How Does The Scanner Work On The Printer

How Does The Scanner Work On The Printer

How to force the printer to scan without cartridges?

Most recently I ran into a problem with my printer, Canon Pixma MP250 model. The problem was that I needed a scanner, but the printer refused to work correctly, since the cartridges had not worked for a year. But this is not the point, but how to make the printer Scan without cartridges.

Usually, when the printer is turned on, it displays errors like E3 or E5 on the display and does NOT react to your actions, even to dancing with a tambourine :-).

You could just take and replace the cartridges, but getting them for such a model is NOT an easy task, and the cost is almost more expensive than the printer itself. In general, there are solutions to this problem, and in them I will now tell you.

The problem of “errors E3, E5” or errors U051, U052, U059 for MFP Canon Pixma MP250 (should also be suitable for SIMilar models, namely Canon MP140, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP190 and other SIMilar MFPs and printers). you can get around by doing the following:

You must turn off the printer physically (by unplugging the power cord). 2. Press and hold the power button (on / off) and Do not release this button will turn on the printer.

3. While holding and Do not release the same power on / off button, press the Stop / Reset button 8 times (red circle with triangles inside)

4. Press out all the pressed buttons.

After this operation, the printer will start in the low-level service mode, in which the scanner will be unlocked, the control buttons are unlocked.

Canon pixma MP250. Unlocked from error U051, U052, U059 or “Error E3 or E5” (depending on the model).

In this access mode, the device will not be available, since the cartridge is unusable and the MFP blocks the printer, but the most important thing is that all other functions of the MFP have become available.!

Note! When turned off with the on / off button on the MFP and turned on, the MFP remains in this low-level mode with access to all functions of the Canon pixma MP250 (except the printer).

You can exit this low-level mode by turning off the device with the on / off button and unplugging the power cord from the outlet, after waiting 30 seconds or more, press the power button on the MFP, the printer will be available in user normal mode, in which you will see the same errors as were previously on screen.

But there is a possibility that this method will not work in all MFPs, so another one will be described below.

  • Clamping button with red triangle (stop / reset).
  • And press the power button (on / off).
  • Then press the button with the red triangle (stop / reset) twice and release the power button (on / off).
  • After that, rotate the printer with the shafts, jerk the cartridges and calm down, drawing the value 0 on the display.
  • In this mode, the scanner most likely will not work.
  • Next, insert a letter of paper into the tray and press the power button (on / off).
  • After the performed operations, the printer will grab the paper a little and turn off.
  • Then you press the power button (on / off), and due to the fact that there is paper in the printer, it will begin to feed it.
  • At the moment when the letter has passed about halfway, grab the letter with your hand and do not let the printer stretch the entire sheet.
  • The sound you hear from the printer will not be very pleasant. After 7-10 seconds of such a mockery, the printer will calm down and display an “E3” error. Which means that the paper is jammed, or the printer mechanics are faulty.
  • You need to clear the jammed paper.
  • And press the button b / w, or a color copy (no difference).
  • The printer will start loading for a while and will go into working mode. In which the scanner is available.

You can Scan whatever you like.

Note! You should not send anything to print, as most likely the “E3 or E5 error” will appear again and you will have to do everything all over again.

After the above operations, the scanner should work. Each time you turn on the MFP The above operations must be repeated so that you can use the scanner again!

Installation on Windows 8

On software versions 8 and 8.1, there is a problem with the automatic scanner addition due to the need for a digital signature in the driver. The installation cannot be completed and at the end is accompanied by a notification on the monitor “Unable to connect the scanner“.

Let’s perform a series of actions with Windows, you can solve the current problem.

  • Move your mouse cursor to the right edge of the screen and go to the Options menu.
  • Then go to “Change computer settings”.
  • Then go to “System Update” and “Update”.
  • Restart your PC. Immediately after disconnecting, hold down the Shift key and Do not release.
  • A menu will open. Where you need to select the “Diagnostics” item, and after the “Download Options”.
  • From the list of items, turn on “Enable mandatory verification of driver signatures”.
  • Reboot the OS again.
  • The boot parameters window should appear, where by pressing the “7” key we activate a SIMilar item.
  • Try to install the software again. After successful installation, use any program and print or scan something.

Standard tool for adding devices

  • In the “Devices and Printers” window, click on “Add”.
  • Wait while the system downloads the list of devices available for connection.
  • Select your scanner.
  • Decide on the type of connection.
  • For Windows to find suitable drivers in its own database, specify the exact model.
  • Finish installation.

Where scans are saved

If, during user settings, he did not change the path to save the file, then the scan goes to the standard directories. Depending on the scanning method, the scan may be saved in the “Documents” folder, then “Scanned Documents”.

Or, a new folder is created in the directory with images, which is named as the current date (year and month) and the created scans are placed there.

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In the latter case, an example is shown with the implementation of the standard wizard for working with the scanner through the device context menu (see below).

At the last step, it is proposed to import (save) the document, where you can configure the saving parameters. set the path where the file will go, set the name of the folder to save and whether you need to create it at all (select the “Net” option in the drop-down list).

How to connect, install and configure a scanner on a computer

To connect the scanner to a laptop or desktop computer, two conditions must be met. connect the equipment with each other with cords and add the scanner to Windows 7-10 so that it is displayed in the “Devices and Printers” section. The latter is achieved by installing the drivers. After that, it will be possible to Scan documents to a computer through standard operating system tools or software (official or third-party).

We will separately consider the issue of multifunctional equipment, if the printer is working and connected, but it does not work to start scanning.

Install from disk

An unattended installation does not always work. The manufacturer almost always encloses a software CD in the complete set with the equipment. Insert the disc into your computer’s drive, open the contents of the media and run the installation file. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard and Finish copying files. Then restart your computer and check the operation of the equipment, as described in the paragraph earlier.

There are no problems with this method of installing scanning equipment, but there can be two situations:

  • The disc in the box with the device was NOT found or it was lost;
  • The laptop has a floppy drive.

Then you have to do the installation without a disk.

If the printer is already connected

When the printer has a scan function, it means it is a multifunctional machine that can print, copy and make scan copies.

In most cases, the manufacturer provides a general driver on the disk, installed it, all the components of the MFP work at once. It is recommended to download the same driver from the company’s website.

As a last resort, download the necessary “firewood” from the office. Site and install immediately. Restart the computer system. Then check the scan function.

Create a desktop shortcut

Each time it enters certain menu items to scan a physical medium, it can be inconvenient, especially when scanning needs to be done frequently. Therefore, a reasonable solution would be to display a shortcut to launch the program for scanning, through which the work is started.

If you install the official software from the manufacturer, and more specifically, the maximum package with a full-featured program, then the default shortcut should appear on the desktop.

But when the shortcut does not appear or the proprietary software is not used, then the icon can be displayed on the workspace yourself. Open “Start”, in the search bar start typing the name of the desired program. From the options offered, click on the right mouse button and select “Create shortcut”. Or just hold down the left mouse button and drag the shortcut to the slave. Table.

On Windows 10, the above method will NOT work. There are fewer options for interacting with the desktop, but you can pin the program to the start screen (located inside the Start menu) or to the taskbar.

If there is a disk

Go to the official website of the company that manufactured your device.

Look for the drivers section on the site, which can be called differently, for example:

  • Support;
  • BY;
  • Drivers;
  • Download and more.

Indicate the model of the equipment and available drivers for download will be offered. One or more drivers may be offered depending on the technology. So, if you have a scanner as a stand-alone device, then most likely there will be only one file with the driver. If you own an entire MFP, then the manufacturer may offer multiple driver packages for each node — copier, printer, and scanner. In addition, manufacturers always have proprietary software for settings and more flexible control of equipment. It is also recommended to install it.

Download the driver to your computer, run it and follow the standard installation procedure step by step. Restart Windows and try to scan the document.

Let’s consider an example of software search using the example of the HP brand.

  • Go to the official source
  • In the “Support” menu go to “Programs and drivers”.
  • Determine the product for which you need a driver.
  • In the search box, start writing the name of the model. The system should suggest the exact name, which should be chosen.
  • The next page will automatically detect the OS of your computer and offer a list of available drivers for it. Click on the Download link, select the location to save the file, and after downloading, install.
  • If the system is defined incorrectly, then click on the “Select another OS” link from above and make the right choice. For example, I additionally looked at the list of drivers for Windows 10 x64. As you can see, the site offers three packages. The largest package is recommended for installation, which includes Not only the driver, but also full-featured software.

How to install the scanner

To make sure the scanner is ready for use, you can try to do a test scan of one sheet. Also, the equipment will certainly be added in the “Devices and Printers” section, which can be entered in several ways. through the control panel in the “Hardware and Sound” section or through the “control printers” command. The latter must be entered into the “Run” window, which is launched by the “WindowsR” key combination.

Find the device icon. It should not be light in color and contain any exclamation marks next to it. To make the device the master, especially in the case of connected second scanners, it is recommended to set the scanner by default.

How to launch the scanner

First of all, you have to connect the device to your computer and configure it correctly. Connect the scanner via USB to your computer. Don’t forget to plug in the device. Now you need to insert the installation disk into your computer, which should be in the box with the scanner. After installing Special Drivers, your scanner should be “visible” to the computer.

Sometimes, for some reason, the installation disc is missing. Then you need to try to find a suitable driver on the network.

We hope you succeeded in setting up your scanner. How to turn on the scanner and how to use it, we will tell you below.

Scanner instruction manual

For the scanner to be able to perform its functions, you will need one of the programs that can Scan. Usually these are: Adobe Fotoshop, XnView, VueScan. In fact, there are a lot of such programs. In order to make sure of your capabilities, find the “file” menu in the program interface, open it. Next, find the “import” submenu and Make sure that there is a line in it that contains the model of your scanner.

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Now proceed as follows.

  • Position the document or photo to be scanned on the machine glass so that the image is on the bottom.
  • The scanner may have a “start” or “scan” button. Click it. In some cases, scanning can be started using an open program on your computer.
  • An image of your document should appear on the screen. Now you can select the desired image size using the dotted lines. That is, to cut off unnecessary.
  • How to work with the scanner? At this point, it is desirable to optimize the image parameters. You can change the resolution. the larger it is, the better the picture will be, but its “weight” will also increase. You can change the brightness and saturation of a specific color.
  • All you saw was a preview. Now you just need to press the “scan” button in the program interface, sometimes “accept”.
  • Save the image. To do this, in the “file” menu, find the “save” submenu and specify the folder address.

Your image has been digitized. Now it can be sent by email, uploaded to. or you can turn it into a desktop wallpaper.

How to use the scanner?

If you have to deal with office equipment, it won’t be difficult to deal with new or unusual equipment. If you do not know from which side to approach the fax, copier and scanner make you nervous. learn to handle them correctly. So how do you use the scanner? This device is essential in any office. At home, the scanner will not be superfluous either. It can be used to convert any picture or text to digital format.

Scanner rules

A scanner is an expensive device, and in order for it to work for a long time, without problems and freezes, handle it carefully. How to use the scanner?

  • You must be extremely careful with the glass in the apparatus. This is one of its main elements. If the glass is stained and scratched, the image will be of poor quality.
  • Before placing the document in the device, shake off any dust, if any. Do not place dirty objects or abrasives on the glass.
  • DO NOT press on the glass.
  • Do not clean the scanner glass with powder.

Experts also recommend preparing a document before scanning. If you make a high resolution, all insignificant defects will be visible on the scan. Therefore, before placing a picture in the scanner, check it for unnecessary staples, folds, pieces of tape. It is even recommended to remove fingerprints, which can be done with an eraser or soft flannel.

We hope you were able to install and run the scanner. Indeed, today such a device should no longer cause difficulties in a modern person. Try it, hone your skill, and then any technique will obey you on the fly.

How to scan a document to a computer: Step by step instructions

Before starting work, you should make sure that the scanning function is present in the device you are using, since if the printer is intended only for printing, then it will not be able to transfer the image to the computer memory. Also, you need to connect the printer to your PC and to a power outlet. After connecting, you should install the device drivers, for which you need to use the disk usually included with the device.

To scan through the MFP, follow these steps:

  • Place the document you need in the device frame.
  • Press the button on the printer responsible for scanning.
  • Configure the parameters, the window with Which will appear on the screen automatically.
  • Save electronic version of paper.

In addition to this method, there is also an option in which the settings section does NOT appear after pressing the scan button on the printer. Then you have to follow this sequence:

  • Find “Start”
  • Find the category “Fax and Scan”
  • We carry out the procedure.

Fax and Scan

To complete the scanning procedure through a scanner with the introduction of the program and fax, you will need to do the following sequence:

  • Place the document in the printer frame.
  • Using a computer, run the “Start” section.
  • In the appeared section with the list of applications, you need to find a picture of the program, the image of which looks like a white arrow enclosed in a circle.
  • If such an application is NOT found in the section, you should search for it yourself. Right-click on the menu window and select “All applications”.
  • In the subsection, go to the Windows Fax and Scan category.
  • When you click, you will see the program window. Find, and then mark the item “New scan”.
  • A section has appeared that is used to select and mark a specific office tool.
  • In the settings section, which appeared after selecting a device, we set specific parameters at our discretion.
  • Next, you should find the “Scan” button.
  • On the monitor, you will see the very image that you scanned, more precisely, its electronic version. It remains only to keep it!

In addition to this method, you can use one more method, the performance of which is guaranteed for any Windows assembly. You can use it by performing the following sequence of actions:

  • Find the Start Menu
  • We are looking for a category called “Devices and Printers”
  • We select the printer connected to the PC at the moment.
  • Click on the picture with the device with the right mouse button, and select the item responsible for starting the scanning procedure.
  • We set the image parameters, wait for the end of the process, and then save the resulting image.

Control Center 4

This application is a specialized tool whose task is to scan and transfer all kinds of paper using fax.

With the introduction of the Paint program

To copy a document or photo from a stationary PC or laptop through the Paint program, reproduce the following sequence:

  • Installing paper in the device frames.
  • Launch Paint. a pre-installed and standard application that allows you to work with pictures on all versions of Windows.
  • In the application menu, you need to find the “File” icon, and then click on the “From Scanner or Camera” section
  • We mark the Used office tool, and then set the parameters.
  • Using the “Scan” button you start the scanning procedure, at the end of which you should save the received image.

How to scan a document to a computer using a scanner

There are frequent cases when it becomes necessary to scan any paper or photograph. The process of obtaining an electronic version of THESE files is performed using office devices. This manual properly explains how to scan a document to a computer through a scanner.

How to open the scanner on different versions of Windows

The network space is filled with a large number of free programs that allow you to transfer papers, documents and photos to the memory of a stationary PC or laptop. Such applications have impressive functionality and an understandable scheme of work.

In addition to free programs, there are also author’s developments, which will have to pay a small amount. As a rule, such paid applications have in their arsenal a number of “chips” that make them a little more attractive to users. Such programs are designed to work with different versions of the Windows operating system.

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There are also applications for IOS or Linux OS. However, we will consider their work specifically on Windows 10, since this is one of the most popular shells at the moment.

How to properly scan through a photo scanner: Step-by-step instructions

To scan a photo through a scanner, you will need to use the Paint application. It does the following:

  • First, you need to open the program menu and select the item “From scanner or camera”
  • Then you need to set the procedure settings. This step determines which specific picture you will receive as a result: color or B / W.
  • We start the procedure and save the resulting digital version of the drawing.

What to do if the scanner does not work

Most often, if the scanner does not work, the error lies in the absence of any applications necessary for its operation. We provide a list of applications that help in the operation of the device:

  • ABBYY Fine Reader. a program that reads pictures or text files.
  • OCR CuneiForm is a free application also used for OCR text or pictures.

All SIMilar programs Equipped with a SIMilar interface. As an example, we will show you working with an application called VueScan, which is also designed for OCR or photographs:

  • Installing paper in the device frames.
  • Run the program and check the settings.
  • Setting the parameters of the scanned document.
  • We start the process and save the digital version of the paper or photo.

Scan errors can also occur due to the following problems:

  • You are using a non-working scanner. Office devices of this type SIMply break down frequently during use. The failure is not necessarily critical, but the scanner or device will not function. It also happens that the faulty cables that connect the device to a laptop or network.
  • Drivers are missing. They are installed from a special disk, which, as a rule, can be found in a box with a complete set.

Incorrect scan parameters or incorrect selection of the scanner, which often happens when several office tools are connected to the computer at the same time.

Why does the printer refuse to scan

Often, office equipment users are faced with the need to find an answer to the question of why the device does not scan. The problem can be caused by the MFP / printer and the personal computer, or the connection between them. To find the source of the problem and determine why the scanner is not working, you need to look at several possible causes and try to fix them. If you are sure that the device scanner is in working order, then check it by connecting to a second PC. If all else fails, then, of course, you will have to resort to the services of a service center.

Possible reasons and ways to eliminate them

So what if it doesn’t scan the MFP? First of all, pay attention to the computer, which, together with the device for printing, must be turned off, then disconnected from both devices the power cable. Wait about a minute, and after reconnecting power, turn on both devices. Thanks to such actions, the memory of the computer and the multifunction device will be cleared, which will allow the multifunction device to work in normal mode.

But if the scan did not start, and the previously working multifunctional device began to issue various error codes, then it is imperative to eliminate them in a timely manner. Find them Detailed descriptions can be found in the instructions supplied with the printer. In addition, a multifunctional device of almost any model makes it possible to scan and copy in the so-called N. Service mode. To start it, first of all, turn off the device itself. Then hold down the “Reset” and the “Power” button. Then release the first button and press it twice (for different models, the number of such clicks may be different. read more in the device’s instruction manual). Finally, release “Power” and check if the printer is responding to scan commands.

If the device does not scan and the above recommendations did not help you, then be sure to try reconnecting the USB cable. Pull it out and connect to the second port of the PC. It is advisable to organize such a connection not from a USB hub, but directly to a personal computer. Then, first of all, check if the PC began to see the printing device connected to it. If the printer has become visible to the computer, then try scanning and printing a couple of sheets.

Another reason the printer prints but doesn’t scan is because of the scanner drivers that users SIMply forgot to install. The question arises, what to do in this situation? So, if the NDT does not see the scanner for this very reason, then download the Appropriate drivers from our website or from the website of the manufacturer of your office equipment and install it. If you do not know what to download specifically, then it is better to download the full device driver. In addition, the reason may even lie in the installed driver, which SIMply “flew”. In such a situation, you will have to first remove it and install the updated version.

In the event that the MFP prints, but does not scan, you will have to reset its settings. Also, this method will help in solving the following problems: the device does not copy, has stopped responding to user commands. You should reset the settings from the device menu or using special software.

In addition, the device may stop scanning due to a breakdown of the power supply. most models are connected to the electrical network using a SIMilar part, just like mobile phones. You can solve the problem by purchasing and installing a power supply with SIMilar characteristics.

In general, it is not uncommon for the printer to work, but the MFP scanner does NOT function. Especially such a problem takes the user by surprise when the printer still normally prints out of order. According to some specialists, the all-in-one printer scanner may stop functioning due to the creation of microwaves by any objects. Therefore, it would be a good idea to turn off the microwave oven before using your printer to print. it may help you.

In addition, if the printer is working, and the scanner itself is present, then check the grounding of the wiring, voltage in the network and carefully inspect the wire connecting the PC to the scanner for visible damage.