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HP Sprocket. Best of Compact

This is a portable model with a built-in Bluetooth module that supports wireless connection with user’s devices. Thermal printing is carried out quite quickly, the image is high-quality and bright, resistant to fading. The HP Sprocket Mini Photo Printer prints black and white and color photographs with a maximum size of 50×76 mm. The model can hold 10 sheets of special paper at once.

Best All In One Printers Top 5 Picks For Home & Office Use

The printer has a built-in memory of 512 MB, battery operation is supported, pictures can be sent to print from a special application on iOS, Android.

HP LaserJet Pro CP1525n. Best Laser

A powerful laser printer with a compact footprint and premium print quality. The technician produces up to 8-12 sheets with impressions per minute, and can work with different types of paper. Supports A4, A5 and non-standard formats, data can be transferred directly from a smartphone or laptop.

The model has a Russified interface, it is economical, easy to learn, has a USB interface.

Manufacturers and their models

  • HP. Hewlett-Packard needs no introduction. It produces devices in the middle and premium price categories, specializing in the manufacture of inkjet photo printers and compact models. The purchase of such equipment will help ensure comfortable printing at home without haste and in high quality.
  • Epson. Manufacturer with the widest range of photo printers. Among them there are models with CISS for color printing in economy mode and with Wi-Fi for wireless connection to PC or mobile devices. Epson launches ergonomic photo printers that are easy to use, versatile and can handle a wide variety of paper types.
  • Canon. One of the most renowned manufacturers in the world. Specializes in the release of the PIXMA series of photo printers with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The review of the best models is also noteworthy. The top three for home use will look quite heterogeneous. But each of these photo printers is the best at its job.

How to choose?

When choosing a printer for printing photos at home, it is imperative to take a responsible approach to finding the optimal solution with good performance. The modern market offers both budget models with cheap consumables, and cutting-edge options that can print images directly from the camera. There are a number of important selection criteria.

  • The type of printing mechanism. The most inexpensive consumables are from laser printers, but when buying a device you will have to spend a lot of money. In the long term, the investment will pay off and the speed of the impression will be high. If the budget is initially limited, it is better to consider sublimation or inkjet devices. their capabilities will be enough to get the desired results.
  • Photo size. Large format models are well suited for printing portraits and landscapes, but they are not very useful in everyday life. It’s good if the chosen printer can provide the creation of photos of the most popular formats: 9×12 and 10×15 cm.
  • Availability of options. Among them. document printing, support for an extended color palette, PictBridge for printing directly from the camera, USB interface, microSD slot. The wider the range of available functions, the easier it will be to adapt the operation of the printer to different needs.
  • Compactness of dimensions. The smallest photo printers are dye-sublimation printers. They’re the choice for fast, vibrant, lasting prints. the same technology used in instant cameras. But an A4 sheet with a document cannot be created on such a device. universal inkjet and laser models are more suitable here.
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Given these basic parameters, you can easily figure out how to choose a photo printer in the right price range, find a suitable model for solving various tasks.

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Features of the

A photo printer for home, although not included in the list of basic types of office equipment, is still a rather useful device. This device is a type of printing equipment designed for special tasks. Photo printers use an expanded set of colors for more realistic reproduction of the finest nuances and midtones. In addition, the ink used itself is not subject to fading, it is more resistant.

When buying a home model, it is important to understand that the best choice will be a printer with an advanced set of functions, more like an MFP. This versatile device can produce prints on paper with different weights.

Accordingly, there is no need to purchase a separate printing device for documents.

Canon PIXMA G1410. the best inkjet

This model supports printing on sheets of A4 size and smaller, can handle ordinary and special photo paper. The printer produces crisp, smudge-free, color-free prints. Inside there is a reservoir for 4 containers with ink. The consumption of paint is not the lowest, but due to this, the richness of colors is achieved. The resource of the model reaches 6,000 pages, works almost silently, has a tray on top of the case.

Choosing a photo printer for home

The idea of ​​acquiring a photo printer for home is not so rare among lovers of printed pictures, even in the digital age. An overview of the models allows you to assess the scale of the proposals on the market: there are inkjet options with good color printing and laser ones, with CISS and others, which allow you to get excellent results at a minimum cost. What to look for when choosing a photo printer that is ready to work at home is worth learning in more detail.


All printers suitable for photo printing are divided into several categories according to the technology used in them. All of them are compatible with digital image formats, allowing you to get a clear and vivid image in the form of a print on paper. It is worth considering the various options in more detail.

Choosing an MFP by characteristics

When choosing a future assistant in printing, scanning documents, it is important to pay attention to its characteristics, on which the quality of the device will largely depend. The choice is recommended to be made taking into account the following parameters:

  • If the device is faced with a non-standard task, for example, printing text on paper of a format other than A4, then pay attention to this option. Not all MFPs are capable of printing on brochures, envelopes, postcards.
  • Upon purchase, you can track the noise level of the MFP during operation. It is very easy to do this, ask the sales assistant to print a test document.
  • For large-scale scanning needs, it is best to opt for a model with a 2400dpi scanner. For home purposes, the simplest models will go.
  • Many modern devices can support Wi-Fi communication with a personal computer. This is very convenient, because during such work, you do not need to connect different wires. The printer can be located anywhere in the house, the main thing is that there is a good quality PC-MFP connection.

Best laser MFP for home use

When buying a laser printer, you should take into account the fact that there are not too many services that are engaged in refilling cartridges. There are no problems in a big city, but in a small one you need to look for them. You need to find a place where you can safely replenish the presence of ink in the device, otherwise you will have to pay 2 thousand rubles for new cartridges.

MFP with continuous ink supply system

For home use, it is wiser to use a black and white laser MFP. They quickly and easily cope with the assigned tasks, require a minimum of attention, pleases with high quality printing. Why is it impractical to buy a color laser printer at home? The answer is obvious. they are too expensive and the print quality of the photos is mediocre.

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The main advantages of the laser black and white MFP:

  • able to perform voluminous work in a short period of time;
  • high quality text on printed documents;
  • stable and trouble-free work;
  • economical in operation, which directly affects the frequency of service.

Thus, we can say that for fast and volumetric printing of text documents, it is best to choose a black and white laser MFP. For periodical printing of technical documentation, tables, diagrams, photographs, a slender multifunctional device is the best choice.

Choosing between laser and inkjet MFPs

Laser and inkjet devices have their own significant disadvantages and huge advantages. In order to choose the most optimal and reasonable option, you should determine the goals and objectives that will be assigned to the printer. For the home, the inkjet printer has proven itself in the best way. MFPs of this type print both black-and-white documents and multi-colored tables, diagrams, booklets.

But here again the need for such a device comes to the fore. For what purposes is an inkjet MFP purchased? If for printing documents, technical information, then this printer will be the best choice. If there is a need to print photos, then here you have to spend a fair amount of money on refueling cartridges. But there is practically no alternative among competitive devices.

Advice. If we compare in price, then for a laser printer you will have to pay an order of magnitude more than for an inkjet analogue. In the end, it will also be more profitable to service them. Therefore, for home use or for an institution with a limited budget, it is best to opt for this type of MFP.

Laser-type devices are more beneficial in offices. They allow you to quickly print the necessary documents. They have high bandwidth. The printer will print an archive of documents or a whole book in just a few minutes.

MFP replaces several items of office equipment at once

Laser MFPs are available in color and black and white. If a BW laser printer can still be used at home, then a color one will be absolutely unsuitable. Color printing is expensive and photos are of average quality. It is very difficult to maintain a laser MFP with color printing. However, for home, if printing only BW documents, this option is very profitable and acceptable.

Best Inkjet MFP for Home Use

Many people buy an inkjet MFP for home based on the quality of the printer and scanner. For everyday needs, a scanner with a resolution of 600-1200dpi is quite enough. Everything here is simple and very clear. But sometimes questions arise with the printer. By creating a fine drop technique by the printer, you can end up with high quality printed photos. It is worth carefully weighing the pros and cons.

If you plan to use this function many times, you are not afraid of the price of new cartridges, then you can safely purchase a device of this type. But if the printing of photos is not a priority, but only there is a need to print 15-20 photos per year, then a reasonable solution would be a periodic trip to special centers for printing. And for home use, choose the most common device.

  • performance in the latest models;
  • affordable price for everyone;
  • good quality photographs are obtained when printed;
  • ease of maintenance.

As for the service itself, there are some nuances here. Previously, it was possible to refill original cartridges, today there is no such possibility. But there is an alternative. analog cartridges. During their use, the print quality drops slightly, but you will get a decent amount of money to save money. You will have to pay several thousand rubles to replace all original cartridges. With intensive use of the MFP, this will turn out to be very expensive. Therefore, it is possible to use a continuous ink supply system. This is an additional device for the MFP, which will require its purchase and additional space.

Best Color Printers in 2020 [Top 5 Picks For Home & Office Use]

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How to choose a quality printer? Choosing the right one between laser and inkjet MFPs

Recently, the popularity of MFPs has grown significantly. After all, it is much more convenient to have one device for a wide range of tasks than a printer, scanner and copier separately. Distinguish between laser and inkjet MFPs. The choice is not great, but many people get lost in thought before the very purchase, wondering which MFP printer is best for the home and which one for the office.

Reliable manufacturers of MFPs for the home

As for the names of specific manufacturers of devices for home use, here the leading positions are occupied by MFPs from Cannon, Samsung, HP. It is best to choose from a range of devices from these manufacturers. Cannon PIXMA MG2440 is considered to be the true leader in this segment. It allows you to print color and black and white documents. Tablet scanner with a resolution of 600x1200dpi. This will be enough for the house.

Among the laser models, we recommend taking a closer look at the Samsung Xpress M2070W. This model has a high print speed of 20 pages per minute. MFP is productive and fast, a great advantage is the ease of flashing, which allows you to use the service of refueling “native” cartridges in the future.

Why is it profitable with us

If you cannot independently decide on the optimal model of office equipment, our consultants will help you in choosing both a printer and consumables for it. You will not only save your time, but also buy an inkjet printer that will fully meet your individual requirements.

FAQ about printers with CISS

Inkjet printer with CISS will help you save

The tandem printer and CISS is a practical and economical solution for working with large print runs. The main advantage is low cost and high quality of prints. You will not waste money on original cartridges with low ink capacity. Also, there will be no problem with the disposal of empty plastic containers from cartridges. And if you use alternative, but high-quality ink, printing costs will be even lower without risking the warranty period of the device.

The continuous ink supply system consists of:

  • connecting loop;
  • containers;
  • cartridge block.

It comes complete with detailed instructions and a complete set of accessories for quick and easy installation. Even a novice user can independently cope with this task without the help of a specialist.

The refueling procedure is quick and convenient. Increased reservoir volume allows for trouble-free high-volume printing.

These solutions use multi-color high-resolution printers. They demonstrate:

  • realistic color rendering;
  • high detail;
  • intuitive interface;
  • compact size;
  • interaction with matte and glossy media;
  • high performance.

☑ The printer strips

  • the train is transmitted;
  • the print head is clogged;
  • one or more cartridges do not work;
  • air in the plume or cartridges;
  • poor quality ink.
  • check the location of the connecting cable;
  • bleed the air and make sure that the NPH system is in working position and installed at the correct level;
  • clean the print head through the driver;
  • inspect the cartridge (whether ink is leaking from the side of the valve when lifting cans of paint, whether the cartridge is tight), if a problem is found, then the cartridge must be replaced;
  • if it’s about ink. replace it.

How to choose an inkjet color printer?

First of all, you must define the working conditions in which the jet machine will be applied. If you are looking for a device for home preparation of educational and work materials, pay attention to the budget models from Epson. These are four-color devices that connect to a computer via a USB cable.

  • high detail;
  • optimal print speed;
  • compact size;
  • low noise level;
  • warranty. 12 months.

☑ The ink in the print head is dry

  • poor quality printing (white sheets);
  • the printer will strip.
  • the device has been out of work for a long time.
  • cleaning the print head through the driver;
  • air pumping;
  • flushing the print head.