Full color ribbon printer

What are the main points you should consider when buying a printer for these consumables:

  • It is preferable that the print quality of the printer is at least 300dpi, since the nylon tape has a not entirely smooth and even surface and with a standard printer resolution of 203dpi, small text may not be printed clearly
  • If you are purchasing an entry-level printer, you will additionally need to purchase external nylon or satin roll holders. The size of the printer body allows to fit inside a roll with a diameter of no more than 127mm, the standard size of a roll of nylon or satin is about 200mm
  • if you have large print volumes, then it is worth purchasing such an additional option for the printer as a cutter (knife). This device will significantly reduce your time for cutting labels manually (with scissors)
  • nylon and satin ribbons create static stress when interacting with the ribbon, as a result of which the ribbon begins to adhere to the ribbon and is sucked back into the printer, causing printing to stop. No universal solution for dealing with statics has been invented, but there are some recommendations:
    – the printer must have brushes installed to remove static from the ribbon, which to some extent reduces the sticking effect;
    – the room in which the printer is located must have sufficient humidity;
    – you should also not set the maximum print temperature, as this will also lead to an increase in static. We recommend purchasing high-quality Resin Textile ribbons, which do not require maximum head heating to obtain a high-quality image.
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Next, let’s take a look at the 3 classes of printers we recommend for printing.

Review of TSC nylon and satin ribbon printers

Today we will look at the models of TSC brand printers, thanks to which you can get a high-quality printed nylon or satin label.

Middle class. Model TSC 346MT, print resolution 300dpi.

For large manufacturers of textile products with an average output of finished products of at least 15,000-20,000 items per shift, the TSC 346MT printer is perfect.

ribbon, printer

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The main differences from the middle class model ME340:

  • Maximum print speed at 300dpi is 10 inches / sec, allowing you to print over 30,000 labels per day.
  • New technology for improved print quality Thermal Smart Control. helps you get quality images in the smallest possible size.
  • The presence of an LCD display in the basic configuration and the possibility of increasing the memory up to 32 GB, in fact, makes this device completely self-contained (you can not use a PC).
  • The network card is also included in the basic configuration of the printer.
  • A separate advantage of this printer is the ability to select the type of cutter:
    – Standard knife cutter. claimed life up to 500,000 cuts
    – Reinforced rotary cutter (HEAVY DUTY). declared service life up to 1 million cuts
    – Reinforced cutter specially adapted for nylon and satin labels. declared service life up to 1.3 million cuts additional area for “rolling” the label after cutting, which significantly reduces the effect of “sticking” of finished labels to the printer body due to static
  • Price. all things being equal, the TSC 346MT wins in value compared to competing brands.
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Primary class. Model TSC TTP-345, print resolution 300dpi

The TSC TTP-345 printer is suitable for small textile enterprises. The average print volume per 8 hour shift will be about 2000-3000 nylon or satin labels with a height of 60mm. The printer is very convenient in terms of filling consumables, which is important for a small business, anyone can easily cope with this task. Reliability is another important factor that you should pay attention to, with the daily operation of the printer, its service life is about 5-7 years.

This printer is a high-speed model. with a print quality of 300dpi, the maximum printer speed is 5 inches / sec.

N-mark satin ribbon printer hot stamping machine ribbon foil ribbon printer operation demonstration

The advantages of this printer include the presence of special brushes for removing static from the ribbon and the ability to install additional options, incl. and the cutter option after purchase can be installed independently (some printer manufacturers, especially in the entry-level class, do not provide this opportunity).

It is recommended to purchase an external roll holder for ease of use. The holder does not take up much space and allows you to place the printer even on a small office desk.

This printer has very few disadvantages:

Middle class. Model TSC ME340, print resolution 300dpi.

Let’s start right away with the advantages of the TSC ME340 over the entry-class TSC TTP-345:

  • Average print volume per work shift will be about 15,000 labels up to 60 mm high.
  • The printer body accommodates a roll of nylon or satin in a standard 200mm diameter, eliminating the need for an external holder.
  • The body of the printer is made of aluminum for increased protection.
  • It is possible to optionally install a graphic display on the printer, increase the internal memory, which will allow you to print nylon labels without the help of a computer, loading all the necessary layouts and characteristics into the printer’s memory.
  • You can also optionally set the network card option and the cutter option.
  • Top-opening printer cover makes refilling even easier than entry-level printers.
  • Your nylon label width can start from 20mm.
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Objectively, there are no disadvantages, since this model is optimal for most small and medium-sized enterprises that plan to increase their production volumes in the future.

And in conclusion, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that ALL brands and models of TSC printers:

  • have a 2-year warranty for the printer and 12 months for the print head (competitor data: 1 year for the printer, 3-5 months for the head);
  • Licensed BarTender Ultra Lite label software is included with each printer;
  • The official TSC service center is located, deals exclusively with TSC printers, which guarantees the qualifications of engineers and the availability of basic spare parts in stock. In addition to warranty repairs, the service center employees are always ready to provide support by phone, as well as carry out a visit for repairs at your production.

This data is relevant provided that the operating conditions of the printer are observed, daily cleaning of the printing parts of the printer and the absence of mechanical stress that can lead to damage.