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CNDeepInfo service is universal and suitable for checking almost all mobile devices.

It helps to check if the hardware part of the checked gadget is of high quality. often “underground” manufacturers use the lowest-grade components.

To check your smartphone, you need to go to this site at:, then enter the IMEI number in the appropriate window and click the “Check” button. The result of the check consists of several parts.

The entire IMEI is divided into three components:

  • TAC number (first 8 digits). reflects the model and origin of the smartphone;
  • the serial number of the gadget (6 subsequent digits) is unique for each device;
  • check digit (15th in a row) allows you to check the correctness of all previous.

The third part is “Detailed Information”. Unfortunately, detailed information is not available during a free check, so after clicking on the “Get information” line you will be prompted to pay.

How to check an iPhone for originality on the Apple website?

To find out if the device is Chinese or not, you don’t even have to print the box, and also take out the smartphone itself.

To do this, you need to follow a simple instruction:

  • Find on the packaging of the device its serial number (it is located on the back of the box itself between the Part No. and IMEI. It should be borne in mind that the serial number must consist of 11 or 12 characters (letters or numbers). If the iPhone has already been printed and has been activated, then it is necessary to verify the serial number on the packaging of the device and in its settings.
  • Go to the official Apple website and in the upper right corner click on the line “Support”.
  • Scroll down a little and find the Warranty and Repair section. Then you need to click on the link “Warranty check”.
  • Enter the serial number of the iPhone in the appropriate window, and then enter the captcha code.
  • What information does the open page help to find out? Apple Service & Support Eligibility Verification helps you verify that the device you are purchasing is genuine, when it was activated, when the warranty expires, and if you can get support by phone.

    If you need more information, you can also determine by the serial number: the country for which the phone was made, its model, identifier, main technical characteristics (screen resolution, processor clock speed, memory size, body color), the exact date of manufacture and the manufacturer.

    How to check if iPhone is restored or not? The serial number can be used to identify the refurbished iPhone by the seller or manufacturer (Refurbished). Such a device has a serial number starting with “5K”.

    Unfortunately, the Refurbished iPhone cannot be fully called new, even despite high-quality repairs (in most cases), as well as the fact that Apple gives a full guarantee for such a device.

    How to check an iPhone for originality by serial number and IMEI?

    We all know perfectly well that when buying an iPhone from your hands, you should be extremely careful. The fact is that recently more and more almost perfect copies of smartphones have appeared, which will be very difficult to distinguish for an inexperienced user.

    But even if you are lucky enough to find an original device, it may well have an expired warranty. How to check iPhone by serial number and IMEI?

    In order to make sure that the seller is honest, you should use the official Apple website, where in just a few seconds you can check the purchased device by IMEI or serial number.

    IMEI check

    IMEI is an international identifier for any mobile equipment. Compared to the serial number, the IMEI allows you to find out much more information about the iPhone.

    You can find out your IMEI using the same methods as the serial number of the iPhone. The simplest of them is to look in the settings.

    IMEI consists of only 15 digits. there are no alphabetic characters. There are no two iPhones with identical IMEI numbers.

    You can check the authenticity of the device by IMEI both on the official Apple website at:, and using several additional services.

    Let’s consider two of the most popular ones.

    International Mobile Equipment Identity

    The international identifier site can be found at the following address:

    When registering on this site using your mailbox, you need to check the “Spam” folder, since, as a rule, letters with an offer to activate your account are there.

    To check the IMEI, you must enter the 15-digit code in the “Enter IMEI” box. After that, you should click “Check” and the screen should display information about this gadget.

    Only the fact that the iPhone was found in the database by its IMEI number indicates that the gadget is original.

    If the information received is not enough for you, you can click the “Read” button to view a full description of the device’s functionality, which is accompanied by 3D animation and a photo.

    Five methods to find out the serial number and IMEI

    How do I verify an iPhone is genuine? To do this, first of all, you need to find out its serial number, as well as IMEI:

  • Press #. Perhaps this is the easiest method to find out the IMEI. it should immediately appear on the screen.
  • Settings. IMEI and serial number can be easily found in the “Settings” section of the menu, then. “General”, then. “About this device”. This method is good because the numbers can be easily copied from here (with a long press) and immediately pasted into the form for verification.
  • On the package. If you have the box with which the iPhone was purchased, you can see both the serial number and the IMEI on a sticker on the box with a barcode.
  • On the device. IMEI and serial number can always be viewed on the gadget itself:
  • on iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, they are on the SIM card tray;
  • on iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, SE, 6, 6 Plus, they are engraved on the back;
  • on iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus they are on the SIM card tray.
  • In addition, if access to the iPhone is no longer available, but its backup was saved in iTunes, then its owner can also view the necessary information.

    You need to go to “Settings”, then. “Devices” and hover over the backup copy of your device.

    Where to enter your Apple ID verification code?

    For public access to Apple services, each user must register an account called an Apple ID. It consists of a login (email address) and password, like any other account.

    FREE Find my iPhone / iCloud Check by IMEI or SERIAL for iPad, iPhone ipod

    Since users “shine” with their email address anytime, anywhere, it is not difficult to find it out. In addition, with such a large set of programs for guessing a password, it is also easy to open access to your Apple ID.

    That is why Apple offers its users the protection that is relevant for 2021. two-step verification. However, this will require a special code, which many users simply do not know where to enter.

    Where can I find and enter my Apple ID verification code? Consider step by step instructions.

    • Go to the official website at: Enter your username, password, and secret code.
    • Study the information provided automatically for further verification. Then click “Continue”.
    • In the next window, enter the phone number so that codes will be sent to it in SMS for verification. It is completely optional to indicate your phone number, it is allowed to enter the number of your husband, child, etc.
  • The next page will automatically open on which you must check the phone that you specified.
  • Then an SMS should come with a code that must be entered into the window that appears. If it is not there, you should click on the line “Send the code again”.
  • After you have entered the code, the program will offer to select auxiliary devices in order to receive a verification code. Here you can specify additional trusted smartphones that will have to be confirmed via SMS.
  • After confirming additional gadgets, you will be sent a complex and immutable recovery key. Keep it in a safe place with care as you will need it if you forget your Apple ID password or lose your trusted smartphone.
  • Then the next window will open, in which you will have to re-enter the recovery code. This step is intended to focus the iPhone user’s attention on the importance of the key.
  • Last. you need to accept the verification conditions.
  • By following this guide, you will be able to activate 2-Step Verification. Now, when you log into your Apple ID account, you will need a verification code, which you already know where to enter.

    Experts recommend that when buying an iPhone from an unofficial dealer or by hand, do not make a prepayment until you check the device by IMEI and serial number.

    How to Check iPhone Warranty and Activation Date by Serial Number

    Hello everyone, dear readers. Today I will tell you how you can find out the activation and date of activation (blocking) of a mobile iPhone gadget. This can come in handy in several cases, for example, you want to purchase an iPhone mobile device and you need to check (verify) the device’s warranty (if the seller claims that the device is under warranty). Also, this service will allow you to check the date of activation (blocking) to determine the age of the device.

    find, serial, number, imei, iphone

    So, in order to check the activation date and warranty of your iPhone mobile device, you need two things: a serial number (preferably and IMEI) and a special service.

    • Check 1. the serial number is a unique serial number of the device, by which we will determine the date of activation and the conditions of the guarantee (blocking);
    • Check 2. Dedicated site. on this site you can enter the serial number and check the data about the device.
    • Check 3. IMEI. as an additional check we will use IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).

    So let’s start fetching data (locks).

    Receiving the information

    So, we found out the serial number, now it remains only to check the activation (blocking) and the warranty. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Your device data will appear on the screen.
  • You can check the activation and availability of a warranty (blocking) by two points: “Valid activation date”. to determine the date and its compliance, “Eligibility for service and repair”. whether repairs are possible under the warranty of your device.

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    Opposite each of the items, if the information is true, there should be green checkmarks.

    Serial number

    First of all, you need to find out the serial number of the device to verify the activation and warranty. You can find out the serial number in several ways:

    • The easiest way to find out the serial number is with iTunes. You need to connect your device to your computer and launch iTunes. Go to the main tab and click on under the device information;
    • There is no way to find out the serial number using iTunes, you can find it out as follows:
    • Go to the “Settings” section, then “General”, then “About this device”. In the field serial number you will find the required number.

    If you own an iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 6s, etc., you can also use the IMEI instead of the serial number. It can be found on the back cover.

  • For iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s, you can also find the serial number on the SIM card tray.
  • IMEI check

    Also, in addition, you can check your iPhone by IMEI. Devices: iPhone 5-6. indicated on the back cover of the gadget, iPhone 3G. 4S. on the SIM card tray (after removing the SIM card) To check by IMEI, follow these steps:

    • Go to this site;
    • Enter your IMEI in the indicated field and click the “Check” button;
    • After a while, the service will show you the information you are interested in.

    For today I have everything, leave a comment, share in social. networks. See you.

    How to find out IMEI (serial number) iPhone?

    Hello everyone! Any mobile phone and smartphone has its own identification number. IMEY, and the iPhone is no exception. IMEI is assigned to each gadget at the stage of its production in the factory. A variety of reasons can lead to the need to find out the serial number on the iPhone.

    For example, when buying a device that has already been in use, the future owner can look at the device identifier, compare it with the information on the package, and make sure that the data match. this will allow, for example, distinguishing a Chinese counterfeit from the original. In addition, if the device is stolen, the owner will be able to contact the appropriate services (law enforcement agencies and the network operator) with a request to block the device. sometimes it even works! 🙂

    Also, the serial number allows you to determine additional nuances, for example, the fact that the phone is tied to a specific cellular operator, the duration of warranty service and technical support, which can be checked on the Apple website, etc.

    After reviewing the information below, you will find out where the iPhone serial number is written. Let’s get started!

    There are several ways to see the numbers we are interested in.

    Let’s start with the so-called “physical” options:

    • On the iPhone panel. For iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, SE (1st generation) and 6 (Plus), the serial number is indicated on the back of the “apple” gadget.
    • On the SIM card tray. Method for checking IMEI on iPhone 4S and all earlier versions of smartphones. Also fits iPhone 6S (Plus), 7 (Plus), 8 (Plus), iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS (Max), iPhone 11 (11 Pro, 11 Pro Max), iPhone SE (2020), iPhone 12 (mini, Pro, Pro Max). To get the information you are looking for, you need to get out the tray for the SIM card and the necessary data will be engraved on the surface.
    • On the package. Serial number information is found on the box of each iPhone. Typically, this information is printed on the bottom of the package, next to other technical information and barcodes.

    Have you looked? Did you find the serial number? All OK”? Or is it not enough?

    Then we turn to the “software” options to clarify the IMEI of your iPhone. You can see it:

    • With the help of a special code. This code is universal and standard for all mobile devices. You just need to open the dialing menu and enter the combination #. There is no need to press the call button. the identification number will appear on the display after entering the last “hash”.
    • Through the settings menu. Open “Settings” and go to the “General” tab. In the section that opens, it remains only to find the button “About this device”. After clicking on it, you will be taken to a menu with a description of various information about the “apple” gadget, among which there will be the cherished “serial“.
    • Via iTunes. Open the mentioned program on your computer and connect your iPhone to it. By clicking the labels next to the image of the gadget in the “Overview” section, you will receive information about the IMEI.

    Perhaps, that’s all the “layouts” that exist to determine this identifier.

    Although, perhaps, the author forgot something. if you know any other ways to find out the IMEI of an “apple” mobile device, then be sure to write about it in the comments! Many users will be grateful to you, and I, in turn, will be happy to supplement the article. thank!

    Consider the case of the purchased device

    In order not to look for the necessary data for a long time, you should look at the IMEI iPhone on the smartphone itself. The code will look like a set of fifteen numbers. An identifier is applied to each device. The first combination can be found under the battery, but it will be difficult to see the signs, since the battery cannot be removed. The owner can find the second code on the SIM card tray. To get the data of interest, you need to follow the instructions:

    • take a thin needle or paper clip that is included in the kit;
    • then you need to remove the tray into which the SIM card is installed;
    • a fifteen-character code will be located on the surface;
    • it is recommended to check if it matches the data indicated on the box and in the documents.
    • note
    • Users of gadgets iPhone 5S and models below can identify the required information on the back of the smartphone. On newer versions of iPhone, this procedure will not help to find out the data.

    Using the information on the gadget box

    If the smartphone is locked or the user does not have one, but you need to check the parameters Having it urgently, you should look at the data on the box. This method can be used if the owner has kept the packaging from his phone. To check the parameters, you need to turn the box over and look at the sticker. There will be a fifteen-digit code, this will be Have.

    How to find out IMEI iphone

    An IMEI is included with every Apple device. The abbreviation stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. An identifier is assigned to each smartphone, and the code is unique. Have fifteen characters. This data is stored in the memory of the cell phone. Thanks to these parameters, the client can check the originality of the device. This is necessary if the iPhone is a hand-held purchase. It is worth telling in more detail how to find out the IMEI iPhone.

    Using the official website of the company

    If you want to find out the IMEI iPhone if it is locked, you can do this using the Apple portal. The identifier looks like a numeric code of fifteen characters. To obtain it, the owner must follow these instructions:

    • you must have with you the data to enter your personal profile;
    • the client enters the page using the link;
    • a new page will be displayed on the screen of the stationary computer;
    • you should scroll it to the “Devices” item;
    • then you need to select the gadget that the client wants to have.

    After clicking on this item, the full information about the smartphone will appear on the page. In one of the lines, the client will be able to see the data by IMEI.

    Using a code request

    This is a simple option that will allow you to get information about the IMEI of the gadget. To complete the verification, the client must follow these instructions:

    • the “Phone” section is selected on the smartphone;
    • then click on the “Keys” item;
    • now you can start typing a digital query;
    • an asterisk and a lattice are indicated first;
    • then you need to write “06”;
    • the operation ends with a hash and a call button.

    Check iPhone imei or Serial number for any APPLE device

    When the command is entered and sent, information on the identifier assigned to the gadget will appear on the cell phone screen.

    In what ways can the user see the unique code

    The owner can check the serial number of his iPhone on the phone through the gadget settings. But there are also other ways in which parameters can be found. The client can use:

    • data from the box or service contract;
    • consider the body of the smartphone;
    • check through the official website of the company;
    • search through iTunes;
    • determine id using code command.

    Each of these methods has certain nuances, it is worth talking about them in more detail.

    How to find parameters through the “Settings” of the gadget

    If the owner decided to find out the serial number of the iPhone through the settings section, he should follow the scheme:

    • to begin with, the main screen opens on the gadget;
    • there the item “Settings” is selected;
    • further from the list, the user clicks on the item “Basic”;
    • the display will show a new list, in it you need to select “About this device”.

    As soon as the owner enters this subsection, all information about the smartphone will be displayed on the screen. Here you can see not only Have, but also the serial number, as well as the model of the smartphone.

    Using iTunes

    To use iPhone, iTunes must be installed on your computer. If the user does not have it, you need to go to the official Apple website and download the software. Once the installation is complete, you can get the data of interest. To do this, use the following instruction:

    • the cell phone is connected to the stationary computer using the original cord;
    • then on the computer you need to run the iTunes program;
    • if the connection is made for the first time, the data synchronization procedure will start;
    • as soon as the process is completed, a smartphone icon will be displayed in the corner;
    • the owner must click on it with the mouse;
    • a new list will appear, the “Review” item is selected from it;
    • then you should select a phone number and double-click on it.

    When a new window is loaded, the user will see in it Have your gadget.

    • note
    • If after connecting the smartphone to a stationary PC, the phone icon does not appear on the screen, you should update the program.

    To find out the serial number of his cell phone, the owner can go to the gadget’s settings, use the company’s official website or the iTunes program. Also, information is provided on the case of some devices. Can be found on the iPhone box and on documents.


    And, of course, by synchronizing the iPhone with the computer, the information we are interested in about the gadget can be seen in iTunes.

      Connect your gadget to your computer and launch iTunes. When the device is identified by the program, click in the upper part on its thumbnail.

    In the left pane of the window, make sure you have the Browse tab open. On the right side, some specifications of the phone will be displayed, including the serial number.

  • A new window will appear on the screen, in which you will need to go to the “Devices” tab. Here, in the “Device backups” column, hover the mouse cursor over your gadget. After a moment, a small window will appear containing information about the device, including the serial number you are looking for.
  • Box

    To do this, pay attention to the bottom of the box of your iOS device: there will be a sticker on it with detailed information about the gadget, among which you can find the serial number (Serial No).

    How to find the serial number of your iPhone


    In order to find out the IMEI iPhone, there are many more ways, so if you know this 15-digit device code, you can use it to find out the serial number.

      Open the iUnlocker online service page and go to the Check IMEI tab. In the “IMEI / SERIAL” column, enter the 15-digit set of numbers of the IMEI code, and then click on the “Check” button.
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  • After a moment, the screen will display detailed information about the device, including some technical characteristics of the gadget and the serial number.
  • Finding out the serial number

    Serial number is a special 22-digit identifier consisting of Latin letters and numbers. This combination is assigned to the device at the production stage and is necessary primarily to verify the device for authenticity.

    Before buying, you need to make sure that for all the methods described below, the serial number matches, which can tell you that in front of you is a device worthy of attention.

    IMEI Info

    A method similar to the previous one: in this case, in exactly the same way, to find out the serial number, we will use an online service that allows us to get information about the device by IMEI code.

      Go to the IMEI Info online service website. In the indicated field, enter the IMEI of the device, check the box below that you are not a robot, and then start the check by clicking on the “Check” button.

  • In the next instant, the tap will display data related to the smartphone, among which you can find the “SN” column, and in it a set of letters and numbers representing the serial number of the gadget.
  • Any of the methods suggested in the article will allow you to quickly find out the serial number related specifically to your device.

    Serial number for iPhone. where to look

    It may be necessary to check the iPhone by serial number if it is stolen, lost or repaired, but we do not always keep documents. Then you have to look for 11 cherished numbers in a different way, since only they will tell you where the phone was assembled, the date and the legality of the device.

    How a serial number can help if an iPhone is stolen

    If your device was lost, stolen, or you lost it, then by turning on the Find iPhone application, you can find it, lock it or erase data. Of the available programs. only “Find iPhone” is available to the owner without an official contact with Apple.

    It is quite normal if the number contains not only numbers, but also letters, which you will not find in IMEI. But remember that these numbers are constant, but the first three can be changed by Apple if the device has been serviced. To clarify the data, you can use a special program on the Internet that will decode your serial number.

    How to find the serial number through with iTunes

    To check iPhone by serial number through iTunes, you need to:

    • turn on the computer and the iTunes application;
    • select the name of the phone, the “Overview” tab;
    • then the serial number, capacity, brand of the device will be displayed;
    • on your phone, you can select the “Settings” field, after “General” and “Information”;

    To find out the legality and originality of your phone, you will have to go to the official website of the manufacturer. But do this after copying the serial number for verification:

    • go to the official page and enter the required 11 digits;
    • enter the verification code;
    • confirm your choice;

    What Serial Number Tells

    The main information that the serial number carries is:

    • release time;
    • place of issue;
    • model;
    • shade of the model;
    • memory;
    • CPU;
    • manufacturer;

    Find out the serial number on the case or box

    If the box is safe from the phone, it is easy to check the iPhone by serial number: find the printed barcode on the side of the package. If you are an iPad user, the number is engraved on the back cover.

    For the following phone models, the serial number is printed on the body near the SIM card:

    • iPhone 3G;
    • iPhone 4;
    • iPhone 4s;
    find, serial, number, imei, iphone

    Newer device models will have a harder time finding the serial number because it is printed on the box or saved in iTunes preferences. Concerning this:

    • iPhone 5, 5c, 5s;
    • iPhone 6, 6 Plus;
    • iPhone 6s Plus, 6s;
    • iPhone 7 Plus, 7;

    Ways to determine IMEI

    The simplest and most common way to check IMEI is to dial the combination #, after which the number appears automatically on the phone screen. On some models, two digital values ​​may be displayed. No need to be alarmed, this is quite normal for devices with two SIM card slots. What if the smartphone cannot be turned on, or it is locked?

    An ordinary user will not be able to find out IMEI by phone number. As a rule, most devices have this information in such places:

    • the inner panel of the phone under the battery;
    • SIM card slot (if there are two of them, then each must have its own number);
    • packing box (if the smartphone is certified and has original origin);
    • warranty card.
    find, serial, number, imei, iphone

    For smartphones based on the Android operating system, there is another very convenient way to determine the IMEI. If the device is unlocked and access to its menu is open, then in the “Settings” section there is an item “About phone”. By clicking on it, you will see “Device identifiers”, where basic information about the gadget will be collected, including the identification number.

    With your phone turned off or not, you can use your Google Account. After logging in, you will find a complete list of devices that have ever been associated with this user. After choosing the model you need, you will see brief information about it and the IMEI itself. Using this service, you can even locate your smartphone.

    How to find out the smartphone certificate

    First, let’s find out the meaning of this abbreviation. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a personal 15-digit number of a mobile device. It is unique and is assigned at the factory upon release. IMEI allows you to identify the phone, establish its authenticity and detect it if necessary, even when changing the SIM card. This often helps locate the device after theft and return it to its rightful owner.

    Older models used a phone certificate. a unique electronic document that was assigned to devices based on the Symbian OS. It also determined the authenticity of the smartphone, allowing or blocking the installation of additional applications and providing access to the full functionality of the device. Now only IMEI exists for these purposes.

    This digital code is actively used by mobile operators. The 15-digit number is required for authorization on the network. The company may lock the device in the event of theft and the owner claims it. It is stored in memory and is nearly impossible to change on modern devices. You can find out the phone model by IMEI, its origin, year of manufacture, market for which the device was made, as well as other data.

    Finding IMEI on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

    Searching for a 15-digit IMEI in gadgets based on the iOS operating system has its own peculiarities. When the machine is working normally, you can find out the identification number in the settings by going to the “General” section, and then “About this device”.

    On the turned off or locked iPhone of new models, you can see the 15-digit number on the back cover. For older models, the IMEI is located on the SIM card slot. This applies to the series:

    • iPhone 4s;
    • iPhone 4 (GSM model)
    • iPhone 3G;
    • iPhone 3GS;

    The IMEI on an iPad or iPod touch is engraved on the outside of the back cover, right below the Apple logo. Also, this number can be found in the online service iTunes, for this you need to connect the device to the computer. In the window that opens, you need to click on the phone icon and select the desired model in the proposed list. Then click the “Overview” tab and all the necessary information will be displayed.

    In the event that the device is not accessible, you can find the IMEI on the original packing box. If it is not saved, you should use your Apple ID account (through a browser on your computer or using another Apple device with iOS 10.3 or later). Then, in the “Settings” menu, scroll down the page to the “Devices” tab and select the desired model.

    These methods should help even an inexperienced user find out the IMEI of the phone.

    How do I know the warranty period for my iPhone? Check by IMEI!

    Hey! Another short instruction, without which, in principle, it would be possible to do without. since there are already a lot of articles on this on these Internet sites. After all, any search engine, when asked to “find out the iPhone warranty”, gives on the first line the correct link to the official Apple website. enter the serial number, and check.

    Then why bother with this note? Several important reasons. First, I will tell you 2 (!) Ways to find out the remaining warranty period of your iPhone. Secondly, unlike the official Apple website, I can always write my question in the comment and get an answer. Thirdly, since we have a blog about iPhone and iPad here, useful text “on the subject” will not be superfluous 🙂 I think that all this is quite enough for the appearance of this article.

    • We open a special page “Check eligibility for service” on the Apple website. link.
    • In the line “Enter the serial number of the hardware” we indicate the IMEI of your iPhone or iPad. how to find it.
    • Enter the verification code and click continue.
    • If the device has just been purchased and is completely new, then you will see the following message: “You need to activate your iPhone. Warranty information could not be displayed. ” If the activation has already passed, then a page opens, where the estimated date of the end of the warranty service will be indicated.

    Before this date, you can safely contact any of the authorized service centers in Russia to receive a free repair.

    The only thing is that your iPhone model must match the one that is eligible for service in the Russian Federation. the list is here.

    When checking, they will not always show the estimated expiration date, there may be other, less understandable inscriptions. a complete decoding of the status “the right to service and repair”.

    And everything would be fine, but in some cases, for example, when:

    • Server crashes.
    • Technical works.
    • Other malfunctions.

    The checkout page may simply refuse to open. What to do if the site is “down”, and you are buying a device at this moment and the seller will not (does not want to) wait?

    The second method will be useful to us. all the information can be found through technical support, simply by calling them on the phone and dictating the serial number.

    By the way, this is the only option to deal with the terms of repair service for iPhones replaced due to a marriage. for such devices, the warranty on the official website may not be displayed, although in fact it is. So we call and we are not ashamed 🙂 And why be ashamed when it comes to your money and rights.

    This article could include a few more alternative checker sites, but:

    • They take all the information directly from the off. Apple resource.
    • Sometimes they can lie a little.

    This means that there is not much point in using them. Although write if necessary. I will look for and add more or less “working” options.

    What is IMEI number and where to find it

    “Have”.code is a 15-digit unique number that identifies each released smartphone, tablet, modem. In addition to the country of origin, with its help, you can find out a lot of useful information about the device: whether it has a proprietary warranty, the presence in the “black” lists, the software version. By IMEI, the gadget is identified in mobile networks. Using this code, you can also get any information about unknown phone models.

    Changing IMEI is a criminal offense not only in the UK, Belarus, Latvia, but also in our country. However, this does not reduce the number of fakes, which, by the way, can also be calculated by this 15-digit number.

    Before you can find out the country of manufacture by IMEI of a Nokia, Samsung, iPhone or other gadget, you need to find this code. “Have” is usually indicated on the original packaging of the device, or under its battery. You can display this code on the screen of the smartphone itself by typing the command: #.

    How to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI iPhone, “Samsung”, “Nokia”?

    It’s no secret that phones of the same model, from the same manufacturer, assembled in different countries, can vary significantly in quality and reliability. Therefore, many experienced buyers are looking for how to find out the country of manufacture by IMEI, not trusting the data on the box. We will share with you information that will help you understand the “have”.codes of devices, extract useful information from them.

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    How to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI

    05, 70, 02, etc it is the combination of these numbers that will help you see the real state of manufacture of your phone. It is worth noting that corporations that produce smartphones prefer to keep data about the country of final assembly secret, therefore all information specified below is unofficial. In addition, manufacturers of different smart phones (Samsung, Sony, iPhone, Nokia, etc.) encrypt states in IMEI codes under different symbols.

    Here is a summary table showing how to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI (06, 01, 07 and others), as well as having some estimates of direct users.

    The code The country Product quality information
    01, 05, 06, 09, 10, 70 Finland Good mark
    07, 08, 20, 41-49, 78 Germany Good mark
    67 USA
    19, 40 English kingdom
    04 Vietnam
    03, 80 PRC
    thirty Korea
    02, 20 UAE Poor quality
    thirteen Azerbaijan Poor quality
    60 Singapore

    If the country code you defined by IMEI conflicts with what is written on the box or under the battery of the device, then there is a chance that the phone you are holding in your hands is a fake.

    Name code structure

    Depending on the year of assembly of your device, you may have a code of the old and new samples. Let’s consider both options. The old IMEI will have the following structure: 123456-78-912345-0. Let’s decipher it:

    • 123456. Type Approval Code. The numbers of the official standard sample of the model of your device.
    • 78. Final Assembly Code, country number of the final assembly. For those who are looking for how to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI, it is he who is useful.
    • 912345. Serial Number, serial code of your device.
    • 0.check digit.

    Since 2004, a new number format has been applied: 00-000022-333333-1. The country of origin is also encrypted here with the seventh and eighth characters. The numbers in a slightly different form mean the same:

    • 00-0000. TAC, your phone’s unique model number.
    • 22. FAC. How to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI, we will also calculate it with its help.
    • 333333. SNR, serial number of the device.
    • 1.spare, check digit.

    If your machine was produced during the period when the FAC was abolished (2003-2004), then the 7-8th characters of your “have” code will be two zeros (00). In this case, you will not be able to determine the country where your phone was assembled by IMEI.

    Alternative ways

    In addition to the IMEI, the manufacturer of your smartphone, you can calculate the S / N. the serial number of the device. It is also indicated on the box or under the battery next to the “have” code. You can determine the final country of assembly by this number by going to one of the popular services that specialize in providing such information.

    The code State of origin
    460 RF
    86 Turkey
    56 Portugal
    87 Holland
    70 Norway
    54 Belgium, Luxembourg
    93 Australia
    76 Switzerland
    49 Japan
    72 Israel
    64 Finland
    74 Sweden
    fifty England
    90.91 Austria
    80-83 Italy
    60-61 South Africa
    00-06 USA and Canada
    40-43 Germany
    30-37 France

    That’s all the ways that tell you how to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI, as well as using the serial number and barcode on the box. The coincidence of all the results, including the name of the country of assembly indicated on the box, is a guarantee that you have a branded device in front of you.

    Find Serial Number or IMEI on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    This article describes how to find the serial number or IMEI / MEID, CDN, and ICCID of your iOS device.


    Owners of these devices can find the serial number in the Settings program, and the IMEI / MEID number on the SIM card tray. If it is not possible to open the “Settings” program, then for support you can call the IMEI / MEID number instead of the serial number.

    • iPhone 8
    • iPhone 8 Plus
    • iPhone 7
    • iPhone 7 Plus
    • iPhone 6s
    • iPhone 6s Plus

    Owners of these devices can find the serial number in the Settings program, and the IMEI / MEID number (MEID is the first 14 digits of the IMEI number) on the back panel. If it is not possible to open the “Settings” program, then to get support, you can call the IMEI / MEID number instead of the serial number:

    The following devices have the serial number and IMEI / MEID number on the SIM card tray.

    If you have an original iPhone model, the serial and IMEI numbers are engraved on the back.

    Find Serial Number, IMEI / MEID Number or ICCID

    Still haven’t found the number you want? See the following sections.

    On device


    No access to the device?


    You can also find the serial number of your device in iTunes.

    • Connect your iOS device to your computer.
    • If iTunes does not start automatically, open it.
    • Find the device you need To view information about the device, go to the “Overview” tab.
    • To find the IMEI / MEID and ICCID of your iPhone, click Phone Number. To view the CDN, IMEI / MEID and ICCID numbers for the cellular iPad model, click Serial Number.

    To paste this information into the registration or contact form with Support Apple, select Edit Copy Serial Number.

    iPad and iPod touch

    The serial number for iPad Pro, iPad, and iPod touch is located on the back. You can also find the IMEI number on the cellular iPad model. MEID is the first 14 digits of the IMEI number.

    Check phone IMEI / IMEI Number Analysis

    Buy archive of IMEI phones, new IMEI for 03/23/2021. 03:32:
    Realme: 8 Pro (RMX3081)
    Oppo: CPH2143
    Xiaomi: Redmi 9T
    Xiaomi: M2007J3SY
    Realme: RMX3143
    Vivo: Y31s
    Huawei: LRA-AL10
    Xiaomi: M2011K2C
    Realme: C15 Qualcomm Edition (RMX2195)
    Xiaomi: M2101K9R
    Realme: RMX3046
    Huawei: Mate 30 Pro 5G
    Xiaomi: M2101K9AC
    Xiaomi: M2012K11AI
    Huawei: DCM
    Huawei: BRQ-AN00
    Realme: RMX3031
    Xiaomi: M2007J17I
    Huawei: JER-TN10
    Realme: 8 (RMX3231)
    Vivo: Y52s
    Oppo: CPH2269
    Xiaomi: Redmi 8A
    Xiaomi: Redmi Note 10 4G (M2101K7AI)
    Vivo: Y21 2020
    Vivo: iQOO 7
    Vivo: Y12s
    Realme: C15 Qualcomm Edition (RMX2195)
    Xiaomi: Redmi note 9 5G
    Realme: Narzo 20 Pro (RMX2161)
    Realme: C25 (RMX3191)
    Oppo: A8 (PDBM00)
    Realme: Z1x (RMX2154)
    Huawei: Honor 9X China (HLK-AL00)
    Oppo: A53 (CPH2127)

    What is IMEI (IMEI)?
    IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier). the 15-digit number is a unique number for each GSM mobile phone. Installed at the factory during manufacture and serves for accurate and complete identification of the device in the GSM network.

    How to find out the IMEI code of the phone?
    Determination of the phone’s IMEI number, the IMEI number can be found by typing # on the keypad in standby mode. This number must match the number on the sticker under the phone battery and the number on the phone box.

    Apple iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 plus: find the serial number, IMEI, ICCID or MEID
    If you have access to your iPhone, you can find your device serial number, IMEI, ICCID or MEID in several ways.
    In the About Device window on the iPhone The serial number and IMEI, ICCID, or MEID are listed in the About Device window on the iPhone. From the Home screen, go to Settings General About device and scroll down.

    Apple iPad: Identify Serial Number, UDID, IMEI, ICCID, and Cellular Account (Phone Number)

    IMEI for your iPad Serial Number, ID (UDID) (Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 3G models), and Universal Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), Cellular Account Number (CDN), and Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICCID) (only for Wi-Fi 3G model) you can find out:

    • using iTunes;
    • on the back of the iPad
    • iPad About screen
    • iPad packaging

    My mobile phone was stolen, what should I do? You can find the location of the phone in your database?
    No, we can’t find it! We only determine the phone model by the numbers from the IMEI number. To find the phone, contact the police.

    • write a statement;
    • ask them to send a request to the mobile operators where the phone is located;
    • periodically ask the police about the results
    • if there is no positive answer from the police, ask for confirmation. let them show an official response from the mobile operator.

    How to add IMEI to the base so that it turns white?
    The National Commission on Communications Regulation has banned mobile operators from servicing telephone sets imported illegally. Operators will turn off such phones after September 30, 2009.
    We have nothing to do with the base of the National Commission, as well as the base of Ukrchastotnadzor.
    When buying a mobile phone, ask for a check (check it yourself) for the presence of the phone’s IMEI number in the Ukrchastotnadzor database.

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    How to check iPhone by serial number on Apple official website?

    To check the iPhone, you need to go to the official page of the Apple website. We act according to the following instructions:

    • enter your serial number in a special field;

    Now you have information about the expiration date of the warranty and the originality of the device. You can also check almost any Apple device from this company’s tablets to computers and TV boxes.

    IPhone Authentication by Serial Number, IMEI, Zombie Check

    When purchasing iPhone smartphones from Apple, you can check the device by serial number. Thus, you can avoid buying a Chinese fake, which have become too similar to the original phones. By the way, after the purchase, you need to perform some actions.

    How to find the serial number using IMEI?

    The site will help us with this procedure. Follow the link and enter the serial number of the device, you will be shown some data about the smartphone, including the serial number.

    • Enter IMEI in the input field.
    • Press the button inside the field, or Enter.
    • After loading the page, we get the necessary data.
    • serial number,
    • phone model,
    • memory size.

    What is the serial number and IMEI?

    The serial number is a unique code for each device. A lot of data is encrypted in it. country, release date, etc. IMEI is an international unique identifier for a gadget. It is used to track and block a stolen smartphone.

    How to view the serial number on iPhone?

    This is done in several ways, namely the simplest: you can see it in the phone settings (Settings. General. About the device).

    Here you will see the items “Serial number” and “IMEI”. If you do not have the opportunity to enter the settings, the IMEI is written on the SIM-card tray, and from it you can find out the serial number. In the second way, you can see the serial number on the back of the iPhone box, but it may not be there when purchasing a smartphone from your hands.

    All iPhone serial numbers are in the following format:
    AABCCDDDEEF, where:

    AA. plant and machine identifier.
    B. year of release (“0” means the phone was released in 2010, “9”. 2009 and so on).
    CC. production week.
    DDD. unique identifier (different from UDID).
    EE. smartphone color.
    F. memory size (S. 16 GB, T. 32 GB).

    You should also pay attention to the fact that the serial number may contain ZERO, do not confuse it with the letter O, it should not be in more than one serial number.

    Zombie Check iPhone Originality Method

    The new verification method is called Zombie Check. It provides for connecting a smartphone or tablet to a computer via a double cable, to one of the parts of which an additional unit is attached, similar to an adapter for reading memory cards. After that, a specialized scanning application is launched on a computer running macOS 10.8.5 or later. Thus, the serial numbers of all components are checked, regardless of the degree of damage to the device.

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