Epson l210 printer does not print one color

Remanufacturing vacuum ink cartridges

What to do in this case? GHGs, characterized by vacuum retention of paint, are easier to reanimate. To begin with, 10 ml of cleaning solution is poured into the cartridge. After a couple of minutes, shake it out of there. The procedure is repeated 3-4 times. After the cartridge is placed in the composition for flushing for a day (nozzles down).

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Next, you need to fill in ink, stop air access to the cartridge and, using a special suction, extract no more than 10 ml of paint through the nozzles. If the process took place without complications, then it remains to carry out 3 purges of the steam generator and check the result by means of a test print.

Separate GHG purification

If problems with the ink reservoir are diagnosed, then there is no point in repairing it. The print head can still be reanimated. They do this with the help of special utilities that are on the installation disk included with the Canon printer (Epson) when purchasing it.

In case it is useless, the PG is sorted out. In this case, you must follow the instructions. Otherwise, it is useless to hope for further operation of peripheral equipment. After that, 10 software cleanings are required. If the print result is not happy, then replace the main element of the Epson inkjet printer.

Ultrasonic cleaning of the split printhead is considered effective, but it is used only in a service center. If at home it was not possible to correct the situation, then they turn to professionals.

The beginning of the problems

There are no problems until the first replacement of consumables or cartridge. The owners strive to reduce the cost of paper and paint in different colors, including red, so they are replacing the original ones with analog ones. This often leads to printhead problems. Why won’t the printer print in red ink? What can be the cause of breakdowns?

You can fix them by conducting competent diagnostics. Why do it? Finding the exact cause of the problem is the first step in the repair, the result of which is to return the printer to operating mode.

If the Epson printer does not print in red, then the problem is related to color rendering, consumables, in particular, red ink, or improper refilling of the printer. When diagnosing a problem, take into account the model of the printer, the type of cartridge, the correspondence of colors and reservoirs, the state of the print head before refueling.

How to fix the error if the printer does not print in red

With the purchase of an Epson, HP or Canon printer (MFP), the user makes a choice: to contact the service center, if necessary, or to carry out the procedures on his own. In the latter case, the likelihood of premature failure of peripheral equipment is much greater.

Color adjustment utilities

This measure is, in fact, the easiest to implement. It is recommended to use it after checking the paint level in the tank. If the red ink has not yet run out, and the printer does not print, then the driver for cleaning the PG is started. This measure is effective if the Canon, HP or Epson inkjet printer is rarely used for its intended purpose.

But neither software cleaning nor other restorative measures will help those cartridges whose sponges have hardened, the electronics are damaged, and the nozzle sealing is broken.

Possible reasons

Take, for example, a standard printer that can print in four colors. The containers for them are divided into two blocks: the first contains black paint, and the second contains cyan, red and yellow ink. The choice of such a color scheme is due to the ability to create the necessary color shades with its help.

The reason why the Canon printer does not print in red is:

  • Air ingress into the cartridge. often this occurs when replacing original ink, cartridge and paper with analog.
  • Combination of cartridges from different manufacturers in one device. As a result, some printer identifies, but does not notice the presence of others.
  • Clogged nozzles in the print head. It is provoked by a simple peripheral equipment or an incorrectly selected red analog paint. To correct the situation, the print head is cleaned with a special liquid. It is made specifically for each brand (Canon, Epson), there are also universal cleaners. In their absence, use distilled water.
  • Wrong order of refilling the cartridge. This happens if the user first injects red ink into the print head without following the instructions for use.
  • Damage to the bridges between the tanks. The presence of such problems leads to mixing of paints of different colors located in adjacent tanks.
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If you are not confident in your own abilities, then do not try to adjust the peripheral equipment yourself. The risk of worsening the problem or permanent breakdown of your Canon Pixma MP250, HP or Epson will only increase.

Rinsing the cartridge containing the absorbent sponge

To begin with, the sponge is brought back to normal. To do this, you need to remove the PG from a printer that does not print, and place it in a previously prepared solution of distilled water or cleaning liquid. The cartridge is placed with the nozzles down.

The next step is to refill the cartridge. This should be done using a special suction cup or syringe. It is slowly pulled back through smooth movements. Before installing the element back into the peripheral device, it is cleaned of excess paint. At the same time, attention is paid to the state of the contacts. They must not be damaged or stained with ink.

If after 3 cleanings the printer does not print or the quality of the resulting print is poor, then it remains to replace the cartridge. Unfortunately, Epson printers with this design require frequent replacement as they cannot be restored. The procedure is shown in the photo.

If an Epson printer prints in red, ignoring the rest of the inks, or vice versa, then check the status of the reservoir, print head or color settings. To avoid such problems, you should:

  • Install cartridges from one set and one manufacturer into peripheral equipment;
  • Perform a “nozzle test” and check the ink levels before cleaning the print head. If it is below the minimum mark, then the Canon and epson printers simply do not see that they are still there;
  • Choose only high-quality consumables for printing.

Why doesn’t the printer print red in Epson, HP, Canon Pixma MP250? The exact answer to this question can really be obtained only by conducting diagnostics. For the uninitiated, this task is not feasible due to the complexity of the printer design and the variety of types of cartridges. Therefore, in the absence of the appropriate skills, it is safer to entrust the work to the professionals of the Epson service center (HP, Canon).

Epson l120 printer does not print in color

Possible reasons:. CISS is not transferred from transport position to working position (small plugs (s) are closed). ink cans are at a lower level than that required for correct printer operation;. the ink trail is transferred;. out of ink;. air in the ink plume;. the ink has dried up when the printer is not used for a long time.

Solution options:. transfer the CISS to the working position, install air filters;. install ink cans correctly;. pump the air or eliminate the squeezing of the plume;. clean the print head using the driver;. print a test page and make sure visually.

Doesn’t print one of the colors

Why doesn’t the printer print in one color? There can be many reasons for this. Let’s figure it out.

If the green channel of the ink loop is pinched, then, accordingly, the printer does not print green. Also check the level of the outer paint cans. They should not be on a lower level with the printing unit.

If your black color does not print, then the CISS may not be in the working position or is at a lower level with the printer. A loopback can also be transmitted. Do not forget that the system may simply run out of blue ink. Air in the train can also interfere with printing.

Doesn’t print red? It’s that simple! Either your CISS is not ready for work (its openings are closed), or its ink train is transmitted. It can also get air into it, which will prevent ink from entering the cartridge.

Check the ink level if the device does not print in pink! They just might not be enough. Or maybe you haven’t used the printer for a long time, and the ink has dried up there.

How to solve the problem:

  • Check the ink level in the tanks next to the printer (if less than 30%, then a refill is needed)
  • On tanks, large openings must be closed and small openings.
  • There should be no air gaps along the ink plume
  • You need to go to the printer menu and find the Setup item, then you need to select the 2nd item Tech. Maintenance and again the 2nd point Head Cleaning
  • Cleaning must be done 2 times, then do not print for 40 minutes on the device. A maximum of 5 cleanings can be performed per day.
  • If there is no improvement after cleaning, then you need to contact the service center. When transporting, be sure to cover all openings on the ink tanks.
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Hi everyone! Today, a printer was brought to the company with a symptom. it does not print black in an Epson printer, and a month ago the same woman brought it, because her epson printer did not print in color, only in color.

All this is solved by cleaning, which is done in the printer services. To do this, go to the control panel. devices and printers and right-click on a printer that does not print color. Then we press the printer settings. A window with settings will appear.

We go to the service and click on the nozzle check. You never know you will have some other printer model and there will not be such a moment, select all the items that are related to cleaning.

Click print to see how the printer prints.

After printing, stripes will appear, if they are not clear or they are not there, then press the purge until there are clear lines (this is the answer to the question: why does the Epson printer print in stripes).

And if the Epson printer prints, for example, in pink, yellow, then either you need to refill the cartridges, or calibrate, as I showed above.

If, after about 10 times, the printer did not print anything in color and nothing helped from the service point, then most likely your ink has specifically dried up and then you need to buy a new cartridge.

A printer for a modern person is a rather necessary thing, and sometimes even a necessary one. A large number of such devices can be found in educational institutions, offices, or even at home, if the need for such an installation exists. However, any technique can break down, so you need to know how to “save” it.

Problem 3: The printer does not print in black

This problem is most common with the L800 inkjet printer. In general, such problems are practically excluded for a laser analogue, therefore we will not consider them.

  • First you need to check the cartridge for leaks or improper refilling. Quite often, people do not buy a new cartridge, but ink, which can be of poor quality and ruin the device. New ink may also simply be incompatible with the cartridge.
  • If you are confident in ink and cartridge quality, you should check the print head and nozzles. These parts are constantly contaminated, after which the paint dries on them. Therefore, it is required to clean them. Details about this are described in the previous method.

In general, almost all problems of this kind are due to a black cartridge that fails. To find out for sure, you need to conduct a special test by printing a page. The easiest way to solve the problem is to buy a new cartridge or contact a specialized service.

Problem 2: The printer prints in stripes

Quite often, this problem appears with the Epson L210. With what this is connected, it is difficult to say, but here it is possible to resist it completely. You just need to figure out how to do it as efficiently as possible and not harm the device. It should be noted right away that both the owners of inkjet printers and laser printers can face such problems, so the analysis will consist of two parts.

  • If the printer is inkjet, you first need to check the amount of ink in the cartridges. Quite often, they end just after such a precursor as a “striped” seal. You can use the utility for this, which is provided for almost every printer. If it is absent, you can use the official website of the manufacturer.
  • For black and white printers, where only one cartridge is relevant, such a utility looks quite simple, and all information about the amount of ink will be contained in one graphic element.

For devices that support color printing, the utility will become quite diverse, and you can already observe several graphic components that indicate how much of a certain color is left.

If there is a lot of ink, or at least a sufficient amount, you should pay attention to the print head. Quite often, inkjet printers suffer from the fact that it is she who clogs up and leads to a malfunction. Such elements can be found both in the cartridge and in the device itself. It should be noted right away that replacing them is an almost pointless exercise, since the cost can reach the price of a printer.

All that remains is to try to clear them in hardware. For this, the programs provided by the developers are again used. It is in them that you should look for a function called “Printhead Check”. It can be other diagnostic tools, if necessary, it is recommended to use all.

  • If printing is done in dots or the black line comes in a wave, the first step is to check the amount of toner and refill it. When a cartridge is fully filled, such problems arise due to incorrect filling procedure. Have to clean it up and do it all over again.
  • Stripes appearing in the same place indicate that the magnetic shaft or photoconductor is out of order. One way or another, not every person can eliminate such breakdowns on their own, so it is recommended to contact specialized service centers.
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    Issue 1: Problems related to OS setup

    Often people think that if the printer does not print at all, then this means only the worst options. However, this is almost always due to the operating system, which may have incorrect settings that block printing. One way or another, this option must be disassembled.

    • First, to rule out printer problems, you need to connect it to another device. If it is possible to do this via a Wi-Fi network, then even a modern smartphone is suitable for diagnostics. How to check? It is enough to send any document for printing. If everything went well, then the problem clearly lies in the computer.
    • The simplest option why the printer refuses to print documents is the absence of a driver in the system. Such software is rarely installed on its own. Most often it can be found on the official website of the manufacturer or on the disc included with the printer. One way or another, you need to check its presence on your computer. To do this, open “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Device Manager”.

    There we are interested in our printer, which should be contained in the tab of the same name.

    If everything is fine with such software, we continue to check for possible problems.

    Otherwise, we make a single right-click on the printer image and select “Use as default” in the context menu.

    You need to check the print queue right away. It could also happen that someone simply failed to complete such a procedure, which caused a problem with the file “stuck” in the queue. Due to such a problem, the document simply cannot be printed. In this window, we do the same actions as in the paragraph earlier, but select “View print queue”.

    In order to delete all temporary files, you need to select “Printer”. “Clear print queue”. Thus, we delete both the document that interfered with the normal operation of the device, and all files that were added after it.

    Find the “Security” tab, look for your account and find out what functions are available to us. This option is the least likely, but it is still worth considering.

    This concludes the analysis of the problem. If the printer still refuses to print only on a specific computer, you need to check it for viruses or try using a different operating system.

    The main problems in the operation of the Epson printer

    The words “the printer does not print” means a lot of malfunctions, which sometimes are not even connected with the printing process, but with its result. That is, the paper enters the device, the cartridges work, but the output material can be printed in blue or with a black stripe. You need to know about these and other problems, because they are easily eliminated.

    Problem 4: The printer prints in blue

    With such a malfunction, as with any other, you first need to perform a test by printing a test page. Already starting from it, you can find out what exactly is faulty.

    • When some colors do not print, clean the ink nozzles. This is done in hardware, detailed instructions were discussed earlier in the second part of the article.
    • If everything prints fine, the problem is in the printhead. It is cleaned using a utility, which is also described under the second paragraph of this article.
    • When such procedures, even after repeating, did not help, the printer requires repair. You may have to replace one of the parts, which is not always financially advisable.

    This concludes the analysis of the most common problems associated with the Epson printer. As it is already clear, something can be corrected on your own, but something is better left to professionals who can make an unambiguous conclusion about how large the problem is.

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    Standard test via driver utility:

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