How many times can juul cartridge be refilled

Juul cartridges

The American refiner leader, who has developed a unique nicotine salt formula that further simplifies the smoking cessation process, is constantly expanding its line of sub-systems, but the format of Juul cartridges remains unchanged, which is used by many manufacturers of starter kits, thus providing a rich selection of serviceable cartridges compatible with sub-systemssystems Juul. Original, maintenance-free Juul cartridges (or as they are also called pods, pods) are disposable: you buy a pack of already refilled cartridges, steam them, and throw them away, another thing is refillable cartridges, their service life is on average 5 times longer, the maximum of such a cartridge can withstand up to 10-15 refills, i.e. from 1 to 2 weeks in moderate vaping mode.

A serviceable or refillable cartridge for Juul means it can be refilled, but there is no wick or coil replacement. Usually such cartridges in Ukraine are sold by the piece, and they are not refilled. In the production of original products, Juul uses high-quality medical plastic (heat-resistant), the cartridge body is made of it, the steam line is made of stainless steel, the wick is woven from heat-resistant silica thread, it absorbs liquid well, gives even evaporation without any flavors. Next, let’s go through the models of Juul compatible cartridges:

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OVNS JC01. The feature of these cartridges is in the ceramic evaporator, it is hardy, and the taste is pure. Coil resistance 1.8 ohm.

OVNS JC01 II. New version of the popular cartridge model, holds up to 1 ml of liquid, coil resistance 1.8 ohm.

Top 5 JUUL Questions Answered! Juul Tips and Tricks. Juul Q&A

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OVNS JC01 Pro. The model released for the extended edition of the sub-system is distinguished by a technologically advanced evaporator, and a resistance reduced to 1.5 Ohm.

OVNS W01. Along with JC01 it belongs to the first versions of cartridges for sub-systems of the same name, coil coil (1.8 Ohm), cotton wick, capacity about 0.7 ml.

IPHA SWIS. Body made of black translucent plastic, capacity: standard 0.7 ml.

A-VAPE. Transparent body, black cap with secure two-way fastening.

How to use refillable cartridges for Juul

Be aware that it is very easy to spoil a new refillable cartridge, and this is especially true for beginners, because, as strange as it may sound, they do not know the first rule of cartridge vaping: when you first start a new vaporizer (cartridge), you need to let the refueling soak for about 10 minutes ! Otherwise, there is a great risk of burning the wick, and after that the cartridge (evaporator) can be painted and discarded. Juul cartridges are easy to maintain, all they require is timely (again, so as not to burn the wick)

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How to Refill Juul Pods. [Guide to Refilling THE RIGHT WAY]

refueling, for this, remove the upper black cap (mouthpiece, drip-tip), there is a silicone plug under it, take it out, and pour liquid around (!) the steam pipe.

Refillable JUUL cartridges

OVNS JC01 II Pod Cotton Replacement Refillable Cartridge fits Juul, JC01 and W01. One of the best Juul cartridges. The price is for 1 cartridge.

Replacement refillable cartridge for OVNS W01 Pod Kit. Compatible with Juul and OVNS JC01. The price is for 1 cartridge

OVNS JC01 Pro Pod Cotton Replacement Refillable Cartridge is compatible with Juul, JC01 and W01. The price is for 1 cartridge.

Replacement refillable cartridge for OVNS JC01 Pro Pod Kit. Compatible with Juul and OVNS W01. The price is for 1 cartridge

Replacement refillable OVNS JC01 Pod Ceramic cartridge fits Juul, also compatible with OVNS W01 and JC01. The price is for 1 piece

many, juul, cartridge, refilled

OVNS JC01 Strong Pod Ceramic Replacement Refillable Cartridge fits Juul, JC01 and W01. The price is for 1 cartridge.

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The original refillable OVNS W01 Strong Pod Cotton 0.7ml cartridge with 1.8ohm resistance coil is compatible with Juul, OVNS W01 and OVNS JC01. The price is for 1 cartridge.

Refillable cartridges for Juul from black factory. Supplied already filled with liquid with 50 mg of nicotine. Can be refilled, the price is for 1 piece.

Replacement IPHA Swis Pod Cartridge. refillable, compatible with JUUL and OVNS W01 and JC01 models. The price is for 1 piece

Replacement refillable cartridge for Juul starter kit. Compatible with Juul, OVNS JC01 and OVNS W01

Replacement Upods Refillable Cartridge for JUUL. reusable, empty cartridge for pod systems like Juul. The price is for 1 cartridge.

How to refill the Juul cartridge?

Everything is very simple, you need to remove the upper part of the cartridge (mouthpiece), then remove the rubber gasket and add the liquid itself, then let it soak for up to 10 minutes so that the cartridge does not burn out. You can also refill original cartridges for Juul, but it is better and more convenient to do this with cartridges that are specially designed for this (they are all presented in this section).