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Forgot iCloud password (Apple ID). how to be and what to do?

Good time! It’s just that a huge number of questions are received both by e-mail and in Комментарии и мнения владельцев to articles on the topic of a forgotten (lost, changed by someone, etc.) e-mail iCloud and its password. To be more precise, this is an Apple ID, but this does not change the essence of the matter. In order to somehow systematize all this information, it was decided to write this article. So, if you do not remember (do not know) the password or e-mail to which your (or “someone else’s”) iPhone or iPad is registered, and you really want to activate it, then this instruction is for you!

A bit of history. With the release of the iOS 7 operating system, Apple introduced additional protection for all device owners from theft, loss, etc. Now no one can access the phone, as well as the data that is on it, if he does not know the Apple ID and password from it.

  • Hard Reset.
  • Restore with iTunes.
  • Upgrading (Upgrading or Downgrading) Firmware.
  • Entering DFU mode and then trying to flash.
  • Parsing into small parts and replacing certain parts of the phone.

NOTHING will help! Do not trust people who promise to “hack” it for money (most often not small!). Remember. it is impossible to delete an Apple ID without a password to it. iPhone or iPad are rigidly bound to the registration data and can only be unlinked:

  • The direct owner of the device who owns this information.
  • Apple employee.

Speaking of bindings, they come in two flavors:

  • When activated, the system only asks for an Apple ID and password. Everything described below in the article will be devoted to this issue. In this case, there is hope for unlocking.
  • Everything is the same, but the Lost Mode is on, in this case you will see the following inscription. This iPhone (iPad) was lost and erased (can be translated as “This iPhone was lost and all data was erased”). In the very last paragraph of the article, there are two “excellent” tips on how to proceed in this case.

So, we have the first scenario and there is no question of any lost mode, but you just forgot the password from iCloud (Apple ID) and the phone (tablet) was locked after updating the firmware or resetting the settings to the factory settings.

What to do? How do I clear the activation message? There are two ways:

  • We go to the recovery page and try to do something there: indicate the mail to which the Apple ID is registered, enter an additional e-mail address, answer security questions. If you know at least something, then the chances of unlocking your iPhone increase.!
  • For those who do not remember anything at all. We write (or better call) to Apple Support. here is the link to the contact page. We describe your situation as accurately and in detail as possible. Remember, there are people sitting there and more often than not stupid! Most likely, after a short conversation, you will be asked to prove the fact that the device belongs and has always belonged to you. How? Provide a photo of the box (of course, not just packaging, but the place where the serial number is indicated), the serial number of the gadget itself, plus a purchase document (receipts). If everything is in order and Apple employees believe you, the iCloud Lock will be removed.

However, it may also happen that this does not happen. Why? The fact is that just a huge number of people began to forge purchase documents and thus deceive the company.

I do not presume to judge whether it is good or bad, but the fact is that the number of unlocked devices using this method has decreased and each new application already initially causes distrust.

This means that such a situation may happen. the iPhone or iPad really belongs to you, you provided all the documents, and Apple employees refuse to remove Activation Lock. How to be? Write to the English-language support (the last subtitle in this article will help you figure out how to do this) and tell them the whole story about how you forgot your iCloud password and want to unlock it.

If they do not help, then, unfortunately, there is nothing left to do but either hand over the device for spare parts, or put it on the shelf until better times.

Such is the slightly sad ending of the article, but I think that in your case everything will be “OK” and the blocking will be removed for you.

Two-step verification

What to do if you forgot your Icloud password on an older iPhone? As mentioned earlier, two-step verification is a method exclusively for older devices. It used to be used instead of 2FA.

For this method, how to unlock iCloud, if you forgot your password, you will need a recovery key. If it is also lost, then you can only create a new ID. If you have it, then let’s get down to business.

  • We repeat the first four steps from the instructions with e-mail.
  • Instead of sending instructions by mail, we select the request to enter the recovery key.
  • Specify a trusted device.
  • It should receive a code very quickly.
  • Enter it on the site.

Access to your vault will be restored as soon as you come up with a new password.

How to access iCloud by answering security questions

If for some reason you do not have access to the email associated with your iCloud account, then you can enable reset by security questions.

To use this option, you need to repeat the first four steps from the previous instructions, and then select the second option to restore access.

In this case, you will need to answer two security questions. You asked these questions and the answers to them yourself during registration. In addition, you will be asked to indicate your date of birth (the one that is indicated on your profile).

If you enter everything correctly, you will see a form for resetting the old password and creating a new one. After that, just go to your account with the new data.

What to do if you forgot your Icloud password on your iPhone, all options

As already mentioned, there are five ways to find out the password from Ayclaud if you forgot it. You can:

  • use your email to reset your password;
  • go through the reset procedure for control questions;
  • use two-step verification (only for older devices);
  • use two-factor authentication (only for new devices);
  • contact support.

The latter option is needed in case the problem cannot be solved on its own. Next, we will look at all of the above methods separately.

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Forgot iCloud password on iPhone: what to do

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In today’s article, you will find step-by-step instructions on what to do if you forgot your iCloud password on your iPhone. 5 ways to recover your password: by email, security question, two-step verification, two-factor authentication, and support. But first things first.

Surely each of you has forgotten your password at least once in your life. Today, with all the abundance of social networks, services and a variety of site formats, you have to keep a lot of data in your head. Therefore, it is not surprising that some of it is sometimes “lost”

Fortunately for us, the developers of the iCloud cloud service have prudently taken care of this possibility and introduced as many as five ways to restore access to your storage. In this article, we will talk about what to do if you forgot your Icloud password on your iPhone.

How to reset your password using email

The easiest way to restore iCloud if you forgot your password is to use the email linked to your account. This option is suitable for users of any device; If you have forgotten the password from Icloud on iPhone 6th, 7th, 8th or X, then this is what you need. The procedure can be performed even through a computer.

  • Enter the browser.
  • In its address bar, write the address “”.
  • On the page that opens, enter your Apple
  • Select the “Reset” option.
  • Then, when the system offers you several recovery options to choose from, select “Via E-mail”.
  • Then click “Continue”.
  • Open the email address you provided before.
  • There should be a letter from the service, open it and follow the specified link; if not, check the “Spam” folder; if it is not there either. return to the previous page and select the option “Send the letter again” there.
  • A page will open in front of you, where you need to enter a new password.

All that remains for you after that is to enter the cloud using the new data. Another reset letter will be sent to you, you do not need to reply to it, you can simply delete.

Contacting Support

If you are unable to regain access to your account, then the only option left to log into iCloud is to contact Support.

  • To get started, go to “”.
  • Enter your account details here.
  • The system will give you all the matches.
  • Then go to “”.
  • Request the restoration of access to your account, while you should indicate as much information about it as possible.
  • If you are asked to send a photo with a box from the device or a passport. take it and send it; you may also be asked to answer additional questions about your account.

If you manage to prove to the support staff that you are the real owner of the account, they will allow you to change your password to a new one.

Two-factor authentication

Another convenient option for how to correctly set a new password and reset iCloud, if you forgot the old one, is to use two-factor authentication. However, you will be able to do this only if this procedure has already been installed in your account.

If so, then on your smartphone you need to open the application on a trusted device and go to the personal section in the settings, and then open the “Security” subsection and start recovery. All that is required of you further is to follow the prompts of the system and enter the code at the right time.

On older systems, you can also reset your password using two-factor authentication, but here this is done through the “Account” section in iCloud.

If you have selected a Mac as a trusted device, then you will need to do the following:

  • First, open system preferences.
  • There you need to open the section “iCloud” and go to the subsection “Accounts”.
  • If after that the system asks you to log in, select the option “Data lost”.
  • Then select “Reset” from the menu.

Unlock iPhone via iCloud

After 9 incorrect attempts to enter the password, iOS will lock the smartphone to prevent intruders from accessing sensitive data. You can unlock iPhone using iCloud.

Important: This option works if the user knows his Apple ID, remembers additional mail and answers to security questions. You will also need access to the Internet via a PC or another smartphone.

How to unlock iCloud successfully if the “Find My Phone” option is enabled on the iPhone and there is a backup.

  • go to;
  • enter Apple ID;
  • go to “All devices” and select the desired gadget;
  • select the sub-item “Erase”.

iPhone will work without a password, but there will be no data on it. The backup will return everything that was on the smartphone in less than half an hour. It is installed via iTunes.

How to restore your iPhone if you forgot your passcode. Apple Support

Resetting the Wrong Attempts Counter

The method allows you to remember the password an unlimited number of times. If after the N-th attempt the iPhone is locked, it is temporary. It is enough just to reset the counter of attempts. and everything will work again.

The method to reset iPhone password is for phones older than iPhone X, which do not have the ability to use FaceID to unlock. You will need:

  • Connect your smartphone via a cord to your PC with iTunes enabled.
  • Go to the “Devices” submenu and select the “Synchronize with” sub-item.
  • The counter will now reset to zero. It is enough to enter the desired combination. and the smartphone will work.

Important! It is impossible to reset the counter via Hard Reset! You need to remember your password, otherwise your smartphone will turn into a brick. Also, it will not work to connect it to someone else’s PC, since for this you need to confirm the connection. And this cannot be done due to the locked screen.

How to Unlock iPhone: 5 Ways to Unlock iPhone if You Forgot Your Passcode

Cupertinos help Apple every year justify its status as a tech giant that takes great care of its customers’ data. For several years they have been working with biometric authentication methods. fingerprints and FaceID. But what to do if, for some reason, it is impossible to use them, and there is an acute question of how to unlock the iPhone if you forgot the password. About legal methods of unlocking iPhone. further in the article.

How to Unlock iPhone without Password in Recovery Mode

The method is suitable for those who know their username and password in Apple ID. By unlocking without this information with Find My Phone enabled, it is easy to turn your iPhone into a brick. Service centers won’t save him.

  • Disconnect the smartphone and connect it to the PC.
  • Launch iTunes on a PC or laptop. Click “Restore iPhone”. On devices with macOS Catalina 10.15 and earlier, just open Finder.
  • Check for updates and follow all subsequent instructions.
  • On the next screen, select “Restore”. The smartphone will delete all data stored on it.
  • Now you should wait until the current firmware is installed. All you have to do is set it up like a new phone.

Important: On some iPhones, after the procedure, error 3004 is displayed (it was not possible to restore the iPhone). Don’t worry, everything is fixable! To fix it, just exit all browsers and set Internet Explorer by default.

If the firmware was downloaded in advance, then when you click on “Restore iPhone” in iTunes, you need to hold down Shift. As a result, a window will appear for entering the path to the desired file.

Installing new firmware on iPhone if you forgot your password

If unlocking iPhone via iTunes did not help, you should try using Hard Reset.

Special programs for unlocking iPhone

If there is a jailbreak on a locked phone, then the methods suggested above will not work for it. They are created to install firmware from the manufacturer on a clean smartphone. This Unlock is not suitable for this phone, since there is already an unofficial firmware.

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To unlock a Jailbreak device without a password, you need to download the Semi-Restore application to your computer. It won’t work if the iPhone is without OpenSSH and Cydia. They are? Great, then everything will go smoothly.

After that, the algorithm of actions will be as follows:

  • Download the application on a PC (for example, on DELL G3 3579 or MacBook Pro Touch Bar 13 “1Tb).
  • Connect a mobile phone via a cord.
  • Turn on the application and click on the SemiRestore icon, after which the iPhone will clear.
  • Wait for reboot and download data from the cloud back.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do if you forgot your iPhone passcode, and you can’t log in via FaceID or fingerprints. You can fix everything using the algorithms and instructions suggested above.

How to Unlock iPhone If Forgot Password: 6 Ways

After the tenth try, your favorite iPhone is locked forever. The company is trying to protect phone owners from data hacking as much as possible, so it is quite difficult to recover the password, but there is such an opportunity. In this article, we will give as many as six ways to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password.

Important! If you have not performed any synchronization of your data before attempting to reset, all of them will be lost.

1.5. By installing new firmware

This method is reliable and works for the vast majority of users, but requires the selection and download of firmware, which weighs 1-2 Gigabytes.

Attention! Choose your source for downloading the firmware carefully. If there is a virus inside it, it can completely break your iPhone. You won’t be able to find out how to unlock it. Do not ignore the warnings of the antivirus program and do not download files with the extension.exe

Use your computer to find and download the firmware for your iPhone model with the.IPSW extension. This extension is the same for all models. For example, almost all official firmwares can be found here.

Enter File Explorer and move the firmware file to the folder at C: \ Documents and Settings \ username you are using \ Application Data \ Apple Computer \ iTunes \ iPhone Software Updates.

Now connect your device to your computer via USB cable and enter iTunes. Go to your phone section (if you have multiple devices). Each model will have a full technical name and you can easily find yours.

Press CTRL and “Restore iPhone”. You will be able to select the firmware file that you downloaded. Click on it and click “Open”.

Now it remains to wait. Eventually, the password will be reset along with your data.

1.3. By resetting the bad attempt counter

If your gadget is locked after the sixth attempt to enter the password, and you hope to remember the password, try resetting the counter of incorrect attempts.

Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable and turn on iTunes. It is important that Wi-Fi or mobile Internet is turned on on the mobile.

Wait a little while the program “sees” the phone and select the “Devices” menu item. Then click “Sync with (your iPhone’s name)”.

Immediately after the start of synchronization, the counter will reset to zero. You can keep trying to enter the correct password.

Remember that the counter cannot be reset by simply rebooting the device.

1.2. How to unlock iPhone via iCloud

This method only works if you have the “Find iPhone” function set up and activated. If you are still wondering how to recover your iPhone password, use any of the other five methods.

First of all, you need to follow the link from any device, no matter whether it is a smartphone or a computer. 2. If you have not logged into the site before and did not save your password, at this stage you need to enter the data from your Apple ID profile. If you forgot your account password, go to the last section of the article on how to reset iPhone password for Apple ID. 3. At the top of the screen, you will see the All Devices list. Click on it and select the device you need, if there are several.

Click “Erase (device name)”, this way you will erase all phone data along with its password.

The phone is now available to you. You can restore it from an iTunes or iCloud backup, or re-configure it as if it were just purchased.

Important! Even if the service is activated, but at the same time access to Wi-Fi or mobile Internet is disabled on the phone, this method will not work.

Forgot Your iPhone Passcode? Here’s How You Can Regain Access!. XS/XR/X/8/7/6

Without an internet connection, most of the ways to hack iPhone passcode won’t work.

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password?

Hi friends! Not so long ago, I bought my wife an iPhone 7, but she is a forgetful lady and there was a problem: how to unlock the iPhone if you forgot the password? At that moment, I realized what the next topic of my article would be.

Despite the fact that most iPhone models have finger scanners, many continue to use digital passwords out of habit. There are also owners of phone models 4 and 4s, in which the fingerprint scanner is not built-in. Plus there is a chance of glitches in the scanner. That is why thousands of people are still faced with the problem of a forgotten password.

Effective Way to Unlock iPhone without Passcode

If you are among those who do not remember the code from the iPhone, then, having learned how to unlock iPhone without a password, you can easily cope with this task. To do this, you need to be able to connect to a computer or laptop with iTunes installed.

Even if you did not enter the password correctly and the iPhone is locked, you can still sync it via iTunes. Before changing the code to enter the menu of the device, connect it to the USB port using the supplied cable (detachable from the charger). Be sure to sync your data so that you can recover it in case of loss due to improper recovery.

To use a locked iPhone, you must enter DFU mode. To do this, reboot the device as follows:

To unlock your iPhone if you forgot your password, you need to wait a few minutes until the sync is complete. iPhone will return to DFU mode, but the security code will no longer be on it.

The procedure for unlocking an iPhone without a password is simple, but quite lengthy. Often, users can not stand it and disconnect the device from a laptop or computer. You should not do this, as if you restore it incorrectly, all your data may be completely lost. In addition, in the future, there may be software failures in the operation of the device.

If you forgot your iPhone password and do not know what to do with it, use the suggested method, since it is impossible to unlock iPhone without iTunes.

Other Ways to Unlock iPhone If Forgot Password

For you to be able to navigate inactive ways to recover iPhone without passcode, please note the following.

Various websites report that the iOS operating system has bugs that allow you to bypass password protection if you make an emergency call. However, Apple has improved this gap, so it will not work to jailbreak an iPhone without a password using this method.

There is a method when it is recommended to delete the file with the security code from the iPhone through the IExplorer browser, however, this option is unlikely to lead to the desired result.

Some inept users argue that you can change the password on the iPhone if it is locked using the Find My iPhone application. However, this method is doomed to failure.

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If you have come across instructions that claim that you can unlock your iPhone password without iTunes, then you shouldn’t waste time applying them, as they will be useless.

Unlocking iPhone after jailbreak

Step-by-step unlocking instructions:

  • Download the SemiRestore application on the official website and install it on your computer.
  • Using USB cable, connect iPhone to PC.
  • Run the program and wait for the smartphone to be recognized.
  • If the recognition procedure was completed correctly, then you should click the “SemiRestore” button. this will activate data clearing on the iPhone.

During unlocking, the smartphone’s backlight may turn off and then light up repeatedly. A few minutes later, when the iPhone is fully loaded, a clean desktop will appear on the screen, and the settings will return to their original settings. The fact that the Cydia utility has not disappeared anywhere indicates the safety of the jailbreak. Then they set a new password and transfer the contents from the iTunes backup to the gadget.

What to do if you forgot your iPhone account password?

In addition to the security password, the owner of an Apple smartphone must always remember the AppleID password. It is not so easy to keep it in mind at all times. The user enters the screen lock password daily, thereby putting the combination of numbers into his subcortex. The AppleID password is needed only when it is necessary to download an application from the AppStore, so it is quickly erased from memory.

To recover your AppleID password, you need to go to the official website, and then follow these steps:

  • On the page of the website that opens, click the button “Forgot AppleID or password?”. A window will appear where you will need to drive in the AppleID. After the identification input, click “Continue”.
  • Choose a way to change your password: an email (which is specified during registration) or a security question. Basically, they prefer the first method, because if the user does not remember the AppleID password, then the answer to the security question even flew out of his head. After clicking the “Continue” button, a message appears notifying that the letter has been sent to the mailbox.
  • You need to go to the post office and find the corresponding letter. Follow the link “Reset password“.
  • Create and set a password in a special form.

What to do if you forgot your iPhone passcode?

As life practice shows, many owners of electronic gadgets often forget their passwords, so they try to duplicate them. There is no doubt that this goes against all measures of secure storage of information. However, this approach means that you don’t have to wonder how to unlock your iPhone when the last attempt to remember the unfortunate numbers ends up completely locking the device.

Developers from Apple, putting the security of user data at the forefront, have created a difficult situation: an incorrectly entered password entails a complete blocking of the device, which is problematic to remove without the participation of licensed services. The tenth unsuccessful attempt to enter the password from LockScreen will inevitably lead to the fact that the mobile device will be locked. You can regain access to the iPhone using the iTunes or iCloud service, while you need to remember the AppleID and password from your personal account.

Hard reset Apple mobile device

If the owner of the iPhone has lost backups in iCloud or on a PC in iTunes, and access to the device is completely limited, then you will have to forget about all the files on the locked phone once and for all. The only solution to this problem is to restore the factory settings of the gadget.

  • Connect your smartphone to a computer or laptop where iTunes is preinstalled.
  • Perform a hard restart of the iPhone by holding down the power key and the Home button until the screen turns black. Continue to hold Home until the logo of the developer company is displayed on the screen. If iTunes appears on the screen after the bitten apple logo, it means switching to data recovery mode.
  • In recovery mode, iTunes will be prompted to restore iPhone. It is possible that the application will require you to update the iPhone firmware. You need to confirm this action.
  • The program will download the corresponding software version and install it on the connected device. After this, it will be possible to customize the gadget in a new way.

How to unlock iPhone via iCloud?

There is another way to reset your password. through the iCloud service. To restore, you will need to activate Find My iPhone, which allows you to remotely delete iPhone content and find its location in the event of theft or loss. This function is enabled as follows: enter the “iCloud Settings” menu and toggle the toggle switch located opposite the “Find iPhone” column (located at the bottom of the display).

If you can’t remember your iPhone passcode, and the content stored on it isn’t particularly valuable, you should follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of the data storage service. iCloud. On the main page of the site, the user will be prompted to enter identification data.
  • After the password for the account is verified, a map diagram will appear in front of your eyes, allowing you to find the coordinates of the smartphone.
  • Select your device in the “All devices” section
  • The gadget control menu should appear on the right panel. select “Erase iPhone”
  • Re-enter your Apple ID password. Next, the process of eliminating the previous settings and content will be launched. The well-known Apple logo in the form of an apple will appear on the display, a download bar will appear. this indicates that the erasing procedure has been started.

After successfully unlocking and returning to the previous settings, you can try to resolve the issue of restoring personal data from a backup. To do this, go to the “Setup Assistant”. However, there is no one hundred percent guarantee that such a manipulation will bring a positive result.

Reset iPhone password using restore from backup

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot your password? To restore data, you can use the iTunes service on a personal computer that was previously used to sync with an Apple device. In a similar situation, iTunes uses backups that were previously created automatically. Thus, the owner of the iPhone gets a chance to revert to using the old password.

  • Connect the locked device to the PC and synchronize.
  • Launch iTunes and wait until the required software is loaded. If the utility does not require entering a password, then it’s okay, but when iTunes asks for a code, it’s better to connect the iPhone to another PC, otherwise all information from the device will be destroyed.
  • If the program did not require a password, then let iTunes continue the synchronization process, and then create a backup copy of the iPhone.
  • After completing the synchronization and creating a backup, click on the “Restore” button.
  • Select “Restore device from backup”.
  • Select any personal iPhone backup file to restore. We must not forget that the latest versions contain the most relevant gadgets.

After completing the recovery, you can re-configure the password, but now try not to forget it.

Unlocking iPhone at a service center

If all attempts to regain access to the iPhone at home have not been crowned with success, it remains only to take the smartphone to a specialized center. How much will it cost to unlock an iPhone? Depending on the iPhone model, the amount can vary from one to two thousand rubles. If you want to save at least some money, going to the official Apple service, you need to take your iPhone documents and a check with you. Service wizards will do their best to unlock iPhone without losing valuable data.