Factory Reset Android Samsung

Hard reset Samsung smartphone via key combinations

Another way to clean your device is to use buttons. This method is carried out using Recovery. a special boot mode of the device, reminiscent of a text menu. Certain combinations allow you to open Task Manager, which cannot be found in normal settings.

Note! This method is usually used when the device freezes or stops turning on. For a regular update, data reset, it is better to use the methods described above.

How to Hard Reset Android Samsung? To begin with, turn off your mobile device, if it is turned on. Then you need to hold down certain key combinations:

  • “Home” volume key “Volume up” button “Lock screen”;
  • If your mobile device has a Bixby key: Volume button Turn Sound Lock Screen Bixby.
  • for older mobile phones: volume key “Volume up” button “Lock screen”.

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Factory reset via keyboard shortcut

After holding down, a dialog box will open where the user will be asked to select the next command:

  • Select the line “Wipe data / factory reset”.
  • Press the “Lock Screen” button once to confirm the action.
  • Use the volume key to select the item “Yes” or “Yes. Delete all user data”.
  • Confirm the action with the “Lock screen” key.
  • The data from the device will be deleted. The text menu returns to the screen.
  • Select with the volume keys the line “Reboot system now” and confirm the action with the button “Lock screen”.

Important! The device should reboot, restore work. If this does not happen, you need to contact the service center specialists. Most likely, a replacement of component parts or a new firmware is required.

How to reset Android to factory settings on “Samsung

You can reset the settings to “Samsung” in three different ways:

  • Resetting All Data Through Samsung Settings.
  • Clear phone completely via service code.
  • Factory reset via Recovery.

The first way through the settings is the easiest. It will help you set up your phone in a new way, reset settings and parameters. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Select the “Settings” item in the “Menu”.
  • Go to “General settings”. On modern devices, such an item may not exist, then you just need to go to the next item.
  • Select the “Reset” column. It may also be called Backup and Reset, Archive and Reset, and Privacy, depending on the software version.
  • Click “Reset data”.
  • Confirm the selected action by clicking “Reset” or “Delete All”.

After that, the device will automatically reboot. Once enabled, it can be used again, but all data will be deleted.

Resetting settings to factory settings via “Settings”

The next option is using the service code. It is considered the fastest because all the user has to do is enter a specific combination. You can return to the factory settings by entering one of the following codes:

  • ###
  • 27673855 #
  • ###

All information from the phone will be deleted.

Samsung Factory Data Reset Tutorial

Factory reset via service code

The third method, using Recovery, is considered the most time consuming. It needs to be disassembled in more detail, since users often have problems with it.

How to Factory Reset Android on Samsung

Probably not a single person has encountered such a problem: the new device flies, the data download speed is indeed a few seconds. But the more the device is, the worse its performance. Constant glitches, freezes and errors annoy users. Experts offer various solutions to this problem. One of them is a factory reset. It is believed that clearing the information completely will help the device perform better. How to Factory Reset Android on Samsung? This article is about this.

Why do you need to reset the settings to “Samsung

Resetting data on Android Samsung, as well as on other devices, is a complete removal of data and information from the device: contacts, photos, music, messages, applications. absolutely everything will be deleted. Upon completion, the device resembles a new device, everything in it will have to be done from the very beginning.

When can a data reset on Android Samsung come in handy:

  • if recently the device constantly freezes, overheats, reboots. Most likely, there are problems and errors in it, which over time can lead to breakdowns;
  • if the antivirus program has detected extraneous software systems, viruses and spyware that cannot be removed the first time using standard tools;
  • if the user wants to sell the device. Then the complete removal of information will help preserve personal personal data, avoid fraud;
  • if the software (firmware) of the device was changed at the service center.

Note! As already mentioned, returning to the basic settings will lead to the complete destruction of information and any data stored on the device.

Before starting the refund process, you must:

  • Save all the necessary information, documents, contacts, media data. This can be done by simply transferring it to a personal computer via a USB cable or to an SD memory card. Another option is to use cloud storage.
  • Delete all passwords in the browser, untie bank cards, log out of Google and Yandex accounts.

After completing these steps, you can do a factory reset on Android “Samsung”.

Performing a Hard Reset on older versions of Samsung Galaxy

There are several ways to reset your Android device, as already mentioned. But not all of them may be suitable for older versions of Samsung Galaxy. In this case, experts recommend cleaning using a computer. To do this, you need to install the Android System Development Kit. It is available for download in the public domain on the developer’s website.

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The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Enable the “USB Debugging” function on the device. To do this, go to “Settings”, select the column “For developers”. “USB settings”. “General”. “About phone”. “Information programs”.
  • A list of devices and drivers will open. Opposite each one must be ticked. This is necessary for the device to be able to connect to a personal computer.
  • In order for a personal computer to see a smartphone or other device, it is necessary to download drivers for it. They are also available on the developer’s site.
  • Connect the device using a USB cable to the computer.
  • Run the command line, write the following query in it: “C: \ Users \ Username \ AppData \ Local \ Android \ Android-SDK \ platform tools”.
  • Enter ADB reboot into Recovery.

The device will reboot and be ready for use again.

Factory reset is a good way to optimize device performance and make it faster. This is especially important for smartphones and tablets that have more than two to three years of service life. Such an update will not only fix many errors, but also increase the operating time. the phone will last longer.

How to reset Android to factory settings

Method 2. through the menu before selling

Before selling the device and resetting it through the menu. you must first unlink your Google account. Only the third method allows you not to do this, since everything will be erased there at once in any case.

Open the device settings and go to the account management section.

Open your linked Google account and unlink it from your phone. To do this, open and click on the delete button. On some models, you need to click on the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner and select the advising item. If there are several accounts, unlink all.

After that, go to the settings in the recovery and reset section and reset your smartphone / tablet. The way we did it in the first chapter.

How to reset your phone to factory settings: Hard Reset

Hard Reset. Reset Android settings to factory settings. In some cases, it is simply a necessary means for a smartphone or tablet to start working normally.

It can be done in several different ways, which we will analyze. The instruction is universal and suitable for devices of all models: Honor, Xiaomi, Huawei and others.

In the past, you learned how to turn off Safe Mode on your phone. Now we will take a closer look at what you need to do to reset your Android phone or tablet to factory settings. The instruction will be with explanatory pictures to make it even easier.

Important! Remember, after the reset, all data that is currently stored on the device will be erased. So back them up before starting. What is stored on the SD card will be untouched.

1 Method. through the menu

The easiest option, if the phone / tablet works and boots normally, then use it.

Open your device settings and go to the “Restore and reset” section. If the section is not visible, then first open the general / advanced options.

Here we need the item “Reset settings”. open it and click on the reset button of your device.

Confirm your intentions if the system asks about it and wait for the end of the process.

Important! In the process, you will be asked to enter the current password from the device, if you do not remember it, then go to the second method, there it will not be required.

3 Method. via Recovery, buttons

This method is universal, so we can reset the phone using the buttons, even if it does not boot at all or is locked. And you don’t need to unlink accounts in this case.

Interesting! We have already discussed how to do this operation for Samsung smartphones in the material. resetting Samsung to factory settings.

Charge your phone and turn it off. We will turn it on by simultaneously pressing certain keys on the case. It depends on the model.

Important! You need to press the keys at the same time. Release the power button immediately after the logo or vibration appears. And another one after the Recovery menu appears.

  • Honor, Huawei, HTC, Nexus, Fly, Sony. Power down volume
  • Xiaomi, Meizu, Pixel, Lenovo, Prestigio. Volume up power supply

In some models, instead of increasing the volume, you need, on the contrary, to press the decrease button. Therefore, if it did not work out, just try another option.

A menu will open on a black background, it is called. Recovery. Control here is carried out using the touch screen or keys:

  • Volume Up. Up
  • Volume down. down
  • Meals. open

Open the menu item. “wipe data / factory reset”. Confirm your intentions by clicking on the appropriate item and wait for the end of the process.

Switch to the “reboot system now” item and reboot the device. The device will boot completely zeroed.

Interesting! In older versions of Android, the reset could be done using the service codes in the dialing number, for example, 27673855 #. They all don’t work now.

How to reset Android smartphone without losing important files and data

If you are having problems with your Android smartphone, resetting your settings and data can help, as we have already covered in detail, so you can find the necessary article with detailed instructions on our website. But resetting to factory settings means that your smartphone will delete all information and all applications with settings in the process, and as a result, you will have the device in your hands as it was right from the factory. Of course, you have information on your Android phone that you would not like to part with. Below are the ways to save the data you need.

Google drive

If you have not installed Google Drive, you can go to Google Play and download this application for free. If you already have it on your Android smartphone, then you can mark all the files you need. photos, videos, other documents, and save them to Google Drive or even share access to them. You can easily make the desired backup, but no more than 5GB.

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Make a backup on your computer

As soon as you connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable, your computer will recognize it. A dialog box will open on the screen and in it you need to select the “Open folder to view files” item. You will see all the available information and here you can also find the DCIM folder, where you will find your videos and photos. You can also copy other files you need to your computer.

How to hard reset your android phone (Samsung)

Store data on SD card

You should always remember that a MicroSD card in your phone can always do a good job, and therefore I always advise you to take a larger card (how many the smartphone supports). The procedure for saving information to the SD card varies depending on the phone used. However, there is a universal way for Android smartphones. your photos and videos are usually stored in the DCIM folder. Finding them is very simple: open the application menu, select “My Files” (or any other file manager) and use it to open the DCIM folder. Surely there is an option for copying files. use it and transfer the necessary photos and videos to the SD card. In the same way, you can copy all the necessary files to your card.

Save your files (photos, videos, documents).

You need to make sure that all your data you want is not only stored on your phone. There are several places where your data can be stored and there are several ways to make backups. You can:

How To Reset Samsung Galaxy S8. Hard Reset and Soft Reset

What to do before a hard reset on a Samsung smartphone

Hard reset removes all non-system files. This contributes to the complete cleaning of the phone: deleting all contacts, accounts, music, pictures and photos, and other files. Before resetting, you need to prepare: save important information, make a backup copy of data.

Starting with Android version 5.1, protection against unintentional device reset has been added. It is designed to protect information in various situations. If a Google account has been linked to the device, after a factory reset, the phone will ask you to enter your email and password. Android devices above version 6 do not remove the Google binding during factory reset. Therefore, before using the function, you need to make sure that the correct data from the account is recorded.

This can be bypassed by first deauthorizing. The cleaned device will not ask for data and will be available to the user. To log out of your account, you need to go to the corresponding settings menu. The preliminary protection of passwords applies not only to Google, but also to other linked accounts.

If the username and password for the account are not recorded, but you need to reset, use the protection bypass. It is individual for each model. In addition, it is not always possible to overcome it, which is decided by visiting a Samsung service center.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

Make a backup using Android

Samsung Galaxy models and tablets have a backup function. In the settings, in the cloud category, you need to find the option to create a backup copy of files. The information is copied to a virtual disk provided by Samsung.

In some models, you need to go to Archive and Restore located in the accounts. To create a backup, you must use the archive function. It saves contacts, call log and messages stored in memory files. After performing a factory reset, the saved information is restored with the same function.

Boot in Safe Mode

The function is used if it is not possible to use the device due to third-party programs. These can be viruses extorting money or an excess of active applications that consume all the RAM. To turn on your Samsung phone or tablet in Safe Mode, all you need to do is:

  • Turn off device.
  • Start turning on by holding down the corresponding button.
  • Hold down the volume down key when the Samsung logo appears and hold it until the device turns on.

If the phone or tablet was successfully put into safe mode, a corresponding inscription will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. This will allow you to reset Android to factory settings on Samsung or detect and remove malware. To clean your phone, just use the above method.

Factory Reset Samsung

How to factory reset Android on Samsung? Although Samsung smartphones are technically complex products consisting of circuits and programs, they can freeze, which will lead to a call to a service center. But this applies to hardware malfunctions, and software can be corrected independently. To solve the problem, you need to know how to factory reset Samsung.

How to find a hard reset on a device

The hard reset function is usually located in the settings. Samsung phones offer several options when choosing a cleaning method:

  • Resetting basic functions, possibly accidentally changed by the user during operation.
  • Network recovery to solve problems related to mobile communications, internet and Wi-Fi.
  • Full clearing of memory and zeroing of all phone functions to the state set during production.

To perform a Reset, use the last of the options presented. The other two also find use in different situations.

Flush files to cloud storage

Before a hard reset, important files are saved. This is a simple procedure, but very important. Especially if the data stored on the SD card is encrypted. When transferring information, you must save the decryption key, otherwise access will be lost.

This problem can be solved by transferring information to the cloud, for example, Google Drive. Along with the data, the decryption key gets to the virtual disk.

We use the menu of the gadget itself

If you can easily log into the system, Settings or open the dialing, this option is for you. First of all, you should look for reset settings in the menu. It may have different names for different devices. Here are some examples to make it easier for you to navigate:

  • on Android 4.0 and newer: “Menu”. “Settings”. “Restore and Reset”;
  • Samsung: “Menu”. “Settings”. “Backup and reset” (sometimes “Privacy”):
  • Huawei: “Settings”. “Advanced”. “Restore and reset” to factory settings.

Go on, and the system will notify you that all information in memory will be deleted, indicate the accounts from which data will be erased. At the bottom you will find a sub-item for resetting the device parameters, or maybe something similar, click on it. Then the system will ask again for consent to delete all data and downloaded applications without the possibility of recovery, you should click “Erase everything”. After that, all information is reset and the device reboots.

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Using custom code

Another easy and quick way to Hard reset is using special combinations. To do this, you need to go to Dialer, that is, where we dial phone numbers for a call, and enter one of the combinations with the number keys:

After that, the reset process is activated, and all parameters are returned to the factory settings.

Preliminary preparation

Now that you know what it is and what it may be for, so I want to tell you what to do before performing a hard reset. It should always be done with data retention. You can upload the necessary content on a PC in advance, or make a backup version of the necessary content. Also, be sure to check that the battery of the gadget is fully charged. Many models simply will not allow you to perform the procedure itself or get into the Recovery with a low charge. But on some devices, this protection is absent, so there is a risk that the battery will be discharged during the reset process, and this, in turn, will lead to sad consequences.

On most smartphones and tablets operating on Android 5.1 and higher, before Hard reset, you need to delete your Google account, because on some devices, due to the new Google security program, you need to enter the last profile data before resetting. You can find out more about this on the company’s website. Without the information of the last account, you can restore access, for example, to HTC, exclusively through the service center if you have purchase documents on hand.

There are several options for performing Hard reset:

  • using the Recovery menu;
  • through the settings;
  • with the “Phone” application (dialing a number);
  • special button for deleting parameters.

Using Recovery

This option will be useful to those Android owners whose gadget does not start at all or freezes when the company logo appears during startup. It will also be useful if you cannot remember your graphic code and lock combination. In other words, if it becomes uncomfortable or difficult to work with the device, then this instruction will be useful to you.

Turn off your Lenovo or another brand device (the display and all keys should go out). This is necessary in order to get into the Recovery menu. To do this, pinch and hold a certain combination of buttons at once. Different smartphones use different combinations:

  • the most used: the volume down key and the equipment power key;
  • there are LG models in which you need to do everything described in method 1, but when the logo appears, release it and press Power again;
  • in Samsung, you should immediately press and hold 3 keys: turning on Home Volume UP. If the Home button is absent, then Power and Volume UP, release the first after the brand name appears on the display. Other keys must be held until Recovery appears (this takes a little time);
  • increase the sound decrease the power key of the device. on most Sony Xperia;
  • Power Home sound up;
  • volume up key to turn on the phone;
  • increase volume decrease volume.

These combinations, you need to choose depending on the model, they will help to trigger Recovery. It is easy to navigate through it with the volume buttons (if you have a touch Recovery, use the standard method), and the choice is confirmed by the Power or Menu keys. After you find yourself in the settings, you will need to find “wipe data / factory reset” (sometimes Clear eMMC or Clear Flash), select it, and then click “yes” or “yes. delete all user data”.

When the factory reset process is complete, go to the “Reboot System Now” item, it will reboot the hardware. In the screenshot below, pay attention to the “red arrow”, and the item highlighted in blue:

The names of the items may be different, but the principle itself is the same for all smartphones on Android.

Factory reset on Android. different ways

Hello. There are many situations where a software problem on a mobile device can only be solved by performing a hard reboot. In simple terms, any gadget may need a factory reset on Android sooner or later. Quite often, using this action, you can get rid of device freezes, its incorrect operation, unnecessary objects in the system, virus software and other.

Any device with an Android operating system can be reset to zero, so every owner of such equipment can cope with this. Before starting the process, you should take care of the safety of your data, especially if they are of any value. When you reset your smartphone, all information is deleted, except for those on removable media. It will not be possible to restore them, so you can lose all multimedia content, books, logins and passwords for various accounts, contacts from the phone book.

Single Button Help on Android

There are some machines that still have a separate hard zeroing key. It is made in the form of a small hole. Usually, to reset, you just need to press on it with a sharp, thin object. Everything happens promptly, there is nothing complicated.

For what purposes is Hard reset used??

It is necessary to use resetting the parameters to the factory settings in several cases:

  • to prepare for resale;
  • to solve problems with the smartphone. If you have been using a gadget for a long time, various garbage is stored in it and the system malfunctions and slows down. Zeroing memory is not the only one, but one of the most effective solutions;
  • when unlocking the device, if you do not remember the password or key. Naturally, you do not need to do this right away, you can first try to restore the combination, but if it does not work, this will be the only option.