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IHound Program

iHound can work through the Geofencing system. Its main idea is to inform you on the page about the current position in cases when the phone is in a popular place. You can also see where your friends are now and join them at any time.

The above methods of tracking iPhone are far from the only ones, but only the simplest and most popular ones. If you have any other methods in mind that do not require any difficulties to connect and work adequately in Runet, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, add, and for today everything!

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Track your iPhone

If you go to the Devices tab, you can select any of your Apple devices and determine its location. Your iPhone will also appear in this list. Click on it, and the program will immediately begin to determine the location.

If the phone is turned off or the battery is dead, the program will show the last location when it sent a signal to the satellite. Alas, it is still not possible to accurately track phones that are turned off.

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Find my iPhone app screenshots

A huge plus of this program is that you can send a notification on the iPhone. This will help you find it in a pile of things, even when the sound is turned off. The phone will give a very loud and shrill signal for a couple of minutes, which will be impossible not to hear. Lost Mode is provided for this functionality.

iPhone writes to connect to iTunes. what is the error

Find and Track a Friend’s iPhone

On the phone screen, you will see a list of friends who have shared their location. It will be enough just to choose a friend to track where his iPhone is now. Well, and where the phone is, there is the owner.

If you are just setting up a connection between the iPhone, then you need to click on “” in the upper right corner, enter information about a friend and select Send. The person should be warned that you are going to add him to your list so that there will not be any trouble in the future.

You can select the Temporary mode and then you can see your friend only temporarily. After that, you can go to the Me menu and see exactly where you are and who can watch you. There you can also see where your friends are and identify their iPhone.

ways to track your iPhone

Often there are unpleasant situations when your favorite iPhone is lost, and sometimes a robbery takes place. We have devoted several articles to such situations, for example this or this one. We also considered in detail the blocking of the iPhone in case of theft.

Today, let’s talk about other reasons that, if resolved, may also need to determine the location of the iPhone, for example: a friend lost in the open spaces of the city, the desire to look after a child, or tracking the location of employees during working hours.

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We will determine the location of a person in three different ways and each of them requires preliminary preparation, and since we do not have an emergency today, there is an opportunity to prepare the iPhone.

How to find your iPhone using a friends iPhone in Find my App in iOS 13

How to check on the iPhone where the person was

How can you check on the iPhone where the person was? To obtain information, it is enough to go through the following steps:

  • Enter the main menu and move to the “Privacy” block.
  • Select the subsection “Geolocation Services”, then. “System Services”.
  • Go to the sub-item “Frequently visited places”.

To determine the location of the object, the system uses geolocation services: GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. Occasionally, identification can be done through cell towers. The constantly activated option “Significant places” significantly reduces the battery life of the mobile device.

If desired, information about movement in the terrain can be deleted. To do this, you need to go through the above path and click on the “Clear history” subsection. After confirming the operation, all information will be erased.

  • FindMyKids-Footprints.
  • “X-GPS Tracker”.
  • “Where I am”;
  • “Mom knows”;
  • “Where are the children”, etc.

Tracking software for iPhone helps to find out the address of the point where a person is sitting or walking / passing through GPS coordinates or cell number. The calculation accuracy increases several times compared to other services. The functionality works great even in areas of poor coverage of a cellular operator.

The programs allow tracking both one person and the whole group. But when using them, you must obtain consent from the alleged object.

Note! Group observation is more commonly used for tourist groups, when hiking in the mountains, deep in forests or kayaking.

Via iMessage on iPhone

To enable the function from the main menu enter the subsection “Confidentiality”, followed by “Geolocation Services”. You can share a position from the same menu through the “System Services”. Then you will have to open a correspondence with the object in iMessage, select the name of the subscriber and in the “Information” item click on the subsection “Specify the location”.

How to track the location of a second phone

You can program the device for an hour, until the end of the day, for a day or indefinitely. until the functionality is turned off. A link to a map showing the location of the object will be automatically created in the correspondence. To remove an option, turn it off manually or delete the message from the correspondence.

How to Find a Lost iPhone

How to track iPhone from another iPhone on demand or without knowledge

Loss, theft or ordinary curiosity make users of Apple products look for an answer to the question of how to track an iPhone from another iPhone. There are several legal methods to do this, but they are all performed with the knowledge of the second owner of a prestigious gadget.

Find My iPhone

You need to download the utility of the same name, install and open it. At the request of the system, the username and password from the Apple ID of the gadget being searched is entered. The program will automatically detect its location and display it on the map. Using the utility, you can create a message and display it on the display, after turning on the loss mode, lock the smartphone, erase all information from the device.

Important! The main feature of Find My iPhone is the ability to send a sound signal on the device, it will sound until it turns off.

How to view a person’s location on an iPhone

How to view a person’s geolocation on iPhone? Verification is carried out in two ways. website

The user must log into the page and enter the Apple ID of the wanted device. After authorization, you need to select the “Find Cellular” utility and get information about its localization. It allows you to do all the additional actions, like the Find iPhone program.

How to track your child’s location on iPhone?

Sign in to the app using your Apple ID accounts; On the parent (tracking) device, click Add and select the child’s (tracked) device from the list, or enter the child’s Apple ID and click Done; Accept the request in the “Find My Friends” app on the tracked device.

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Where are my children?

Find My Kids is a mobile application that allows parents not to worry about their children. The service notifies parents about leaving the established zones and records the history of the child’s movements in the absence of access to the Internet. The application has about 2 million users worldwide.

How to see where another person is on iPhone?

To check your location transfer status, follow these steps.

  • Click on “Settings” [your name]. In iOS 11, select the Settings menu [your name] iCloud.
  • Click “Share Location”.
  • Click [family member’s name] to share this person.

How to find a lost iPhone if it’s turned off?

Open Find My [device] or go to and click the Find My iPhone icon. Select a device to view its location on a map. If the device is nearby, you can play a beep on it to find it by sound.

How to find a friend’s iPhone via locator?

First, check if Find iPhone (iPad) is enabled on your devices. To do this, go to the following path: Settings → Apple ID (your name) → Latitude, select the Find iPhone section and set all three radio buttons in it: Find iPhone, Enable Offline Search and Last Location to the on position.

How to track your child’s location on iPhone?

Sign in to the app using your Apple ID accounts; On the parent (tracking) device, click Add and select the child’s (tracked) device from the list, or enter the child’s Apple ID and click Done; Accept the request in the “Find My Friends” app on the tracked device.

How to find iPhone when offline?

How to enable offline search on iPhone and iPad

  • Make sure your devices are running iOS 13 or later and have Find iPhone or Find iPad enabled.
  • Go to Settings → Apple ID (your name) → Latitude and select “Find iPhone” (iPad).
  • Turn on all three available switches.

Is it possible to find a lost iPhone if it’s turned off?

Today, a lost or stolen iPhone and iPad can only be found if it is turned on and the “Find my iPhone” function is activated.

How to find an iPhone from another iPhone?

Open Find My [device] or go to and click the Find My iPhone icon. Select a device to view its location on a map. If the device is nearby, you can play a beep on it to find it by sound.

How to locate a person by phone number without their consent?

Now you can find out the location of a person by phone number without his consent, simply by completing a request using the 148number # command you already know. Carry out this procedure with all close relatives and friends in order to immediately find them in case of emergency.

Is it possible to find an iPhone if there is no Internet?

The main innovation was the ability to search for a lost turned off iPhone without the Internet. The smartphone transmits a signal via a Bluetooth beacon to another Apple gadget that is nearby.

How to Use Find My iPhone to Track Your Lost or Stolen iOS Device

How to Find iPhone from Computer via iCloud. Using Find My Phone

If you have activated this function on your phone in advance, then the search for a gadget will be much easier. It is better to turn on FMP immediately after buying a new iPhone, so as not to be left without the main search tool at a critical moment.

Find My Phone is activated as follows:

    Go to Settings, select iCloud.

Now directly to how to find iPhone from computer via iCloud.

  • Go to
  • Login with your AppleID and password.
  • From the menu, select the Find iPhone icon.
  • A green dot will be visible on the map that opens, this is the location of your phone. If you have several gadgets from Apple, then when you click “All devices” you can select exactly the one that was lost.

By clicking on the name of the device you need, you will get access to information about the battery charge level, and you can also use the three main functions of the smartphone:

  • Play sound. Used to find a device in the immediate vicinity.
  • Lost mode. Using this mode, you can set an additional password on the device and specify your contact phone number so that a passer-by who finds the phone can contact you. In addition to the contact number, you can leave a message for the person who found the device. This can be your address, for example, or the amount of the reward. together with the number, they will be displayed on the screen of the locked phone. Disabled Lost Mode in the same menu where it was turned on.
  • Erase all data from iPhone. As the name implies, this function allows you to delete all information from the device’s memory. It is recommended to use it in cases when you have a backup of the system, or when the risks associated with obtaining information by intruders are too great.
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Find iPhone by IMEI

If the previous methods did not suit you, then there is another option. search by IMEI (this is a unique identification number of each phone, consisting of fifteen characters). IMEI will allow you to find the device by GPS, even if data transfer or geolocation was turned on.

IMEI can be found either from the device documentation or by typing USSD command #. You need to contact the police with the IMEI number, but first it would be better to try using the service for finding lost gadgets. we recommend TrackerPlus or its analogues.

Forewarned. Armed: FAQ on Tracking and Finding a Lost iPhone

The loss or theft of an iPhone is always a big problem, since the mobile contains a huge amount of personal information and all kinds of passwords, including those from payment systems. In addition, in the presence of potentially defamatory information, the user can become a victim of blackmail, and the presence of work-related data in the device’s memory can lead to dismissal.

There are tons of ways to find your lost iPhone, both official and third-party. Let’s figure out which one is right for you.

How to find your iPhone if it’s turned off

If the smartphone was turned off or simply discharged, it is not possible to track the current location of the phone, but iCloud remembers and shows on the map the last place where the iPhone is before disconnecting. But there are some limitations:

  • Feature support appeared with iOS 8 and higher;
  • It is only available on devices after the iPhone 4.

In addition, this function must first be enabled in the settings:

  • Go to iCloud Settings Find My iPhone.
  • Toggle the Send Last Location slider active.

Obvious actions that are forgotten

First of all, we will look at the standard measures that should be taken when losing absolutely any phone, not only from Apple.

  • Call your mobile. If the device fell out somewhere nearby or is at your home at all, but where you were not looking for it, then thanks to the call you will be able to quickly find the phone. If he is lost on the street, then a passer-by can pick him up, and the further development of events depends only on his moral qualities. However, most people make contact, either realizing that they will find the phone anyway, or guided by a banal desire to help. If you do not have a device from which you can make a call, then you can find services for online calls on the Internet.
  • Change the password on your accounts. If you are unable to remotely lock the device because you have not activated this function earlier, we recommend that you change the passwords in all accounts that are logged in to the phone as soon as possible.
  • If you are afraid of wasting funds from your account, then you can visit the mobile office of your operator and ask to block the SIM card. But this is a very controversial measure: on the one hand, blocking will prevent the loss of funds on the account, however, it will deprive you of the opportunity to contact the person who found the phone, and also disable Internet access, which will not allow finding the smartphone through Find My Phone. If you resort to it, then only if information about new expenses appears in the Personal Account of the operator.

How to find iPhone by phone number

Determining the location of a device by phone number is a difficult task. This can only be done by an operator, and when you contact Subscribers Support, you will most likely hear that the company does not have such a technical capability, which is an obvious cunning. But in any case, such information is disclosed solely at the request of law enforcement agencies, and it is almost impossible to achieve it personally.