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Features of flatbed printers

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  • What is it and where are they used?
  • Device and principle of operation
  • What are?
  • How to choose?

Flatbed printing is a modern technique that allows a person to transfer the desired image to a wide variety of materials (for example, plastic, glass, leather, and wood and other non-standard surfaces). But in order to carry out this process, you must have a device specially designed for THESE purposes. a flatbed printer. Today in our article we will talk in more detail about such mechanisms.

What is it and where are they used?

Today on the office equipment market you can find several types of flatbed printers. Some of the most popular varieties are UV models, which are capable of printing on wood and other hard surfaces. Most often, such printing devices are used to create a variety of advertising banners (outdoor and indoor advertising), souvenirs, design.

Nowadays Tablet technologies are becoming more widespread and in demand. In addition, it can be noted that the cost of flatbed printers is NOT too high, so such modern devices are quite affordable for a wide range of users.

If we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of UV flatbed printers, then there are several characteristics. So, the pluses include:

  • The ability to create a relief coating on the surface;
  • You can print images on such material as Users plastic;
  • White is quite bright when printed;
  • If desired, you can varnish the image.
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Among the disadvantages are usually distinguished:

  • Low resistance to soft materials (e.G. Leather or silicone)
  • Limited print resolution.

Thus, it is very important to evaluate the pros and cons before purchasing such a device. Only in this case you will be able to make an informed decision, which you will not regret in the future.

Device and principle of operation

Among all existing flatbed printers, it is customary to distinguish two main categories of devices: industrial and non-industrial. The first category of technical devices is intended for continuous use and printing on a large scale. Mechanisms of the second type are suitable for home or individual use.

The design of devices usually includes the following components:

  • Static printing mechanism;
  • Movable table;
  • Specialized portal;
  • Nodes for printing;
  • Cords and wires;
  • Outer case.

It should be borne in mind that the design features and the principle of operation may differ depending on the specific model of the device. So, for example, if you want to put an image on plastic with a UV printer, then first you should firmly fix the material so that it does not move from the required position, and the image turns out to be as smooth and high-quality as possible. Strong fastening is possible due to the presence of a special element in the device. a vacuum clamp. Printing is carried out using UV lamps.

What are?

Due to the fact that flatbed printers are becoming more widespread and are becoming quite popular devices among users, a large number of companies (both domestic and foreign) are engaged in their production. over, each manufacturer tries to release an original model. Today there are several main types of flatbed printers:

  • Direct print device;
  • Gift printer
  • Mechanism for printing in A4 format;
  • Device for printing in A3 format.
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How to choose?

The choice of a UV flatbed printer should be approached quite carefully due to the novelty of this technique. At the same time, experts recommend paying close attention to several key factors:

  • Device nodes (they have a direct impact on print quality);
  • The presence of cords with parallel copper conductors with PVC insulation and PVC sheath;
  • The quality of the high-frequency rail (this element ensures the movement of the carriage without any additional vibrations, which directly affects the print quality);
  • The bed must be massive and heavy (such indicators provide maximum structural rigidity even if the device is operating at high speeds)
  • The presence of displacement sensors of the control system;
  • The presence of a control system for the supply of ink;
  • Software (it should only be modern)
  • Stability of work;
  • Manufacturer (giving preference only to proven brands).

If, when choosing and buying a device, you take into account all of the above factors, you can purchase a high-quality device that will serve you for a long time, as well as meet all your individual needs and preferences.

Printers for printing on wood

Our company offers a wide range of equipment for woodworking industries, furniture industry, etc. Including we are Official representatives of Vitrex and Kincolor brands of large-format printers for printing on wood, glass and other difficult-to-machine materials.

In this material, we present you with detailed information about the operation of the equipment, its capabilities and features, so that you can rely on facts when choosing a suitable machine for your production.

Wood printing capabilities

The next generation large format printers are pushing the boundaries of print applications. Today, wood printing has become available to many industries and design. This direction is very promising and popular, because it allows you to create a truly exclusive item, be it furniture, panels or a whole interior. Thanks to modern equipment, the result of printing on wood is always perfect.

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What is important to know when choosing a UV flatbed printer

  • Nodes affecting print quality.
  • The presence of 2 ball screws (Japan) located on both sides of the printer. increases the smoothness and uniformity of the portal movement.
  • High Precision Rail (Japan). Allows vibration-free carriage movement resulting in superior print quality.
  • Heavy, massive bed (up to 2800 kg) for maximum structural rigidity when working at high speeds.
  • The double linear displacement sensor of the control system is equipped with a PANASONIC AC servo motor on both sides of the bridge (the bridge is driven from 2 sides). Due to high-precision materials used, low noise when moving the print carriage and bridge.
  • Control of the ink supply pressure, used accessories. SMC Japan
  • High quality Konica Minolta or Ricoh Gen5 printheads
  • RIP software. Photo Print, Onyx
  • Also, the stability of the machine will be influenced, of course, by the production culture. Where Kin Color is one of the leaders in its industry.

Printers for printing on wood, chipboard, MDF, veneer, solid wood

Main characteristics:

Main characteristics:

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