Doesn’t Print Printer Prints Test Page

How to start printing a test page on the printer and what to do if it does not print correctly?

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Often times, printer users have to resort to a procedure such as printing a test page. It can help you ensure that the basic settings of your device are correct for printing. In addition, the test page displays all information about the printer model and driver version. All of this information can be very useful and useful in troubleshooting various problems.

How to print a test page?

But quite often the following question arises among users of office equipment: how to print a test page? So, in order to perform such a procedure as test printing, first you need to select from the list of services in the “Control Panel” menu. Further, in the section where the entire list of printers is displayed, find the device model that interests you.

Then you might wonder what to do next. Next, you will need to carefully evaluate the test page. it should contain samples of all colors, as well as text and graphics. If such printing was done with an inkjet machine, then make sure there are no ink drips on the page. If the test done suits you, you can name it by a command that implies saving the default print settings. Otherwise, go ahead and customize them to suit your needs. For example, you can only check the nozzle test if necessary. This allows you to immediately know which colors are printing normally and which are printing with different problems. In addition, a nozzle test is required to make sure that the colorant enters the printhead in the correct order.

Possible problems

But sometimes the following error occurs: The print test page was not printed correctly. In this regard, the question arises of what to do in this case and how to print this page.?

So, if the test page printed incorrectly, then one of the possible problems is old or “broken” drivers. To solve it, you need to download and install their updated version. But what to do if this action did not help and the problem related to the fact that the printer does NOT print is still relevant? In this case, give “Everyone” full rights for “C: \ Windows \ System32 \ spool \ PRINTERS”, then delete the required printing device on the “HKEY_USERS \.DEFAULT \ Printers” registry branch. In addition, usually give the user rights possesses the administrator and install a brand new driver under his name. After that, you can revoke the previously granted rights from him. You should also disable UAC. If the steps taken do not help, then you should run the Process Explorer utility and during printing, pay attention to what rights lacks.
If, by recently, a printer that prints normally does not print a test page as it should, then you can use the Procmon utility from Sysinternals. Run it and set up the “denied” filter by the Result. contains line. Next, run a test page for printing, after which this utility will show you which folder you were NOT full rights to. For example, it can be the “TEMP” folder.

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It is also worth adding that there is still such a procedure as a stop test, which is used to diagnose a printing device. To use this type of test while printing a page, you must turn off the power, and then look at the copy, which has NOT completely exited the device. Using this procedure, you can determine the cause of poor printing, which may lie in the cartridge, transfer of the image to the paper and the fuser.

In addition, sometimes the device disconnected from the PC does not even print a test page. This problem can be caused by missing or jammed paper, or by an improperly installed cartridge. The error concepts can be indicated by the indication or by connecting the device to the computer and reading the corresponding decryption in the driver. In general, almost any breakdown, during the operation of the printer, can be done independently, but if you do not know the reason, it is better to use the services of a service center.

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The printer began to print only half of the page. We are looking for a solution to the problem

If a printer or an all-in-one printer prints half a sheet, then do not rush to go to the service center, because any user who is familiar with the device and the settings of his office equipment can cope with this problem. In this situation, there are several obvious reasons, which you can read from the current article.

So, if your printer prints half a page, then the device cartridge first of all comes under suspicion, as in many other situations. Perhaps his bunker is almost empty. In order to make sure of this, you need to use a special function that is in the software of any modern printer. Thanks to it, and not by removing the cartridge from the device, you can find out the approximate level of ink or toner. But keep in mind that it is not always worth relying on this option completely, it often “cheats” and shows the wrong amount of the remaining dye. It is best to open your inkjet or laser printer and pull out the ink / toner hopper, then shake it lightly and reinsert it. If after that the printer was able to print a full-fledged test sheet, then the reason lies in the running out of the printer‘s dye. It can be eliminated by replacing consumables or refilling it.

If the device does not print and the cause of this malfunction is NOT related to its cartridge, then the connection between the device and the personal computer may be of poor quality. Therefore, you should unplug the USB cable and connect it to each port on the PC in turn. Choose the fastest and most powerful port so that the connection between the two devices is really stable and reliable. It would also be a good idea to inspect the cord. you may notice some external damage. Replace it with a new one if necessary.

If the problem is still not resolved and the machine still does NOT print documents to the end of the page, but only to the middle, then try cleaning its consumables. It is possible that after refilling it, it is clogged. The fact is that as the cartridge works, it gradually accumulates a large amount of dyes, which, in turn, can negatively affect the print quality.

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If the product only prints one half of the document when copied, the scanner may be the source of the problem. But this raises the question: why is this happening? The fact is that the device receives only part of the page due to the fact that its scanner has stopped. You need to check this component of the printer without a document inside and with an open lid. At the same time, click on the button responsible for starting the scan, after which you can see where the scanning ruler reaches. If you notice that it stops in the middle of the document, then the cause of the problem is definitely related to the scanner. To fix this problem, you need to have advanced technical knowledge in office equipment scanners, otherwise Contact any reliable repair center for printers, all-in-one printers, copiers and other similar devices for help.

In addition, if the product does not print full page, the malfunction may be caused by improper assembly of the consumables in this product. Those. It could be assembled with a slight and almost imperceptible bias. In this case, the gap between the magnetic shaft and the drum on one side becomes slightly larger than on the other. To solve the problem, remove the pin from the right side of the cartridge and make sure that the hole that is located in the side cover of this part during assembly is completely aligned with the hole in the part where the photo cylinder is located. Only then can the pin be reinstalled.

In addition, a page may only be printed halfway due to an unexpected error occurring during operation. In this case, the device will automatically stop its work until the fault it found is not eliminated.