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IOS update options

When the company introduced the brand new iOS 8 to its users, it immediately became clear that the iPhone 4 would not be able to function properly with this firmware version. The fact is that this operating system is designed for mobile devices with a 2-core processor, while the 4th iPhone is equipped with only one. However, it is still possible to put the new iOS 8 system on the iPhone 4. There are two upgrade options for this:

  • using iTunes through a computer;
  • through the network.

Next, we will consider each option in detail.

It should be noted that after the update, only the user is solely responsible for the functioning of his gadget.

Using iTunes on a computer

So, How to Update iPhone 4 Using a Computer?

First you need to download the update using the special iTunes application (if there is a lot of free space) or from the manufacturer’s official website. Before connecting your device, make sure you are using the most recent version of iTunes, then click on “Help” in the menu bar and enable “Update”. After that, you need to do the following:

  • Connect your smartphone to your computer using USB, wait for iTunes to launch or start it manually.
  • To the left of the iTunesStore button, click on the device button.
  • Select “Update” without holding the Shift or Option key. If an update is available, then it is automatically downloaded and installed on the smartphone.
  • Then a pop-up window will pop up, which will indicate all the necessary information about the update. After that, you need to click “Download and update”. In the event that a notification appears in the window that the latest version is being used, then you need to download the firmware using the download link.
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When downloading firmware using Safari, you must disable automatic unpacking. Also, you can use Firefox or Chrome for this.

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How to upgrade iOS to version 8 on iPhone 4

Apple regularly pleases its users with the release of new firmware versions, so every owner of an “apple” smartphone thinks about whether it is worth updating the software on his smartphone. In this post, we will talk about how to update iOS to version 8 on the 4th iPhone, and whether it is worth doing.

Updating via Wi-Fi

In fact, updating the software on a smartphone using Wi-Fi is an easier way than the previous one, but there is no full guarantee that the update will be successful. First of all, it should be noted that even at a high connection speed, it is rather difficult to download a firmware file weighing 1 GB. In addition, do not forget about the device’s battery. the minimum charge for downloading a file should be at least half. If after downloading the update process starts and the device sits down and turns off, then you will have to connect the device to the computer and continue the process in iTunes.

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If you plan to use this option, then you need to do the following:

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  • Check wireless connection and browser access.
  • Enable “Settings”, go to the “General” section, select “Software Update” and click “Download and Install”. The download process starts automatically and the software update process takes place in the background. You cannot run the process on a smartphone without jailbreak
  • After downloading the file, click the “Install” button and accept the corresponding agreement for users.

After the update process is over, you need to make some adjustments and return all the saved content from the created iCloud or iTunes backup.

Now you know how to update iOS on your gadget. The update is simple enough, but it can take an hour or more. If you have any difficulties or you cannot solve some issue, then you can always contact Support on the official website of the manufacturer.