Controlling your LG TV from your phone

Ways to control the TV from a smartphone

One thing combines both methods. you need software to turn the phone into a remote control (remote control).

Apps from manufacturers

The giant companies took care of the development of proprietary utilities for remote control of a Samsung TV, LG or another brand from a phone. It remains to go to the Play Market, App Store and download the program. After installing it, you can use a mobile gadget instead of a remote control.

TV Side View

How to use the program after installation:

  • Select the country of residence from the list and read the official agreement by ticking the consent box.
  • 4 digits will appear on the TV screen, which must be entered on the smart.
  • Add a device compatible with the program.
  • Enable TV remote start.
  • Install the required channels.

controlling, your, phone

After the simple first steps to set up the utility, you can start testing your phone as a Sony TV remote control. Using a mobile device, you can switch between channels, switch to the “My Library” mode, find programs, receive notifications about the start of your favorite talk show, etc.

TV Remote

With the help of the program, as well as a phone or tablet on Android OS, you can control television equipment running on this operating system.

  • switch between joystick and touchpad modes;
  • play games on the big screen, controlling the gameplay with a remote control phone;
  • use voice commands to search for information;
  • type text on Android TV.

The only thing is that it is not possible to turn off the TV.

Philips TV Remote

The first steps are to review brief information about the capabilities of the application and provide access to various sections of the gadget. The utility will scan the space and find a Philips TV, sync with it.

After that, users will be able to:

  • switch channels and use all the standard remote control options;
  • enter text to find the information you need;
  • select programs for viewing and program recording;
  • use voice search;
  • watch TV shows from TV on a tablet / mobile device;
  • transfer files from phone to TV and more.

Nuance: The utility works only with TV, starting from the release of 2014. For earlier models, MyRemote is suitable.

This concludes the review of branded progs, it’s time to move on to universal.

Attention! There may be third-party programs with a similar name in the Play Market and App Store. If you need to download a proprietary utility, you should pay attention: under the name of the program there should be a brand name, for example, LG Electronics. Inc, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. etc.

How to control your LG Smart TV with your iPhone Smartphone using the LG TV Plus app on iOS

How to control LG TV from smartphone

Modern LG Smart TVs are highly functional devices with many options, with which you can not only watch TV content, but also use all the multimedia capabilities of the Internet. In addition, LG TVs are renowned for their reliability and ease of use.

All new LG TVs (manufactured after 2017) are supplied with two remote controls at once: standard and LG Magic Remote (what is it and how to set up such a remote control, you can read here. With it, you can not only control the Smart functions of your LG TV, but also other devices connected to the TV, such as a soundbar or stereo system, Blu-ray player, home theater or set-top box.

Another convenient way to control your LG TV that manufacturers offer is to do it from your smartphone, essentially turning it into a remote control. What is especially convenient, you can do this if you have a smartphone from any manufacturer that runs on both the Android and iOS operating systems.

How to turn your smartphone into a TV remote control Lg Smart TV: step-by-step instruction

  • First of all, you need to download one of the special applications to your smartphone. LGTVPlus from Google Play (link or App Store (link LG-TV-plus / id838611484). Or LG TV Remote Google Play (link AppStore (
  • Make sure your LG Smart TV and your smartphone are connected to the same wireless network. The TV can be connected both via Wi-Fi and wired using a LAN cable.

Note: Another easy and convenient way to connect your smartphone to your LG TV is using Wi-Fi Direct technology. How to connect a smartphone to a TV using this function, read here.

  • Open the downloaded and installed application on your smartphone. Go to the Device Scan section in the lower left corner of your smartphone screen.
  • In the list that opens, select your LG TV to which you want to connect your smartphone. Confirm Action.
  • A six-digit verification code should appear on your TV screen (in the lower right corner!), And a field for entering this code should appear on the smartphone display. Fill it in, then confirm the action with the OK button.
  • Accept the Terms of Service, which will appear on the screen, after which your smartphone and TV will pair.

Problems that may arise when synchronizing devices:

Usually, there is no problem connecting your phone to your LG TV. But even if you encounter problems, in the vast majority of cases, fixing them will not be difficult and will not take much time.

  • Situation: The phone does not see your TV in the list of possible devices for synchronization.
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Solution: Make sure both devices are connected to the same network again.

  • Situation: The code is not displayed on the TV screen.
  • Solution: Disconnect your smartphone and TV from the Internet, and after a few seconds reconnect and repeat the synchronization step by step.

How to control a TV from a smartphone

After you set up the application on your smartphone and synchronize it with the TV, you can use your smartphone as a full-fledged remote control.

Pay attention to the cursor mode: to navigate the TV menu, you just need to move the cursor on the smartphone screen, and it will move on the TV screen.

On the right side of the smartphone screen there is a virtual video for up and down navigation.

At the bottom of the screen there are buttons for adjusting the volume (decreasing and adding sound), as well as the “Back” button and the button for moving icons.

There is also a game joystick button on the screen with the cursor. When you click on it, you will be taken to a mode in which a game joystick is available to the user, which is very convenient for controlling in games.

The main window contains buttons for channel control and volume control, as well as hot keys, with which you can access the most necessary functions of your LG TV:

  • Smart TV launch.
  • List of applications.
  • 3D activation (depending on TV model, this option may not be available).
  • Digital panel for TV channel navigation.
  • Selecting a signal source.

If you swipe the smartphone screen to the left, an additional menu will open, which contains three icons: Premium (applications from the corresponding section), My applications and SmartShare, with which you can connect different devices to your TV, as well as manage content.

Onezap remote

A paid program that works with Android 4.0 and higher. The database includes up to 200 TV manufacturers that can be controlled. A special feature is that the owner has the ability to use a ready-made menu or create his own. To do this, you can change the color, size and shape of the buttons. If a DVD player or game console is connected, the application allows you to create one or more buttons to control multiple devices. Connection is via a Wi-Fi network.

App for Samsung TVs

With the Smart View for Samsung TVs, you can display images on your TV not only from your phone, but also from your computer. All the basic functions of a remote control for your TV are also present in the app. To use Smart View, follow these steps

  • Connect the TV and the device you want to control to the same network. For the application to work, the devices must be on the same network.
  • Launch the app on your mobile device. The TVs available for connection will be displayed. Click the “Allow” button next to the one you need.
  • A code will appear on the TV screen, which must be entered on the mobile device for synchronization. Enter the code from the Samsung TV screen into the phone.

Choosing an app to control your TV via your Android phone

For stable sound tuning and channel switching on the TV from a smartphone, you need to download a special application to your phone. Some well-known TV manufacturers produce their own programs that are distributed free of charge. If the manufacturer of the device is an unknown Chinese company, then universal software that works with all TV models comes to the rescue. Read below about the highest quality and proven tools.

LG TV app

The LG TV Remote app allows you to control your LG Android TVs remotely. Using the application, you can change the channels and volume of the device, as well as enter the application menu. To connect your device, follow these steps:

  • Turn on your TV and launch the app on your phone. Devices must be on the same network;
  • Click the Scan Device button on the right side of the application; Run the application and click the Scan for devices button
  • The app should detect your TV. Select it to pair the app with your device.
  • A code appears on the TV screen. It should appear in the corner. Enter this code on your phone. Enter the code from the TV screen into your application.
  • Once you accept the terms of the user agreement, you can use the application. You can start using the remote control

One of the most interesting features of this app is direct control. your finger movements on the phone screen will act like a mouse cursor on a TV screen. Plus, you can view files from your phone and even play games using your phone as a controller.

TV Assistant

It is a universal app and works with most modern TV models. The software can be downloaded from Google Play. A quick start guide is offered immediately after launch. If you already know how to use the app, you can skip this step.

To connect to your TV, go to the Remote Control tab. It literally takes a few minutes. The application has a user-friendly interface. All buttons in place.

The advantages of this virtual control panel include support for all versions of the Android operating system, Russification and no advertising. The software is provided completely free of charge. File exchange is offered, connection via QR-code is possible. In general, the program leaves a pleasant experience for the user.

TV Remote Control

Universal software that allows you to control television equipment from a smartphone. The application does not have a Russian-language version, but the intuitive and simple interface completely compensates for this shortcoming. Thanks to this, any user can master the functionality of the main menu.

Set up a wireless Internet connection or synchronize your app and devices using IrDa. Then enter the IP address of your TV and select a model from the list suggested. The application developers have implemented support for popular models from leading manufacturers: LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Akai and many others.

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The program has many useful commands for controlling Android TV: power on, numeric keypad, change channels and sound settings. There are no paid versions of software with advanced functionality, so ads will appear from time to time.

Can I remotely control my TV?

Most modern TVs support Smart TV and therefore have built-in Wi-Fi. It is through the wireless Internet connection that the TV will be controlled without a remote control. It is worth noting that both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi router, so there is no way to switch channels from another apartment.

In addition, a small number of smartphone manufacturers are installing infrared in their devices, allowing even the oldest TVs to be used. These include Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei…. So, in order to control the TV from your phone, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • The smartphone must be running Android 5 or newer operating system. Installing modern remote control applications on an outdated operating system will be problematic.
  • The TV must support Wi-Fi connection. The exception is smartphones with a built-in infrared port. In this case, the TV may be the most common, without additional functions and Smart TV.
  • A special application must be installed on the phone. It can be either a program from the manufacturer or a universal application from Google Play. By the way, such software will be described in detail in the next paragraph.

Follow these requirements, and then you will have no problems with installation and connection. We also recommend that you read our article on how to connect your smartphone to your TV.

Button designation

The assortment of Magic Motion remotes is quite large. separate accessories are produced for models of different model years. They have different designs, newer devices get additional features, but the basic set of buttons remains the same. So, on the AN-MR650 remote control, created for LG SmartTV TV receivers of 2016, the following keys are located:

  • Power. turn on and off the TV set;
  • STB. start or disable the LG Smart-TV set-top box (if it is used, you can control the Smart-set-top box and the TV from one remote control);
  • A block of buttons for dialing numbers and letters;
  • 0. to enter “0” or a space when typing;
  • LIST. list of saved programs;
  • AD. display of the virtual console;
  • “” And “-“. adjust the volume of the TV receiver;
  • up and down arrows. switch TV channels;
  • “Mute” or the image of the crossed-out loudspeaker. mute the sound;
  • button with a microphone. enter a command or search query by voice;
  • button with the image of a house. return to the main page of the menu;
  • key with a drawn gear. device settings;
  • central wheel (can be twisted or pressed). for easy web browsing;
  • circle with arrows. buttons for moving in the menu;
  • “Back”. return to the previous section or exit from the menu;
  • “Guide”. display of the list of TV programs;
  • “3D”. a key for viewing 3D video, which works only on TVs with the corresponding function;
  • “Input” or the image of a cable with a plug. displays a list of all connected devices (USB drives, set-top boxes, etc.);
  • “Netflix”, “Amazon”, “IVI”. buttons for quick access to a specific widget;
  • red, green, yellow, blue buttons. customizable keys for easy navigation to a specific section in the menu;
  • “Text”. teletext control;
  • “T.OPT”. auxiliary key for working with teletext;
  • “Focus”, “Live Zoom”. zoom in the area to which the remote control points.

On other models of the remote control, almost all of the listed keys are present, but there may be additional ones. The user can find the full instruction of the buttons in the instruction manual of the accessory.

Use your Android Phone as Magic Remote on your LG webOS TV

VLAN ranges

VLANs Range Usage Transmitted VTP
0.4095 Reserved For systemic use only.
one Normal Default VLAN. Can be used but cannot be removed. Yes
2-1001 Normal For Ethernet VLANs. Can be created, deleted and used. Yes
1002-1005 Normal For FDDI and Token Ring. Can’t be deleted. Yes
1006-4094 Extended Ethernet VLANs only. Version 1 and 2 no, version 3 yes

How to control TV from phone via LG TV Remote

After the virtual remote is launched after installation, you need to follow the standard steps: pairing between your phone or tablet and the TV. To successfully connect the device, you need to turn on the TV and connect to the Internet. Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi router. You can do without a router and connect directly if your TV has Wi-Fi Direct.

Using Your Cell Phone As A Remote On An LG TV

  • second screen (viewing a copy of the TV image on the device screen);
  • using installed TV applications;
  • search for applications, content;
  • volume control, channel switching;
  • launch of media content;
  • screenshots of screen images.

Setting up and connecting the application is discussed in

Remote functions for LG Smart TV

Using the proprietary Magic Remote, you can make the process of controlling your LG smart TV more comfortable. The main difference between this accessory and a conventional remote control is the presence of special buttons and sensors, thanks to which you can not only switch TV channels and change settings, but also:

  • Navigate Smart TV apps using the cursor. The user, as if conducting the remote control, can move the cursor across the TV screen. a similar control principle greatly simplifies the work with a web browser.
  • Scroll menus and web pages as if a regular computer mouse was connected to the TV. A special wheel is built into the remote control, which, according to the principle of its operation, is no different from the scrolling familiar to any user. Also, this wheel supports recognition of clicks, similar to the click of the LMB.
  • Control your TV using voice control. Magic Remote has a built-in microphone that allows you to voice search for movies from streaming services or other content.
  • Launch Smart TV functions with gestures. If, for example, with the help of the remote control you draw the letter “V” in the air, then the TV will immediately open a section with services for watching video content. It should be noted that the user can independently invent and assign gestures to quickly perform the actions he needs.
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Also on the Magic Remote, there are quick launch keys for popular applications such as, for example, Netflix and YouTube.

To control Smart TV with Magic Remote, it is not necessary to point the remote directly at the TV: the devices are paired using Bluetooth technology, not infrared.

Ergonomic design, thanks to which the remote fits comfortably in the hand. Remote dimensions: 48.3, 183.5, 33.7 mm (WHG) Good build quality Precisely calibrated gyroscope, thanks to which the cursor moves across the TV screen smoothly and without delays Support for voice input, good recognition of the Russian language

High power consumption and no built-in batteries No key backlighting Difficulty wheel control: difficult to click on links without scrolling the displayed web page up or down High

It is worth saying that instead of the remote, you can use the official LG webOS Magic Remote app for Android smartphones (there is no version for iOS). In terms of functionality, this utility is no different from a smart remote control. You can download the application from Google Play for free.

Lg plus

Like the previous version, this virtual remote control for LG TV from your phone is created exclusively for one brand. In the description of the application, you can find out which LG TV models are supported by this program.

After you have done the first launch of the application, it needs to be granted permission to use media files. This significantly expands the functionality, as it allows you to play music and videos from the phone’s memory (or memory cards) directly on the TV.

The following is the initial setup of the application. On the TV, you need to go to the Network section and then LG Connect Apps. By enabling the function, you start an automatic search for devices. After synchronization, you can start controlling the remote control from your smartphone. The features of the application include the ability to play multimedia files. Implemented support for entering and switching channels from the keyboard, as well as a numeric pad for search.

Infrared TV control

In modern smartphones, infrared ports are gradually disappearing. This happens due to the inexpediency of such decisions. They take up a lot of space, and fewer and fewer people use IR. However, if you have such a port in your smartphone, you can control the TV without a wireless connection. over, a smartphone can be turned into a remote control even for old TV models.

The well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has offered its Mi remote utility. Most devices have it by default, but if you don’t have it installed, you can download it from Google Play. After entering, on the main screen, you must click on Add remote control. After that, select the type of device with which the smartphone will be synchronized. The database contains a large number of both brands and models. After synchronization, you need to direct the smartphone towards the TV and click on the proposed button. If it worked, then everything is configured correctly.

ZaZa Remote

Another universal virtual item with basic functionality. As with the previous application, ZaZa allows you to work not only with a TV, but also control other household appliances. The interface is in English, but even those who do not speak foreign languages ​​will be able to understand it.

Immediately after the first launch, instructions and location requests are offered, as well as access to media files. After entering, you need to synchronize with the TV. To do this, select the desired model and type of device.

The software product is offered free of charge and is supported by all versions of the Android operating system. ZAZA has a user-friendly interface and a large number of device models in the database. Pairing with a TV is fast enough. With the app, you can also control the projector from your phone. Can be installed on a tablet.

TV Assistant

It is a universal app and works with most modern TV models. You can download the program via Google Play. A short instruction manual is offered immediately upon start-up. If you already know how to use the app, you can skip this step.

To connect to TV, you need to go to the Remote control section. It will take just a few minutes. The application offers a user-friendly interface. All buttons are in place.

The advantages of this virtual remote control include support for all versions of Android OS, Russification, and the absence of advertisements. The software is completely free. File exchange is offered, you can connect via a QR code. In general, the program leaves a pleasant impression of using.

SURE Universal Remote

With this application, you can remotely control your TV and other household appliances. As is the case with other software products of this type, at startup you provide access to multimedia files, as well as select the type of connection. It is possible to work both through a wireless network and through an infrared port.

Before connecting to TV, you need to make sure that both devices are in the same WI-FI network. The program is completely free and compatible with all versions of Android OS. You can enter channels using the numeric keypad. The software product is localized. The disadvantages include only an abundance of advertising. To disable it, you must pay to the developer account.