Does Not Print Printer Is Printing Test

My printer keeps printing a test page

The printer prints a test page all the time

In fact, this is NOT a problem per se, as there is a reason for everything. As you know, manufacturing companies develop and work every day to create methods in order to make their business more profitable. And why not find out when a “faulty” cartridge is supplied to the client in the printer, so that he has to replace it with a new one?

This method, developed by Hewlett-Packard Company, allows the manufacturer to know when a cartridge is running low and to stop the printer from printing again. That is why this phenomenon makes itself felt at the very moment when you refill the cartridges or when you turn on the printer, since at this moment the cartridge is removed from its usual place. When the cartridge is removed from the device or reinserted, the printer can easily detect these manipulations.

Even if the cartridge has run out and we take it out of the printer for one or several days, the printer will always print a test page, which is a page that allows us to determine how the ink is supplied by the cartridge, that is, whether the ink is running low or the print comes out blurry.

In this figure, we can see what the result of printing a test page might be. You are probably wondering now why there are so many lines / strokes on the test page. The design of the test pages may vary depending on the type of printer or brand. The purpose of these lines is to form a sample, which is stored in the printer’s memory by default and helps it determine when the cartridges are in good condition.

To repeat, the printer recognizes the cartridges when they are input / output from the printer, which means that now the printer only needs to know which cartridge we inserted and in what state it is. If a given cartridge prints well enough, the printer will “guess” that we have been using this cartridge for quite some time and it’s time to replace it with a new one. Until we deliver a new cartridge, the printer will continue to refuse to print and print Test Pages.

How do I get rid of this problem:

To get rid of this persistent problem, you should do as the printer asks. The printer’s memory has a sample (lines that can be seen on the Sample Print page) embedded in it. This pattern should print exactly as the printer remembers it. In fact, the device does not recognize colors when scanning, but since some prints are in color, if the colors are not correct, they should not be displayed.

We need to scan a test page. The printer also tells you how to position the page on the scanner: there are marks that indicate whether to move the copy left or right, above or below.

The green arrow points. How to put a page to copy
Process for printing a test page and scanning it

It is recommended that you keep a well-printed test page if one day your cartridge does not print well and needs to be scanned trial page.

Why the product won’t print?

A printer is a device without which it is impossible to imagine the life of a person working with documents. The first dot matrix printers appeared quite a long time ago, but these devices still have NOT lost their relevance. Failure of a printer for an office worker becomes a real disaster, since only with the help of this peripheral can a document be printed. Why the device won’t print and how to fix it?

Regardless of what brand of printer you have on your desktop, all printer faults are the same. Let’s analyze the main reasons for the inoperability of this device.

Paper jam / ink out

Two of the most commonplace reasons why most printers stop printing documents. When the ink in the cartridge runs out, a special driver will notify you about it. However, this can also be determined from the documents: white stripes, pale font.

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Why won’t the product print in color? The most common question among inkjet printer owners. You are most likely out of color ink cartridge, but you still have a supply of black ink. To fix the problem, you need to pull out the cartridge and refill it with paint either yourself or give it to specialists.

When a paper jam occurs, a light on the printer usually turns on, and a window appears in Windows asking the user to clear the jam in the printer. To do this, you need to open the cover of the device, remove the cartridge and gently pull out the jammed letter paper.

does, print, printer, printing, test

The first steps

If the problem is not with paper and ink, then the first step is to check the printer is working. First, turn off / turn on the device, check the connection cable to the PC and the power cable, as well as the presence of paper in the slot.

Each model can print a test page by pressing a specific button. If the printer printed it out, then you have a problem with your computer. Otherwise, it’s time to take the printer to a service center.

Does the printer still refuse to print documents, but prints a test page with ease? You should look into the “Print Manager” (Start → Settings → Printers and Faxes → Name the printer icon) and see if there is a check mark on the item “Pause Printing“.

Is there no checkmark on this item? Then clear the print queue by clicking on the corresponding button.

Driver problems

If the above steps did not help, then you need to uninstall the printer drivers and reinstall them. Each printer comes with a special CD with drivers. Find it and insert it into your computer. If your disk is lost, you can find drivers for the printer on the Internet. When downloading, be sure to take into account the version of Windows (XP | 7 | 8 | Vista) and bit depth (x32, x64).

To uninstall the driver, you need to go to “Control Panel → Device Manager”, select your printer and name it “Uninstall Driver”. Then disconnect the cable from the printer and restart the computer. When you plug the cable back into the printer, the driver installation starts. However, they can be installed forcibly, by starting the disk or installing from the downloaded package.

If, after reinstalling the drivers, the printer still refuses to print documents, then check your computer for viruses. Some “harmful viruses” can block printing.

Is there another PC nearby? Connect the printer to it to make sure the problem is not due to a virus or burnt out USB port.

If all else fails, take the printer to a service center. “Smart people” will definitely help you and tell you why the device does not print in black or for some reason the printing on your printer was blocked.

The printer only prints a test page of what to do. Why does not the printer print from the computer if it is connected: what to do

In this article, you will learn why there are situations when the printer does NOT print from a computer or laptop, even if it is connected and previously worked without problems. These instructions are applicable if: failed to print in Windows 10 or older 7 and 8, Which are still actively used, work with any model from Canon, HP Epson, Brother, Samsung, Ricoh. Personally, I have “cured” a lot of HP laserjet series, several Samsung SCX4200, Canon lbp 2900 and MP 250, Epson l355 and l800, Ricoh Sp100 su and 111, Pantum 2207 and many others, which I can not remember.

From my own practice, I know that a PC can see the machine, write ready to print, send it to jobs and output a test page, but the printer still does NOT want to work with other documents. The problem is relevant for local and network connection types. If the second option is used, then in order to fix the device, you should apply some additional steps.

I will tell you what to do in cases when the printer or all-in-one printer has stopped printing documents and: does not respond or does not work, gives an error “There was an unexpected configuration problem” or something similar, and does not respond to commands, stops during process, just drives the paper away, prints out what is needed, does nothing for multiple copies. We will separately consider the option when the equipment does not turn on at all.

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Solved: Printer only prints a test page. HP Support Community

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The copier functions normally as a stand-alone device?

, try the following steps to fix the problem:

  • Press the Windows keys “r” to open the Run window.
  • Enter “services.Msc” to Get services. Go to “Print Spooler”. Right click and “Stop” the service.
  • Now open Run again. Enter “spool” and OK. Go to the PRINTERS folder. Delete everything in that folder.
  • Go to services again. Will start the print spooler.
  • Now check the solution to the problem.
  • If the problem persists, try performing a clean install of the printer drivers as well. Here are the steps:
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the printer first, if there is one.
  • Go to Control Panel. Programs and Features. Select all entries in the HP printer and delete them.
  • Now go to Control Panel. Devices and printer. Select all entries in the printer and delete the device.
  • Press “windows key” “r” to open the “Run” window. Type “printui.Exe / s” (Between.Exe and / there is a space) and press Enter.
  • In the print server properties navigate to the drivers. Delete all entries and there.
  • Go to the Run window again, enter. “C: / programdata”. Go to the Hewlett Packard folder, delete all folders and files associated with the printer.
  • Restart your computer.

Then Use this link to access the HP website, find drivers that are compatible with your Windows and install them: CLICK HERE

If the problem persists, install the built-in Windows drivers:

If a full feature HP driver is not available for your printer, you must install the built-in print driver. The full feature driver for one or more versions of Windows is not available for your printer, neither on the CD-ROM that came with the printer nor on the HP website.

Where is the download button? The HP print driver is built into the Windows operating system or installed through Windows Update on your computer. You don’t need to download anything from the website to print, scan or fax.

For more information, see the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of this document. Including how to Scan with the implementation of this driver.


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Solved: The printer prints a test page every time I turn it on. Page 9. HP Support Community

I lived with this problem for over a year before starting to study it. Recently looked at the HP forum for answers and tried to scan a copy of a test page and it did NOT work? Then I looked into my printer where the color cartridges are located and noticed that my two cartridges were lined up with the open ones to remove them from the printer, so I gently pushed the cartridge holder to the right, but It didn’t budge. I was scared of this, some wondered asking if I should push it harder and suddenly the printer magically moved it for me !! Looked at the Annoying Flashing Light (insert page to check) and suddenly it disappeared !! I tried this a second time with the same results.

So the main reason for my machine is that my cartridge holder (s) is misaligned (stuck) and requires manual assistance !! If scanning after the test page doesn’t work, you can try my resolution.

Solved: Unable to print test page or anything else from Windows 10. HP Support Community

@ AMK11 Welcome to the HP Community!

This is what I recommend to you:

I recommend that you uninstall the driver at the root level and try again, follow these steps:

1.) In Windows, search for and open Programs and Features

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2.) Select your HP printer

3.) Select Delete

4.) In Windows, search for and open Devices and Printers

5.) In the Devices and Printers windows, find your HP printer. If you see it in the list, right-click it and select “Uninstall” or “Uninstall device”

6.) Open the launch command using the “Windows R” key combination.

7.) Enter printui.Exe / s and click OK. (Note: there is a space between “printui.Exe” and “/ s”)

8.) Click the “Drivers” tab

9.) Find your HP printer driver. If you see it, click on it and click “Uninstall” at the bottom

11.) Select Apply and OK in the print server properties window

12.) Close devices and printers

Then Click here to go to HP, find drivers that are compatible with your Windows, and install them.

If the problem persists, install the built-in Windows drivers:

If a full feature HP driver is not available for your printer, you must install the built-in print driver. A full feature driver for one or more versions of Windows is not available for your printer either on the CD that came with your printer or on the HP website.

Where is the download button? The HP print driver is built into the Windows operating system or installed through Windows Update on your computer. You don’t need to download anything from the website to print, scan or fax.

For more information, see the “Frequently Asked Questions” section of this document. Including how to Scan with this driver.

For Details And Additional Instructions Using THIS link: https://HP.Care/2igKeU1

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NOT Printed, but Internal Test Page Printed. HP Support Community

Thank you for participating in the HP Support Forums! This is a great place to connect with the community, get help and advice! I came across your post and wanted to help you. I understand that you are having problems printing with your HP OfficeJet printer. Don’t worry, I have some suggestions to help you fix this problem.

I understand that your printer displays a “Printer is disabled” message when it tries to print, but prints from the print scan program when it tries to print an “internal test page”. Follow these steps to manually assign an IP address and assign a new “port” to resolve this issue:

  • Restart the printer.
  • Get the IP addresses of the printer. To Obtain an IP Address, Touch the Wireless icon on the printer control panel.
  • Enter the IP address in a web browser to open the printer EWS page on your computer.
  • Go to the “Network” tab. Click Wireless (802.11). Then click Network Address (IPv4).
  • Click the radio button that says “Manually IP Address” and then click “Suggest IP Addresses Manually” to manually assign IP addresses to the printer.
  • Click on the radio button labeled “Manual DNS Server” and in the manual type preferably and in the manual alternative type (this is the Google DNS server address) apply the settings and close the page.

After configuring the printer’s IP address, manually add the printer port in Windows which corresponds to this new IP address.

  • Search Windows for devices and select “Devices and Printers” in the list of results.
  • Right click on your printer name and select “Printer Properties”.
  • The Properties window will open.
  • Click the Ports tab and then Click Add Port.
  • Select “Standard TCP / IP Port” and then click “New Port”.
  • Enter the previously recorded IP addresses of the printer and click “Next”.
  • Select the new “Standard TCP / IP Port” from the list and click “OK”.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup. Now try to print.

Also try a few general steps mentioned here to resolve the issue: http://HP.Care/2cMnatl

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