Find Samsung Phone by Phone Number

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Ways to find a missing smartphone

There are several ways to determine where a lost or stolen smartphone is located:

How to use Samsung Find My Mobile

  • by phone number;
  • via the standard Android OS service. Device Manager, “Remote Management”;
  • through the Find My Mobile service built into the firmware of Samsung smartphones;
  • using additional software, which can be downloaded from absolutely free on the Play Market.

Search factors

To begin with, let’s outline a picture that will help determine the success of the search for a mobile phone. Users often forget about some factors, and it is often very difficult to find a lost gadget.

Factor Impact on search
How long have you noticed the loss? The earlier the user starts looking for the device, the higher the chances of finding it. Over time, an attacker can get rid of the SIM card, format or reflash the device.
Battery charge If the battery level is low, the device will go offline, and it will not be possible to find it using online services.
Device binding Most search tools for Samsung phones are based on linking to a Google account.
Android setup To determine the location of the phone, you need to configure the corresponding functions of the operating system, such as Search, Geolocation, Visibility.


Try to keep your Samsung smartphone charged. Remember that it is almost impossible to determine a dead device using online methods. You will have to contact the police, but there is little confidence that she will find an expensive gadget.

Through Google account

To search for a device through the site, log in to Google and go to

find, samsung, phone, number

In the upper right corner, the model of all your mobile devices will be highlighted. Select the one you need and the service will start searching for it.

In addition to the search function, the site page has the ability to perform tasks such as:

  • call (ringing);
  • blocking;
  • clearing user information from the phone.

The first function is ringing. It is useful in that the phone will beep for five minutes. During this time, the owner or a random person can find the device.

This feature is also remarkable in that the signal will work even when the sound on the device is turned off.

By locking, you can set a password on your smartphone. over, it will work even if the gadget did not have such protection before the loss of such protection. In this case, you can display a short message on the screen, for example, to which number to call the person who found him and, if you want, the reward assigned for the refund.

By cleaning you will achieve complete confidentiality of your personal data. All account bindings will also be deleted, so after that it will not be possible to find the device through online services.

In order to find a device in this way, you must first configure it:

  • Go to the “Security” section through Samsung settings.
  • Open the Device Administrators tab.
  • Activate the item “Remote control” by checking the box next to it. In some OS versions, the required service is called “Device Manager” or Device Manager.

How to find your Samsung phone

Samsung mobile phones are comparable to Apple products in terms of functionality and price. Therefore, the loss of such a device will undoubtedly upset any user.

Fortunately, every owner can find a Samsung phone on their own without contacting law enforcement agencies. How to do this, you will learn from the article offered to your attention.

By phone number

The easiest way to search for a call to your phone number. You can do it from your home phone, ask your friends or relatives. In extreme cases, you can turn to a complete stranger. If the volume is set at sufficient volume and it is not too far away, then the issue will be solved simply.

Of course, this method will not work if the phone is stolen on purpose. The attacker will immediately discard the SIM card, and later, if he is also computer literate, he will format or reflash the device and the ability to find it using online methods will be lost.

You can also try to find your phone through your cellular operator. But remember that it provides data on calls received from the phone after its disappearance only to law enforcement officials when submitting an application.

It is also important to remember that if your phone is lost, it is better to block your SIM card. Suddenly, the finder will want to call from your device to Africa or sex services, all the same, the owner on whom the number is issued will pay for the calls.

Samsung search app

An alternative method of finding a smartphone is offered by its manufacturer, in this case Samsung. Find My Mobile application will help you with this. Find my mobile device. You can log in from another Android device. You can install the specified software for free through the Play Market.

In addition, in order to find the missing Samsung gadget, there is a search method through the manufacturer’s website. To do this, follow the link

In any case, you will be prompted to log in.

Having entered the application through our account, we will be able to find the lost device:

In the device menu, open the “Lock screen and protection” section.

Check if your gadget is linked to your Samsung account.

Make active the items “Remote control” and “Service Google Location”.


It will be possible to find a lost device without problems and very quickly only if you have a connected GPS. Without using it, you will not be able to find anything, and this is a drawback of such software. If everything is connected, the user will be able to trigger a special sound signal, and then display a message in the device menu.

Having received access to the phone through remote control, you can find out:

  • Charging level;
  • SIM card number;
  • IMEI;
  • Some of the most extreme perfect calls.

SeekDroid: Find My Phone, if desired, can be made completely invisible. It is allowed to set a code on the lock screen and erase all personal information if data is lost.

Optimal search results can be obtained by using satellite capabilities. This is the optimal solution to the question of what to do in this situation. In this case, a special Android Device Manager service is used. It should be noted right away that the capabilities of such a service are somewhat limited.

Via computer

To solve the question of how to find a lost Android phone through a computer, you will need to prepare a PC with traffic, and on the lost smartphone, you must be logged into the Google browser portal. This method will allow you to find the place where the smartphone is located if it is within a radius of about 1.5 km. If the phone is running GPRS or Wi-Fi options, the accuracy of the location address will be significantly increased.

After carrying out or checking the preparatory processes, you can proceed directly to the search. Actions of the following order are performed here:

  • Go to and enter the mailbox and access code that were previously entered on the gadget.
  • After the transition, the person enters the section with remote control of the OS.
  • After a few minutes, the utility will display the location using the outlined circle.

This circle is the radius of the smartphone. At the same time, information on the time of receipt of information, as well as the possible error, will be displayed at the top. This form of remote order will provide an opportunity to find out in what period the last time was connected to the network.

How to find a stolen Android smartphone via satellite?

If the smartphone is turned off, if the default settings have been reset, it will not be possible to find the device. The search is carried out through the following sequence of actions:

  • You are taken to the Remote Control page.
  • In the list presented to your attention, you can choose your device, which is important if there are several of them.
  • Next to the selected option, you need to activate the icon with the inscription Determine the location.
  • After a few minutes, you can see a marker on the map and information regarding the time of the last connection to the network.

If the GPS option is connected to the phone, you can get the most accurate location of the phone by satellite. If the function is turned off, you can find out the approximate address. street and house.

If there is no signal to find the smartphone, you will need to use other options for finding. dialing, sending a special message to your phone, which will be displayed on the lock screen. The second option is more effective. This is the best opportunity for the new owner to call the owner. If the finder has a desire to return the phone, he will definitely use this opportunity.

How to find Android: all the ways

The user usually does not face problems with how to quickly find a lost device. Here are some of the most effective and easiest ways to find your lost Android phone:

  • If the smartphone is not located, it is possible to carry out a special function Call. For five minutes, the usual ringtone will play, and it does not matter if the phone is turned off or on. If you do not hear the signal, you can judge that the device is outside the house;
  • Google has the ability to easily and easily locate a lost phone using GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular communications. Even if a new SIM card is already installed in the device. In a situation where the device is completely disconnected from communication, these methods will not work;
  • The main tool for detecting a phone is the Internet. After performing certain actions, the user will be shown the extreme location of the device. As a rule, this is the area in which the smartphone activity was noted.

You can also remove it, after which it will not be possible to completely restore the readings. The most that can be done is to unlock. Personal information will not be passed on to criminals. For people who contain numerous contacts and personal information in its database, this is the best option.

Is it possible to find a lost Android phone?

The answer to this question can undoubtedly be given exclusively positively. The most important thing is to have a standard Google account at your disposal. Registering it is pretty simple. It is worth knowing that finding the location of the phone is easy and simple, but in some cases this cannot guarantee its full return.

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If the device has been stolen, you will have to lock it through the standard remote control mode or, more importantly, limit the ability to view personal information to the maximum. These are important operations, you should not neglect the possibility of their use.

You can solve the question of how to find a lost Android via GPS using SeekDroid: Find My Phone. You can find the application on the official Play Market portal. For optimal and comfortable use, you will need to take care of the availability of administrator rights, it is worth registering an account from such a service. The user of the software determines the configuration level, that is, how the information will be deleted, activated, formatted and other operations of a different plan.

Through the Internet

A large number of opportunities are open to users, how to find a gadget via the Internet by phone number if they have lost their Android phone. It is enough just to download and run a special application and find a device with a minimum amount of time.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

Among the many offers worth noting is “Lost Android”. After installing and activating it, it changes the shortcut. This is a kind of trick of the developer. After downloading, the user opens up a huge number of various possibilities aimed at searching:

  • Calling by means of a vibration signal;
  • Determination of the location using the built-in GPS and the possibility of connecting the Internet;
  • Identifying the status of the device;
  • Blocking of information and the possibility of their irrevocable deletion;
  • Launching a wireless Internet network, searching for a position, flash, redirecting and receiving a list of calls with different installed software;
  • Studying the browsing history in the browser;
  • You can take a picture of a fraudster using a special cunning system. A message is sent and as soon as the robber receives and opens it, the camera immediately takes a picture of it;
  • Recording sounds to the built-in voice recorder.

The software allows you to find a gadget as quickly as possible through a well-thought-out remote access control. Another important advantage is that you don’t have to pay to download and use the app.

Where to go if you can’t find it?

If all attempts to find a Samsung smartphone have led nowhere, if there is a chance to find a thief in hot pursuit, revealing the fact of a crime, you need to contact the police for help. There is no need to be afraid to inform the police about the suspicions about the missing device. If this is not a fake call, there will be no problem. The duty officer is obliged to record the appeal on the committed crime, regardless of the factor, whether it is subject to investigation or not.

When contacting the police station and wishing to voice suspicions, you need to be careful. If an error appears and, as a result of the investigation, it turns out that the person is completely innocent, certain penalties may be prescribed to the applicant. Before applying, you should try to return it to your phone number.

The time frame for filing a lost Android claim is generally set by generally accepted standard rules. The statute of limitations for the crime is three years. Calculation is carried out from the date of the theft.

By phone number

To resolve the issue of how to find a missing Android phone, you can proceed through a standard phone number. The search is carried out on ordinary cell towers and works in all modern operators without exception:

  • Beeline.
  • MTS.
  • Megaphone.
  • Velcom.
  • TELE2.

The most important functions of this service require payment. Without paying anything, you can only find out the locality where the desired device is currently located. To get the exact coordinates, you will need to pay 500 rubles and carry out the registration process.

In any case, as soon as the phone is gone, you need to take care of the complete safety of all confidential information entered into its database. The best option would be to use a lock or completely delete all required data.

How to find your Samsung phone

Every user of expensive handheld devices is interested in how to find a Samsung phone if it is lost during a walk. Smartphones are often lost due to unreliable s, or regular forgetfulness due to a constant stream of thoughts. The reasons are popular, but not critical. In the age of technological progress, it is possible to find any device, provided that it is turned on and has an Internet connection.

The absence of these factors makes the search somewhat difficult, but does not exclude the possibility of a successful determination. You just have to spend more time. So, if you are an advanced smartphone user, have been using handheld devices for a long time, then you must have heard about the built-in device tracking functions. About how to use it to determine the location of the phone, a little below.

How to find your Samsung phone:

The manufacturer of this brand was worried about the possible loss of a favorite device, and therefore a special service was created in which you can not only track your phone, but also control it. First, you need to make sure that your device has been registered in the phone settings in the section with the “Find my phone” functions. If you are prudent, then you have created a similar account in advance, so that in case of loss of your phone. locate him.

You will be able to find the phone if it is in silent mode, because the ringing function, regardless of the volume level, turns on the sound to the maximum so that you can hear your smartphone when you are looking for it in the apartment, or at the place where it is shown by the satellite. It is important to take into account the information provided by the service regarding the last access to the network. After all, if the phone has been on the network for a long time, then it is better not to use the ringing function, perhaps someone has already found it. Then it only remains to wait for the moment when the device goes online again, and then localize its location. Most of the lucky ones who managed to find a phone do not even know that they can be found. Therefore, please be patient.

You can always lock your phone and erase all information when all else fails. At the extreme, you can contact the police. Provide documents confirming the purchase of the device, IMEI code, SIM card number. It is important to consider that there will be no search results unless you pay law enforcement agencies for their work.


Here you can track the location of a person by subscriber number.

Samsung Phone Locator Apps

An alternative method of finding a smartphone is offered by its manufacturer. This is the “Find My Mobile” application. You can access it from another device. If the application is not installed in it, you can install it for free through the Play Market.

The app works closely with Google and works much like an account search. If geolocation is enabled on the smartphone, the approximate location of the gadget will be found out via satellite and displayed on the map.

How to find a Samsung phone via Google account

One of the efficient ways to find a Samsung phone. linked to a Google account. To do this, you need to go to the corresponding Google service at the link from any available device (PC, tablet, Android phone).

  • call (ringing);
  • blocking;
  • cleaning the smartphone from user information.

Calling is useful if you have roughly determined the location of the missing smartphone. By turning it on, you activate the sound signal. It will repeat until it is disabled on the device or account.

Locking the device will set a password on the smartphone, even if the password creation option has not been used up to this point. You shouldn’t forget your password: you won’t be able to change it.

Locking the device on Samsung is accompanied by the ability to create a message addressed to the finder. If a person turns out to be conscientious and does not begin to profit from other people’s troubles, he will call the number that you leave in the message and give you the loss.

Data cleansing is necessary so that they do not fall into the hands of the finder. The method is usually used if the hope of returning the smartphone is extremely low and you do not want your personal data to get to scammers.

How to find your Samsung phone?

No one is insured against accidents or unpleasant incidents. The loss of a smartphone is highly undesirable, but a possible incident: you can forget it, or it can be stolen.

If a smartphone is lost, you need to file a complaint with law enforcement agencies (especially if there is a suspicion that the phone has been stolen) or in the media asking for a refund for a fee. But you can take some steps yourself.

How to find a smartphone by phone number

The easiest way is to call this number. Of course, it will not work if the phone is stolen, but it is not uncommon for a phone to be returned to a person who has lost it.

Banal situations also happen: the smartphone is lost where you are, including your own home. Then a call from another phone helps one hundred percent except when the “Silent” mode is set on the smartphone.

In serious cases, the cellular operator provides data on calls received from the phone after it was lost. But you will not receive the data personally. they will be provided to representatives of law enforcement agencies when you submit an application.

In general, it is recommended to block the SIM card: if the finder wants to call from the found phone, you will pay for the calls. Although if the phone falls into the hands of an experienced intruder, he will throw away the SIM card.

What to do if you can’t find your phone?

Android phones. can be found, and an approximate determination of their location is available. But the search will only bear fruit if the Samsung smartphone:

  • included;
  • connected to a Google account;
  • connected to the internet.

It is important that the device has the “Location” and “Find device” features enabled.

If the phone is stolen. the attacker will take care of turning off the phone. The chances of finding a switched off smartphone are almost zero. But how to find Samsung if you lost it and? There is still a chance that the phone is lying in a secluded place, waiting to be found.

  • through your Google account;
  • through special applications;
  • by phone number.

There is also a widespread opinion about the effectiveness of finding a Samsung smartphone by IMEI.

Let’s consider the mentioned methods from the point of view of practicality and efficiency.

Find phone by IMEI

On the Web, you can find links to services that specialize in finding smartphones by IMEI. However, they are ineffective and fraudulent.

Let’s explain: IMEI is the factory phone code given by the manufacturer. Each device has its own code, and together they form an extensive database. Services purportedly providing search services by IMEI. do not have complete information. Mobile operators have such databases, but they are ready to transfer information of this kind only to law enforcement agencies upon an official request.

Search by IMEI is time-consuming and not always effective, even if carried out by specialists. What then can we say about looking for a smartphone without the necessary equipment? So it is better to leave the idea of ​​self-searching by IMEI right away, especially since attackers sometimes manage to change the code, despite the manufacturer’s efforts to exclude such a possibility.

All ways. how to find your Samsung phone. effective if the smartphone is turned on. The missing smartphone was turned off? You will have to regret it and forget about it. Therefore, the main means of help against the loss of the gadget remains the attentiveness and vigilance of its owner.

Remote lock

If your smartphone is connected to the Internet, you can lock it remotely and / or display a message. The text of the message. standard or individual, usually contains a request to return the loss to the owner.

Prey Anti Theft. three in one

The Prey Anti Theft app is impressive in that it can protect three different devices with a single app. You will have the opportunity to:

  • send an alarm from a missing phone,
  • take screenshots if the device is being used by others,
  • block your Android device at any time.
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Once you download the app, it will instruct you on how to use your Prey account to track your phone. The application itself is free and does not require additional purchases to access the functions.

How to Track a Lost Phone Zeroed via Hard Reset

There is no need to panic. in this case, the case can also be helped, but it will be necessary to act according to a different scheme. To start:

  • Go to your Google account.
  • Check your location history on Google Maps.

If the Internet was connected before you reset the settings or delete your account, you will understand where the stolen / lost gadget traveled. The question is how much will this help.

Open the link through your google account.

In the profile menu with maps and select “Chronology”.

Indicate the day of loss (if you don’t remember, check different dates).

Look at the row with columns. they correspond to the stored and committed locations by day. To find out the last recorded location, click on the blue column closest to the current day.

If you have a factory box with a code and personal data, you can contact law enforcement agencies for help. The quality of the police work is a different matter, often applications are not accepted at all, but some users have successfully returned gadgets in this way. Sites for searching by IMEI usually do not work correctly.

Other programs to find your missing phone

In addition to standard tools and Google Maps, a lost device can be searched using special antivirus software applications. The Anti Theft module is built into Kaspersky and Avast. In basic editions, this module is disabled, but it is activated literally in one minute, including after the loss of the gadget.

Open, log in with your credentials,

In the “Devices” section, select the phone to track.

Locking and control functions are remotely available. If the attacker did not remove the antivirus, you can take a photo from the camera of the stolen phone.

To find out the current location of the device, log in to the website

Select the device and click the “Find” button: the antivirus will build a route for the device.

On a stolen device, you can erase data, display a message on the locked screen, turn on the alarm.

Remote phone call

Click “Call” and listen. this is convenient if the device is lost at home, but there is no card, or there is simply no one to ask to dial you. This option assumes a ringer at full volume, even if silent mode is enabled.

How to track a lost phone through Google Find my Device

To search or manage a device, you need to open the official service page following the link. Log in to your account, select the type of device from the drop-down menu, specify the task to be solved.

Family Locator. Mobile Device Tracking for the Whole Family

Family Locator by Life360 is a GPS tracker for phone tracking. As its name suggests, the app will be especially useful for a family with multiple gadgets. The family members become “Circle” and agree to track phones in real time. Participants of the “circle” will be displayed on the map, in the application, as small icons. Thus, in real time you can see where everyone is at the moment.

Warranty period for Samsung phones in the Russian Federation

According to the information posted on the official website of Samsung, the warranty for phones sold in the Russian Federation is 1 year.

After the specified period of time, any repairs to the product will be made at the expense of the buyer.

How to check the warranty card by serial number or IMEI?

Users of Samsung products have the option of checking the electronic warranty online. This may require the serial number of the product or IMEI.

IMEI consists of 16 digits and is usually located on the nameplate under the rear access panel or written directly on it (if it cannot be removed). In addition, you can find out your IMEI through the phone settings by going to the “About device” section.

So, in order to check the phone warranty, you must proceed as follows:

  • First you need to follow this link.
  • In the window that opens, an empty form will appear called “Electronic guarantee check”. It should be filled in, indicating the IMEI of the phone (tablet) or the serial number (if you need to check the warranty of other equipment).

How do I check my Samsung phone warranty? Is it possible on the Internet?

This article will help you learn how to check the warranty for the products of this brand, as well as figure out what it includes.

What is electronic design and what are its advantages?

This type of guarantee has a number of significant advantages over a paper coupon. The main ones include:

  • the ability to contact an authorized Samsung service without presenting any documents (receipts, packaging, etc.);
  • a defective product can be returned for repair anywhere in Russia;
  • if the buyer wants to give this or that equipment to someone as a gift, then he does not need to hand over the present along with the check (sometimes it is not very convenient to do this).

What is the commitment?

The warranty provided to customers of Samsung products protects the purchased equipment for a specific period of time established by the terms of the contract. This period starts counting from the moment of purchase of the product.

  • screen flickering due to improperly soldered display;
  • inoperative state of the cooling function of the refrigerator (due to defective compressors);
  • sudden shutdown of the washing machine during operation due to poor-quality waterproofing, etc.

In all these cases, the buyer can count on a free restoration of the purchased equipment at Samsung authorized service centers.

In general, the warranty provided by Samsung includes two types of services:

Paper and electronic types

Samsung has two types of warranty cards:

What does ZoZPP say?

Thus, if the Samsung phone fails after the expiration of the warranty period, but within 2 years, the buyer will be able to make the relevant claims to the seller. At the same time, the owner of the phone will have to prove that the breakdown is related to a defect that arose at the production stage. It is possible that in this situation there may be a need for an independent examination.

Find phone by geolocation

Determining the location of the lost phone and searching for subscribers by satellite. a procedure available only under certain conditions. But everyone who uses a modern Android smartphone or iPhone has a way to find a phone by geolocation. The probability of a successful search depends directly on the current state. the device is turned on or turned off. But even so, there are ways to determine the last known location.

Positioning is not possible if the geolocation function is disabled. After all, it was specially implemented to solve such cases. By the standard, it is turned on, or activated at the moments when you enter the Internet. If you just lost your phone, you will find it 100%. If someone picked it up, or stole it, then the search speed depends directly on the insidiousness of the attacker.

Location of the phone by operator and smartphone brand

In case you have logged in at least once on the website of a mobile operator, or a phone manufacturer of your brand. you need to return to the official sites, log in to the profile, and find the phone search function. As far as is known: MTC, Beeline and Tele2. precisely have such a function and allow not only finding the phone, but also tracking the location of loved ones.

If we talk about the website of the smartphone manufacturer, then Samsung and the iPhone definitely have such tools. Regarding other models. should be checked on the manufacturer’s website. Indeed, even if your SIM card is changed, then using the IMEI code, the operator can determine the number of the new card, and probably on whom the SIM itself is recorded. If you cannot directly resolve this issue through the operator, then with the help of law enforcement agencies.

Geolocate iPhone by satellite

Every iPhone comes with a built-in iCloud app, which comes with the device not only for backing up phone memory and extra space, but also for locating. By the standard, all location functions are enabled in iCloud, right down to peering the location where the device was turned off. You just need to download iCloud to your computer and log in to the program with the AppleID data that is used on your smartphone. Next, you need to go to the “Phone search” section. There you can monitor the online location of the phone, if it is turned on, or see the place where it was turned off. If the device works, you can block it and display a message asking you to return the smartphone.

Find your phone using Google

It is necessary that your phone has been authorized in Google services at least once. If you are logged into YouTube or Google, then your phone is automatically linked to your account, and you can log in to it on your computer, and then google the phrase “Android Device Manager” and select the first page that comes across. If your phone is turned on, you will immediately see its location on the map by satellite, online. Otherwise, you will have access to the information of the device’s last connection to the Internet. You can also block and display a message on your phone asking for a return.


Here you can track the location of a person by subscriber number.

Search for Samsung phone via Google account

If a person has lost their mobile device, they can be found through their Google account. To do this, go to via a computer, smartphone or tablet and log into your account. If the “Location” function was enabled on the lost gadget, you can roughly find out where Samsung is at the moment. If it is disabled, the following actions remain available:

  • blocking;
  • deletion of personal information;
  • ringing.

The dialing function is useful in the event that it was possible to establish the approximate location of the Samsung phone. By turning it on, a sound signal is activated. The sound on the smartphone will be repeated until it is turned off on the device itself or in the Google account.

Locking Samsung involves setting a password. over, this action can be performed even if the password was not previously used. In addition, there is also the ability to write a message that is addressed to the person who found the gadget. If he turns out to be a decent person, he will return the loss.

Important! The password must be written down somewhere or remembered. It is impossible to change it in the future.

The deletion of data is made so that the finder could not use it. As a rule, these actions are performed when the hope for the return of the gadget is minimal.

Third party apps to find your Samsung phone

You can find your lost Samsung using third-party apps. Among the most popular of them are the following:

  • Family Locator. This is a kind of GPS tracker. Typically used in families with multiple devices. The application creates a group of users who agree to track gadgets that are displayed on the map in real time as small icons;
  • Cerberus anti theft. It is characterized by huge functionality. The user can block the device, make calls, erase personal data. It is also possible to control the camera, determine the location of the gadget and turn on the alarm;
  • Prey Anti Theft. Allows you to protect up to three devices. There is a possibility of giving sound signals from a lost gadget and blocking it. You can also take screenshots if the phone is in use;
  • Lost Android. Provides access to the lost device through the website. It will be possible to erase personal information and write a message to the finder with a request to return the mobile phone. Also, using this application, you can forward calls to another number, find out about where they called from the device, see sent messages and photos taken;
  • Where’s My Droid. Among the functions of this application are to ring a lost Samsung, search via GPS, use a passcode in order to prevent data changes. In addition, Stealth Mode does not allow the person who found the device to read incoming messages. Instead, the word “Attention” is displayed, indicating that the smartphone is stolen or lost.
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Important! It will be possible to find a device with the help of third-party programs only if their installation was carried out in advance.

Find Samsung phone via account

No one is safe from losing a smartphone. The gadget can simply be forgotten somewhere, it can be stolen. At the same time, a person does not just remain without communication, strangers have free access to his information. It is possible to avoid this. There are several ways to find your Samsung phone or at least delete sensitive data.

Find your Samsung phone via Find My Mobile

Find my mobile device application will help you in your search for your lost device. You can enter it from any gadget. It is installed through the Play Market.

Find My Mobile is affiliated with Google. Its work is carried out in the same way as through a Google account. True, it will not be possible to find a switched off phone with its help. The search will be successful only if geolocation is enabled on the device. After launching the application, the approximate location of the device will be displayed on the map.

Finding a phone using a Samsung account

You can also track your phone yourself using a free tool offered by the manufacturer itself. True, only on condition that the “Google Location” and “Remote Control” functions have been activated on Samsung.

Therefore, immediately after purchasing a Samsung smartphone, you need to do the following:

  • Open the “Lock screen and protection” section.
  • Go to the “Find My Device” page.
  • Link device to Samsung account.
  • Activate both functions.

After the loss, you will need to do the following:

  • From a computer or any other gadget, follow the link
  • Log in to the site using your Samsung account.
  • Go to the “Find device” tab.
  • Press the button with the same name.

If the lost Samsung has an Internet connection at this moment, its location will be immediately displayed on the map. If there is no Internet connection, the search will start immediately after the network becomes available on the device.

Find Samsung Phone by IMEI

You can search for a lost device by IMEI. This 15-digit number is a unique smartphone number. It can be found on the sticker under the battery and on the gadget box. True, few people prudently write down these numbers and save the packaging. Therefore, the method will not help everyone.

If you still manage to find a unique number, you can contact the police for help. Law enforcement officials will need to provide a contract for a SIM card, passport and IMEI.

When the police receive a statement about the loss, they will contact the operator and the number of the smartphone will be tracked. At the same time, you need to understand that detectives do not consider finding a smartphone a priority. It will take a long time.

You don’t have to waste time on a statement and contact the operators yourself. As soon as the towers pick up the signal, the location of the device will be determined. To complete these steps you need:

  • Call your cellular operator.
  • The specialist will redirect the call to a consultant who will answer all your questions.
  • Indicate the number of the lost phone, SIM card agreement and IMEI.

After that, you just have to wait for a response from the operator. Message will arrive immediately after receiving Samsung location data.

It is quite possible to find a stolen or lost device. So that the search does not cause any particular difficulties, it is necessary to take care of its protection immediately after purchasing the device. For this purpose, you need to register your own Google and Samsung account. It will also be useful to write down the IMEI somewhere and install a third-party application designed to remotely control the gadget. Thanks to such actions, the chances of tracking the smartphone are significantly increased.

How to Locate an Android Phone

How to find out where your device is located, lock it, or delete data from it Go to and sign in to your Google Account. If you are using multiple devices, select the one you need at the top of the page.

Play it safe in advance: “link” Android to your Google account. You can find your phone by IMEI (Have) using the search function GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks. Or call even if the SIM card is reinstalled.

  • To enable the search function, go to “Settings” → “Security” → “Device Administrators”
  • Confirm with a tick that you allow services to lock the screen, change the picture password and delete data from the phone. Get active.

Now you can control your mobile phone from a distance when you enter Google.

Important: you can only find out the location of the phone if it is connected to the Internet and its accounts are saved.

Samsung’s Find My Mobile. As A Samsung Owner, This Is Super Important

When you visit the site for the first time, you will have to accept the conditions that allow the dispatcher to use the data on the location of the smartphone. After that you can track or call back to find the phone by number.

How to find a stolen iPhone

God protects those who are careful to protect the iPhone, connect the “Find iPhone” function. In the future, you can block, send SMS and determine the location of the phone even if it is not connected to the Internet. Changes will take effect when online.

  • Launch Find My iPhone.
  • If the app doesn’t show up, be aware that your account only has access to iCloud web features. To access, set up iCloud on your iOS device or Mac.
  • Click on “All devices”, select yours to track / block.
  • Click Lost Mode (iOS 6 or later) or Lock (iOS 5 or OS X 10.7.5 or later). It will lock the device with a password. Follow the instructions shown on the display.

How to find a phone by IMEI?

It would be great to “annoy” the cybercriminals if you enter the IMEI into the global search database at Make it easier for the police to find a device. As soon as the smartphone “lights up”, you will be contacted to return.

The IMEI code is a fifteen-digit serial number written on the back of your smartphone. It encrypts information about the smartphone, which is displayed on the network of mobile operators. The number can be displayed on the screen by dialing the combination # or found in the warranty card, as well as on the packaging from the mobile.

Do not wait for the occasion, rewrite the IMEI number in your address book, so that it is at hand. This will make it easier for you to find your phone by IMEI.

Leave your opinion and suggestions to the article “What to do now to quickly find a stolen phone by IMEI”

Effective Samsung Phone Finder Program

What is included in the Samsung search program. recording conversations, turning on the dictaphone, notification about changing the SIM card, geolocation on the map, etc. The best Android phone finder will help you get your lost back.

Have you lost your gadget, which contains a huge amount of necessary information? Why are you typing into the search engine: “Samsung phone search site”? How to correctly and efficiently search for a Samsung phone through the site?

There are a huge number of situations that prompted such a decision. The most common are the following:

  • search for a lost phone;
  • search for a stolen phone:
  • round-the-clock location of the phone on the map (business trips, long trips);
  • parental control over the phones of children;
  • control over the movement of elderly parents;
  • control of mobile (mobile) workers;
  • locating spouses.

As you can see, this function has completely different tasks. In one case, it is a search for a phone that has ended up in an unknown place with the course of a number of circumstances (theft, loss). In another case, it is an opportunity to see on the map where the controlled phone is currently located (children, husband / wife, loved ones, elderly or parents suffering from multiple sclerosis). In the third, it is control over the working time of mobile employees.

Where can I download the program?

The most effective Samsung phone search (determine the location, listen to calls, turn on the voice recorder and much more) can be found on our official website. The installation file is downloaded for free. There is a guide where the pictures show all the steps of the installation.

The first day the program will transfer data for free. The collected information goes to your personal account. Your personal account will open as soon as you complete the free and easy registration. You can enter the office from your computer through any web browser.

Attention! You can enter the office from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. the program and the office do not have any geographic referencing.

What can you learn about the phone?

Search for Samsung Galaxy phone by geolocation is as follows. After installation, the program hides and runs in the background (hidden) mode. It transmits the location of the phone according to the parameters you specified, which you set during setup.

You can set the following settings under which it will be carried out:

  • changed the SIM card;
  • GPS coordinates;
  • coordinates by WI-Fi;
  • coordinates for base stations of mobile operators;
  • determining the location when the owner is talking on the phone;
  • SMS messages have arrived;
  • search for a phone by geolocation with a set period;
  • determination of current coordinates.

Those. you independently, based on your initial tasks, set. under what conditions the program will determine the location of the phone, and transfer this data to you to the office, which you will enter from anywhere in the world, from any device.

In addition, the phone finder will allow you to:

  • remotely turn on the microphone (dictaphone) to record the environment;
  • receive a record of conversations made by thieves;
  • receive photos on unsuccessful screen unlocks;
  • remotely take photos from both cameras;
  • get the position of the phone (at least every 5 minutes);
  • receive screenshots of the screen (at least every 2 seconds);
  • read all notifications that come to the phone’s shutter;
  • and much more.

Our Android phone finder software will let you find your phone and get it back to you.

Effective Samsung Phone Finder Program

What is the difficulty?

Finding a stolen Samsung phone is fraught with minor complications in the form of. pulling out the SIM card, resetting to factory settings, transferring the phone to another city or region, and, as the final goal, selling.

But, despite all these actions of thieves, you can still get your device back if you install our phone search program on it in advance.

The good thing about searching for a Samsung phone through the site is that the data will come to your office, which you can enter from anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. Whether through a computer, tablet, phone or laptop.

After all, sooner or later your stolen Samsung phone will fall into the hands of those who install a SIM card and connect to the Internet. Here you will see the location of your device, as well as find out everything that the new owner does on your phone.

What is included in the search program?

It is at that moment when the device “lies quietly” and it is necessary to find it on the map. So take care of this beforehand. install the Reptilicus logger application! When setting up, activate the functions that determine the location during various active actions or simply after a certain period of time. And you will always know where your phone is.!

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