Does Samsung have a radio

Where is the radio in the iPhone and is it there at all

For the sake of interest, someone starts looking for where the iPhone radio is. And he is very surprised when he does not find it there, because even the oldest phone models always had a radio, but here it is not.

Indeed, the developers of iPhones only still promise about the possibility of playing audio streams through the receiver built into the device. But in fact, with each release of a new smartphone model, the situation does not change.

But all music lovers who do not have enough memory in the phone to store music can install applications. analogs of an ordinary radio through the AppStore.

Which radio to download

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Let’s see which application for listening to radio stations is better to download.

    Wunder Radio is a good program, but not free. To download it, you will need to pay about 7.

But then almost fifty domestic radio stations will be available at your disposal, and the number of foreign ones is simply not possible to count.

In general, if money does not matter, then this is the best option for listening to music online on the iPhone.
Radio ooTunes is distinguished by its excellent functionality: you can search by countries, cities, names and styles; there is a sleep timer and background music playback; there is even a search for the text of the song you like.

For iPhone owners who like to listen to good music while searching on the Internet, this is what you need.

  • AOL Radio will appeal to audiences that prefer foreign performers, as there are no Russian radio stations here. But it is possible to add your favorite frequencies and even songs to favorites.
  • How to install the radio

    You can find applications that act as a radio on the iPhone in the AppStore. Here in the search bar type either simply “Radio” or the name of the application that you liked.

    If it’s free, then just install it on your device. If paid, then first you will be charged a certain amount, and only then the download will be available.

    After installation, analog radio will be in the main menu.

    Is there FM radio in Honor and Huawei?

    Most Huawei models have built-in fm radio, so phone owners will not have any difficulties listening to radio stations. But some smartphones did not receive radio modules, so the only way to catch your favorite wave on them is to install special applications and services. You cannot do without such programs, since the absence of a module significantly limits the capabilities of the device. At the same time, they require a mandatory Internet connection, which is not always convenient. Therefore, radio lovers are advised to check in advance which components and sensors are built into the smartphone in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and surprises.

    Where is the radio in Honor and Huawei, how to turn it on

    Is there a radio in Honor and Huawei. the main reason for the appearance of such a question is that not all models of these phones are endowed with a radio module. As a result, smartphone owners are lost, not understanding whether they should look for an application to listen to stations or it is wiser to use the built-in capabilities of Android. Fortunately, it is not difficult to understand the technical capabilities of the phone, it is enough to look at the list of programs installed on the device in order to understand whether you will be able to listen to your favorite radio station.

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    Which models have FM Radio?

    The radio module is built into the Honor 7, 8, 9, but is absent in the Honor 10. The situation with various Huawei models is the same, while there are so many different types of smartphones that there is no point in listing them all. Therefore, it is worth checking the availability of the module even when viewing the review and studying the technical characteristics and of the device. Typically, this information is provided by the manufacturer, so you will be able to get the necessary information in the user manual. You can also contact Support Huawei for more information. by visiting the official Russian-language website of this brand.

    How to turn on radio on Honor and Huawei phone ?

    Knowing where the desired icon is located, figure out how to turn on the radio on Huawei and Honor. not difficult. For this you will need:

    Unlock the Hidden FM Tuner in Your Android Phone (CNET How To)

    • connect a headset with a built-in antenna to search for and search for a radio signal,
    • click on the mentioned icon with a picture and a mention of FM;
    • after which it remains to use the application interface, which allows you to select a station, find the desired wave or turn on an external speaker.

    The broadcast is turned off in the same program using one of the buttons provided by the developers. Additionally, users are able to pre-select the shutdown time using the corresponding function.

    How to restore radio on your phone if deleted or missing?

    To restore the program if the user unintentionally deleted it or it suddenly disappeared, you should:

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Hidden Features Tips and Tricks

    • reset the settings to the basic, factory level;
    • or try to find a new APK file and reinstall the program.

    It is important to emphasize that the first option will lead to the deletion of all user information stored on the smartphone, therefore, before using it, it is recommended to save important files on a separate media or in the cloud.

    How to find a radio?

    If the device has already been purchased, the easiest way to make sure you have a radio module is to find the service enable icon in the smartphone menu. Those people who do not yet know where the radio is in Honor and Huawei should:

    • open the desktop;
    • find the “tools” icon and go to the list of available services by clicking on it;
    • find in the opened list of radio.

    If the desired icon is not found, then the user will have to download additional software and use the Internet. The exception is cases when the owner of the phone accidentally moved the desired icon to a separate folder.

    How to enable and configure fm radio on Samsung Galaxy a50

    To turn on the radio, you need to move from the desktop to the application menu (pull the screen up).

    There, look for a blue icon of something like a white camera and under it the inscription “Radio”. click on it.

    In this case, if the headphones are not connected, then everything will be grayed out. You can make it so that you can listen without headphones.

    Only I have already described this earlier in previous posts, so now I will not dwell on this.

    As soon as you connect the headphones, everything will immediately become active and the search for stations available in your region will begin.

    You will also have the option to record content and listen to radio through the loudspeaker, but also with only headphones connected.

    Here are all the steps you need to take to turn on fm radio and listen to music on your Samsung Galaxy a50.

    Does Samsung Galaxy a50 have fm radio and how to turn it on

    Many people say that FM radio is already dying in the phone. Yes, the demand for it is really less than it was in push-button phones, but the manufacturer was not too lazy to integrate it into Samsung a50.

    Therefore, if you are interested in whether there is a radio on the Samsung a50, then it is, and even very good (meaning from the point of view of sound, search for stations).

    Here I recently lost electricity in the evening, what to do then I remembered about the radio. I sat perfectly for an hour in the dark, but with music.

    Also, we often walk, but there is no mobile Internet, then it certainly will not let you get bored. Let’s see how to enable and configure it.

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    Is there a future in FM radio

    It seems to me that radio on smartphones clearly has no future in smartphones. most likely, it will not have a chance to win with modern streaming services.

    This is even indicated by the fact that phones began to appear without headphone jacks, but if someone believes that the absence of FM radio in mobile devices can be attributed to the loss of a headphone jack, this is not entirely true.

    For the uninitiated, let me remind you that to use the radio, you must connect an antenna for which headphones are suitable.

    Why doesn’t it matter? Because USB-C analogs work too. Of course this requires additional software, but let’s leave that aside.

    I don’t listen to everyday radio. precisely, I listen to it, but only in the car, although already sitting alone at the wheel, I often prefer to use streaming services.

    However, I am firmly convinced that all the headlines about the death of FM radio a few years ago are exaggerated.

    Many more people listen to the radio, but do not necessarily use smartphones for it and, perhaps, even analog waves.

    After all, there are special applications for receiving native radio stations, regardless of the signal level.

    Will this FM radio end? There is no single answer to this. Should the corresponding modules still appear in smartphones?

    I got the impression that this is still too general a question. Of course, FM fans are not lost yet. many companies still use receivers, in which case it is worth mentioning, for example, LG, which has shown over the years that sound matters to them.

    Of course, we can also choose Asus or even bring Vivo, but don’t forget about situations such as intentionally blocking the FM radio.

    Although in Russia this is not noticeable and depends on many factors, the owners of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8 had to wait for Samsung to release the corresponding update. Success.

    Does it make sense to have your own internet radio

    Internet users are increasingly asking questions about the meaning of opening their own radio station with broadcast over the Internet. Does internet radio have a real future or is it too early to talk about it? And what you need to know and be able to create a broadcast stream?

    So, if you want to create an online radio for yourself, pursuing some of your personal ambitions, then you most likely do not care about the general state of affairs in this industry.

    And if your goal is to make money, then it is quite difficult to advance in this sense because of the following points:

    • You will have to pay royalties for streaming music, etc.
    • If you set up your radio station on a paid hosting, you will have to pay for it.

    Plus, if you decide to start an Internet station without the help of hosting, add the costs of installing and maintaining server hardware, software, paying for a good Internet channel and other, rather significant costs.

    Before launching your Internet station, you must determine what your goals are.

    If you do this out of a passion for a certain type of music and want to share it with others, then you will surely be happy. And if, at the same time, you can also earn enough money to break even, then, in general, gorgeous.

    Remember: you are not only competing with thousands of other streams, but also terrestrial and satellite radio stations. So listeners already have a fairly wide choice besides you and you will have to rely only on your uniqueness and quality to capture the widest possible audience.

    The popularity of web radio has grown significantly over the past five years and will continue to expand, in part because it offers alternative options alongside traditional options.

    As for the future, no one has a clear idea of ​​where audio streaming will play on the Internet. Fortunately, numerous legal hurdles have been resolved and now, in case you intend to broadcast music, the cost of royalties and radio hosting is now within reasonable limits. And if you plan to create your own programs (discussions, interviews, original music, etc.), then you can easily get by with only paying for hosting.

    Where internet radio will be tomorrow depends not so much on the state of the industry today, but on the entrepreneurial vision of tomorrow.

    Radio listening applications

    The easiest way to listen to radio on iPhone is to install the appropriate application. The only caveat: such programs work only if you have Internet access (by the way, you can listen to your favorite music on the iPhone without the Internet. find out how!).

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    Radio listening apps on iPhone have 2 key benefits. First, there is no need to buy any additional gadgets and deal with their connection with subsequent configuration. Secondly, in this kind of applications, as a rule, a great many radio stations are collected. you can catch a wave that fully satisfies the musical needs of a particular user, or, for example, learn about events taking place on the other side of the world from a primary source.

    The official App Store offers a fairly wide selection of such programs. Let’s talk about the most popular, functional and naturally free!

    Special devices for listening to radio on iPhone

    Manufacturers of musical equipment took into account the wishes of iPhone users and specially developed convenient and functional radio receivers for them. The solution is not the simplest and most budgetary, but very reliable: once you spend money to buy such a device, you can enjoy hundreds and thousands of radio stations from all over the world.

    Radio receivers are extremely easy to use: just connect the gadget to your iPhone, install on the latest application offered by the receiver manufacturer, and follow the prompts from the intuitive interface.

    In addition to connecting directly to an iPhone, many modern radio receivers have additional useful features. For example, you can connect speakers to some of these gadgets. the effect of listening to the radio will be truly impressive. This option is very convenient for car owners: connect the iPhone to the receiver, connect the speakers and enjoy your favorite radio station while driving to your destination.

    TuneIn Radio

    A popular application for playing radio stations online, characterized, firstly, by an impressive set of functions, and secondly, by a very convenient user interface.

    Thousands of radio stations from all over the world are waiting for you after a free and extremely simple registration in the service.

    The application interface deserves special attention: a stylish graphical shell is organically combined here with convenience and intuitive clarity. nothing superfluous, only the necessary elements.


    This application organically combines high functionality and a beautiful intuitive interface. even the most inexperienced user will understand.

    Currently, the Radium library includes more than 10 thousand radio stations, and the range of them is regularly updated and supplemented.

    The user has many possibilities in relation to the settings of the playback features, search for songs sounding on the air, adding tracks to the favorites list, etc.

    Updated! Radium was removed from the App Store, so I can recommend a very good alternative. Radio FM (download link). A huge number of Internet radio (more than 50,000 stations from all over the world) and all this is absolutely free. no subscriptions or in-app purchases!

    Radio app

    The leader in its category. It has many useful features. Firstly, the user is offered over ten thousand radio channels with the highest sound quality. Secondly, the application collects information about the preferences of the iPhone owner, analyzes them and, after a short time, independently offers content that best matches the preferences of a particular user.

    The function of displaying the name of the song being played deserves special attention. How many times has it happened that when you heard a good song on the radio, you tried unsuccessfully to find it? With the Radio application, this will not happen: look at the name of the track, remember it, find it on the network and listen at any time.

    Is there a radio on the iPhone and how to listen to it?

    Hey! By default, the iPhone does not have the ability to connect to radio frequencies and play audio information played on them. Apparently, the developers thought that the majority of users would be satisfied with the capabilities of an Internet browser, standard multimedia applications and third-party downloadable content. Or maybe they were just too lazy 🙂

    Along with this, for many owners of Apple gadgets, radio is still a valuable source of news, as well as a tool for listening to new and already well-known musical compositions. Do you consider yourself to be such a user? Then be sure to check out the information below: we’ll show you how to listen to radio on iPhone using various third-party solutions.

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