World Wide Web, unlimited horizons of video and audio files, information and many other advantages. To enjoy all these benefits, you need a little. just properly connect your Samsung Smart TV to the Internet. It is worth noting that this process in itself is not difficult, but not all owners of these TVs can cope with it. If you also have difficulties in the process of such a connection, you can contact the competent specialists of the Samsung service center, or read the article below and try to make the connection yourself.

    This connection can be made in two ways: via Wi-Fi or LAN cable. Which connection method is better to choose and why? If you are not a fan of wires under your feet, then the first method will be the most convenient for you. There is one small nuance. with this method of connection, playback hangs when watching movies Online. But such interference can occur during any unstable operation of the Internet. You should know it.

    Connecting and configuring the Internet on Samsung Smart TV via Wi-Fi

    • First of all, check the stability and signal strength, as well as the correct settings on your router or router. Next, enter the “Menu” of your Samsung Smart TV. Find the “Network” section, then the “Network Status” subsection and select “IP Settings” in the window that appears. In these settings, set the value opposite the IP and DNS parameters “Receive automatically”.
    • Then we again go to the “Menu” in the “Network” section and select the “Network Settings” tab. After clicking the “Start” button, your TV will begin to search for and make a list of found wireless transmission devices.
    • In the list that opens, select your router or router and enter the security code in the window that opens.
    • After identifying the entered password, a connection will be made and you will be able to access the built-in web browser on your Samsung TV.
    • If the connection fails, then it is likely that the DHTPC protocol has malfunctioned. In this case, you should disable DHTPC settings on your router. Go back to the “Menu” of the TV in “Network settings” and select the “Enter manually” tab instead of “Receive automatically”. In this window, enter the parameters according to the parameters on your router. In the line “DNS Server” you can enter a value, both the gateway address of the router., and the address of the Google server.

    In the next article, we’ll show you how to connect your Samsung Smart TV to the Internet using a cable.

    Connecting to wi-fi without DHCP

    To set up a network connection on Samsung, you need to specify the values ​​according to the router’s gateway address, for example

    • IP address:;
    • Subnet type:;
    • Gateway parameters:;
    • External DNS server details from Google Corporation: (or gateway address

    After this reconfiguration, the wireless connection should be established.

    As a rule, after setting up the TV in manual mode, the wi-fi router finds its Internet network.

    Now it is necessary to eliminate the problems in the DHCP session, which ensures the functioning of the rest of the home gadgets (laptops, tablets) via automatic Internet access. To do this, it is enough to take into account the IP address of each device and Samsung TV in the adapter by MAC address. Such redundancy will help to avoid conflicts in DHCP operation, and all gadgets will respond to a single router IP address every time they connect to the network.

    Set up a Samsung TV connection to the Internet via a router, it is easy to learn how to connect Smart TV to a local network using a LAN cable. Customizers recommend using a UTP-5e patch cord, but a hand-molded LAN cable will also work.

    Wi-Fi Direct technology

    Since the introduction of Smart TV functions into televisions and the installation of a wireless module, manufacturers have begun to work on technology that could allow content to be transmitted wirelessly, that is, via Wi-Fi. The first development was Wi-Fi Direct, which evolved over time into Miracast and the interchangeable WiDi technology. With it, you can effortlessly cast your phone screen to your TV display.

    The first thing to do is find out if the TV has support for the option. All modern models with Wi-Fi have either WiDi or Miracast, that is, they can be synchronized with the phone. Older TVs may not have it. You can clarify by looking at the device specifications, or in the settings, the network section. there must be an on / off switch for the option.

    If there is one or Smart TV is modern (the option is always on), then you need to lower the shutter down in your Samsung phone and find the “Screen Mirroring” icon. By tapping on it, a window with available TVs will open, it remains to pair and the device screen will be immediately displayed on TV. As a rule, there are no difficulties when connecting, but some devices may be prompted to enter a password, or you will need to confirm the synchronization using the remote control.

    If the application icon is not on the quick access bar, then the application is probably not installed by default on the smartphone. You can download it from the Play Market or find an alternative for it. just enter the query “broadcast” in the application search bar.

    Screen Mirroring is convenient because you do not need the Internet to work. the network is established between two devices.

    DLNA network connection

    If you want to connect your smartphone to TV as a storage device, that is, you do not need to broadcast the screen, but only need to run certain content, then you can create a local network using DLNA technology. In this case, both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Next, you need to install on TV or phone the application through which the launch will be carried out. If you plan to watch videos or display photos, then a VLC player for your smartphone would be a good solution.

    To fully exchange files or access them, you can use the DLNA Server utility. this is a kind of file manager for working in a local network via a mobile device.

    Some TVs with DLNA local connection support already have a built-in media server in Smart TV functions. LG calls it Smart Share. having connected to one Wi-Fi connection, you need to launch the Smart functions of the TV panel and go to the tab of the same name. Now, through the LG webOS interface, you can manage files on your mobile phone. open photos and videos or copy to a drive connected to the TV.

    Now we will connect a Samsung phone to the TV via Wi-Fi in order to broadcast the desired one. How, I’ll explain now

    Good afternoon, dear readers of my blog! Anyone sometimes comes across the fact that, having come to visit friends, he wants to show them photos from the trip or a funny video shot on a smartphone. This can be done on the device’s screen, but even the largest diagonals can turn out to be small for a large company. In this case, a decision appears to display the picture on the TV, and then the thought of the need to look for wires, to adjust something. The idea seems difficult to implement, but nothing prevents you from using a wireless network. Today I will show you how to connect your Samsung phone to a TV via Wi-Fi.


    For those for whom the above methods are not suitable, since they just want to watch YouTube videos on a big TV, they will like the built-in function in the service client on their smartphone. After launching the application on your phone, open its settings and go to the “view on TV” menu item. In a standard situation, you will see a list of TVs on which you can display content. If this does not happen, then forcibly turn on YouTube on TV and go to the settings. Click “connect manually”. the code will be displayed, which should be entered in the “specify the code” window on your mobile phone.

    Now the applications are synchronized, and you can now control them through your mobile gadget, which is much more convenient than entering requests with the remote control in the TV version.

    If the TV is not Smart

    If you are the owner of an old TV or it does not provide Internet access, then you still do not need to use wires to broadcast content. Having bought a Smart Box with Android, you can make a Smart out of your usual panel. Such consoles have a built-in Wi-Fi module with support for Mirakast and Wai Dai technologies. The setting in this case is no different. the set-top box is connected via HDMI, on the TV we turn on the signal source of the selected connector, and then everything is similar to the usual Smart TV.

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