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Where are voice recorder recordings stored on iPhone

Sound files recorded on the voice recorder are stored in the application itself. When you start the program, a list of audio recordings available on the device appears. Files are placed in the chronology of creation, indicating the date and duration of each.

Apple cares about the safety of information, so it provided users of Apple devices with the ability to create an iCloud backup. Cloud storage of several terabytes will contain all the necessary information. However, it costs Honor that 5 GB is provided for free.

You can create a backup copy manually or configure the automatic backup function. To copy, you need a wireless Internet connection and a power supply.

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Voice recorder recordings are stored in the application itself

Note! Files that are sent to the trash do not disappear without a trace. Some time (depending on the selected option in “Clean up Deleted Data”) are stored in the “Recently Deleted” folder. If you delete files from this folder by mistake, you can recover without loss of recording quality.

How to find voice recorder on iPhone or iPad

All applications on the desktops of Apple devices are mobile. They can be moved to a folder, which often makes it difficult to find the icon. There are three ways to find the app you want:

  • self-detect on the desktop;
  • use the search (swipe the screen from top to bottom and enter the name of the desired application in the search box that appears);
  • ask the mobile assistant Siri to open the required program.

A little advice on how to keep the recorder always at hand, so as not to lose it or be able to use it even when the screen is locked. add the application to the control point that appears when you swipe up the screen for models with the Home button (5 and 6 S, SE, 6) or down if the iPhone has a bezel-less screen (from iPhone 7).

If you take the recorder to the control center, you can turn it on when the screen is locked

For your information! The developer of the iPhone photo editing application M. Rundle noticed that the sound wave on the voice recorder icon was not accidental. It displays a record of the word Apple, which can be easily verified using the same application. Such attention to detail is a definite plus, as it inspires confidence.

How to trim voice recorder on iPhone and iPad

After creating an audio recording, you can edit it. To see all the available editing options, you need to go into the application, select the file, and then click on the button in the lower left corner of the record field, indicated by three blue dots. After clicking, a menu of three tabs will appear:

  • edit the entry;
  • duplicate;
  • to share.

By selecting the “Edit Recording” tab on the iPhone, and “Edit” on the iPad, a black working screen with a red “Replace” button at the bottom of the field, a sound track in the center and a blue square above it will appear. After clicking on the square, another screen will appear with two audio tracks. The top track has two yellow sliders at the beginning and end of the recording. The lower one is enclosed in a yellow frame with direction arrows (oscillogram overview). What you need to do to trim an audio recording:

  • Determine the boundaries of the beginning and end of the desired segment by dragging either the sliders on the top track, or the arrows on the bottom.
  • Listen to the selected area to make sure the boundaries are correctly defined.
  • Press the “Trim” button to remove unnecessary areas and save the desired fragment or “Delete” to erase the selected area.
  • To complete editing, click “Save” and “Finish”.

The yellow sliders and direction arrows are initially located at the beginning and end of the audio recording. If you need to trim an audio file only on one side, then just use one slider or a directional arrow.

Note! After executing the “Save” command, you cannot change actions or undo editing. To be able to return to the source as a backup, you need to use the “Duplicate” command to create a copy.

How to enable voice recorder on iPhone and iPad

How to enable voice recorder or how to record audio on iPhone? After starting the application, a working screen appears on a white background with existing entries. At the bottom of the screen there is a black strip with a red touch button, which repeats the “Home” button in size and appearance.

After pressing the button to start recording, the inscription “New recording”, a time sensor and an audio track will appear in a black frame. During the operation of the recorder, one working button will remain, which is a circle with a red square in it. In this mode, you can only start recording and end it by pressing the red button.

Important! The mode is suitable for recording short information or for saving recorded data as separate files.

If you need a selective recording, but save it in one document, you need to expand the black working screen. The Pause and Resume buttons appear. In the pause mode, you can listen to the recorded information. While recording, you can work with other smartphone applications by pressing the Home button. The voice recorder will continue to record in the background.

To record a phone call from an iPhone, a dedicated app or device is required

Note! Only information from external media can be recorded on iPhone, iPad. If it becomes necessary to record a telephone conversation, Apple’s technology will not help with this. This option is not available in the basic configuration. This can be done only through additionally installed applications. The company takes the privacy of personal information very seriously.

How to set up voice recorder on iPhone

The function of creating audio recordings has been available since the days of the iOS 3.0 operating system. The first voice recorder had limited capabilities:

  • creation of monochrome audio recording;
  • listening;
  • file storage and deletion.

In this form, it existed for a long time. Voice Recorder iOS 12.0 and later is a true audio editor that allows you to:

  • create a record;
  • edit (trim, duplicate an existing record);
  • share by sending to e-mail, social networks, instant messengers or save to the “Files” folder;
  • adjust the sound quality;
  • set the frequency of cleaning deleted files;
  • customize geo-contextual names of audio files.

Setting up the voice recorder does not take long. The updated version of the application has some small subtleties. In particular, in the voice recorder settings, the Siri and Search tab contains the Quick Commands function to make the program easier to use. The function makes it possible to control the recorder using voice commands. You can use the requests offered by mobile assistants by clicking on the icon. or set your own, saving them for Siri.

Using the “Clean up Deleted Data” tab, you can set the optimal deadline for permanently deleting files that have already been placed in the trash.

Note! For the scrupulous, the item “Never” has been added, which includes the eternal storage of deleted audio recordings. However, keep in mind that unused files will clog your phone or tablet memory.

When you select “Never”, all deleted files will be stored forever in the “Recently Deleted” folder

The “Geo-contextual titles” function has appeared in the settings, after activating which new audio recordings will be automatically named with the address where the recording was made. However, when geolocation is turned off, the function is useless and the files will still be saved as a “New entry” with a sequential number. Both in the first and in the second case, the name of the files can be changed manually.

One of the most important tabs in the recorder settings is “Sound quality”, which contains two items “Compressed” and “Lossless”. The recorded voice information in a compressed form will have less weight, which means it will not take up much space in the phone’s memory. When choosing the second option, the sound quality will be much better, but the weight of such a file, accordingly, will be much larger. This mode is more useful for professionals or in the case when recording is carried out in difficult conditions (extraneous noise, poor sound). For domestic use, the “Compressed” mode is quite enough.

When the geo-contextual names of the record are enabled, the address where the file was created will be automatically assigned as the name

For your information! To adjust the volume, you need to move the device closer or further away from the sound source. If it is not possible to bring the device closer, you can connect an external microphone, with which the recorded voice will be more clear.

Where is the voice recorder on the iPhone?

Finding where the voice recorder is located on an iPhone or iPad is not difficult. As one of the basic features, the application is located on one of the device’s desktops and is indicated by a special icon. The appearance of the icon, depending on the version of the iOS operating system, may have slight differences.

The iPhone voice recorder can be compared to a full-fledged sound editor

For your information! The pre-iOS 12.0 icon depicts a black recording wave on a white background. Subsequent versions show a red and white waveform with a blue slider on a black background.

Before iOS 12, the voice recorder icon was white

American developers of apple devices are trying to ensure the maximum comfort of using devices, therefore all available applications are signed.

Voice recorder on iPhone. where is it, how to set it up

Apple devices can be compared to a full-fledged computer, photo and sound studio. A dictaphone in apple devices is a basic function that allows you to record, store, modify and transfer sound recordings.

How to send voice recorder recording to iPhone and iPad

Saved recordings in the Voice Recorder application can be shared with other users or sent to other digital or cloud media. To do this, you need to launch the application, select the file. Below the button, indicated by three dots, a menu for editing appears with the Share tab. After clicking on it, a list of applications available for sending an audio file from the recorder will appear. Thus, the record can be sent to e-mail, social networks and instant messengers, saved to the “Files” folder.

You can use AirDrop to quickly share audio files between users of Apple devices. To do this, you need to turn on AirDrop in the control center, then go to the “Voice Recorder” application, select a file, go to the “Share” tab menu. Contacts for instant sharing will appear at the top of the list of applications.

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Important! The method is convenient only for sharing between iPhones and iPads that are nearby. The downside is that the function is not available from a distance.

Recordings from the voice recorder can be sent to e-mail, social networks, cloud storage

To move voice recordings from iPhone and iPad to your computer, you need to connect the device to your PC, launch iTunes, go to the “Music” tab. In the tab menu, you need to put markers in front of the “Synchronize music” and (necessarily!) “Include voice recordings” sub-items. After that, click the “Synchronize” button located on the bottom panel of the working field. All voice files from the recorder will be copied to the computer in a separate folder “Voice recordings”.

Where is the folder stored and how can I find it? To do this, go to the “Media Library” tab on the main panel, select “Playlists” from the menu. Folder “Voice recordings” will be stored at the end of the list of audio files.

Important! Before starting synchronization via iTunes, you must go to the “Overview” and in the “Backups” menu, click the “Create a copy now” button to protect information from loss if any failure occurs during work.

The voice recorder is difficult to rank among the main functions of a phone or tablet, but no one is immune from situations when it is necessary to record voice information. Therefore, it will never be superfluous to be able to handle the application and know its capabilities.

How to turn on Siri on 10m iPhone?

  • Go to the settings section. Select the “General” department.
  • Switch the toggle switch to the active position using the touchpad of the gadget.
  • The assistant prompts you to use the “Configure” button. For better memorization of the owner’s voice, he pronounces a number of standard phrases.

How to enable Siri on iPhone?

  • If Siri won’t turn on, go to Settings and select the General tab. Select Siri and then turn the slider to ON.
  • You can set Siri to launch automatically by sliding the Raise to Speak slider to the ON position.

How to enable the Hi Siri feature?

Previously, this function must be activated in the phone settings, and specifically in the Siri settings you need to enable the “Allow” Hey Siri “parameter. Here you will be prompted to configure Siri to your voice to reduce the chance of accidental activation of Siri on your iPhone by strangers.

How to enable Siri on iPhone 7?

To enable Siri on Apple iPhone 7, press and hold the Home button. Siri will open.

How to make Siri work without charging?

How to use “Hey Siri” even without connecting to a charger

  • First, make sure Hey Siri is turned on. This can be done in Settings → General → Siri → Allow “Hey Siri”.
  • Now activate Siri by pressing the Home button. When it turns on, do not say anything and wait for this screen.
  • That’s all.

How to set up Siri?

  • Launch the Settings app. Click the gray gear icon (⚙️) on the Home screen.
  • Scroll down and tap Siri.
  • Move the slider beside Siri to the On position.
  • Click Language.
  • Choose language.
  • Click Siri.
  • Tap Information.
  • Click on your contact information.

How to turn off vibration on iPhone

If for some reason you do not need vibration and you want to turn it off, then follow the instructions below.

Go to settings. sounds, open where you want to turn off vibration.

But it is worthwhile to understand that when the sound is muted, you can miss a call or text message.

Create a vibration melody on SMS

Scroll down and find the message sound item here and click on it.

Scroll to the very top to the vibration point and click on it.

Scroll down to create vibration and click on it.

Tap to create a vibration pattern.

Press and start tapping your vibration melody for SMS. On SMS, it is better to make a short vibration, that is, 2-3 seconds are better. It is only for calls that a long type of vibration is suitable. After creating free vibration on SMS, click stop.

Now you can press start to listen to what happened and if you like press save, and if you don’t like press record and re-create a vibration melody for SMS.

After clicking save, enter a name for this vibration melody and click save.

The created vibration melody will automatically become the default.

How to create and adjust vibration on iPhone and iPad?

To adjust the vibration as you wish, this is done in the settings. There we can create our own template, or choose another from the list that the system offers us.

Further, at your discretion, choose a ringtone or message sound, depending on where you want to change the vibration.

Then we press “Vibration” and in the same place “Create vibration”

Next, use your finger to create vibration. If you keep your finger on the screen, vibration occurs, release it, then this is a pause.

When you have created vibration, click “Stop”.

You can listen to your creation by clicking “start”, if everything suits you, click save and save by specifying the name.

Now the vibration you created can be used for any notification. You can also repeat the steps and create another vibration pattern for other notifications. Thus, you can make your own vibration for each notification.

All your vibrations are saved and you can find them in the “Custom” section.

How to set vibration on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11?

In this article, we’ll show you how to set vibration on iPhone and iPad. By default, your iPhone uses two fast vibration pulses for text messages and continuous continuous vibration for incoming calls. All other notifications receive one vibration.

But what if you want something different so you can easily find out which notification you are receiving without even looking at your iPhone? You can do this by creating and customizing your own vibration patterns.

To compose an individual vibration ringtone from pauses and vibrations:

The process can be stopped at any time with the “Stop” button.

How to disable / enable vibration on iPhone

Today we got to the vibration on the iPhone and will analyze how you can turn it off or on for different occasions. The vibration settings on the iPhone are very specific.

This is the cause of all the difficulties, let’s analyze all the cases in order.

How to make your own vibration on iPhone and iPad?

The video will show you how to change and adjust vibration on iPhone and iPad.

Why iPhone lost sound: possible reasons

Most often, the problem lies in the carelessness of the user himself. For example, you can mistakenly put Smart into silent mode or activate Do Not Disturb. How to turn on the ringtone on an iPhone (for example, a 32 gig seven) in such cases? In the first, you need to move the volume switch on the left side of the iPhone. and the music will play again when you call. In the second, the user will see a crescent-shaped icon on the screen. You need to swipe down from the top of the screen and turn off the “Do not disturb” mode.

Didn’t help, is it still the call on the iPhone. no sound? Then it’s a software or hardware problem. Which ones. you can find out by studying the following sections of the article.

Software errors

Problematic utilities, freezing of the OS, and so on can lead to the fact that the sound on the smart starts to disappear. It is worth dwelling on each such problem in more detail.

Installing unofficial software

You can download various programs from the App Store, transfer music and movies from the iTunes Store, system updates from the brand’s official website. All of these are trusted sources, the software is tested many times here before it becomes public.

But if you use unofficial software applications, like Cydia, and install programs from there, this can lead to incorrect work of the smart.

Nuance: if you already decided to use Cydia, you should download the tweaks recommended on thematic forums.

Possible problems from third-party software:

  • Reduces the level of protection against viruses, can “infect” the system.
  • Crashes already installed applications.
  • Difficulty updating software.

In particular, one of the side effects of installing unofficial software is that on the iPhone (for example, a 64 gig eight), the sound may stop working when you call.

Incorrectly set iPhone settings

Problems with the disappearance of the melody may be hidden in the wrong sound settings.

How then in iPhone (for example, X Space Gray) turn on the sound of an incoming call:

Step Open “Settings” on a smartphone
Step Click on the item “Sounds”
Step Move the slider left / right to change the ringer volume
Step Opposite the “Change with buttons” item, move the slider to the right

The last step will allow you to adjust the volume level using the button located on the left side of the smart.

Operating system freeze

The OS may be outdated and an updated version needs to be installed. Or you just need to reboot Smart in forced mode.

In any case, the freezing of the operating system leads to a malfunction of the device, hence the problems with sound during incoming calls and SMS.

Mechanical damage to the speaker

It can be damaged by sharp third-party objects (for example, a nail file or scissors in your purse) or if the phone is dropped. In any case, a speaker breakdown requires replacement. Only after that the sound will return to the device.

What to do if the ringtone on iPhone disappears

You can try to cope on your own. First, you need to inspect Smart for obvious reasons for the breakdown. If everything looks ok, but there is still no sound, restart the device. How will this help the device (for example, XS Gold):

  • the cache will be cleared;
  • temporary files are deleted;
  • OS will work again.

Reboot will help solve the problem in the list (when the OS hangs).

The next option is to send the application to the cart. For example, a tweak installed from Cydia. If the sound disappeared after installing the software, it would be logical to get rid of it. Then you will need to reboot the device and then check how the sound behaves.

Another way to “reanimate” the sound is to return to the factory settings of the smart (for example, in the 64 gig XR). To do this, go to the settings, go to the “Basic” item, click on “Reset” and click on “Reset all settings”.

Nuance: This and the next methods will lead to the elimination of all data on the phone, so it is worth creating a backup copy of the necessary information before starting.

You can also refer to the emergency mode of the gadget. Device Firmware Update. How to get into DFU is one of the methods:

Step Connect smartphone to PC and go to iTunes
Step Turn off the phone, wait for the screen to turn off
Step Hold down the “Power” button, after 3 seconds additionally press “Home”. However, Honor says that the iPhone, starting with model X, for example, Silver, does not have a Home button; instead, you need to use the volume down key.
Step After 10 seconds, release “Power”, but hold the “Home” button
Step Hold Home button until PC recognizes iPhone in DFU mode
Step A message will appear in iTunes that the program has detected the iPhone in recovery mode, here you need to click on “Ok”.

To leave the mode, you need to disconnect Smart from the PC, press and hold the “Power” and “Home” buttons on the phone and release them after 10 seconds. The device will reboot and return to normal mode.

The methods described can help with software problems, but what about hardware problems? Here you can only clean the 3.5 mm jack and the outer part of the speaker from dirt. This can be done with a thin cotton swab, gently removing the blockage from the holes.

IPhone may be muted

In most cases, the ringtone stops playing because the iPhone has been put into silent (silent) mode. Of course, this explanation is very simple, but often it is this explanation that is the most correct, especially for very “new” owners of the gadget.

To fix this problem, check the volume switch on the left side of the iPhone. If the switch is in silent mode (you can see an orange mark), just slide it, and when a call comes in, music will play again.

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Silent Mode On (iPhone Speaker Sound Off):

Silent Mode Off (iPhone Speaker Sound On):

What to do if there is no sound (disappeared) of an incoming call on iPhone

Despite the fact that the iPhone is a very reliable thing, sometimes users are faced with a sudden disappearance of the ringtone when making a call. There is an incoming call, but there is no beep, what should I do? Below we will tell you how you can solve this problem.

Troubleshooting with AssistiveTouch

Go to Settings → Accessibility → Touch.

Go to the AssistiveTouch section and activate this function through the corresponding toggle switch. A virtual button with additional menus will appear on the screen, which can be positioned anywhere on the display.

Tap on the AssistiveTouch menu and select “Apparatus”.

On the right there should be a “Mute” icon with a crossed-out bell (if not, then put this function in this position), and on the left, tap on the “Louder” (volume up) button to increase the ringer volume.

Disable AssistiveTouch as unnecessary.

No sound on incoming call on iPhone. headphone mode is turned on by mistake

If you have tried all of the above methods, but none of them helped, then the problem is somewhat more complicated. For example, your iPhone may have remained in headset mode by mistake. This can be easily checked in the Music application or Control Center by clicking on the “Devices” icon.

Try plugging and unplugging headphones several times, gently cleaning the audio / Lightning connector with a toothpick, restarting your iPhone.

iPhone needs restart

If the volume switch is in the correct position, but the ringtone still does not sound, your device may need to be rebooted. A hard restart will fix software bugs that could have caused the ringtone to disappear. We talked about how to restart iPhone (4 ways) in this article.

Check your sound settings

It is possible that problems with the ringtone arose due to incorrect sound settings. Open “Settings”, select the section “Sounds, tactile signals” and set the appropriate volume of the ringtone and notifications. Here you can also enable “Change with buttons”, which will allow you to adjust the volume of the ringtone using the volume button on the left side of the iPhone.

No sound on incoming call on iPhone. Do Not Disturb is activated

If the ringtone on your iPhone stops ringing, check to see if Do Not Disturb is turned on. Users often mistakenly activate this mode without noticing it. If you see a crescent-shaped icon at the top of the screen, it means that you have Do Not Disturb mode turned on, which turns off all sound notifications.

Solving this problem is very easy. Open Control Center and turn off Do Not Disturb mode. The beep should now appear again.

Do not disturb mode settings can be changed by going Settings → Do not disturb.

Sign out and WhatsApp on iPhone

For an iOS device, the process will be slightly different as there is no Clear Data icon on the iOS device, so you must uninstall the app to log out.

STEP 1: Go to the WhatsApp homepage. Go to Settings Chats Chat Backup Backup Now. This way the data will be saved to iCloud.

STEP 2: Go to the home screen. Press and hold the WhatsApp icon until it starts wiggling. Click the X in the upper left corner of the icon to uninstall WhatsApp.

STEP 3: Open the App Store. Search for WhatsApp. Download and install the app.

STEP 4: Click the WhatsApp icon to go to the login page. Enter the correct username and password to log into your account. Once logged in, click “Recover” to recover your chat data from iCloud.

Check if the problem is resolved, if not go to the next method.

Update WhatsApp

If you don’t have the latest version of WhatsApp, there may be some bugs, so you’d better update WhatsApp to get your notification tones back.

If you have an Android phone. you can see the process as listed.

STEP 1: Open the Google Play Store. Click the “Menu” button in the upper left corner and select “My Apps”.

STEP 2: Find out WhatsApp and click on it. Click Accept to update the app.

If you have an iOS device. you should ask the App Store for help.

STEP 1: Open the App Store. Click the “Updates” icon in the lower right corner.

STEP 2: Go to WhatsApp and click the refresh button next to it. Enter your account ID and password correctly if required.

No sound on whatsapp (WhatsApp)

Problem: “WhatsApp notification sound not working on my iPhone. It’s weird, but I no longer receive notification sounds from WhatsApp. And the problem only occurs with WhatsApp. Other apps like SMS messages still have notification tones. Try restarting your phone. but still no luck. Any suggestion? “

Solution: The issue of WhatsApp notification sound not working occurs not only on iPhone but also on Android devices such as Samsung, OnePlus, LG. Some lost notification tones after WhatsApp or software update; others have a problem because the custom notification tone doesn’t work on their phones. Here we have 7 solutions to resolve WhatsApp notification sound not working on iPhone, Samsung and other devices.

Check iPhone / Android notification settings

If you have allowed WhatsApp notification but still cannot hear sound, you can check your phone’s notification settings.

  • As for iPhone users. you need to go to the Notification Settings first. Find WhatsApp in notification style and tap it. Finally, click the Allow notification button until it turns green. Also enable the Sound button.
  • As for Android phone users. you can go to “Settings” “Notifications” “Manage app notifications” “WhatsApp” and enable “Allow notifications”.

Make sure WhatsApp Sound is turned on

You will of course not receive a notification sound from WhatsApp if the sound is muted. To check if the notification sound is turned on, follow these steps.

STEP 1: Go to the WhatsApp homepage;

Go to “Settings” “Notifications”;

STEP 3: Tick the tones if they are not already marked;

NOTE. You can also click “Reset Notification Settings” to reset your WhatsApp notification settings to their default state.

Force stop WhatsApp and restart your phone

Restarting the application will always be an effective way to solve most problems. Try to force stop WhatsApp and restart it to see if you can get notification sound for WhatsApp.

For Android phone users, here are the steps.

STEP 1: Go to Application Settings Manage WhatsApp Applications.

STEP 2: Click “Force Stop” to close WhatsApp.

STEP 3: Then restart your Android phone. After booting your phone, check if the problem is resolved.

For iOS device like iPhone, there are different ways to force stop an app, depending on the generation.

  • If you have an iPhone 8 or earlier, first double-tap the Home button to see your most recently used apps. Swipe left or right to find WhatsApp and swipe up to close WhatsApp.
  • If you have an iPhone X. you should swipe up from the home screen and you will see the running apps. Alternatively, swipe left or right to find WhatsApp, then you can swipe up on the screen or click on the red minus symbol to force WhatsApp to stop.

Sign out and sign in to your WhatsApp account.

Since WhatsApp does not have a Sign Out button, we need to sign out by deleting data from your device. To avoid losing your chats, you must first create backups before logging out.

Re-login to WhatsApp account on Android

For Android phone, you can follow the instructions step by step.

STEP 1: Go to home page. Tap Settings Apps Manage Apps WhatsApp.

Click “Clear Data” to remove settings and app data.

Go back to your home screen and tap the WhatsApp icon to sign in. Make sure you entered the correct username and password.

NOTE. To restore WhatsApp backup, you need to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp.

Make sure the device is not turned off

You can press the volume up button to turn up the sound to see if it makes sense. For iPhone, check if the Ring / Silent switch is on (usually next to the volume key). If the switch is orange, your iPhone is in silent mode and you should put it in call mode.

Tips on how to customize sound on iPhone

Sometimes the iPhone volume can “freeze” at the maximum or minimum level for no obvious reason for the average user. Or there are times when the sound level is maximum, and the output volume is still less than it should be and increase, turning on or off the sound on the iPhone becomes problematic. But, there is a solution to the problem with the sound in the phone.

Instructions on how to reset sound settings on iPhone.

So, you can always manually restart your iPhone to reset the volume.

Press and hold the “Sleep” button at the top of the device for four seconds.

Move the slider on the screen to the “Slide to Power Off” position. The screen will turn off or a standby icon will appear and the iPhone will turn off.

Press and hold the Sleep button again for four seconds. The Apple logo will appear on the screen upon boot.

Check the sound level by simply playing any track (melody).

Useful Tips for Setting Up iPhone Sound.

If the problem persists, try performing a General Reset. Before factory reset, back up your personal data!

If the problem is only about ring volume, try to fix it as follows: Settings Sounds Ring

Also, the iPhone will not ring loudly if a headset is connected to it. The sound will be from the headset, not from the phone speakers.

Chinese phone maker Realme, in an effort to beat the competition, has unveiled a 5G compatible mobile phone for around 146. Realme is going to use new 5G phones to increase its share in the mobile market.


I have this problem with my iPhone. I put the phone on silent mode and my iPhone fell, and as I understood the silent mode adjustment button broke. And the phone was left in silent mode. I went into the iPhone settings, everything is fine there, but there is still no sound when you call. The speakers are all working.

Maybe in some confusing places in the iPhone 4 there are sound controls?

Help, please, I can’t walk without sound on my iPhone. Write an answer to me quickly.

A similar problem, I’m trying to figure out how to set the silent mode on the iPhone if the button is broken. Maybe there is some program to replace the functionality? Of course, it would be better to solve the problem, such as through the system settings of the iPhone.

Please advise if the following type of malfunction can be repaired. I have an iPhone without a sound, something broke during the hike, when someone calls me, I can’t talk.

My smartphone has sound, but when I shoot a video, it disappears somewhere (becomes very small) why does this happen? Tell me how to deal with sound fading?

I have such a problem with the iPhone, when I insert the headphones into the iPhone, the sound becomes just awful, high voices are not heard at all, and when there are no headphones, the music plays perfectly, can you tell me what the iPhone has a problem and what to do? (I tried to connect headphones to a laptop, everything is fine with sound, maybe something happened to the input?)

Who is engaged in the repair of cell phones, please write the secret codes in the phones to restore the default settings of Apple iphone

There are no such codes! Regarding the silent mode. It is necessary to change the upper train. Speaker, speaker cable, may have come off when dropped. About the awful sound, I can suggest to put the usual headphones. If it does not help, do not fully insert the connector, if the sound is good, at least in one ear, then the top cable for replacement!

Is it possible to configure ios, or rather the accelerometer function, to increase the sound of the iphone headset speakers by shaking ?

If iPhone is muted after a couple of seconds after turning on the phone, what to do to fix the sound problem?

How to solve such problems with sound on the iPhone when you hear the calls, but when you don’t listen to music

Hello! As early as a month ago, I purchased an iPhone 4s VIP (Chinese). When typing text anywhere (notebook, SMS or browser) there are annoying clicks. So this is the actual question: Is it possible to remove these clicks? If so how?

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How to get sound back on iPhone video if you shot in silent mode?

We urgently need instructions on how to set up a multifunctional telephone set polygon 2327 pro

iPhone 6s no sound DONE

And why in whatsapp when you upload a video without sound to the iPhone?

Friends! I would be grateful if you could give a guide on another phone, for example, I need to help a girl figure out how to adjust the sound volume on a sonic XSperia mobile phone

Hello. there was such a problem with the iPhone. there is no music sound in the player, although when you call the phone, the music plays and sounds. the side buttons do not adjust the volume, and the headphones play music. tell me what to do.

What are the reasons on the iPhone 4, when you listen to music, it plays but inaudibly??

Why is there no sound on my iPhone when there is an incoming call? Although everything is correct in the settings.

Could you describe in more detail which loop in the iPhone is responsible for the sound. Help a lot with leadership!

One speaker in the iPhone is working, and the other is not. So the speaker that works terribly starts to hiss, freeze, or sometimes does not turn on at all. Especially when I listen to music on my phone, either with headphones or without. All repeats. I don’t understand why one speaker doesn’t work in the iPhone. Sadly, iPhone is only a month old 🙁

I also had a problematic situation when only one speaker works on the iPhone. Now I am looking for where it is cheaper to repair an iPhone.

I called the repair shop on iPhones. In consultation I was told that it is possible that the speaker does not work due to the fact that water got into the iPhone. But, you still need to take the phone to the iPhone master, in order to specifically find the reason why the speaker broke, then they will say how much the iPhone repair will cost.

I have not yet decided exactly where the iPhone can be repaired. If I don’t find where a good iPhone warranty workshop is, then I’ll probably have to repair the iPhone at Gorbushka or Kievskaya.

People educate how to make the sound on the iPhone come from all speakers?!

Is there a separate function or application how to turn down the sound of an alarm on an iPhone?

I have such a problem on iPhone 4. On the ringtone, the sound also works on the notification, and when you enter the music or watch clips on YouTube, there is no sound, please help me how to turn on the sound

When you call on the iPhone 4s, the sound works, but when you dial and block the sound, there is no sound, in applications it is not there either, a strange thing happens 🙁 What’s wrong with him?

And I have a problem. here you connect headphones or speakers to the iPhone and completely when you turn on the sound it plays quieter, and if you make the sound a little quieter, then the songs are played normally. How to make it play loudly through headphones or through speakers?

Why, when you talk on the iPhone, you can’t hear it, but you make it louder, it shows headphones?

When I call, I can hear but I am not, but when I turn on the speaker I can hear what to do?

Good afternoon everyone, I have a small problem with the iPhone 5c, when someone calls me and immediately the volume becomes high. Probably you need a professional iPhone setup, but I don’t know how to adjust the ringtone sound for incoming calls. A step-by-step guide on how to make an increasing call on an iPhone from quiet to loud would help

What should I do if there is no sound on my phone with an incoming call? Although the sound is turned on in the settings!

A moment of attention. I would like to say thank you to the developers of this site, the author of the theme, the advice with the IPhone settings really helped me, for which I want to say a big thank you.
All the best!

Well, if the iPhone shoots video and plays without sound, how to set up the sound ?

Hello and thank you very much for prompting how easy it is to adjust the sound from a mobile phone! And then I suffered for a long time when I had some kind of quiet sound in the iPhone. 🙂

When you call on the iPhone 4, the sound works, but when you dial and lock, there is no sound, in applications it is also not there, and the video is played without sound. What’s going on with him?

Hi, I haven’t read all the tips yet on your site. tell me what you can do to make the melody play louder on the iPhone when you call and how to set the volume separately for the ringtone and alarm clock on the iPhone

Hello, on my iPhone, when I adjust the sound with the buttons, it does not show the dots themselves, and when I press the button, there is no sound, although everything is fine in the settings. With what it can be connected?

Hello! My problem is that there is almost no audibility during incoming and outgoing calls. The volume was “raised” for the whole, but the problem remained. Please tell me what the problem is?

Hi there! How to restore sound on a video on your phone if you shot it in silent mode?

Guys, we urgently need a Russian-language and step-by-step guide on how to set up the functionality of the phone so that the incoming letter can be seen on the locked iphone screen and the sound alert works

I have such a problem, tell me when I add sound to the iPhone 5 in the headphones, it is not completely added, it says that the sound is added to the maxem, but you can still add but not add ?? Help?

And I lost the sound on the browser (for example, when I want to hear translations of words in English). How to fix and restore sound iPhone browser?

Hello, I have a current problem. The sound of the keys and blocking has decreased, I go into the settings, everything is normal, tell me what to do

Teach you how to turn on sound on iPhone remotely. you are welcome!

Thank you, otherwise my iPhone 4s movie loses without sound for some reason.

guys help please, my sound turns off when I make a video call on the iPhone, if I turn off the video sound appears, but when the video is turned on there is no sound, how can anyone set up? Thanks in advance)))

Thanks for the instruction on how to reset iPhone volume glitch!

I rebooted the smartphone manually and really managed to get rid of the problems with the sound, the stuck iPhone volume.

Please help me in the headphones I hear the interlocutor very quietly, but otherwise everything is clear, everything works fine. Don’t know what it is?

If the problem has appeared recently, then perhaps the case lies around the phone system. Well, as one of the intended options. After all, most people don’t think of it that way, iPhone. it is a computer that is in your hand or in your. And while it certainly doesn’t look like a home computer or laptop, as it does similar devices, sometimes you need to reboot or even reset all iPhone settings to fix problems. Before any action, as advised above, you need to back up your phone data!

In general, a factory reset means a lot of different things. This can be a basic restart, a more complete reset, or sometimes even deleting all content from the iPhone so that it works like a freshly purchased one and / or restores from a backup.

Help me please. Son gave iPhone SE? I tried to figure it out on my own, accidentally connected, apparently, the Touch Adaptation function with sound. Now he just says something quickly when he touches it, but I can’t turn it off or go to Settings to turn off this function. What to do?

This is a very useful tip, thanks! In my cases, even if the volume was turned on at full volume, the sound came out lower than I know what the iPhone is capable of. When something happened, I tried to reset the iPhone volume like this. He turned off the phone completely and then turned it back on. After the phone has rebooted. the rebooted iPhone returned to its normal volume settings. Somehow it was.

I wonder who else besides me can hear distorted sound from the iPhone 8 speaker? Share a secret or what do you think is the best way to fix such sound problems? thank!

I am doing an iPhone reset by rebooting and resetting to factory settings. For me, holding the buttons until the screen on the iPhone goes black and the Apple logo reappears is as easy as restarting the computer after a crash. As they say, one reset will solve a lot of troubles! 🙂

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Silent mode

Let’s start with the trite: if there is no sound on the iPhone on incoming calls or SMS messages, you need to make sure that the silent mode is not activated on it. Pay attention to the left side of the phone: there is a small switch above the volume keys. If the sound is muted, you will see a red mark (shown in the image below). To turn on the sound, just move the switch to the right position.

Headphone malfunction

If the sound from the speakers is working correctly, but when you connect the headphones you do not hear anything (or the sound is extremely poor quality), most likely, in your case, there is a breakdown of the headset itself.

It’s easy to check: just connect any other headphones to the phone that you are sure of. If there is no sound with them, then you can already think about a hardware malfunction of the iPhone.

Connected devices

iPhone supports wireless devices such as Bluetooth speakers. If a similar gadget was previously connected to the phone, most likely the sound is transmitted to it.

    It’s very easy to check this. swipe up from the bottom to open Control Center, and then activate airplane mode (airplane icon). From now on, the connection with wireless devices will be disconnected, which means that you will need to check if there is sound on the iPhone or not.

If the sound appears, open the settings on your phone and go to the “Bluetooth” section. Move this item to inactive position. If necessary, in the same window, you can break the connection with the device broadcasting sound.

  • Next, call the Control Center again and turn off airplane mode.
  • What to do if sound disappears on iPhone

    System crash

    iPhone, like any other device, can malfunction. If there is still no sound on the phone, and none of the methods described above has brought a positive result, you should suspect it is a system failure.

      First, try restarting your phone.

    Read more: How to restart iPhone
    After rebooting, check for sound. If it is absent, you can proceed to heavy artillery, namely, to restore the device. Make sure to create a fresh backup before you start.

    Read more: How to back up iPhone
    There are two ways to restore iPhone: through the device itself and using iTunes.

    Alert settings

    Open any application with music or video, start playing the file and use the volume key to set the maximum sound value. If the sound is on, but the phone is silent during incoming calls, most likely you have incorrect notification settings.

      To edit the notification parameters, open the settings and go to the “Sounds” section.

    In the event that you want to set a clear level of the sound signal, turn off the parameter “Change with the buttons”, and set the desired volume on the line above.

    Why is there no sound on the iPhone

    Most of the problems with no sound are usually related to the iPhone settings. In rarer cases, the cause may be a hardware failure.

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