Connecting Antenna to Samsung TV

Setting up a universal TV remote control for Samsung TV

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Debugging can be automatic or manual. If the user wants to establish contact without a code, then the automatic method should be chosen.

  • Automatic. quickly starts scanning and automatically detects the contact. The advantage is that you do not need to search for a pairing combination and enter something manually.
  • Manual. for manual pairing, you will need to specify some parameters.


To quickly connect the universal remote to your Samsung TV, and follow the guide:

  • enter the combination 9999 on the remote control and after the fourth pressing of the nine, hold down the key;
  • then wait until it turns off completely and turn on the TV again;
  • direct the source of control to him;
  • press the power key, and hold this key;
  • when the volume icon appears on the screen, click to increase or decrease the sound level;
  • if there is a reaction, then the setting was successful.

If you don’t get the result, try to repeat the action a few more times.


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The manual method is more time consuming, because you have to wait for the indicator to work and specify some parameters;

  • turn on TV;
  • simultaneously hold down the “C” and “Setup” keys;
  • release after about 5-7 seconds when the indicator light responds;
  • enter the code in the window that opens (you can find it in the instructions)
  • confirm the action;
  • test the performance, check with the volume keys.

How to find the TV code

To find the Samsung TV code for the universal remote control, you should look at the instructions (paper or electronic version on the manufacturer’s website). It is also possible by the selection method to enter general combinations 0021.0061.0151.0291.0301.0331.0391.0661.1021.0931.1391.1401.1571.1081.2511.

For each model, these combinations are different, so you need to clarify on the official resources of the manufacturer.

No code

There is only one option for pairing without code. automatic debugging. It is also possible to use an alternative source. a smartphone. Benefits of smartphone control:

  • fast connection;
  • no password required;
  • multifunctionality. it is allowed to configure it to several TVs and other devices at once;
  • is available on almost all phones.

How to set up a universal remote control for a Samsung TV: codes, instructions

How to set up a universal remote for a Samsung TV? The universal control element is increasingly used for contact with home appliances, as it is simple to set up and easy to replace in case of loss or breakdown. However, not all users know how to debug, and what to do to start working with TV. This article provides not only a guide, but also an alternative way to control the technique.

Preparation and basic settings

To set up digital channels on a Samsung TV, calling the wizard is not necessary, since the process is not complicated. The main thing is that the model supports the DVB-C tuner. Samsung TV set-up methods vary from series to series, but general guidelines apply to each device.

  • press the button on the remote to open the menu. The appearance and location of the button depends on the model. There is a picture in the manual that shows all the buttons with signatures and their main functions;
  • find “Options” / “Automatic search parameters”;
  • select the “Digital Signal” item;
  • wait for the automatic opening of the window, which displays the signal quality;
  • specify the signal receiving option, receiving frequency and range.

How To Rescan Channels On A Samsung TV

The basic essence remains the same, regardless of the specific model. The main thing is to start, then the setting takes place at an intuitive level. If you encounter difficulties at a particular stage, you can always perform a factory reset and start over.

Not sure how to connect laptop to TV?

Presenting in the office often requires two things: confidence and a TV connection. Similarly, if you want to see something on your laptop at home on the big screen, you also need a TV connection. ‡ Luckily for you, with QLED TV, you have two options for connecting your computer to your TV! You can download the Smart View app to your computer and connect in the same way as with a mobile device. Wow, it’s that simple. Or you can use an HDMI cable to connect, which is also very easy because you just plug it into the One Connect Box.

Connect your audio system to your new TV

Want to get a surround sound effect? Good news for you: connecting your speakers is not a problem because you can connect either a digital audio cable or an HDMI cable to the One Connect Box!

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Using connectors

To set up a Samsung TV to receive digital television, you need to understand what connectors are and what they are for:

  • AV. previously used to set the signal to the old format. In modern models, it serves as a link between the TV and the satellite:
  • RCA. Consists of three plugs. The most popular type due to its high bandwidth;
  • HDMI. a cable that improves picture quality;
  • RE IN. sets the signal through the antenna to the satellite;
  • LAN. required to install modern interactive tools from the Internet;
  • USB. adapter between devices for information exchange.

Such a number of abbreviations and connectors often frighten users who rarely encounter technology. But all connectors are responsible for a specific function. The method of their operation becomes clear after the first use. It is important for your own safety to follow the connection rules. First, install all the cables and then connect the device to the outlet.

Manual Channel Search

Manual searches require more user action than automatic ones. Assumes the fulfillment of the following points:

  • open antenna settings;
  • select the manual type of settings;
  • indicate broadcasting frequency and module type;
  • activate the search process;
  • wait for the results for the specified time;
  • save the changes made.

The method does not involve complex actions. You just need to follow the established algorithm.

Which antenna to choose

Initially, you must determine the distance from the nearest TV tower. To do this, go to the official website of the cartographic service. www SIM card.rtrs.rf /.

In the top search bar, enter the name of the settlement where you live. For example, Ufa.

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The red icons on the map are TV towers. Click on the icon and check out the coverage area.

If the repeater is located near your home and the coverage is good, you can use a regular antenna. Let’s present the main classification:

  • Room. They take up little space, they can be placed anywhere in the apartment, but it is better to put them closer to the windowsill. The indoor option will be an excellent choice if the repeater is close enough. the distance is no more than 15 kilometers.
  • Outdoor antennas. Used for remote locations of the TV tower. They operate in the decimeter range, which allows them to pick up frequencies of 470-860 MHz.

If there is a bad signal in a country house (for example), where tall trees act as a hindrance, then purchase an antenna with an amplifier.

Most common connection problems

Users often encounter the following problems:

  • Rippling image. In some cases, squares can be observed. Solution. make sure that the cable is in good working order, the antenna is connected and located correctly, because the reason is hidden in a bad signal.
  • Colorless picture (black and white). Check if the cables are connected correctly. You may have mixed up the connectors. Have you checked the connection and everything is ok? Go to the tuner parameters and in the “Image” tab set “Auto tuning”.


The SCART input is available only in old TVs, in new models it is no longer found. Therefore, when using this connector, you will have to take care of the presence of an adapter.

HDMI is used in all modern devices. It provides the best picture and sound quality. Just connect the cable to the receiver and TV.

RF, like SCART, is found only in older TV models. The receiver will have two connectors. IN, intended for receiving the encoded signal, and OUT, responsible for connecting.

Search and tune available channels

When you have connected the set-top box to the TV, launch the tuner menu and:

  • Find the tab that allows you to start the channel search. She is at the top of the list.
  • Scan by clicking on auto search.
  • Wait for the procedure to complete.

Outdoor antenna

When purchasing an outdoor antenna, consider the following:

  • Look for models without a built-in amplifier, they don’t need them.
  • Choose directional antennas.
  • When using numbers outside the city, buy wide-angle antennas, this will have a positive effect on signal reception.
  • If the tower is too far away, and you observe interference when watching TV, then take an antenna with a preamplifier.

Which Samsung TVs need a set-top box

It is worth noting that not all TVs require a receiver to operate digital TV. In some models, this function is built-in, so they do not need to connect additional equipment. These devices include TVs with Smart TVs, which require Wi-Fi to function properly and to provide advanced features.

A DVB-T2 receiver is found in many models since 2012. You will find them in the LS, M, Q, H, J, K, F, E series. To enjoy digital broadcasting, simply connect the antenna and start the initial setup with the remote. You will need to indicate the country of location, set the current time, search for channels (the system will perform the procedure automatically, just click on the “Ok” button).

If you are not sure if your model of device requires a receiver, then check its part number. Look at the batch number. For example, the attached screenshot shows that this model belongs to the “F” edition.

Connecting and configuring an indoor antenna

The antenna is installed on the window sill and directed towards the repeater. You also need to make sure that there is no interference from radio signal sources. the Wi-Fi router should be located a few meters from the receiving device. Connect using a coaxial cable by inserting the wire connector into the dedicated jack. recommendations depend on whether the receiver has a built-in TV tuner or whether you are using a receiver.

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If you have a built-in DVB-T2 tuner, the antenna connection is as follows.

  • On the rear panel, find the connector marked Ant In.
  • Turn off the device from the mains, insert the antenna plug into the socket, then plug it back into the mains. Action subject to safety precautions.
  • In the “Channel settings” select the type of signal, activate the search.
  • Wait until the end of the search, save the found channels.

In the future, sort the TV channels according to your preferences.

In order to tune the home antenna on the TV when using a digital set-top box, the steps are performed in the following sequence:

  • Insert the antenna cable into the dedicated connector on the back of the TV tuner.
  • Connect the receiver using the supplied cords. HDMI or RCA cable.
  • After plugging into the network, select the input source. HDMI or RCA based on the type of connection.
  • In “Channel setup” start automatic search.
  • Save and sort TV channels.

At the moment, Russian television has launched two basic free multiplexes. The third is planned to be released by the end of 2020. beginning of 2021.

How to connect an indoor antenna to a TV: tuning algorithm

An indoor antenna is considered a versatile and easily configurable device that is capable of receiving TV signals from the moment it is connected. But like any device, a TV antenna does not need a specific tuning algorithm. With this article, you will be able to properly connect an indoor antenna to your TV.

Features of connecting to TVs of different brands

The algorithm for connecting an indoor antenna to TVs of different brands is almost the same. But, each manufacturer has its own characteristics. These may be differences in the fastening of the connectors, the designations of the channel search settings. It is recommended to carefully study the user manual before connecting.

Required equipment for connection

Before installing an indoor antenna, the first thing to do is determine the location and distance to the nearest repeater, the presence of possible interference in the form of buildings, and terrain features. The condition practically does not apply to the upper floors of high-rise buildings. Residents of the first three tiers may need a signal booster.

Some indoor antennas come with a built-in amplifier. Also, the device is purchased separately. The principle of operation is based on the amplification of the received signal. But the receiving device picks up both the direct signal and the reflected one from various obstacles. So, in a cluster of multi-storey buildings, the result will be rather negative. the reception quality will noticeably decrease.

The new models are equipped with a built-in DVB-T2 receiver, which provides reception of free Russian TV channels. For televisions of previous generations, you will need a receiver that provides support for the television standard used in the Russian Federation. Set-top boxes are widespread. from very simple models of a low price segment to complex, multifunctional devices.

The cost is influenced by the availability of additional functions. Internet connection, alternative control, HD support, CI encoding slot. These functions are essential for modern TVs. A functional tuner is not required when using a previous generation TV set. The only condition is support for DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-C standards.


Modern TV sets of the Samsung brand are equipped with a built-in DVB-S / S2 tuner. To connect a digital antenna to your Samsung TV, you need to follow the instructions.

  • Connect the antenna cable to the TV input, press start
  • Enter the TV menu, line “Broadcast” and select auto-tuning channels.

Next, set the type of source antenna.

  • In the line “Channel type” specify the full search mode and start scanning.
  • After the end of the search, all found TV channels will be saved automatically.

    Most LG TV models, in addition to the usual Ant In connector, have a special LNB Satellite IN connector, which means that there is a built-in TV tuner. This output is designed to connect a satellite dish, to watch free channels with no coding. Tuning and searching for television channels or multiplexes is also performed through the menu, indicating the type of antenna. satellite.

    To connect an indoor antenna to an LG TV, they initially look at the type of connector, which can be:

    • RF. coaxial threaded cylinder with a hole in the center;
    • IEC standard, installed on older models.

    To search for signals correctly, after connecting, it is necessary to configure the user’s language panel and specify the search country in the “General options” tab. Then you can go to autosearch channels.

    • Select the “Settings” button on the remote control.
    • Then go to “Channels” and select autosearch.
    • Specify the type of input signal. antenna.
    • In the pop-up tab, click “Full”, then “OK”.
    • Activate the Run command.

    How to connect multiple TVs to one antenna

    If, after installing the indoor antenna, the signal and image quality are excellent, then two or three TVs can be connected to it at the same time. It should be borne in mind that when using a passive device, the quality dividing into several devices deteriorates. Using an active antenna with an amplifier, provided there is no interference, the number of connected devices is unlimited.

    To connect several devices to one antenna, there are special splitters, splitters or so-called “crabs”, representing a rectangular box with loops. On one side of the splitter there is a connector marked IN. an input that provides an antenna cable connection, on the other there are several outputs marked OUT for connecting cables to receivers. In the absence of marking, there is always one input, several outputs in a row. Splitters come in 2 categories:

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    The first option is connected to the mains, correctly separates the incoming signal. The second type is without power supply. Consider the principle of connecting a passive splitter on the example of two connected TVs to one antenna.

    In addition to the splitter, you will need connectors. adapters, several plugs suitable for the jacks, a special coaxial cable. To connect two receivers, you need to buy a device with 2 outputs. If there are free outputs, 75 Ohm resistor plugs are required.

    The step-by-step connection algorithm is as follows.

    • Initially, the location of the splitter attachment to the wall is determined and the length of the cable is calculated: from the antenna to the splitter; from a splitter to two TVs.
    • Prepare the wires by winding F-connectors or connectors on them.
    • Lay the cable from the antenna, connect, fix the splitter on the wall.
    • Lay and fix coaxial wires from TVs, connect to a splitter.
    • Insert the antenna cables into the corresponding sockets on the TVs and turn on to check.

    If the image on two screens is clear and of high quality, then everything has been done correctly, nothing will interfere with watching TV programs. It is necessary to avoid places of accumulation of electrical, telephone and Internet wires. Foreign wires may interfere with signal transmission.

    Connecting and configuring an indoor antenna to a TV does not require specific skills or calling a TV technician at home. You must carefully follow the instructions, follow the rules of connection and settings. Happy viewing.

    How to connect a Samsung TV to an antenna

    See “What’s on TV”. free channel guide website

    Ok, your antenna is connected. Congratulations! Now how do you see which shows are on? Fortunately, there is an online channel guide called Titan TV. You can view it on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The first time the installation is not immediately obvious, but I will explain it below.

    Visit first. Go to the panel above the channel guide and click the “” button (it is very hidden):

    Titan TV Schedule

    When you click on it, a pop-up window will appear. Click the Broadcast field as shown below:

    Titan TV setup step 1

    Then enter your zip code, select a location by checking one of the boxes, click “Save” and you’re done!

    Titan TV setup step 2

    You can repeat the process if you are near the two broadcast zones. The next time you visit this site, your settings will be there. Voila! Your TV guide!

    Installing a TV antenna to your Samsung TV

    Features of connecting to TVs of different brands

    The algorithm for connecting an indoor antenna to TVs of different brands is almost the same. But, each manufacturer has its own characteristics. These may be differences in the fastening of the connectors, the designations of the channel search settings. It is recommended to carefully study the user manual before connecting.

    How to rescan antenna channels on a Samsung TV

    If you’ve just bought a new TV or are rescanning to get NewsChannel 5, follow the instructions below. Got a different brand of TV? Go to our antenna house and choose the TV model you have.

    There are several dozen models of Samsung TVs. The instructions below are for the most popular models, but may not work for all.

    Each TV manufacturer uses a different term to describe rescan. Most Samsung TVs call their rescan feature “Auto Program” or “Auto Tuning”

    TRY THIS FIRST. If you’ve gone into TV settings before, these instructions will help you rescan your TV.

    Select “Menu” on the remote control 2. Select the “Channel” or “Broadcast” menu. (The exact name of the menu will differ depending on your model) 3. Select “Automatic Program” 4. If you are prompted to scan by “Air” or “Cable”, select “Air”. (Many TVs may not prompt and will scan both automatically)

    Samsung Smart TV. 2017 and up models. (Includes 4K, OLED, Q series, Quantom Dot TVs)

    Select “Home” on the remote control. (The “menu” button looks like a small house)

    Standard remote for new Samsung Smart TVs. Your remote may have more or fewer buttons, but the general layout of the Home button and menu navigation buttons is the same for most models.

    Select the “Settings” menu. (It’s the little gear icon in the very bottom left corner of the menu)

    The main menu on most Samsung Smart TVs is a setting option. it is a small gear in the left corner.

    Select “Broadcast” in the “Settings” menu, then “Auto Tuning”.

    Menu on Samsung Smart TV

    You should receive the prompt “Press Start to search and save channels” and a warning that the search will erase your current channel list. Click “Start” (Note: the purpose of the scan is to erase the current list, but replace it with an updated one)

    You may be prompted to scan for “Both, Air, or Cable.” Either Air or Both will scan the antenna channels.

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