Failed to save printer settings error 0x000006d9

Fixing error 0x000006D9 in Windows

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Disabled Windows Firewall service

It is very common for users to disable the Windows Firewall service after installing the OS. from time to time it has more problems than benefits. But unfortunately, when you try to share printers, when you save the settings, a check is made to ensure that the Windows Firewall service is up and running. Therefore, in order to get around the error 0x000006D9, we need to start this service and apply the settings. This can be done as follows:

Open the control panel and select the “Administration” item there

In the opened settings, select the “Services” item

After that, a list of Windows services will open, where we need to find the “Windows Firewall” service and open its settings (double-click the left mouse button on the desired service):

In the window that opens with the startup settings for the Windows Firewall service, you must select the startup type. “Automatically” and click the “Apply” button:

After that, the “Start” button will become available, which we will need to click in order for the service to start:

After that, the Windows Firewall service will start and if everything is fine, then its state should change to “Running”:

After that, you need to try again to share the desired printer.

If the error has not gone away, then proceed to the next paragraph of the article.


The error code 0x000006d9 appears on the Windows operating system when you try to share the printer. In this article, we will look at several main reasons that lead to this error. This error looks like this (when you open the “Printer Properties” window):

Failed to save printer settings. Unable to complete the operation (error 0x000006D9)

Printer Settings could not be saved. Operation could not be completed (Error 0x000006D9)

Or like this (when using the Add Printer Wizard):

Windows cannot share the printer. Unable to complete the operation (error 0x000006D9)

Windows could not share your printer. Operation could not be completed (Error 0x000006D9)

Disabled sharing for the current network profile

Windows has settings for various network profiles, in which there is just an item about sharing printers. To open these settings, you need to do the following:

Open the control panel and select the “Network and Sharing Center” item there

In the settings window that opens, we look at the current active network profile (Public network or Home network) and select the “Change additional sharing parameters” item:

Next, in the settings window that opens for the active profile (Public network or Home network), you need to enable 2 settings: “Enable network discovery” and “Enable file and printer sharing” and click the “Save changes” button.

After that, you need to try again to share the printer and the error should disappear.

When an error occurs?

Typically, this error occurs after changing the hardware or software configuration of the hardware. It is connected with the Windows Firewall turned off on the computer.

There are other reasons as well. Their essence lies in the incorrect configuration of the local network or physical malfunction of the network or computer equipment.

Eliminating the problem

For the printer to work correctly (provided that there are no problems with the network and equipment), you need to install the MFP with the firewall turned on. If necessary, after performing the necessary actions, it can be turned off.

    Click “Start”. “Settings”. “Network and Internet”.

In the window that appears, click on “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”.

Select “Enable” as shown in the screenshot and click “OK”.

Next, you need to enable printer sharing. To do this, go to “Settings”. “Devices”. “Printers and scanners”.

Select the required device and go to “Management”.

In the window that appears, click “Change Properties”.

In the “Access” tab, check the box next to “Share this printer” (my device does not have this option).

Failed to save printer settings error 0x000006d9: problem solution

If you are reading this article, then, most likely, your job is an office type. And all because the bosses save money and consider it inappropriate to buy a separate printer for each working machine. System administrators or acquaintances with the honorary title of “tyzhprogrammer” set up a local network, with the help of which shared access to one MFP is realized. But one day, a message may appear on the monitor with the text: “Failed to save printer settings error 0x000006d9”, as a side effect of excessive savings. Let’s figure out how to get rid of it.

If all else fails

If the problem persists, then try turning on network discovery and sharing files and printers.

  • Click Start. Settings. Network & Internet.
  • In the “Status” tab, click on “Sharing Options”.

Select “Turn on network discovery” and “Turn on file and folder sharing”. “Save changes”.

After these manipulations, error 0x000006d9 should no longer bother you. Ask bosses for a separate printer!

Failed to save printer settings. Unable to complete the operation (error 0x000006d9)

Quite often, when creating local networks, one printer is used for several PCs. But when trying to open access to it for other network users (share), the user may encounter the following error. Why does it arise and how to fix it?

Most often, this error occurs due to the disabled Windows Firewall. To enable it, you need to go along the path: “Start”, “Control Panel”, “Windows Firewall”. Further options will be several.

If you have a third-party antivirus installed, and not Microsoft, then instead of the standard one you will have an “antivirus firewall”. In this case, the settings window will look like the following:

This means that first you need to deal with the firewall of the anti-virus program you have installed (turn it off for a while, or perhaps even remove it for a while). Only then will it be possible to share the printer.

The second factor that can affect printer sharing is a disabled or not fully functional firewall. In this case, you just need to click the “Use recommended settings” button.

It is possible that you get an error.

The reasons lie in the service that is responsible for the functions of the firewall. To check its status, press the “WinR” key combination on the keyboard and in the “Run” window that appears, type the command “services.msc”.

A new window will open with a list of services. Find the Windows Firewall service. Please note. it is disabled. Because of this, it was just not possible to perform any actions with the firewall.

Double click on the service line. A new window with settings will open. If the parameter “Startup type” has the value “Disabled”, then select “Manual”.

The service start button will become active. Click “Run”

The service is now working. You can return to the “Control Panel” in the “Windows Firewall” window.

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As you can see, everything has changed here. Now, when trying to “share” the printer over the network, no errors occur. We put the appropriate checkboxes in the window on the access tab.

In this way, you can share access to other devices.

By the way, after you open access to the printer, the firewall service can be disabled. This will not affect its availability to other PCs on the network.

Sharing the printer

The next step is to enable the printer to be shared. If this is not done, an error code 0x000006d9 will appear on networked computers. For this you need:

  • Open the Options window again as described in the previous guide.
  • Go to the “Devices” section.
  • In the first tab “Printers and scanners” find the name of your printer and click on it.
  • In the additional list that opens, select the item “Management”.
  • Now go to printer properties.
  • In the second tab, allow general access to this device and save the changes.

Causes of the problem

To begin with, let’s briefly highlight the main reasons due to which this breakdown may occur:

  • The first case is a disabled Windows operating system firewall. If this service is turned off on the device from which the network is organized, then problems and errors occur when connecting.
  • Incorrect LAN configuration. A similar error can occur if file and device sharing is disabled on the PC.
  • Damage to the network and equipment. In this case, programmatic methods are indispensable. If we are talking about an organized local network in an enterprise or in an office, then you should contact the wizards for help.

Enabling firewall

So let’s start by eliminating the first cause. Windows Firewall can be started through Control Panel or System Settings. To do this, follow the provided guide:

  • Right-click on the Start icon to select the “Options” item in the menu that appears.
  • Now open the “Network and Internet” section.
  • In the Ethernet tab, go to the Windows Firewall window.
  • Now the desired section of the control panel will open. Using the side menu, go to the functionality of enabling and disabling this service.
  • You need to switch the parameters for the private and public networks to the upper position, and then save the changes with the OK button.

In some cases, a forced start of the service through a special Windows utility is required. To use it, do the following:

  • Find the Services app and open it.
  • In the list of services, find the position with the name of the desired program and double-click.
  • The properties window will appear on the screen. In the “General” tab, you need to change the startup type: set the “Automatic” option. After that, manually start the firewall and save the changes made.
  • Now you need to restart your computer and check the connection to the printer.

Failed to save printer settings. error 0x000006d9

Problems often arise when organizing network access to computers and additional devices. This is due to the unprofessionalism of the customizer or the failure of parameters when used from several PCs. Today we will talk about why the error “Failed to save printer settings” with the code 0x000006d9 occurs.

For more information, be sure to check out the video presented.

File and Printer Sharing

And the last method, which will be useful to you if the previous methods did not lead to a positive result. You need to enable network discovery and enable printer and file sharing in the following way:

  • Open the system application “Settings”.
  • Now go to the “Network and Internet” section.
  • In the Status tab, go to the sharing options.
  • Here you need to enable both parameters that are presented on your screen and the screenshot below.
  • Save your changes. After that, restart your computer and check the connectivity to the printer.

0x000006ba “The operation could not be completed. Print subsystem unavailable

An error occurs when sending files to print because the service is not started or cannot be started. Modifying (modifying) or deleting the print service startup file is basically what causes this error. In some cases, this is due to the appearance of malware (viruses, Trojans, etc.).

Errors 0x000006ba, 0x000006be, 0x000006d9 in Windows operating system

System errors do not arise by themselves, and in order to solve each one, it is necessary to find out the reason for its appearance.
Errors 0x000006ba, 0x000006be, 0x000006d9 have a common origin, namely, printing a file on a printer.

0x000006d9 “Failed to save printer settings. Unable to complete the operation

This problem appears when you try to make the printer public on the network. Windows Firewall is a security system that works on the principle of a filter (Firewall) to protect the OS from external network threats. And it has its own set of rules for sharing printers and files. Simply put, disabling the firewall will prevent you from creating a full-fledged public network, and therefore you will not be able to open the printer for other users.

The above problems began to appear since the time of the release of Windows XP, and are also found in modern Windows 10. In this segment of operating systems from WinXP to Win10, these errors are encountered, and this is due to:

  • incorrect equipment configuration;
  • lack of antivirus (to protect system files);
  • misconfigured network and sharing.

All three errors are extremely rare at the same time, and yet let’s solve them all in order.
Error 0x000006ba, as we already know, it appears due to the fact that the service responsible for sending files to print does not work. The solution will be as follows:

  • First you need to open Windows services and check the status of the print service.
  • Open services in Windows XP / Vista / 7: “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Administration”. “Services”.
  • Further in the list you need to find the item “Print Spooler” and open it with a double click. This is the name of the service in Windows XP, in subsequent versions of Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) it is called “Print Manager”.
  • In the window that opens, you can see the status of the service, as well as configure its start (the default value is “Automatic”).
  • If the state of the service is “Running”, but it is impossible to print anything, then we need to restart the service by disabling “Stop” and enabling “Start”. Accordingly, if the service has been disabled, then it must be enabled by clicking on the “Start” button.

If, after the performed manipulations, nothing can be printed, you need to check the Windows system folder for viruses. And also check on the website of the manufacturer of your printer for the availability of more recent drivers, if any, then be sure to update the driver.

Error 0x000006be indicates a mismatch between the drivers of two or more computers. As mentioned above, the computer on which the printer is installed has a driver that is different from the rest. The appearance of such a problem is sometimes associated with updating old computers and different versions of operating systems. The solution to this error is pretty simple:

  • It is necessary to install on all computers connected to the same network the same driver with the latest version, which can be downloaded for free on the official website of the equipment manufacturer.
  • It is recommended that all computers have the same version of the operating system, but this is not required.
  • The best solution would be to get a printer that can directly connect to the router, because it does not require constant computer operation.

Error 0x000006d9, like the previous one, occurs only in a networked environment of the Windows family due to a disabled firewall. In order to eliminate it, you must:

0x000006be “Windows cannot connect to the printer

This error appears when trying to print a file to a network printer. The error is a driver version conflict where the server (where the printer is connected) and user (file sender) versions do not match.

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Turn on Windows Firewall

Windows XP. We go along the following path “Start”. “Control Panel”. Security Center. In the open window, click on the “Windows Firewall” button and in the “General” tab put a check mark in the “Enable (recommended)” then “Ok”.

Windows Vista / 7. We go along the following path “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Windows Firewall” in the window that opens on the left, click on “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”, then in the window that appears, turn on the firewall in both network cases, and then click “OK”.

Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10. We go along the following path “Start”. “Options”. “Network and Internet” in the new window select the tab on the left “Status” scroll down and click on the “Windows Firewall” button. In the window that opens, on the left, click on “Turn Windows Firewall on and off”, then in the window that appears, turn on the firewall in both network cases, and then click “Ok”.

After enabling the firewall, it is recommended to combine all computers on the network into one network group.

All these errors can be avoided if you timely update the hardware driver and maintain security in your network environment, do not disable the firewall, and have up-to-date antivirus software.

Error 0x0000007e when connecting a network printer in Windows 7

Yesterday I also upgraded my skill to deal with Windows. When installing the HP LaserJet 4250 network printer, it encountered an error of the following kind, the operating system found the appropriate drivers, but at the final stage, aka finishing, a message popped up:

Google immediately found the answer to this error, yes, it is, it is highlighted in the Microsoft knowledge base. True, it was said everywhere that the error occurs in Windows 7 64 bit, but I had a 32-bit system. But not the point, there was a patch in the knowledge base for x86 too.

However, installing it did not solve the problem. A good patch, however, useful

The solution turned out to be non-trivial and was found here:

  • Open Start. Devices and printers. “Setting up a printer”.
  • In the window that appears, select “Add a local printer”.
  • Next, select “Create a new port”. Port type. Local Port.

After completing these steps, the driver installed normally, the printer came to life, flashed with its diodes and rather rumbled with a roller.

Update 1. Based on materials from This solution is more correct, and after that as i tried it on a couple of workstations i decided it would be important to supplement the article with this update.

So, the problem occurs under the following conditions:

There is a print server running on a 32-bit version of Windows (Windows Server 2003) on which several HP shared printers are configured. When trying to connect a printer from this server on a 64-bit client, the client downloads the required driver version from the print server, but when trying to install it, an error 0x0000007e occurs.

After the initial diagnostics of the problem on different systems, we came to the conclusion that the 0x0000007e error is observed only on 64 bit clients when trying to connect a shared Hewlett Packard network printer installed on a 32 bit print server (running on both Windows Server 2003 x86 and Windows Server 2008 x86). Typically, the problem does not occur with all HP printers, but only with those that use the HP PCL (HP Universal Print driver). An attempt to connect the printer in a workaround way through the local port did not give any effect. the error persisted.

First of all, you need to check that both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the driver are installed on the print server. As we can see, the x64 and x86 versions of the HP Universal Printing PCL 6 driver are installed.

Having rummaged on the HP and Technet forums, I was able to find information that the HP Universal Print Driver settings use the path to the print queue file for a 32-bit system (spool \ drivers \ w32x86 \ 3), which the 64-bit client cannot find, as a result, the installation error 0x0000007e appears. The path to the file is specified in the printer settings on the print server. In our example, this was spool \ DRIVERS \ W32X86 \ 3 \ hpcpn112.dll, but in general, the specific library file depends on the version of the HP Universal Print Driver being used.

To solve this problem on a 32-bit print server, you need to:

  • Open Registry Editor (regedit.exe)
  • Go to the branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrenTVersion \ Print \ Printers \ and expand the branch with the name of the printer (in our example, this is HP Color LaserJet 5550 PCL 6)
  • In the hive related to the problem printer, in the CopyFiles section, delete the BIDI branch.

Note. In a production environment, it is recommended to first export the parameters of the branch to be deleted to a separate reg file. In this case, you can always roll back to the original settings.

  • Restart the print spooler on the client
  • Try connecting the HP printer again on the client. It should install without errors.
  • Note. By the way, after all the manipulations, there were no problems with installing printers on 32 bit clients.

    “Failed to save printer settings” errors and solutions. Error code 0x0000070c

    Backing up the registry

    The Windows registry stores information about the configuration of the operating system. Any changes to the registry should be done with caution and accompanied by backing up the old settings, as incorrect settings can lead to errors in the future.

    First, let’s create a backup copy of the registry so that in case of problems you can return to the old settings.

    Printer driver installation error (0x0000007e) in Windows 7.

    In my case, this error occurred while trying to install the remote printer driver. The computer to which the printer is connected is running Windows XP Prof. HP P3005d Printer. Windows found the corresponding 64-bit drivers, began to install them, but during the installation process I saw:

    First of all, I turned to the Microsoft knowledge base, and, oddly enough, there was a corresponding patch. But, installing it did not solve the problem (.). I had to go around.

    The solution was found here (by the way, a person also suffered with an HP printer).

    • Open Start. Devices and printers. “Setting up a printer”.
    • In the window that appears, select “Add a local printer”.
    • Next, select “Create a new port”. Port type. Local Port.
    • Click “Next”. In the “Port name” window, in the text field, enter the printer’s address in the following form || Computer-name | Printer-share-name, where Computer-name is the NETBIOS name of the computer to which the printer is connected, Printer-share-name is the network name of the printer Please note that instead of a forward slash. \, you must enter a vertical. If after clicking OK, you receive an error “Network path not found”, then there is an error or typo in the address somewhere. In this case, in order not to suffer, you can directly from the network environment drag the printer shortcut to your desktop, open its properties and copy the path to the printer.
    • Further, if everything is correct, the standard dialog for installing the printer driver will appear. My driver installed correctly automatically, but, as the author advises, in some cases, you must first download the driver files, unpack them and choose to install from the specified location.

    After following these steps, the driver installed normally and I was able to print a test page.

    Update. Today (02/07/2011) I tried this method on Windows 7 Prof with all the updates. I can safely say that the forward slash trick no longer works, but it worked out with a normal forward slash! So try both, one of them should work.

    Update 2. HP drivers continue to amaze. Recently I connected this printer to a PC on Windows 7 x64, after which the drivers for Windows XP x32 have already ceased to be installed (with a 32-bit Seven everything is ok). See the solution here: Error installing additional printer driver: No driver found for the correct processor architecture in the specified location

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    What to do when error 0x00000842 appears

    What to do if you cannot save the printer settings due to error 0x00000842, then the problem should be looked for in the fact that the shared local network simply does not see the shared printer.

    In the event that it was not possible to save the parameters due to a popular error like 0x00000842, then it is worth checking the connection of the firewall through special programs.

    In the event that error 0x00000842 is repeated, you can resort to drastic measures by disabling or rewriting the antivirus or firewall.

    Failed to save printer settings error 0x000006d9

    This article tells you what to do if you get error 0x000006d9 while installing your printer.

    This error is often encountered when trying to connect to a printer that was originally connected to another PC. Such a connection scheme, via a local network, is often found in various offices, where several computers are connected to one printer at once. In order for other devices to connect to the printer, you need to share it with the printer. It is at this moment that an unpleasant error message appears with the code 0x000006d9.

    Solving a problem with sharing a printer

    Turning on sharing for the printer is necessary when it will be used through multiple computer accounts. In most cases, this procedure is successful, but sometimes error 0x000006D9 appears. It indicates that the operation cannot be completed. Next, we will analyze two methods for solving the problem that has arisen.

    Solving the problem with sharing a printer

    When saving hardware settings, the Print Spooler service contacts Windows Defender. If it is disabled or for some reason did not work correctly, then the problem in question appears. You can fix it in one effective way, the second, which we will describe, is applicable only in the situation when the first did not bring any result.

    Turn on Windows Firewall

    If Windows Firewall is disabled or does not start automatically, the endpoint mapper, which is responsible for completing the sharing process, will simply not find any available points and will throw an error. Therefore, the right decision would be to launch a defender at the time of the procedure. You will find detailed instructions on this topic in our other article at the link below.

    Sometimes, after activation, the defender turns off immediately or after a while, so the general access still does not open. Then you should disable the antivirus program, which interrupts the firewall. Read about how to do this in the following article.

    Cleaning and restoring the registry

    When you share a directory or device for the first time, certain rules are saved in the registry. It is extremely rare that, due to the large number of temporary files or failures, it is impossible to complete the necessary task with the printer. Therefore, if the first method did not bring any results, we recommend cleaning the registry.

    After cleaning with one of the available methods, you should check for errors and then repair the components. You can find detailed guides on this topic in our other articles.

    Now that you have tried the two available ways to fix the problem with the number 0x000006D9, you can open access to the printer without any problems. It is important to do everything correctly during this process. If you are a novice user and have not previously encountered this type of task, read the instructions provided in the material at the following link:

    This concludes our article. As you can see, there is only one built-in tool in the Windows operating system that is causing this issue. Therefore, the correction procedure is simple and you can cope with it without additional knowledge or skills.

    Reasons for the error

    To begin with, this error only occurs on certain operating systems. Therefore, the message: “Printer sharing error 0x000006d9” can be seen on Windows 7 and Windows Silver R2 build of 2008. But this does not mean that people working with these systems will necessarily manifest it. This requires a few more “conditions”.

    One of the most imperative is having multiple devices connected to the printer. But in the modern world, this is more a must than an exception. They are connected to any office with a printer using a special wire or through a common server.

    The last reason for the appearance of such an error is the negligence of the KP users themselves. over, it is the user of the administrator computer, with the help of which the printer was installed. If the firewall is disabled on this computer, the error will constantly appear when requested from another computer. And when the printer is connected to the local network, this error will appear on all server PCs.

    What does printer error 0x000006d9 mean?

    Computer technologies have long become an indispensable part not only in offices, but also in residential buildings. It is hard to imagine a workplace without a computer and related equipment, even at home. In this regard, almost 100% of documents are processed and created electronically. However, humanity has not yet given up on printed versions of documents. But you need a printer to print documents, but the error 0x000006d9 when installing a printer very often prevents it from working.

    Printer today

    For about 10-15 years, a printer has been the same everyday item as a personal computer. If earlier they were installed in the amount of 1 copy for 2-3 rooms and before printing the document it was necessary to stand in line, today the situation has changed radically. There are only 2-3 KPs per printer. The situation is similar in families. Most people usually have a desktop computer and a work laptop at home. In this case, the printer still remains in a single copy.

    But with all the above described positive, people still see the following inscription on their monitors: “Failed to save printer parameters, error 0x000006d9”. This suggests that no matter how the well-being of people improves and no matter how much technology develops, not many people really know how to use their computers correctly.

    Solution to the problem

    In order for the printer to be available to all computers, and not just to the computer, the administrator needs to share it. Sharing is the process of connecting a printer to a local network. In other words, granting access to the device to all users. Naturally, if you have more than 1 CP, this is a very useful option, in which, for the reasons described above, the following inscription appears: “error 0x000006d9 when sharing a printer”.

    The reasons for its appearance are described above, but how to fix this problem? Most try to reinstall the system, PC drivers, or printer. But this will not work. Therefore, a disappointed user can come to contact the service center and spend their hard-earned money.

    However, you can do without such drastic measures and solve the problem in a few clicks. For a kind of fix, you just need to turn on the firewall and the window will disappear. The program itself can be found along the following path: right-click on the icon my computer, control, in the services and application section, you must select services, then select the firewall itself and select the automatic startup type.

    The pop-up problem will be solved automatically. However, some modern printers have many additional features and a correspondingly large driver package. At the same time, they are capricious to mistakes of any kind. So you need to be prepared to restore drivers or reinstall them, but this happens very rarely.

    From all this it follows that it is not always necessary to disable the Wibdows firewall as it protects the PC from network intrusions, which is providing a printer for the local network.

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