Dcp L2500dr Printer Reset Toner

Resetting the toner counter and drum unit on the Brother dcp 1512r printer

Many modern laser printers have special counters that track the number of printed pages and thus warn of the approach of the time to refuel the print cartridge.

When you refill the cartridge, the printer will still NOT start printing until the toner counter is reset. Today we will tell you how to reset the counter on the brother dcp 1512r printer, thereby returning the device to working condition.

How to reset counters on Brother dcp 1512r

Looking ahead, it is worth saying that you do not have to untwist anything, poke with a screwdriver or solder homemade programmers. The reset procedure is SIMple and will only take you a couple of minutes, and also does not require any additional tools, except for straight hands.

Reset toner counter for brother dcp 1512r

First, turn on the brother dcp 1512r printer, if it was in the off state at the beginning of this procedure.

The cartridge that needs to be removed

Next, open the top cover, removing the print cartridge and dividing it into two parts. a container with toner and a part with a drum unit. This is done by pressing the blue lever in the lower right corner of the cartridge.

Print cartridge separation lever

This is what a part of the cartridge looks like without the toner unit.

After that, the drum part must be carefully inserted back into the printer.

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The drum unit inserted into the printer

Dcp L2500dr Printer Reset Toner

The next step is to remove all paper from the paper feed tray.

Removing paper from the tray

Now you need to push your finger through the paper feed tray from the bottom up and clamp the lever on the left side of the printer.

Lever, which you need to hold with your finger

Do not release this lever, close the top cover of the printer and as soon as you hear the characteristic noise of the printer engine, release the lever. A second after releasing the lever, it is clamped again.

This is how it looks

This time, you need to keep it pressed until the device stops making noise and dies down.

Full view of the finger clamping of the lever

It remains only to pull the unit with the drum unit out of the printer, connect it to the toner cartridge and put everything in place.

This completes the process of resetting the toner counter on the brother dcp 1512r printer.

Resetting the drum counter for a brother dcp 1512r

To do this, go to the menu, there we select “Device Information” and then “Reset the drum”.

Press the “OK” button and keep it pressed for 5 seconds. To make sure that the drum unit is reset, press the “Up” button and make sure that the printer shows a drum life of 100 percent.

Resetting the toner counter on the Brother dcp 1510r printer

All printer users know that with regular use, ink cartridges will need to be changed frequently. Modern models remind of this need in advance, so that at an important moment they do NOT remain without the possibility of printing. But sometimes a problem arises when, after refueling, the device still displays the message “Replace the cartridge” and refuses to work. This is true for Brother DCP equipment and the 1510R model in particular. This can be fixed, but you have to spend a little time.

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For advanced users

To reset the counter on the Brother DCP 1510R printer, you need:

  • Remove the cartridge from the turned on printer;
  • Disassemble it into toner and drum unit;
  • Return the drum to its place in the printer
  • Press the black flag through the paper tray. reset the sensor;
  • Turn off the machine, close the cover, turn on the printer
  • Release and re-clamp the flag;
  • Let it go only after the noise ends.

After that you need to try to start printing. If everything is done correctly, then the process will go without problems.

Resetting the counter on the Brother 1510R printer

The culprit of the message is the built-in toner counter. It is installed on 10 thousand sheets. This was done, according to the manufacturer, for safety: they say that the cartridge resource is exactly the same and after wear it must be replaced. But empirically it was found that in fact this figure is almost twice as much.

A method has been found to reset the toner counter. There are two instructions for this: for advanced users, who are always engaged in maintaining the printer on their own, and for beginners, who only understand this. The first is shorter and easier to understand if you know what all the actions mean.

detailed instructions

Resetting the settings to 1510Р in more detail looks like this:

  • Turn on the printer
  • Open the front cover;
  • Pull out the cartridge. Put it on a flat, clean surface;
  • Press the blue lever on the right side of the cartridge case and disassemble it into two parts;
  • Return the drum unit to the printer
  • Remove the paper, if there is one;
  • Through it you need to reach out and find a black lever;
  • Press it, not let it go;
  • Turn off the printer
  • Close the lid;
  • Turn on the printer
  • A sound will be heard. After 2 seconds, release the lever and press again;
  • You can release it only when the device stops working. the sound will be interrupted;
  • Pull out the drum unit;
  • Connect with toner;
  • Return to printer.
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You can try to get started. If this does not help and the printer still displays a message about the need to replace the toner, you can repeat the zeroing. Otherwise, you should contact the service.

Resetting the drum counter

If resetting the toner did NOT work, then you should try resetting the drum counter. For him, he is also separate. The zeroing process is much easier here than for toner. This is done using the built-in menu on the screen, which is equipped with Brother printers. The instruction is short, so it makes no sense to split it.

  • Press the “Menu” button.
  • Using the control keys, find the section “Device information”.
  • There should be a function “Drum Reset”.
  • Press the “OK” button for 5 seconds.
  • Press “Up”.

That’s all. If the device is in good working order, then it will continue to work without problems.

By resetting the counters on Brother printers, you can save 2 times on cartridge replacement. But still, after the reset, you shouldn’t use it in the next limit. The manufacturer made the limit with a large margin, but there were reasons for that. By the time the next 10,000 sheet limit is reached, the cartridge may break and damage the product.